Chapter 0432

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile
Proofread By – DemonKiller

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Chapter 0432: Time Flies

Ning Cheng did not have the time to check out the status of Xiao Bisheng duo when even more rattan vines swept towards him. Seeing this, Ning Cheng felt considerably startled in his heart; immediately bringing out his 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes, he went completely all out in forming a Defensive Axe Array around him.

“Bang-Bang-Bang….” As the dense clusters of cyan coloured rattan vines struck Ning Cheng’s Axe Shadows, they immediately gave out banging like noises one after another. Every time these rattan vines whipped at them, Ning Cheng felt the True Essence circulating in his body tremble uncontrollably before disintegrating little by little.

There was no need to think about it at all, Ning Cheng knew that once he exhausted his True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness, these rattan vines would completely bind him.

Ning Cheng caught an Array Flag that he previously dropped; he wanted to use the Cosmic True Devil Axe to block off these rattan vines before arranging a Defensive Array Formation.

At this time, Ning Cheng simply did not have the time to observe the situation, as he threw out one Array Flag after another. Only when a few Defensive Walls manifested around Ning Cheng, the embryonic form of the Defensive Array Formation, did he finally find the free time to observe the surrounding situation.

If he had not looked at the situation, then Ning Cheng felt that he could find the opportunity to escape from this place; however, this time, as his gaze swept out, his heart sank to the very bottom.

In this cyan cavern, there were many white skeletons wrapped up in seemingly endless rattan vines. There was no need to guess at all, Ning Cheng knew that these skeletons were the remains of those who tried to struggle against these rattan vines, before finally perishing.

Xiao Bisheng, Mu Ziming and that grey robed man, were all like him, trying to struggle against those horrifying rattan vines.

“Senior Mu, what are these things? Why is it so difficult to deal with these things?” When Ning Cheng discovered that Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng could not escape from these rattan vines, he felt a considerable amount of shock in his heart.

Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng both possessed strength above Crucible Transformation Realm. Moreover, he was positively sure of this fact. If even experts above the Crucible Transformation Realm were unable to escape, then the Array Formation that he arranged, how long would it last?

Mu Ziming currently was panting from breath, before he finally managed to speak up, “Ning Cheng, if you have any means to leave this place then hurry up and leave. This is the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan, something extremely terrifying. A human’s Spiritual Soul along with their flesh and blood is its most favourite attraction. Once bound by these rattan vines, even if one had access to the highest of heavenly abilities. All of their Essence Blood would end up absorbed by these rattan vines before they finally die. You already have seen the bones of the dead inside. Those dead bones are self-explanatory…..”

“I did not expect that the Tian Continent would have such terrifying and evil creatures. If this thing grew out of this place and took root outside, then the entire Tian Continent and even the entire Yi Xing Mainland would ultimately end up becoming a nutritional foundation for this Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan…..” Xiao Bisheng spoke out with a pale white face. The rattan vines were mainly concentrated around him, raining down endless attacks.

Ning Cheng then turned his gaze towards the grey-robed man. This grey robed man fared slightly better than Xiao Bisheng and Mu Ziming. It was as if he had a way to resist those Ghost Rattan Vines.

However, whether there was a way out or not, the opposite party’s Array Formation level was not as strong as Ning Cheng’s was, nor did they possess 36 Best Quality True Artefact-grade Small Axes. They can only use the power provided by their own cultivation to resist it.

“Senior Mu, do you know this grey robed scumbag? He not only snatched my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword, he even plotted against my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect.” Ning Cheng then turned towards Mu Ziming and asked.

Mu Ziming had not yet replied when Xiao Bisheng responded by his own initiative, “I had initially thought him to be somewhat familiar, now that I finally put my mind to it; I think I might know who he is. He should be that Jia Shisan, who also has the moniker of Radiant Crow Monarch. In addition to that, he is also a Rank 9 Heavenly Pill Grand Master. I heard that he had already gone to Heaven’s Way several hundred years ago, I did not think that someone as poisonous as him would actually stay back in the Tian Continent…..”

“Radiant Crow?” Ning Cheng repeated the two words in doubt. Regarding someone being a Tier 9 Heavenly Pill Grandmaster, the others might regard them as untouchable legends; he, however, did not care much about it. As long as he was willing, he could advance to the Tier 8 Earth Pill Grand Master. With enough Spiritual Grasses, it would not be impossible for him to become a Tier 9 Heavenly Pill Grand Master.

