Chapter 0430

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Chapter 0430: Driving Away Sang Jiezhu

As the ice-cold killing intent bore down, it caused Rong Jin to feel extreme fear. Do not look at him as a cultivator with a Crucible Transformation 7th Level Cultivation, even if he had to face off against someone with a Crucible Transformation 9th Level Cultivation, with his Sword Skill that could control the surrounding space, he would be able to quickly kill the opposite party with ease. However, for him to go up against Ning Cheng, a puny Intermediate-stage Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, his usually certain-kill skill, turned out unexpectedly ineffective.

The killing intent from the long spear grew more and more abundant; however, Rong Jin could not even touch it, he just did not know how to stop this frightening killing intent.


The long spear brushed past Rong Jin’s neck and brought along a thick trail of blood. Rong Jin crazily retreated from the location. However, an arbitrary Axe suddenly appeared right behind him. It looked as if Rong Jin had willingly thrown himself over the Axe, causing another spurt of blood to erupt. At the same time, his body also fell onto the Battle Ring in two neat halves.

Ning Cheng sighed while grabbing Rong Jin’s things. He put them away along with his long spear and that single axe. He had massacred Tang Gongxi using 24 Axes; however, he only needed a single Axe to kill Rong Jin.

It was not that Rong Jin’s strength was inferior to Tang Guangxi, it was the other way around; Ning Cheng was the one who had grown stronger. Moreover, the main point that allowed him to clinch this victory was Rong Jin’s blind faith in his space controlling Sword Skill. However, it was also because of Rong Jin’s control over the area, which led to Rong Jin’s doom.

The silver light covering the Sect Surpassing Censure’s Battle Ring finally started to dissipate. Other than Ning Cheng standing on the Battle Ring, there were only the two halves of Rong Jin’s corpse.

Ning Cheng swept his eyes over the now utterly silent cultivators surrounding the stage, before gradually stepping down from the Battle Ring. He knew that comparing the previous time when he killed Tang Guangxi to this current moment when Ning Cheng murdered Rong Jin, he ended up winning back the prestige and honour of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Now, even if Rui Baishan did not come back, there would be no one who would dare to despise his Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

Until this moment, the surroundings of the Sect Surpassing Censure was filled with noise; apparently, once the people saw the Battle Ring being covered in the silver Sword Light, it was a reasonable conclusion that Ning Cheng should have been the one to die; however, the final result showed that it was actually Rong Jin who ended up dead.

“Rainbow Fall Sword Sect!”

“Sect Master Ning!”

Joyous shouts and cheers immediately erupted after the moment of silence, with the loudest being the disciples from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. The disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, at this moment, completely forgot about the catastrophe that very nearly destroyed their sect, as they all cheered in unison.

“Congratulations Sect Master….” Que Hongshui was the first to come forward to congratulate him.

“You all can go back and resume your cultivations. Also, tell Deputy Sect Master Tantai, so that he doesn’t have to worry about me.” Ning Cheng nodded to the disciples of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect swarming towards him.

He knew that the reason why Que Hongshui, the lead disciple from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, hurriedly came forward must be on the instructions of Tantai Fei. The reason why Tantai Fei did not come here was that he feared that Ning Cheng might lose. If Ning Cheng ended up losing, while Tantai Fei was absent from this place, it was all to save some face of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. If Tantai Fei watched him lose and ended up challenged by Rong Jin, then the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would thoroughly end up in ruins.

“Yes, Sect Master.” The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect was in entirely high spirits as they responded enthusiastically to his words. Compared to them, the disciples from the Yin Yang Dao Sect simply could not believe that they ended up as stepping stones to sharply increase the prestige of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.

“Congratulations Sect Master Ning.” A voice brimming with a seductive charm arrived; at the same time, Ning Cheng could also see Sang Jiezhu moving towards him.

Luo Ziyan looked at the kingdom toppling-esque face of Sang Jiezhu, as a hint of disdain flashed through her eyes. She bowed to Ning Cheng and spoke, “Sect Master, we’ll be taking our leave first then. If Big Sister Luofei comes out, I will definitely tell her about Sect Master’s display of Spiritual Might in detail.”

Ning Cheng looked at Luo Ziyan before he spoke up calmly, “You should go back first. You don’t need to be worried about me.”

He’s been wandering the Yi Xing Mainland for a long time now, how could he not understand the underlying meaning behind Luo Ziyan’s words? It was to remind him that he already had Ji Luofei waiting for him. This young girl sure liked to cast a wide net, even with his status in the old Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, he never felt that he should gain her favour, let alone now when he became the Sect Master.

