Chapter 0470

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Chapter 0470: Setting up a cultivator army

Ning Cheng set up a simple Defensive Array outside the Rootless Black City’s City Master Mansion, leaving Shu Xing and Bu Mei near the periphery to keep watch around it.

Standing in front of a prison cell sealed by an array formation, this was Ning Cheng’s second time meeting Shen Zimo.

Shen Zimo on seeing Ning Cheng appear in front of him felt astonished. He really could not understand how Ning Cheng came here.

Ning Cheng gave a nod to Shen Zimo before kicking open the array formation that sealed his cell. At the same time, he raised a hand and placed it on Shen Zimo’s shoulder. In just a few breaths of time, Ning Cheng quickly cornered the Spiritual Soul Restriction on Shen Zimo before extracting and burning it into nihility.

“How are you here?” Feeling the Spiritual Soul Restriction dissolving at the hands of Ning Cheng, Shen Zimo did not feel much surprised about it; instead, he felt more shocked towards Ning Cheng’s appearance in this location.

Ning Cheng gave a light smile, “I killed Xu Kai and Xu Liangzhi, which naturally allows me to come here. I had already sensed the Spiritual Soul Restriction on you when we met, so I did not ask you any questions that time. However, you can answer me freely now, since you are a person from the City Master’s Mansion, why did Xu Liangzhi put a Spiritual Soul Restriction on you?”

“Did you really kill Xu Kai?” Shen Zimo repeated the words in shock. He did not think that the things kept hidden and remained unaccomplished for decades would end up resolved this easily with Ning Cheng killing Xu Kai.

“That’s right. Tell me something about yourself though.” Ning Cheng affirmed with a nod.

Shen Zimo took a deep breath, before calming himself and slowly spoke, “My master came to the Rootless Black City forty years ago but died at the hands of Xu Kai. I wanted to take revenge to help my master, so I chose to hide in the Rootless Black City and, in fact, hid amongst Xu Liangzhi’s men. However, I never knew that he already knew who I was; moreover, he even used me as an experience to temper his heart….”

After hearing Shen Zimo’s words, Ning Cheng spoke with a sneer, “Placing a Spiritual Soul Restriction on you, and letting you to stay by his side, how something like this could even be called tempering one’s heart? Shen Zimo, I have a few plans to execute within the Rootless Black City, would you like to help me?”

“Brother Ning. You saved my life; you even helped get revenge for my deceased master with your own hands. From today onwards, the life of this Shen Zimo belongs to Brother Ning.” Shen Zimo initially had embraced the thought of dying whole-heartedly. However, at present, Ning Cheng not only helped him obtain revenge, he even saved his life.

Almost without any consideration, Shen Zimo immediately agreed to Ning Cheng’s words.

“Good. You’ve spent considerable time within the Rootless Black City. Currently, I have a few plans to set up a cultivator army within the Rootless Black City. I also have tens of millions of Black Coins that we can use as initial funds; you can freely use it to set up the cultivator army. As for the rest of the things within the ring, you can keep them if you want. How about it?” Ning Cheng took out a ring and handed it to Shen Zimo before asking.

“Yes.” Shen Zimo answered directly with just a word. Although he lived in the Rootless Black City for a few decades, his mood today was the most enjoyable out of all the time spent in this city.

Ning Cheng also very much appreciated such an attitude from Shen Zimo. After handing the ring to Shen Zimo, he spoke up, “Within the Rootless Black City, I have already demolished two of the major factions. However, there are still ten main factions remaining. While recruiting for the cultivator army, you will also have to investigate and collect evidence of the misdeeds conducted by these forces.”

This time, Shen Zimo’s response was even more spontaneous, nothing could surpass the exultation he felt after going through his life’s greatest sorrow.


“The Rootless Black City is forming a cultivator army. After entering the Rootless Black City’s Cultivator army, you will not have to pay any Black Coins as taxes. Not only that, but they also pay a certain amount of Black Coins every year as salary. As for a place of residence, there would be no worries in that department. I heard that Ning Cheng would mainly focus his development plans in the Western City District. That’s where he will also set up the barracks…..”

Ning Cheng forming the cultivator army in the Rootless Black City immediately promulgated throughout the Rootless Black City at the fastest speed. Whether it was the Rootless Black City’s Trade Union or the Rootless Black City’s Rest Stops belonging to the main factions, every place buzzed with this news.

For a time, countless cultivators rushed to the Rootless Black City’s City Master Mansion to register. Within the Rootless Black City, Black Coins were similar to treasures. Moreover, the cultivators living within the Western City District who could actually afford a bit of it were only a minority. Therefore, when this news spread out, it was just like a holy scripture from a gospel for these impoverished cultivators.


“Humph, that Ning Cheng is just an Early-stage Crucible Transformation Cultivator. Even if his strength is slightly stronger than on the surface, what qualifications does he have to become the City Master of the Rootless Black City? He even dared to proclaim that one would not need to pay their share of Black Coins as long as one joined the Rootless Black City’s Cultivator Army. Did he really think that he is the foremost person within the Rootless Black City?”

