Chapter 0425

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Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile
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Chapter 0425: What’s The Matter

Although there seemed to be a certain distance between Wu Mao and the others; however, what made Ning Cheng somewhat puzzled was that the Spiritual Consciousness of these four people rarely paid any attention to the surrounding situation.

Ning Cheng quickly understood what was going on. This Sang Jiezhu trio was helping Wu Mao with their Spiritual Consciousness. Although these three were not Array Formation Masters, Wu Mao still needed the assistance of their Spiritual Consciousness. With just the Spiritual Consciousness of Wu Mao alone, it was still not possible to divine the location of the Spiritual Veins.

Knowing that the remaining three people had no choice but to assist Wu Mao with their Spiritual Consciousness, Ning Cheng felt his courage grow slightly. He not only began carefully tracking Wu Mao and the others with his Spiritual Consciousness but also observed Wu Mao’s gestures and the Array Flags that he threw out from time to time with his Spiritual Consciousness.

As time passed, Ning Cheng became more and more admiring of Wu Mao’s abilities. This person was far better than he was regarding arranging Array Flags or understanding Array Formations. Moreover, the compass in Wu Mao’s hands was probably not a simple one. With his Array Formations providing a supplementary effect, he would be able to zero in on the principal direction in which the Spiritual Veins lay concealed.

Ning Cheng immediately immersed himself into Wu Mao’s Cloth Array Methods wholeheartedly. He unexpectedly even felt a hint of enlightenment. This Spirit Seeking Grand Array was a lot more complicated than the vast Mountain Protecting Grand Array.

At this time, Tan Yun suddenly caught hold of him. Ning Cheng felt startled in his heart and immediately stopped. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and knew that Tan Yun bore no killing intent towards him; as such, had not instinctively struck out.

Tan Yun did not dare to send out a Sound Transmission, nor could she open her mouth to talk. Instead, she hinted at Ning Cheng with an anxious look in her eyes.

Ning Cheng already understood the meaning from Tan Yun’s look, that is, he was currently too close to track them. However, Ning Cheng actually felt his heart turning a little jumpy, he had a feeling that it was probably not because he got too close during tracking.

Ning Cheng did not continue with tracking them. The four people who had jointly arranged the Array Formation in front of them were getting farther and farther away from Ning Cheng. After a full hour, Ning Cheng beckoned Tan Yun to carefully follow him out to their original position.

“Huff….” Ning Cheng slowly sighed, before speaking in a whisper like voice, “I will have to thank you for your help just now.”

He had ended up sinking into the Cloth Array Method employed by Wu Mao and for a moment forgot what he came here to do. If not for the sudden interruption from Tan Yun, he might not have been able to wake up that suddenly. Wu Mao was an Array Formation Grand Master; moreover, he was inside one of the Array Formations that he set up. Even if Ning Cheng duo were just tracking them, if continued in that manner, they would have undoubtedly discovered him. There was also the case that he felt a little bit frightened with Wu Mao’s methods, that was because Wu Mao actually added a carefully hidden Contact Array within his Spiritual Seeking Array Formation.

If he continued to follow Wu Mao’s Cloth Array, as long as Wu Mao completed the Contact Array, Wu Mao would be the first one to discover him.

“It’s all right. I felt that we were tracking that group a bit too close.” Tan Yun could not detect the Contact Array.

“Your luck truly is good. It is not the issue of being too close, but that Wu Mao person is truly cautious. In the Spiritual Seeking Array that he is setting up inside, he even added a concealed Contact Array. Once his Contact Array is completed, we would have surely been discovered.”

Tan Yun’s complexion changed immediately, and was only able to speak up after a while with a little fear in her voice, “Fortunately, I came to ask you for help; otherwise, I might have not even known how I ended up dead.”

“Don’t worry, since I could detect his Contact Array, then it would absolutely be impossible for him to want to deceive me.” Ning Cheng gave a sneer as he spoke.

Wu Mao’s attainments in Array Formations indeed turned out much higher compared to his own; however, he had his own advantages. He did not have to rely on Cloth Arrays; at the same time, he could also avoid Wu Mao’s Array Formations while tracking them.


“Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji, if you started cultivating in my Floating Snow Palace from the beginning, I guess you would have become one of the youngest Crucible Transformation Cultivators in the Tian Continent. Your qualifications truly are impressive” After observing Yan Ji’s speed of absorbing Spiritual Qi and also her efficiency of transforming the Spiritual Qi, Yin Kongchan couldn’t help but speak out with an emotion-filled voice as she held onto Yan Ji’s hand.

