Chapter 0457

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Chapter 0457: The Junior City Master Returns

The Rootless Black City had countless Restrictions that shielded it from Spiritual Consciousness probes; thus, wanting to use his Spiritual Consciousness to search for Ning Ruolan was radically an impossible matter. If he had to see if Ruolan reached the Rootless Black City, then the best place to start would be the Rootless Black City’s Trade Union.

The ground floor of the Rootless Black City’s Trade Union was for leasing and sale of Immortal Caves, while the 2nd level was for information regarding the various team assignments, or some messages about the treasures from the Void.

The 3rd Level was for obtaining certifications for the various professions, such as Alchemy Master, Crafting Master, Talisman Refining Master……

The 4th Level was for information enquiry, this was something Ning Cheng found by asking around.

“Excuse me Senior; can I help you with something?” Ning Cheng had just walked out through the entrance of the 4th Level when a young female cultivator took the initiative to come forward and welcome him.

This woman was in the Profound Core Realm. Ning Cheng guessed that she might have been born and raised in the Rootless Black City, or others had brought her here.

“I would like to inquire about a person who arrived at the Rootless Black City in the recent years. Did I come to the right place for it? If not, then where do I need to go to find it?” Ning Cheng asked politely.

“You can definitely find the information you are looking for in this place; however, the cost of each enquiry is 100,000 Black Coins.” The female cultivator replied with a smile.

Ning Cheng gave out a deep sigh in his heart. This city was too black-hearted. Just checking some information required a 100,000 Black Coins. Although he knew that the price might be too steep, Ning Cheng still took out the 100,000 Black Coins.

The female cultivator received the Ning Cheng’s Black Coins in surprise. Many people would come here every day to look for some information or the other. Out of which, many of them wanted to inquire if their acquaintances, who passed through the Heaven’s Way before them, came to the Rootless Black City. However, there were not many among them who would willingly part with tens of thousands of Black Coins for just an enquiry. Most of the cultivators would just dismiss those thoughts after hearing the price.

One could do many things with 100,000 Black Coins in the Rootless Black City. Do not look at the ticket price of 50,000 Black Coins from the Receiving Heaven’s Stone to the Rootless Black City. The Receiving Heaven’s Stone is an ordinary place to earn some Spirit Stones from the incoming rookies. Once these newcomers arrived at the Rootless Black City, they would all end up living frugally due to the living conditions in this place. Not everyone would squander around money like Ning Cheng.

Moreover, even if one wanted to spend some, they positively would not behave like Ning Cheng, who did not even hesitate to take out 100,000 Black Coins just for some information. Such kinds of incidents were quite rare in this place.

Finally putting away the haul from Ning Cheng, the young cultivator turned even more enthusiastic.

Ning Cheng quickly discovered that a few Rainbow Fall Sword Sect’s Cultivators that had arrived at the Rootless Black City six years ago. There were eight people in total, including Ning Ruolan and Meng Jingxiu.

When Ning Cheng saw the information, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Six years ago, the cultivators from the Tian Continent finally reached the Rootless Black City. Apart from that, he also found that a few of them managed to leave the Rootless Black City two years ago.

Ning Cheng also learned that Ning Ruolan was among the ones who managed to leave. Two years ago, Ning Ruolan and a few others followed two Plundering Life Realm Cultivators and left the city permanently, the two Plundering Life Realm Cultivators were Rui Baishan and Meng Jingxiu respectively.

Rui Baishan and Meng Jingxiu advanced to the Plundering Life Realm; this Ning Cheng did not feel strange about it. Rui Baishan’s cultivation should have already surpassed Crucible Transformation Realm before departing from the sect; however, he ended up constrained by the Tian Continent’s Worldly Laws. Meng Jingxiu inherited an Immortal Mansion, and even her qualifications were quite outstanding. Her cultivation speed would also be the fastest among the rest.

However, what puzzled Ning Cheng was that there was no information about Xu Anzhen. It was reasonable that an expert like Xu Anzhen definitely had the capabilities to come out of Heaven’s Way. Unless that woman chose to change her name. Maybe she had even changed her appearance to register in this place.