Mu Ziming quietly spoke up, “In the Yi Xing Mainland, the most poisonous snake available is the Radiant Shade. However, the reason why Jia Shisan earned the moniker of Radiant Crow was that compared to the most poisonous snake ‘Radiant Shade’, his poisons are three times more poisonous. Even Crucible Transformation Cultivators, in the face of such kind of poison, would have no way out other than death.”

“Several hundred years ago, this person had single-handedly extinguished 27 factions in the Tian Continent one after another, not even the chickens were left alive. The reason he did such a thing was all but to seek out a particular Spiritual Grass. Because he suspected that these 27 factions might have this Spiritual Grass in their possession, he decided to completely extinguish all those 27 factions. I don’t know how he found the location of the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan, but even we ended up lured in here by him.”

“This scum came looking for me knowing that I have the 9-Colored Mirage Tree and the Mirage Stone; however, I did not think that it would even end up implicating the two seniors.” Regardless of what Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng meant by their words, Ning Cheng’s impression of Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng was still quite good.

“So that’s why; this person wants the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King. The Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King is tough to refine; however, one can actually use the 9-Coloured Mirage Tree to confuse the Ghost Rattan King, eventually allowing him to refine it…..” Mu Ziming spoke out in horror.

The grey-robed man suddenly burst into laughter, “Since you already know that I am Jia Shisan; therefore, after this monarch leaves this place, he will definitely throw all the disciples of the Tian Continent’s top ten factions in here as a sacrifice to refine my Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King.”

Ning Cheng suddenly thought of the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword on Jia Shisan. If Jia Shisan remembered that the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword might be of some help in dealing with these Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan vines, the result would turn out to be unknown.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng no longer considered any more nonsense. 12 Cosmic True Devil Axes immediately shot towards Jia Shisan.

Jia Shisan was having a much easier time in coping with this Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan compared to Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng. However, now that Ning Cheng joined in with the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan Vines to attack Jia Shisan, Jia Shisan immediately found the situation turning a lot more difficult for him.

“Little animal, you’re crazy…..” Seeing Ning Cheng surrounded by so many Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan yet stilled daring to attack him, Jia Shisan became extremely angry.

He couldn’t stop Ning Cheng’s attacks, which caused him to grow even angrier. If there were no Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan, then Ning Cheng’s attacks would just be equivalent to an itch at most for someone like Jia Shisan. However, combined with the attacks from the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan, Ning Cheng’s attacks were now equivalent to frost added to a snowy mountain.

As the saying went, ‘If you didn’t have to bear any extra heavy weights, then the boat also wouldn’t have to bear a heavy burden’. It definitely was the aptest saying in this situation. It meant that if it was already tough for someone to pick a heavy load, then adding an extra pound over the burden that you are already carrying might just cause you fall face down under pressure.

[TL Note: I chose to keep the original translation of the words. However, for those confused, the closest English phrase that I could think of would be ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back.’]

Ning Cheng’s attack on Jia Shisan made the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan’s attacks even heavier. In just a few dozen breaths of time, Jia Shisan ended up bound by a Ghost Rattan Vine, not waiting for him to shove away the Ghost Rattan Vine, a new Ghost Rattan Vine sneaked in to bind him.

Ning Cheng then retracted his Cosmic True Devil Axes. It was not that he did not want to continue attacking the person when he was down, but that he could not maintain it any longer. His Array Formation was also under tremendous pressure under the barrage from the numerous Underworld Crow Ghost Rattans. His Array Formation was even giving out cracking sounds. As such, he had no choice but to recall his Cosmic True Devil Axe for self-preservation.


Time is just like running water, as years continued to fly by.

In just a blink of an eye, two decades passed by since the Sect Surpassing Censure Battle at the Heavenly Dao Public Square, between Ning Cheng and Yin Yang Dao Sect’s Rong Jin.

This twenty-year period would be more than enough to bring forth great changes in the mundane world, even if it were the Tian Continent, significant changes took place within these last twenty years.

Twenty years ago, after Ning Cheng fought against Rong Jin; he left the Heavenly Dao Public Square, before apparently vanishing from the Tian Continent.

After Ning Cheng went missing, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect did not undergo any significant changes. That was because Sect Master Rui Baishan had suddenly returned to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Also, at the same time, the Severing Emotions Dao Sect suddenly chose to open their mountains.

After Rui Baishan came back, he, however, did not take over his previous position as the Sect Master. Instead, he retired to become an elder of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. At the same time, he also issued several statements. One of them was that Ning Cheng was still the Sect Master of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Another statement being that if the Mirage Gazing Island did not send back their disciple Liang Kexin unharmed to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would level out the Mirage Gazing Island.