Sang Jiezhu did not know who Luofei was, but she also understood the underlying meaning as she looked at Luo Ziyan. Moreover, this Luo Ziyan was not inferior to her Floating Snow Palace’s Yin Kongchan.

“Sect Master Ning, I don’t know if the two of us can find a place to sit and talk. I truly want to ask Sect Master Ning out for a cup of Spiritual Tea.” Sang Jiezhu’s tone turned even more appealing.

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept out and found that the long-bearded Crucible Transformation Cultivator had long since disappeared.

The Crucible Transformation Cultivators from the various other factions on sensing Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness sweeping out quickly greeted Ning Cheng. They did not dare to congratulate Ning Cheng as blatantly as Sang Jiezhu; they just wanted to get a bit more familiar with Ning Cheng.

“Sect Master Ning really lives up to his reputation. This showdown surely will be shutting up many people’s mouth for good.” Between the greetings and congratulations exchanged between Ning Cheng and the other Crucible Transformation Cultivators, Tan Yun’s voice arrived promptly.

Ning Cheng already did not want to exchange many words with Sang Jiezhu, so he shot an apologetic look at Sang Jiezhu and spoke, “Palace Master Sang, because I helped Senior Apprentice Sister Tan find evidence before; therefore, Senior Apprentice Sister Tan had always wanted to call me out for a cup of Spiritual Tea, so this time…..”

“Good, I was just thinking about speaking with Junior Apprentice Sister Tan. Let’s go together.” Sang Jiezhu spoke up with a joy-filled voice, acting as if she did not know that he was snubbing her off.

Sang Jiezhu was a generation older than Tan Yun was. Yet, she addressed Tan Yun as ‘Junior Apprentice Sister’ and even spoke in such a manner, causing Ning Cheng to unable to reject it outright. Therefore, he helplessly spoke up, “I don’t mind, let’s go to the Starbucks Restaurant in front of us.”


“Sect Master Ning, I have to say that you are not very kind with your manners. The several-hundred-feet long section of Spiritual Vein, you took it away all by yourself, not even leaving behind any soup for people like us.” As the three people entered the booth, Sang Jiezhu spoke out in a frank and outright manner with a broad grin plastered over her face.

Tan Yun also felt a bit of surprise in her heart. She did not know that Ning Cheng had succeeded. However, according to Sang Jiezhu’s words, not only had Ning Cheng achieved what he went for, but he had also made out with almost the entire Spiritual Vein. After understanding this, she felt overjoyed. Since Ning Cheng had actually called her out to sit down, it meant that there was no misappropriation of the meaning.

Ning Cheng unhurriedly helped Sang Jiezhu and Tan Yun pour a cup of Spiritual Tea each. Then spoke up in a calm voice, “If it were Wu Mao who said that I was insincere, it still would not be too bad. But for Palace Master Sang to speak in such a manner, it shows some ingratitude.”

Since everyone had already made the connection that Ning Cheng indeed was that person, then he also did not need to keep it hidden. Moreover, at this time, when he successfully managed to set up his prestige in the Heavenly Dao Public Square’s Sect Surpassing Censure, how could someone like Wu Mao dare to make a move on him? Previously, when that long bearded cultivator saw him kill Rong Jin, he had already set an example of walking away silently from there.

Sang Jiezhu knew what Ning Cheng meant. That is, Ning Cheng already knew that she and that short and emaciated looking Crucible Transformation Cultivator had already taken away the rest of the Spiritual Vein. It stood for the reason that she also indirectly used Ning Cheng to go against Wu Mao and that long-bearded cultivator. Ning Cheng had also not spoken anything wrong. She indeed was able to obtain a slight advantage due to the appearance of Ning Cheng.

“Hehe, I was just joking. Sect Master Ning need not mind it. I anyway came here for another important matter.” Sang Jiezhu spoke out without the slightest change in her tone or expression.

“Oh, please do tell Palace Master Sang.” Despite their relationship with the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, Ning Cheng didn’t really like the Floating Snow Palace.

Sang Jiezhu showed a winning smile, before speaking up in a very earnest voice, “I’m not sure if I deserve such respect, Sect Master Ning. However, this time I came here to bring up an old matter once again. A few years ago, I came to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to look for a match for my disciple, Yin Kongchan. I think that Sect Master Ning should also be aware of it. In addition to that, Sect Master Ning and Kongchan can already be said to have passed a few life and death adversities together, so now……”

Sang Jiezhu’s words had not yet finished when Ning Cheng interrupted them, “I already have a wife. Moreover, Junior Apprentice Sister Yin Kongchan is definitely someone outstanding; therefore, she definitely could find someone better than me. I hope that Palace Master Sang would not raise this matter once again.”