After coming down from the 4th Level, Ning Cheng felt a bit more comfortable in his heart. At least he found some news about Ning Ruolan.

When Ning Cheng came down to the 2nd Level, he wandered around aimlessly for a bit and found that more than 90% of the cultivators who chose to team up would immediately head into the Void to search for Black Essence Stones.

Ning Cheng currently had no interest in going out searching for the Black Essence Stone Mines; however, he definitely had some intentions to learn more about the Black Essence Stones. At the same time, he was also not in a hurry to head out for those Black Essence Stones, at least not for now. Since he wanted to eliminate the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce, he must find a way out in case things go south.

“Since you already know that you don’t possess enough Black Essence Stones, then why are you unwilling to take such risks? How can you set up a base in the Rootless Black City like this? Besides, there are not just two of us, but at least 50 people. So what are you worried about?”

Two cultivators softly conversed with each other about heading into the Void to search for Black Essence Stones; however, Ning Cheng could easily overhear them. These words jolted Ning Cheng within his mind.

That’s right. Since Ning Cheng knew that he had already provoked the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce the moment he entered the Rootless Black City, then it definitely was not a trivial matter. As long as he proceeded with this objective, he along with Ji Luofei and Yi Zhuzhu would have nowhere to hide inside the Rootless Black City, let alone leaving the Rootless Black City in the future. If that was the case, why should he take the initiative to knock on the doors of the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce?

He knew that the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce would not coexist under the same sky as him; since that was the case, then it would be better for them to come looking for him unlike him going to look for them. He had already pissed off the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce after levelling the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Rest Stop at the Receiving Heaven’s Stone. Once the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Association Head returned along with the pack of experts who followed him out, how could he not take the initiative to find trouble with him?

As long as the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s people took the initiative to come to his place to cause trouble, everything would then be a lot easier. With his Array Formation accomplishments, along with those powerful Array Formations that he laid out, even if ten Crucible Transformation Cultivators arrived, along with one or two Plundering Life Realm Cultivators, it still would not be enough to take him down.

What made Ning Cheng slightly worried, however, was that he did not know when the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’ people would return. If they did not return even after another six months, what should he do then?

Ning Cheng did not consider himself a ‘gentleman’. For him, the faster he could obtain his revenge, the better would it be. The Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce and the Rootless Black City’s Junior City Master had forced Yan Ji into the Void. With her life and death unknown, why would he choose to remain patient?

At this time, another cultivator replied, “But it’s too far away, and many of them haven’t come back.”

The cultivator persuading him spoke up in a slightly disdainful voice, “That place was found by Junior City Master Xu. Also, Junior City Master Xu was the one who requested to form the teams. At the same time, Junior City Master Xu was also the last to leave the Rootless Black City half a year ago before returning recently. I estimate that he would only remain in the Rootless Black City for a few days before heading out once again. Otherwise, they would not have announced about forming such a large group before even physically returning to the city.”

When Ning Cheng heard this, he felt his heart move. He quickly asked them, “The two friends, I just overheard you saying something about forming a team, is Junior City Master really back?”

“Of course, you can take a look at the information on the third Array Formation Display. Junior City Master Xu, along with the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Association Head Pu Leng and the others who left half a year ago, finally returned. The reason for their return is because of the emergence of a massive Black Essence Stone Mine……” The cultivator glanced at Ning Cheng. Finding that Ning Cheng was just a late stage Sea Opening Realm Cultivator, he spoke out in a not very polite but detailed voice.

Ning Cheng then immediately looked up and saw an announcement on the third Array Formation Display. Not only was Junior City Master Xu Liangzhi looking for a team, but even the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Association Head Pu Leng was also looking for people to form a group.

According to the information displayed, they seemed to have found a vast Black Essence Stone Mine in the Void. These warranted the need of many cultivators working together to dig out the Black Essence Stones. All of the registered cultivators can keep 50% of the share of what they dug out with them while the rest of the 50% would go to the person who initiated the formation of the team.

The information on the Array Formation Display also showed that Pu Leng and Xu Liangzhi have only recently entered the Rootless Black City.