Yan Ji quickly replied, “Senior Apprentice Sister Yin overpraises me. My qualification only improved because of some chance encounters in the past. Although my cultivation speed in the past was not slow, it cannot also be called outstanding.”

Yin Kongchan nodded, “Whatever the cause, it is your own strength that matters in the end. What’s more, you currently also have an outstanding appearance. If it continues like this for a few more years, you will certainly become famous throughout the Tian Continent. Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, I suggest that when the time comes for you to choose a master, then I hope that you choose the Seventh Palace Master. The Seventh Palace Master is currently out, she will definitely return with a bountiful harvest. We, as her disciples, would also be able to profit at someone else’s expense at that time.”

Yan Ji’s complexion turned red as she spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Yin truly over-praises me. My beauty is too rough when compared to Senior Apprentice Sister Yin. As for choosing a master, would I be even qualified for such a thing by myself…..”

Yan Ji’s thoughts obviously were not what she was currently conveying through her mouth. When she spoke, her complexion was somewhat coy, as if she was embarrassed to say whatever she actually wanted to say.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, what do you have to say? We will later be officially sisters from the same sect. If you have something to say, then just state it out directly.” Yin Kongchan didn’t like conversing with outsiders much. However, she had a naturally favourable impression towards Yan Ji.

Yan Ji’s courage finally shot up a little and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Yin, I, I actually want to inquire about a person from you…..”

Yin Kongchan was a woman herself. When she saw Yan Ji’s shy face and felt Yan Ji’s heartbeat suddenly accelerating, she immediately knew what was going on. She gave a smile and spoke, “I don’t know who that person is, but for him to make Junior Apprentice Sister Ji adore that fellow, that fellow truly was born with great luck.”

Yan Ji also knew that there was no point in hiding her thoughts now, so she spoke up, “Senior Apprentice Sister Yin, I heard people say that you and Ning Cheng are quite familiar with each other. The person that I wanted to inquire about, is actually Ning Cheng, and where is he currently…..”

“Him?” Yin Kongchan on hearing the two words ‘Ning Cheng’ suddenly felt somewhat absent-minded. An outline of an indistinct face appeared in front of her; however, the one thing that she could never forget about was the pair of eyes. The pair of eyes that looked at her. It was as if those eyes were looking straight into her heart. So much that she would even ignore his slightly inclined sword like eyebrows, and the straight bridge of his nose.

If one discussed his handsomeness, then she had met many young men who were far more handsome compared to Ning Cheng. However, Ning Cheng was the only one to leave an eternal impression in her heart, not because of his outstanding redeeming qualities, but because of his eyes. His eyes were like the windows to the starry sky, as if it could encompass virtually anything and everything within them. One would be able to see many things from his eyes as if there was just nothing in the world that could hide from the gaze of those eyes.

It’s not that his eyes were windows to the actual starry sky, but rather a window to him alone. Because of having such a feeling, Yin Kongchan never dared to look into his eyes. That’s right; she did not dare to look into his eyes. It felt like even her most profound thoughts in the deepest corners of her heart would lay bare if she glanced into Ning Cheng’s eyes.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Yin…..” Yan Ji asked once again. She had just asked if she knew where Ning Cheng currently was, and if Yin Kongchan had told that she didn’t know about it, it wouldn’t have mattered much to her. However, looking at Senior Apprentice Sister Yin’s appearance being a little strange, didn’t it mean that Senior Apprentice Yin might also have similar thoughts like her own? That shouldn’t be possible, or was it?

“Oh, yes, I know Ning Cheng. Xu Yingdei from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect plotted against him because of which he had to escape far away from the Yi Xing Mainland.” Yin Kongchan was not aware that Ning Cheng had not only returned but also had returned with a mighty Spiritual Might. She just knew about Ning Cheng ending up forced to go to the Sifting Orchid Star; however, she did not want to speak about this matter with Yan Ji. If she told this to Yan Ji, then it would bring no help for Yan Ji at all. The Sifting Orchid Star was just too dangerous. Although going there was easy, but coming back would prove to be extremely difficult.