“Sect Master Ning, this time is different than the last time. Moreover, this time I came here for both Kongchan and Yan Ji. For us cultivators, having one or two Dao Companions, how would it affect your permanent relationship?” Sang Jiezhu did not expect Ning Cheng to reject her in such a direct manner. As such, she had no choice but to bring up Yan Ji. Yan Ji liked Ning Cheng, she had heard of this matter from Yin Kongchan herself.

“Palace Master Sang, the matters that you are speaking right now; does Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji know about it?” Ning Cheng could not help but ask about it.

Sang Jiezhu shook her head, “She has already secluded herself to prepare to attack the Soul Sculpting Realm. I think she should not know about this matter, so…..”

“Palace Master Sang, do not mention this matter ever again. I also hope that you do not disturb Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji’s cultivation, let alone try to use her. Junior Apprentice Sister Yan Ji might be a disciple of your Floating Snow Palace; however, she is also my good friend. If there is any danger to her then I, Ning Cheng, will be the first to stand up for her.” Ning Cheng’s words might have been polite; however, it also contained subtle undercurrents of a threat.

He had a hunch that Sang Jiezhu wanted to use Yan Ji, and then use that connection to obtain benefits from him for Yin Kongchan.

Sang Jiezhu’s face immediately changed. She was also a Palace Master of the Floating Snow Palace. Therefore, Ning Cheng’s indirect way of threatening her made her feel very uncomfortable. She coldly spoke up, “When it comes to the disciples of my Floating Snow Palace, outsiders need not worry about them. Continue having your good time, Sect Master Ning.”

Saying that Sang Jiezhu suddenly stood up, and in just a few steps, stepped out of the door.

“What did she mean?” Tan Yun asked Ning Cheng with a puzzled look.

Ning Cheng looked at the door from which Sang Jiezhu just disappeared and gave a faint smile before speaking, “This woman truly is quite calculating. Knowing that I obtained the several-hundred-foot-long Spiritual Vein section, she actually wanted to send her disciples over to me to obtain my Spiritual Vein. I heard that the Severing Emotions Dao Sect and the Floating Snow Palace share the same origin, no wonder the two of them are like feathers from the same bird……”

Sang Jiezhu, who had just walked to the entrance of the rest stop, on hearing those words, felt her face growing even more livid. She understood that Ning Cheng had intentionally spoken that sentence for her ears. This was equivalent to ridiculing her for her coming here, and at the same time, accusing her of selling off the female disciples from her own sect.

The women from her Floating Snow Palace were pure, how could anyone compare them to those from Xu Anzhen’s side?

Ning Cheng, of course, deliberately was fanning the air for Sang Jiezhu. This woman really did not feel content and was thick-skinned to boot. In the past, when she acted as a matchmaker at the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, it was to use his things. Ning Cheng affirmed that if he agreed to the deal in the past; not only would his things make their way to the Floating Snow Palace’s Yin Kongchan, she would also not become his Dao Companion. Her thoughts and plans for him were identical to what Xu Anzhen had instructed Xu Yingdei with, entirely a false pretence.

This time was also the same; however, this time, she had come for the Spiritual Vein. Moreover, she even tried to use Yan Ji, to help Yin Kongchan. If Ning Cheng still behaved politely with her, then it would have indeed been a strange event. One had to say, Sang Jiezhu even proposed betrothing Yan Ji and Yin Kongchan simultaneously to him as Dao Companions. Unless brain damaged, Ning Cheng would never believe such a matter.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Tan, this is the share that you should get.” Ning Cheng always meant what he said. He took out a restriction-less ring, containing the already split portion of the Spiritual Vein before he handed it over to Tan Yun.

Tan Yun hurriedly spoke up, “I only need one-tenth of it. I didn’t even put much effort to obtain it. Moreover, the amount that you obtained is also too huge.”

Ning Cheng stood up, “Whether you use it or not that is completely up to you; however, I do not go back on my promises. I will have to say my goodbyes to you. We will meet if we have the chance in the future.”

“Haha, Sect Master Ning, I finally found you. However, you don’t have to be anxious to say your goodbyes. I hope that you don’t run around all over the place, lest I turn upset.” A voice interrupted Tan Yu’s words, while a grey robed man materialised at the door of their booth.

Ning Cheng’s face remained unchanged; however, a dense killing intent had started to rise in his heart. This man dared to break his Shielding Restriction blatantly. Not only was it rude on his part to barge in on other’s private talks in such an impolite manner, but even his speech was also too arrogant.

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