“Junior City Master Xu has just entered the city. This time, to team up with many others Junior City Master Xu definitely will be coming to the Trade Union.” A cultivator looked at the Communication Pearl in his hands and spoke from the side. Hearing this, several other cultivators who were still hesitating immediately expressed their intentions to sign themselves up and participate in this team.

Ning Cheng felt considerably startled in his heart and quickly rushed out of the Trade Union. Since this Junior City Master Xu Liangzhi returned, then the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Association Head Pu Leng would have also returned. With Pu Leng’s abilities, he should have already realised that he had extinguished the Silver Thunder Rest Stop at the Receiving Heaven’s Stone.

Since the other party knew about this matter and still chose to form a team, it showed that this person did not take him seriously. In other words, Pu Leng’s first thing on returning to the Rootless Black City would not be to go to the headquarters of the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce but to come to his residence to destroy him.

Because his opponent thought that it would be easy to kill him, he went ahead to continue assembling a team to head out.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng immediately increased his pace.

In just half an hour, Ning Cheng returned to his residence. Ji Luofei was not in cultivation. Apparently, she was waiting for him; as for Yi Zhuzhu, she also was not in cultivation.

“What about Ruolan?” As soon as Ning Cheng returned, Ji Luofei asked out eagerly.

“We can talk about Ruolan later. I just received news that the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Association Head Pu Leng is back. Since I razed the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Rest Stop at the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, I’m sure that once that Association Head comes back, the first thing he would do would be to head straight for us.” Ning Cheng explained.

Ji Luofei did not speak anything. Since Ning Cheng had already said that he had no plans of escaping, it explained that Ning Cheng has his own means to deal with the situation. However, after Yi Zhuzhu heard Ning Cheng’s words, her face turned pale white, while her body trembled. The Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce not only left injuries to her body and soul, but those tortures also left deep scars on the deepest parts of her Spiritual Soul that were extremely hard to erase. Therefore, when Ning Cheng spoke about this matter, Yi Zhuzhu’s heart immediately filled with panic.

“Zhuzhu, you don’t have to be scared of them. This is my domain. I promise that if he comes here, he would never be able to return alive.” Ning Cheng gently ruffled Yi Zhuzhu’s head and tried to comfort her with soft words.

Initially, he was still wondering when the Association Head and his accompanying experts from the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce would return; however, he never expected that they would appear this early. Since the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s experts returned early, then it was even better than what he had planned initially. He stayed inside his residence without leaving, waiting for the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Association Head and others to visit him to make his move.

As long as the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s people took the initiative, he would be able to counter-kill those people who had the intention to kill him. Once he had enough reason, then combined with the strength he displayed, even the Rootless Black City’s City Master wouldn’t dare to reprimand him publicly.

His Array Formations covered every inch of his courtyard, so he was not afraid of anyone trying to barge into this place unnoticed. What’s more, as long as he took the higher moral ground, even the Rootless Black City’s City Master would not dare to act on him, unless the other side really could erase him at any time.

“Luofei, I’ll be the one to lure those people into our Array Formation. When it’s time for battle, I’ll keep them occupied. You intuitively activate the Killing Formation to lend a hand. I’m going to arrange a Killing Formation now.”

Ning Cheng had just dropped a few Array Flags after speaking those words when several powerful Spiritual Consciousnesses swept over. Among them, Ning Cheng felt two Spiritual Consciousnesses that exceeded his own. Ning Cheng himself was very clear about the strength of his Spiritual Consciousness. Even a cultivator at the Crucible Transformation 9th Level might not surpass him regarding his Spiritual Consciousness’ power.

Now that he encountered two cultivators whose Spiritual Consciousness exceeded him, Ning Cheng didn’t even need to ask but instinctively knew that these two were within the Plundering Life Realm. Moreover, one of them probably belonged to Pu Leng.

“Luofei, those people came. Prepare to cut off the enemy’s retreat and annihilate them.” Although the opposite party had two cultivators in the Plundering Life Realm, Ning Cheng did not fear them. As long as those people entered this place, he felt confident enough to eliminate them. After that, he could then proceed to completely decimate the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce in an above-board manner.

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