Chapter 0453

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Chapter 0453: Rage

Hearing the two words ‘Yan Ji’, Ning Cheng’s killing intent instantly exploded. The waiter standing near to Ning Cheng couldn’t help but take a few steps back in the face of such overwhelming killing intent. At the same time, horror plastered the waiter’s face as he looked at Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng took a deep breath before speaking, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it. Yan Ji and the other couple, did you hear anything about them after they left the Receiving Heaven’s Stone?”

The waiter immediately understood something as he quickly came forward. The female cultivator by the name of Yan Ji shared a close relationship with the person in front of him.

The waiter shook his head and spoke, “No, after leaving the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, if one weren’t on a Void Ship then it would be tough to return.”

“Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce, Xu Liangzhi…..” Ning Cheng’s killing intent gathered as raging waves in his heart. He knew about his own heart better than anyone did. His heart was not something comparable to the likes of Mu Ziming and the others. Those people had a penchant for remaining calm even in dire situations. However, in the face of this kind of things, replaced by another person, they would only think of getting revenge in the case of a long relationship. However, he now just wanted to kill people. No matter what method, he would destroy the people who persecuted Yan Ji.

“What about the little girl?” Ning Cheng forcibly stifled his killing intent before he asked a question again.

“Aah…..” The waiter suddenly felt as if he had talked too much. He could feel Ning Cheng’s temperament, and if he spoke something out of line, then it might just end up detrimental for him. However, since this person had asked, then he also had no choice but to give a reply, “The little girl should still be here. I guess that she should be in the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Rest Stop.”

“Did you say that the little girl is still here?” Ning Cheng asked in shock.

The waiter nodded, “Friend, it’s best if you did not have any hope in this matter. The Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce definitely wouldn’t kill that little girl; however, they would use her to lure in the couple. Initially, the treasure that the couple used seemed to be a top-of-the-line Thunder-Type Magical Weapon, something that even surpassed Best Quality True Artefacts.”

“The Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce is very sensitive and concerned about Thunder-Type Magical Weapons. Therefore, with that in mind, they would allow the little girl to live. However, whether that little girl is dead or alive after all these years, I am not too clear about it. Moreover, the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce possesses some diabolical means to their name. I fear that the little girl has already died due to the torture.”

The killing intent in Ning Cheng’s heart had almost taken a corporeal form, as it wrapped around his body. If not for Ji Luofei grasping his hand, he might not have remained calm enough. “I’m going to the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Rest Stop now. I’ll ask you one last question, the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce and the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce, what’s the cultivation of their stronger cultivators?”

The waiter knew that he could not persuade Ning Cheng. Therefore, he helplessly spoke out, “The most powerful cultivators among the two Chambers of Commerce are in the Plundering Life Realm. I still would suggest this friend not to be too impulsive. Although this friend has killed Cecil, as long as you can provide the necessary evidence, there shouldn’t be much of a problem. At most, you’d have to reimburse some Black Coins. However, if you made a move on a Chamber of Commerce’s Rest Stop in this location, it definitely would be a huge deal…..”

Ning Cheng behaved as if he had not heard what the waiter spoke. He merely took Ji Luofei and left the room.

“Brother Ning, let’s go together to the Rootless Black City.” Waiting at the entrance of the Heave City’s Rest Stop, Lan Wenbin quickly spoke up after seeing Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei.

“Brother Lan, you guys can go ahead first. I still have some accounts to settle in this place.” Ning Cheng spoke. Without waiting for Lan Wenbin to answer, he hurried out of the Rest Stop with Ji Luofei.

Lan Wenbin and the others looked at Ning Cheng’s back in confusion. None of them knew what Ning Cheng meant by his words, ‘some accounts to settle’. Was he going to look for Gary? Didn’t this mean that he did not know when to advance and when to retreat?


The Receiving Heaven’s Stone might appear quite large, but it was only a dozen square miles in area. Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness had already swept out and located the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Rest Stop. The Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Rest Stop turned out a lot smaller compared to the Heaven City’s Rest Stop; however, the business it received was quite substantial. At least, Ning Cheng could see that this Rest Stop remained filled with people.

“This friend, aren’t you staying in the Heaven City’s Rest Stop? What are you doing here?” The waiter at the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Rest Stop stopped Ning Cheng and Ji Luofei. This waiter seemed to have known that Ning Cheng killed Cecile. However, his tone of the speech was still polite.

Ning Cheng calmly asked, “I’m looking for Goukang Yeshan.”

“Who’s looking for me?” A rough voice came from outside the Rest Stop, followed by a man wearing brown cultivator robes showing up. This man looked extraordinarily rough and coarse and seemed to be the kind of a man who never involved himself in any scheming at all. However, with the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 7th Level, his entire body irradiated a tyrannical aura.

“Are you Goukang Yeshan?” Ning Cheng stared at this rough looking man and asked.

Goukang Yeshan ignored Ning Cheng’s words. He had just arrived at the Receiving Heaven’s Stone and did not know about the matter of Ning Cheng killing Cecile. What’s more, Ning Cheng was only a Sea Opening 7th Level Cultivator, someone not worth any attention from him.

He eyes never wandered away from Ji Luofei, while excitement bubbles burst within his heart. Today, he felt blessed by luck. For him to see such a stunning woman. The thought of possessing such a woman, even he couldn’t help but feel sincerely excited.

