Chapter 0447

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Chapter 0447: The rise of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect

The wedding of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Sect Master Ning Cheng attracted the attention of the entire Tian Continent. Apart from a tiny number of academies and factions, almost every power in the Tian Continent sent their representatives to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect with congratulatory gifts and giving their congratulations to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect in person.

Yin Yang Dao Sect’s Sect Master Hao Anye specially sent the original Perception Pagoda back, and at the same time, took the initiative to apologise to Ning Cheng.

Even the Tian Continent’s Foremost Array Formation Grand Master, Wu Mao, proposed that if Ning Cheng were willing to take out the Mirage Stones, then he would also be ready to participate in laying down the Array Formation for the Heaven’s Way entrance.


Because there were just too many guests, and because of some other matters, Ning Cheng decided to hold his wedding over the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone.

Initially, an already stunning beauty, Ji Luofei, because of her elaborate robes, presently looked like an exquisite white lotus flower. At this moment, she beamed with happiness while holding onto Ning Cheng’s hands as they tread the clouds from the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak. To everyone’s surprise, the bride, Ji Luofei, chose to actually don a white robe instead of the usual red bridal robes.

However, Ji Luofei’s suffocating beauty caused everyone to ignore her robes entirely. More specifically, her dress was more of a backdrop to accentuate her unmatched beauty. This kind of beauty eclipsed every other female cultivator present there.

For women belonging to the True Cultivation Community, as long as their appearance at birth was not outrageously ugly, as they progressed further along the path of cultivation, then their final appearance would not turn out too ugly, compared to what they were born with. As for the already beautiful female cultivators who tread the path of cultivation, they would find their beauty enhanced more and more.

However, once Ji Luofei came out, it immediately caused all the female cultivators to have a new standard for beauty. At this moment, the countless female cultivators only wished that they could also enjoy such a wedding in their futures. Wearing a white wedding dress, led by their beloved Dao Companion while treading the clouds. Or rather, only by having such a wedding, could a woman feel the most beautiful.

Ning Cheng gently grabbed onto Ji Luofei’s hand before descending and standing in front of the seat of honour at the Public Square. Then accepting the congratulations coming their way, he cupped his fists and thanked them one by one. Ji Luofei was also brimming with joy from top to bottom. The day she was waiting for finally arrived, compared to Elder Sister Qionghua, she felt a lot happier.

“Today, it is this Ning Cheng’s wedding. I truly feel grateful towards all the factions taking the time to come to my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect…..”

After Ning Cheng started speaking, the somewhat noisy atmosphere over the Rainbow Fall Sword Stone instantly calmed down.

“I thank my wife, Luofei for marrying me, and I vow to love her throughout my entire life…..”

Ji Luofei did not expect that Ning Cheng would make such a public statement. She had not been to Earth, and as such, never participated in any weddings on Earth. Even if she had a thick face, Ning Cheng’s words had still torn apart the slight bit of reservation inside of her, Forgetting that this place was still the Public Square, she nestled her head over Ning Cheng’s shoulders.

“In the future, I will also hold such a wedding.” Proclaimed a male cultivator.

“If someone can treat me like Sect Master Ning, I certainly would not waste my time in cultivating, instead pour out all my love for him alone.” This time, the speaker was a very good-looking female cultivator.

“Don’t be hypocritical. I’m sure that when you go back, whether you ought to go into seclusion or not you still would go into seclusion. What about your pretty boy from the Guan Clan? You still haven’t kicked him out. Besides, other people loving you and you not cultivating, what relation do the two have……” Another female cultivator sitting next to that female cultivator immediately retorted back.

“How could he compare to Sect Master Ning?”


As the voices in the Public Square quieted down, Ning Cheng then continued, “Taking this opportunity today, I have a few more things to announce. The first thing is that my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword has returned. Today, I draw support from the testimony of the fellow guests present here, and place the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword back to where it belongs, the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak.”

