Chapter 0459

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Chapter 0459: After Going In, They Never Came Out

A flash of regret passed through Pu Leng’s heart. He investigated Ning Cheng before coming here and knew that only three people lived here. Ning Cheng was just a cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm, while the woman accompanying Ning Cheng possessed the cultivation of Crucible Transformation 2nd Level. This level of cultivation was utterly negligible in front of him. As for the young girl, in the eyes of the experts from the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce, she was nothing more than air.

How could he have thought that the situation would turn out completely different to what he initially imagined?

Pu Leng rarely regretted things he did in his life. However, this time, he really regretted his impulsive actions sincerely. He definitely knew that Ning Cheng’s cultivation had not yet reached the Crucible Transformation Realm, yet Ning Cheng was such a terrifying cultivator in the Sea Opening Realm. In his 500-600 years of cultivation, Pu Leng had never seen anyone like Ning Cheng. Not only had he not seen anyone like him, he had never even heard of anyone remotely powerful like Ning Cheng. If he took into consideration the foremost expert of the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce, Xue Yiren, he found that even someone like him was not this terrifying compared to Ning Cheng in the Sea Opening Realm.

Even if he took into account the rumours of geniuses within the Starry Sky, he believed that even the most potent talent among them would not be this terrifying within the Sea Opening Realm.

Once again, a few more screams rang out; Ning Cheng’s face also paled as he continuously threw out Array Flags while controlling the 36 Cosmic True Devil Axes at the same time.

Even though Ning Cheng killed 8 people, he knew it very well in his heart that he has not clinched victory yet. At the same time, he also knew that he could not persevere on in such a manner.

Ji Luofei could not provide him with any more help, so Ning Cheng had already sent her into his Miniature World. Ning Cheng knew that once his Array Formation broke, and he did not launch his Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique, he then would not have another opportunity to end this matter.

Don’t look at him using the Chain Linked Killing Formation to gain the upper hand in this exchange; in fact, there were still three people left alive, whom he could not kill right away. If a gap appeared in his Array Formation, then the result would turn out exactly the opposite of what he hoped and wished.

In his present condition, blocking the combined collaboration of two Plundering Life Realm Cultivator and the other Crucible Transformation Cultivator head-on would be impossible.


At this time, the cultivators around Ning Cheng’s Immortal Cave could only feel the shaking of the surrounding space. However, just the slight overflow of the murderous intent frightened those cultivators to not dare to even look in that direction.

All the people felt shocked at Ning Cheng’s toughness, even if this person was an expert in Array Formations, how was he able to block those 11 people for such a long time? Despite knowing of the strange happenings, no one dared to use their Spiritual Consciousness to look around.

“Poof…..” When Ning Cheng’s 12 Axes split apart the longhaired demonic looking person, the surrounding area around Pu Leng, locked down by the axe, weakened for a moment. The ring in Pu Leng’s hand immediately erupted with a brilliant radiance. Several Ring Blades immediately then rushed into the surrounding area.

“Kacha….” Ning Cheng’s Chain Linked Killing Formation finally blew open under his attacks, while the surroundings also cleared up around him. Allowing him to see the final fate of Si Pingxuan.

At this moment, Si Pingxuan had already turned into a dozen pieces of flesh and blood. At this sight, Pu Leng’s mind immediately blacked-out, he never imagined that Si Pingxuan’s life would end right in front of him.

Si Pingxuan was the only Plundering Life Realm Cultivator in the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce besides him. Although not as powerful compared to him, he, however, was very crucial to him and the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce.

“Beast, I’m going to swallow you…..” Pu Leng screamed out. The ring in his hands once again erupted with a Ring Light in the shape of a crescent moon before it swept out. He did not possess a domain; however, his ring actually could curl up and resist the fretters of a Domain.

Even in the midst of fury, Pu Leng still did not lose his senses. He knew that his crescent-shaped ring light most likely would not show much effect against Ning Cheng. However, because the other person was more proficient in Domain applications, he could only use his own Magical Skills to counter the Spacial Shackles, while the opposite party could control the surrounding space anytime and anywhere.

It was precisely this fear towards Ning Cheng that caused Pu Leng to hide half a step behind his ring’s killer attack to deal the fatal blow.

Staying half a step behind his ring, whether Ning Cheng chose to evade or block it, he could change his attack accordingly. With his True Essence and Essence Blood raging, his ring would rupture eventually, exploding into countless Ring Lights. These Ring Lights would help him in controlling the surrounding Killing Power before blasting it all towards Ning Cheng. Even if the Ring Lights could not kill Ning Cheng, at least the two of them would suffer serious injuries. What’s more, he still had a Yan Fu. Moreover, he believed that if he staked everything on his desperate attack with his ring, he could definitely kill Ning Cheng.

Yan Fu was just a cultivator at the Crucible Transformation 8th Level; relative to Ning Cheng and the 11 people here, his cultivation simply was unremarkable. With such cultivation, he actually managed to stick to the end with Pu Leng; it showed that even Ning Cheng felt afraid of him.

However, Pu Leng not only overestimated Ning Cheng, he even had an exaggerated opinion of his Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s dominance. As he broke through Ning Cheng’s Chain Linked Trap Kill Formation, while simultaneously staking everything on a single strike, Yan Fu had also brought out something.

What Yan Fu brought out was not a Magical Weapon to attack Ning Cheng, but an Escaping Talisman. When his ring rumbled out, the Escape Talisman also activated at the same time. A burst of blinding white light erupted, and in just a twinkling of an eye, Yan Fu broke through the area.

Seeing Yan Fu escaping at this time, Pu Leng turned extremely angry.

In just one moment, the ring slashed through Ning Cheng’s waist, drawing a long line of blood.