There weren’t many female cultivators in the Rootless Black City and even fewer female cultivators with stunning looks. What’s more, when it came to those few stunners, they already possessed a sturdy backer. This place was not an ordinary True Cultivation Mainland, as long as one possessed the necessary strength, then they could go out and casually bring back a dozen or so attractive looking female cultivator. This place treated attractive female cultivators as if they were a scarce commodity.

The waiter on seeing that look on Goukang Yeshan’s face sent him a sound transmission quickly, “Lord Goukang, this person is called Ning Cheng. He was the one who killed Cecile three days ago on the Receiving Heaven’s Stone.”

Goukang Yeshan immediately felt surprised, Cecile possessed the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 5th Level, yet unexpectedly, the person in front of him managed to kill him, was he concealing his cultivation?

Thinking of this, he no longer dared to look at Ji Luofei with an unbridled gaze, before shifting his gaze towards Ning Cheng and speaking, “Yes, I am Goukang Yeshan. Do you know me?”

“Oh, then I have a question that I need an answer from you. Did a female cultivator by the name of Yan Ji came to the Receiving Heaven’s Stone six years ago, and when you wanted to catch her, it ended in her and another couple being forced to leave this place?” Ning Cheng spoke in a genial tone; moreover, there was even a hint of gentleness within his words.

Goukang Yeshan smiled, if asked for anything else he would still feel some fear; however, asking about Yan Ji, he did not care about it for even half a cent. He was not the only one who had a hand in driving out Yan Ji; the Junior City Master Xu Liangzhi of the Rootless Black City also was involved. Who would dare to provoke the Rootless Black City’s Junior City Master? Unless one specifically wanted to look for death.

“Yes, that woman didn’t have eyes. The Junior City Master just wanted to invite her to talk about the Dao Laws, yet unexpectedly she possessed such a temper. She got what she deserved.” Goukang Yeshan spoke out calmly.

Ning Cheng then suddenly spoke out in a clear and resonant voice, “All those staying in the Silver Thunder Rest Stop are to leave immediately. Today, I want to completely raze the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Rest Stop on the Receiving Heaven’s Stone. After ten breaths, the people who do not leave will die without mercy……”

Ning Cheng’s words were like a thunderous explosion that roused everyone present there. Not just the Silver Thunder Rest Stop, even the other nearby people felt stunned. Was this person an idiot? Daring to destroy the Silver Thunder Rest Stop at the Receiving Heaven’s Stone? No, would even an idiot do such a thing?

“You’re looking for death…..” Goukang Yeshan immediately reacted and roared, bring out a large bronze drum. However, before he could even use it, Ning Cheng had already brought out his Nirvana Spear and shot out with it.

“Boom” The Nirvana Spear collided with the bronze drum, and Goukang Yeshan instantly felt a powerful counter-force exploding onto him. He didn’t even have the time to stimulate his bronze drum when he found himself wholly suppressed by Ning Cheng’s Nirvana Spear.

Suddenly, the area around him seemed as if it were stagnating. Goukang Yeshan was an experienced person, on feeling that he seemed to not belong to this area, Goukang Yeshan immediately started to panic. He certainly had heard about Domains; moreover, Ning Cheng had not used any Magical Weapons yet, but the bindings of his Domain still had such a terrifying effect.

In the Rootless Black City, even among Plundering Life Realm experts, there were only a remarkably few who had a little understanding about Domains. However, today, he ended up encountering an expert with a Domain, causing him to feel as if a shadow of death had suddenly looked over him.

Goukang Yeshan no longer cared about consequences, as he crazily started burning his Essence Blood, with the only intent of breaking free from this space.

Fortunately, Ning Cheng’s Domain only possessed a localised Spacial Restraint; even Ning Cheng couldn’t himself control his False Domain.

After a few mouthfuls of blood, Goukang Yeshan finally managed to break free from the bondage of Ning Cheng’s Domain and crazily started to retreat. He hadn’t yet made it to a safe place when a dozen Axe Shadow swept towards him. Dense Axe Lines made up these dozen Axe Shadows, which sealed off all the paths of retreat for Goukang Yeshan.

At this time, Goukang Yeshan had not brought out his Defensive Magical Weapon; however, in this brief moment of hesitation on his part, those Axe Lines sliced past Goukang Yeshan’s body.

A blood mist erupted, while Goukang Yeshan’s body ended up torn apart from the inside out by Ning Cheng’s Axe Lines.

From the start of the fight between Ning Cheng and Goukang Yeshan until the present moment, only ten breaths of time had passed, yet Goukang Yeshan ended up dead in Ning Cheng’s hands.

After a moment of silence, the whole of Silver Thunder Rest Stop erupted in panic. The seemingly countless cultivators staying in the Silver Thunder Rest Stop started to rush out.

Several of the cultivators belonging to the Silver Thunder Rest Stop who had previously rushed out to besiege Ning Cheng, on seeing Ning Cheng kill Goukang Yeshan in practically an instant didn’t know whether to advance or to retreat. Ning Cheng was also not a person to leave things half-hearted. His Axe Lines and Nirvana Spear once again swept out. At this moment, the entirety of the Silver Thunder Rest Stop’s entrance had transformed into a bloody mist.

With the Silver Thunder Rest Stop’s Restriction broken apart by Ning Cheng, the layout of the entire Rest Stop appeared clearly within Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness.

However, the next moment, Ning Cheng’s punch descended onto the Rest Stop’s entrance with full fury. With a ‘bang’, that single fist completely blew apart the entire Rest Stop to smithereens. Ning Cheng then directly smashed the several Rest Stop Stewards, who were fleeing in panic, into pulp in his rage.

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