The Mirage Gazing Island also did not put up any resistance, nor did it chose to find any excuse. On the third day from the issuance of the statements from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, Disciple Liang Kexin of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect returned safe and sound. At the same time, they also compensated the latter with a massive amount of Spirit Stones along with other resources.

The year when Ning Cheng disappeared; apart from the grey-robed fellow looking for Ning Cheng, even Dao Master Xiao Bisheng of the Heavenly Dao Academy and Dao Master Mu Ziming of the Heaven Alliance ended up disappearing.

Since some people had seen them together, and with the simultaneous disappearance of these few people, the news quickly spread out.

After the last meeting with Ning Cheng twenty years ago, Tan Yun finally emerged with the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 4th Level. At the same time, she openly intercepted Red Star Sword Faction’s Jiang Jun, before eventually killing Jiang Jun. However, the Red Star Sword Faction did not choose to come out because Tan Yun murdered Jiang Jun, stating that it was a matter of personal revenge, they just let go of this matter.

After Tan Yun killed Jiang Jun, she did not immediately return to the Great Change Island; instead, she went to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. As for what she did after coming to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, nobody knew about it. Only Sang Jiezhu was able to vaguely guess at something. Tan Yun’s might have not entirely used up her part of the Spiritual Vein; therefore, she should have delivered the rest of the Spiritual Vein to Ning Cheng’s little sister.


The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Main Peak, the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak.

Although Rui Baishan came back, he did not choose to take up residence here. This place remained Ning Cheng’s Immortal Cave.

At this moment, several people were sitting in the Meeting Hall, around a large circular table. Ji Luofei sat at the head position. In addition to her, Ning Ruolan, Nan Yuefang, Yang Honghou, Taishu Pinghao, Lian’e, Zhang Qian, Liang Kexin, and the others sat all around. Even Grey Toottoot was lazing around by Ji Luofei’s side. However, compared to before, Grey Toottoot looked even more ordinary and commonplace.

These people were the disciples residing at the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Main Peak and were all Ning Cheng’s people. Only Tan Yun was not from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect; however, Tan Yun chose to live in the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, even bringing the segment of Spiritual Vein in her possession to help these people cultivate. As such, no one here thought of her as an outsider.

“We just received news from the outside, stating that Big Brother and Seniors Xiao Bisheng and Mu Ziming were besieging that grey robed person; however, they then chose to enter Heaven’s Way. I don’t think this statement makes any sense at all. If Big Brother wanted to go to the Heavens Way, then he would have definitely told us. It is simply impossible for him to go to Heaven’s Way alone.” After experiencing many difficulties over the past 20 years, Ning Ruolan had already matured. Although her appearance had not changed much, her cultivation had already reached the Soul Essence 3rd Level.

Ji Luofei also nodded and spoke, “What Ruolan is saying is correct, Ning Cheng would not enter Heaven’s Way without any reason. Our cultivations are still too low and are insufficient to go out and investigate this matter. Wait till I first go find Elder Taoist Rui to ask about it.”

Ji Luofei’s possessed better qualifications compared to Ning Ruolan; however, because she was too worried about Ning Cheng, her cultivation had also stagnated at the Soul Essence Realm. In contrast to them, Taishu Pinghao was, instead, at the Late Stages of the Soul Essence Realm.


“You don’t have to worry. I have already divined it. Ning Cheng is all right. As for whether or not he went to the Heaven’s Way, I’m still not sure about it even now. The Profound Light Chamber of Commerce is also willing to come up with the 9-Colored Mirage Tree branch that Ning Cheng left behind. While Liang Kexin is also willing to come up with the 9-Colored Mirage Stone. With these things, our quota for entering the Heaven’s Way would definitely increase dramatically. After you all reach the Crucible Transformation Realm in your cultivation, you can then choose to enter the Heaven’s Way to look around with me…..” Rui Baishan looked slightly older compared to that year; however, he was very patient when it came to Ji Luofei and Ning Ruolan.

Although Ji Luofei and Ning Ruolan were eager and even longed to meet Ning Cheng, they were aware of the gravity of the situation. They understood that Elder Taoist Rui was looking after their own good.

The Deputy Sect Master Tantai Fei sat on the side and was just about to speak when an External Affairs Disciple rushed in and reported. “Grand Elder Taoist, Sect Master, there is a Crucible Transformation Senior by the name of Meng Jingxiu waiting outside the sect. She said that she is a friend of Sect Master Ning.”

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