Finished speaking, Ning Cheng then took out a long sword that shimmered like rainbows. Countless Spiritual Consciousness fell onto the long sword in Ning Cheng’s hands; however, no one could make out the appearance of the sword. All they could see was just a rainbow.

Ning Cheng knew that this sword was definitely not an ordinary sword. Even his 36 Comic True Devil Axes added up could not compare to even a corner of this sword. After hearing Elder Zhong Liping’s words, he had spent a few days studying this sword; moreover, the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword indeed contained the Rainbow Fall Nine Revolutions.

The Rainbow Fall Nine Revolutions was a superior grade cultivation method; however, it was not suitable for Ning Cheng’s cultivation. Ning Cheng then passed the Rainbow Fall Nine Revolutions to all the people belonging to the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak. At the same time, asked Tantai Fei to pass it along to all the True Inheriting and Core Disciples.

With the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword returning to the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, plus with Ning Cheng’s mighty strength that everyone had come to know about, everyone knew it clear as day that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would be climbing to new heights.

Under the gaze of many eyes, Ning Cheng flew up, bringing the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword and finally descending onto the peak of the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak.

He had not yet taken the initiative to put down the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword in his hands when the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword set itself free from Ning Cheng’s grasp and inserted itself into the peak of the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak.

When the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword inserted itself into the peak of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, a sword glow emerged causing all the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s disciples to feel a little comfortable at this moment, as if their understanding of the cultivation methods they were cultivating deepened by another level.

However, for those disciples with higher cultivations, and Elders from the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, this kind of feeling was even more profound. At this moment, they did not need a reminder from anyone else; they knew that the genuine Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword has returned.

Ning Cheng looked at the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword with some puzzle. He could not help but think of a question, how could anyone steal away this kind of a sword? He had a hunch that even if he used his full strength, pulling out the Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword might not be possible.

A mighty sword halo spread out, even Ning Cheng had no choice but to withdraw from the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak. With the doubt still his heart, he once again landed back at Ji Luofei’s side.

“Many thanks to all the guests here for coming to witness me and Ji Luofei’s grand wedding, and also to witness the return of my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Yonder Immortal Rainbow Fall Sword.”

Ning Cheng’s words immediately sparked a burst of warm cheers. They all were able to witness such massive events. Some of the lower levelled cultivators even started thinking about how to add even more flourishes to these events before spreading out and disseminating the news.

“Distinguished guessed, the third thing that I want to say today is that because of the restrictions imposed by the Yi Xing Mainland itself, we cannot achieve higher levels when it comes to cultivation. However, all of us know about the existence of such realms. Many of our Dao Friends, to pursue a higher level of strength, had to leave to the Heaven Opening Island to enter another new and vast world through Heaven’s Way…..”

When Ning Cheng spoke about the Heaven’s Way, everyone present within the Sword Stone turned silent in almost an instant. This matter concerned everyone. If one day after reaching the Crucible Transformation Realm in their cultivation, they could not enter the Heaven’s Way, then perhaps they would forever remain trapped within the confines of the Crucible Transformation Realm until the day they died.

Already too many Crucible Transformation Cultivators had perished in the Tian Continent due to old age. This was not a joke, but a fact. A Crucible Transformation Cultivator only possessed a few thousand years of a lifespan. A thousand years for a mortal would be quite a distant time. However, for a cultivator, with their hunger suppressed, could end up in seclusion for thousands of years.

Ning Cheng continued, “The Heaven’s Way is challenging, but even if it was tougher, to reach the higher realms, we have no choice but to enter Heaven’s Way. However, it is getting more and more difficult to enter Heaven’s Way. The Rainbow Fall Sword Sect had a lot of quotas for itself due to the 9-Colored Mirage Stone contributed by our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Elder Meng Jingxiu.”

“The Tian Continent does not just contain the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, there are also many other factions. Therefore, I, along with Dao Master Mu Ziming, and the experts of other factions and the various other elders had a discussion amongst ourselves. We decided to take out the Mirage Stones in our possession and use it to re-arrange the entrance to Heaven’s Way located in our Tian Continent. That way, at any time, as long as one had the ability, they could then enter Heaven’s Way by themselves…..”