Pu Leng immediately sobered up from the anger of Yan Fu’s escape, feeling completely surprised. He could feel that Ning Cheng was just as spent as he was, he could not even evade his phoney Crescent Ring attack. He just could not believe that the opposite party could not escape his attack.

On seeing this, Pu Leng did not hesitate at all, and directly took control of the ring, wanting to kill him instantly. His Spiritual Consciousness had just surged into his Magical Weapon when he suddenly felt intermittent waves of collapse all around him. It seemed as if the area around him had something missing from it, this kind of state felt very similar to that of a Domain; however, it prevented him from making the correct choice within the shortest possible time.

With the interruption of the just-stimulated ring, the threat of death immediately loomed over him, causing Pu Leng to subconsciously shiver in fright.

“Boom….” Suddenly raging flames broke out all around him, followed by a deluge of fire that encompassed Pu Leng from all four sides. These horrifying flames made Pu Leng feel despair. He finally understood what this collapse actually was; a fire that burned everything in its path created by a False Collapse.

It was a pity that by the time he understood this point it was already too late. As the crazy fiery waves squeezed up on him, Pu Leng couldn’t help but scream out in utter despair. As a cultivator in the Plundering Life Realm, he was too explicit about his own situation.

He knew that he was finished. At this point, there was only a single thought in his mind, and that was regret. He did not regret coming here to deal with Ning Cheng; he regretted that he should not have used his Crescent Ring feint. If he had chosen to rush out of the Array Formation, he would not be the one facing death, but Ning Cheng.

Just because he overestimated Ning Cheng’s condition, he ended up choosing to use the Crescent Ring feint; with the result, he was the one to end up dead. After the thought of regret passed through his mind, he immediately started hating someone. The person he hated was not Ning Cheng, but Yan Fu who just fled.

If only…

The most despair-inducing thing about this world was that one was free to make whatever choices one wanted, but one was never free from the consequences of those choices.

The ‘most worthless’ thing of this world was if you had the power to change something and you did not do anything to achieve it then you would never be able to change that thing again.

Raging flames rose up within Ning Cheng’s courtyard; at the same time, the entire North City District also heard the barely audible sound of an explosion. However, no one came to investigate, no one even brought out his or her Spiritual Consciousness to probe around.


Rootless Black City Trade Union’s Second Floor.

A young man wearing black robes sat in the middle of the hall on the Second Floor, and on his side stood two beautiful and comely female cultivators.

This young man’s face looked slightly longer than ordinary, but his young, energetic and robust looking body, compensated for his long face and did not make him look obtrusive at all.

“Why hasn’t Association Head Pu come yet? If he is going to be late, then I don’t have the time to continue waiting for him.” The young man with a long face spoke with a greatly unsatisfied tone while raising a glass of Spiritual Wine from the table in front of him.

Suddenly, he stood up and looked at the sky outside the window, before frowning and speaking up after a moment, “Who in the Rootless Black City used such a top-class Escaping Talisman? Check it out.”

“Yes, Junior City Master.” Two cultivators answered, and then both of them vanished from the hall on the Second Floor after acknowledging the commands from this Junior City Master.

This black robed youth was none other than Junior City Master Xu Liangzhi of the Rootless Black City. His father was Xu Kai, the foremost expert in the Rootless Black City; at the same time, this Xu Kai was also the City Master of the Rootless Black City.

Although Xu Kai could leave the Rootless Black City at any moment, he just did not want to go. Not only was he unwilling to go, even his only son, Xu Liangzhi, also did not want to permanently leave the Rootless Black City.

Xu Liangzhi already had more than 50 cultivators in his team, with the worst cultivation among them at the Crucible Transformation 4th Level. For Xu Liangzhi, what he wanted at present was to pick out 50 more people who did not need to return.

Do not look at Xu Liangzhi as a sex maniac; he was also an extraordinarily sinister and malicious person. In the Rootless Black City, as long as he took a fancy to any female cultivator, if he could get his hands on them, then he would get his hands on them. If they could not satisfy his demands, then he entirely had the capabilities to make the life of that female cultivator even worse than death. As for those who offended him, they would eventually die without even an intact body.

However, he was still a man of his words. At least, he always honoured his promises. It was only because of this characteristic that so many people signed up after receiving the news of him forming a team.

The cultivators sent by Xu Liangzhi soon returned. That was because, just as the two of them reached the entrance of the Trade Union, they had already obtained the news.

“What happened?” Xu Liangzhi put down the cup of Spiritual Win in his hand.

“Reporting to Junior City Master, Association Head Pu Leng of the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce took ten people to the North City District to catch someone named Ning Cheng. However, after they went in, they never came out. The people around only heard constant explosive sounds coming from the inside, along with strong fluctuations in the surrounding space. As for what went on inside, it is still not clear. We returned to ask if Junior City Master wants to go visit the other party’s Immortal Cave or not?”

After this cultivator finished his report, not only did Xu Liangzhi’s face change drastically, even the cultivators all around him felt extremely shocked.

The Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce, including Pu Leng, had two Plundering Life Realm Cultivators in their group. Moreover, all of them went together. However, not even one of them came out. How couldn’t they treat it as an urgent matter?

“Don’t go to that place, immediately look up information about this cultivator called Ning Cheng. Find out why he flattened the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce’s Rest Stop at the Receiving Heaven’s Stone.” The first sentence Xu Liangzhi spoke out after standing up was to order his people to look into the cause of all this.

Pu Leng and the others accompanying him did not come out after entering. This kind of matter, he did not need to ask. They were all dead. Otherwise, Pu Leng would have definitely come to the Trade Union’s Hall long ago.

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