“Xu Yingdei?” Yan Ji repeated those words once again. Although it had been a long time since she arrived at the Tian Continent; however, she did not know that Ning Cheng had come to the Tian Continent even earlier than her and therefore had never heard of the feats performed by Ning Cheng until a few days ago. Let alone her, even the cultivator groups from the Le Continent that came with and before her were aware that the Tian Continent contained even more dangers than their homes. As such, they rarely went out to look around. Thus it was only natural that most of them were still unaware of the matters relating to Ning Cheng.

“Yes, Xu Yingdei is the True Inheriting Disciple of the Severing Emotions Dao Sect. After this woman used Ning Cheng to sever her emotions, she also used that chance to plot against Ning Cheng…”

“Is Senior Apprentice Brother Ning all right?” Not waiting for Yin Kongchan to finish her, Yan Ji immediately interrupted her with a panicked voice, causing Yin Kongchan to be startled.

Yin Kongchan shook her head and spoke, “I don’t know. I heard that Xu Yingdei’s master Shi Qionghua managed to save Ning Cheng. Later, she and Ning Cheng became Dao Companions, before both of them left the Yi Xing Mainland.”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning got married?” Yan Ji suddenly found herself going weak. She wanted to forcefully uplift her spirits but found it utterly impossible.

Yin Kongchan gave a sigh before grabbing Yan Ji’s hand and speaking out softly, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ji, fate is something that is very difficult to change. If it were in your fate then it would happen; if not, then such a thing would never happen. Although Ning Cheng can be considered good, in the future, if we can get out of the Yi Xing Mainland, we might discover that there are a lot many better than him……”

Yan Ji tried to calm down her voice before speaking, “Senior Apprentice Sister Yin, you misunderstood my meaning…..”

She was not looking for Ning Cheng to become Dao Companions with him; instead, it was because she must search for Ning Cheng. Senior Apprentice Sister Yin would never be able to understand what she meant.

Yin Kongchan gave another sigh; she wanted to very much say, “I did not misunderstand your meaning.” However, she knew that these words would not be appropriate in this place.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Yin, I want to go into seclusion to attack the boundary to the Soul Sculpting Realm. Once I am able to reach the Soul Sculpting Realm, only then would will I come out to acknowledge a master.” As Yan Ji spoke those words, she had already returned to her usual composure.


This was already the eleventh day for Ning Cheng and Tan Yun to continue tracking Wu Mao. Even though Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness was dominating, he still felt tired. However, the Wu Mao quartet that they were following seemed to have forgotten the concept of being tired and was continuously throwing out Array Flags.

Ning Cheng’s way of tracking was different from the methods others used to track. He not only was proficient in Array Formations, but he was also a Tier 7 Array Formation Grand Master. He not only could trace others, but he could also detect any kind of trace of Spiritual Scent from Wu Mao’s Spiritual Seeking Array.

Even if a tiny bit of Spiritual Scent appeared in the Array Formation, Ning Cheng would immediately detect it.

At this moment, Ning Cheng suddenly caught an unexpected Spiritual Scent. This was not the Spiritual Qi Scent from Spirit Stones. Although it was a vague one, he could immediately determine that this definitely was the scent from the Spiritual Vein.

He immediately stopped, while his heart was madly beating in his chest. He did not expect that Wu Mao would actually possess such a great skill. He really was able to find the Spiritual Vein. Not only did he locate it, but also his speed of determining it was too swift.

Tan Yun on seeing Ning Cheng stop also stopped right behind him.

Ning Cheng did not move at all from his spot. The Spiritual Vein seemed hidden in the ground. Moreover, it was through this Spiritual Seeking Array that he was able to find a trace of this Spiritual Scent. Wu Mao could have definitely entered the ground following this faint scent and even locate the specific location of the Spiritual Vein. At this time, not to mention Wu Mao, if it were any other person tracking them, they would also be able to find the Spiritual Vein’s position based on the hint of Spiritual Scent that they perceived.

Ning Cheng was waiting for Wu Mao to actually start looking for the Spiritual Vein, but found that Wu Mao didn’t seem to have discovered it. He continued exploring ahead. Sang Jiezhu and the others apparently were not Array Formation masters and were not able to detect this faint Spiritual Scent from the Spiritual Seeing Array. As Wu Mao was still moving forward, the three of them also moved forward together with him.

What’s all this about? Ning Cheng suddenly found himself frozen in spot. This Array Formation was something that Wu Mao had personally arranged, yet since he could discover the scent of the Spiritual Vein, there was no reason why Wu Mao could not detect it. Why was he behaving as if he did not find anything?

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