This time even more enthusiastic cheers erupted. The words that Ning Cheng spoke were the real concern for most of the cultivators present here. At the same moment, all the factions were clear about an underlying point, from the words of Ning Cheng, it represented that the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect now vaguely stood in the leading position throughout the entire Tian Continent.

If Ning Cheng stayed in the Tian Continent for some time, then the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would definitely be able to suppress the other remaining factions, allowing it to become the leading faction within the Tian Continent.

Ning Cheng indeed had not spoken up casually; however, he was also not a person who liked doing good deeds just to leave behind a good name. For permanently opening the Heaven’s Way, according to Mu Ziming and Xiao Bisheng, it was necessary for him to contribute the Mirage Stones. However, not only did his Mirage Stones not fall from the sky, but the number of 9-Colored Mirage Stones on him were also not much.

He pondered over this issue over a long time, before he finally decided to take out his Mirage Stones. There were two reasons for it. One was that this move would genuinely help many people, while the second was to reduce the number of Crucible Transformation Cultivators within the Tian Continent, thereby balancing out the strength.

The Tian Continent had only a limited amount of resources. If more and more Crucible Transformation Cultivators emerged, then the issue of resource acquisition would become even more severe over time. There was also another point; if only the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s cultivator entered Heaven’s Way, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s strength would inevitably decline. As a result, it would lead to the rise in power of other factions. In that case, perhaps one day, the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect would end up walking down the same fate as the Red Star Sword Faction.

Once he permanently opened the Heaven’s Way, anyone with the cultivation of Crucible Transformation and above would be able to enter the Heaven’s Way, thereby balancing and keeping a check on the strengths of the other major factions.

No matter what Ning Cheng thought, his words definitely achieved the approval of everyone, causing the entire Rainbow Fall Sword Stone to burst into thunderous applause and cheers.

“I invite all the guests and friends into my Rainbow Fall Sword Sect to taste some of our Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s good wine….” Ning Cheng looked at the cheering faces staring at him and realised that he had achieved his purpose. More accurately, his goal and the rest of the cultivators’ aim complimented each other.

At this moment, the entire Rainbow Fall Sword Sect drowned in cheers and festivities.


After such a lively scene, it was finally time for it to come to a stop.

The guests who came to congratulate also gave their goodbyes one by one, before Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei finally returned to their Rainbow Fall Sword Peak’s Immortal Cave.

“Ning Cheng…..” After returning to their Immortal Cave, Ji Luofei could no longer hold herself in reserve while tightly holding onto Ning Cheng. She wished her entire body could just melt into Ning Cheng.

“Still calling me Ning Cheng?”


“That’s right…..”

“Hey…. The Restriction at the door hasn’t been activated yet….”

“So soft…..”

“Dear, you…”


After years of cultivation, Ning Cheng rarely enjoyed this kind of a lazy sleep. When he woke up, the sun already shone brightly outside. Ji Luofei, stripped naked by Ning Cheng, lay curled up in his arms; like a well-behaved kitten rather than a Crucible Transformation Expert.

Ji Luofei opened her eyes, while a slight reddish tinge crept up her face. Just as she was about to speak, she saw Ning Cheng frown.

“What’s the matter?” Ji Luofei quickly asked.

“A person, whom I never wanted to see, arrived at the Rainbow Fall Sword Peak. Why did she come here?” Ning Cheng replied with a smile.

“Who is it?”

“Nalan Ruxue, from the Le Continent.”

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  1. She still has the guts to come and visit him after tarnishing his reputation and almost getting him killed just so she could escape her marriage , if she cooks up a sob story and he lets her join the rainbow sect or allows her go through heaven way I’m dropping this novel


    1. He’s setting up a system that lets anybody go through heaven’s way. I think it’s more likely that a she’ll tell him about a friend of his being in danger or something.


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