Learning that Ning Cheng, on returning to the Black City, began to form the cultivator army, the remaining ten main factions, who were still in a meeting, were unable to sit still. They had not even chartered their plans while the other party had already begun to form the cultivator army.

“I suggest that we gather all of our forces and move in to kill that person as soon as possible. We can then elect a person amongst us to take up the position of the City master.” A wild-haired man spoke up with a stern voice. He was also a person belonging to the Void Sect. The Void Sect was also the only sect within the Rootless Black City; moreover, most of this sect’s disciples came from just one place.

“This person could kill Xu Kai, could destroy the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce by himself, how do you propose we fight against him? Besides, would all of us really band together?”

“This person is an Array Formation Grandmaster and has already arranged a formidable Array Formation around the City Master Mansion. Moreover, he is also recruiting many cultivators…..”

“Why don’t you send someone to invite Ning Cheng here; if worse comes to worst, we can at least let him have a share of the original benefits enjoyed by the City Master’s Mansion..”


Hearing that Ning Cheng was forming a cultivator army in the Rootless Black City, all the people in the meeting immediately started chattering about it; an uneasy mood instantly spread throughout them.

“Everyone, please listen to this one sentence from me.” A deep voice rang out.

Hearing this voice, all the people immediately stopped talking. That was because this voice belonged to the Rootless Black City’s second expert Jian Xuanming, who was also the Fleet Captain of the Exterminating Karma Starry Sky Fleet. At the same time, he also was the only 7th Level of Plundering Life Cultivator. Within the Rootless Black City, there were only two cultivators at the late stages of the Plundering Life Realm. One was the rumoured-to-be deceased Rootless Black City’s City Master, and the other one was Jian Xuanming.

“Ning Cheng could kill Pu Leng and Si Pingxuan; it shows that he is not to be trifled with. As for the whereabouts of City Master Xu Kai, we are still not clear about it. However, since this person dared to stay in the City Master Mansion then presumably he also managed to kill Xu Kai or at least witnessed him die. My original idea was to have a discussion with him and share some of the benefits that originally belonged to the City Master’s Mansion. However, since he has already begun forming the cultivator army, there is nothing more left to discuss…..”

As Jian Xuanming spoke until here, his gaze swept over the other cultivators present there. He believed that with his words, everyone here could understand what he meant.

In the Rootless Black City, to maintain the balance of power between the main factions, they all had agreed to not form a cultivator army of their own. Even the previous City Master, Xu Kai, agreed to it. However, Ning Cheng broke the norm and started forming a cultivator army. Once Ning Cheng fully established his cultivator army, who else could even oppose him?

“My Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce will listen to Brother Jian. I believe that what Brother Jian said definitely makes sense.” Mao Xiuxuan was the first one to speak out.

Then two more stood up and expressed their desire to support his words. In any case, everyone already knew what Jian Xuanming meant. That is since Ning Cheng broke the rules by forming the cultivator army; it made it necessary for them to kill Ning Cheng before his cultivator army was fully established.

However, not all the people were willing to stand up and side with Jian Xuanming. Seeing that there were still people in all four directions that have not stood up to side with him, Jian Xuanming gave a frown.

Just as Jiang Xuanming wanted to continue intimidating them, everyone heard a clear and unmistakable voice ring out within the hall. “Fellow friends, this is quite the auspicious day. I, Ning Cheng, invite everybody here to come to visit the Rootless Black City’s City Master Mansion. If you like to become friends with me, Ning Cheng, then please accept this invite……”

This voice had rung out abruptly. Not only did Jian Xuanming’s face change, but even the rest of the cultivators in the hall also stood up in shock. They were in a secret meeting in this place and protected by layers of array formations. Yet someone was still able to directly send their voice inside; in other words, these layers of array formations were nothing in the eyes of the other party.

“I’ll be taking my leave to discuss it with others.” The first person to stand up and back out was a short-haired man with a bronze coloured face. A trace of vicissitude belonging to those that perennially traversed the Void was clearly discernible over his face.

When the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce’s Mao Xiuxuan heard this, his expression immediately sank, “Chao Jimeng, you are the head of the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. Do you really need to go back and discuss this kind of thing?”

The bronze-faced man showed a sneer and spoke, “Mao Xiuxuan, since when did my Rogue Cultivator Alliance’s discussion of things and dealing with matters became a concern of your Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce? You should take care of your own house first. If you want to show off your power and prestige, fuck off to your Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce; do not chirp around with a crooked mouth in front of me.”

After saying that, this person then cupped his fists towards Jian Xuanming before turning around and walking away without any more words.

Jian Xuanming’s face also turned hard to look at. Just as he was thinking about whether or not to forcibly detain the departing Chao Jimeng, a female cultivator stood up and spoke, “My Heaven City Chamber of Commerce also feels it necessary to go back and discuss it among ourselves.”

“Black City Pill Union’s Ji Xing also cannot provide an immediate answer and will have to go back to the Pill Union to discuss…..”

In just a short time, of the ten representatives of the major factions, four had chosen to leave.

Seeing that there were still a few more people about to stand up, Jian Xuanming quietly spoke up, “In that case, let’s go to the City Master’s Mansion, and meet this new City Master. Since my Rootless Black City has such a capable person, then it would truly be disrespectful for me, Jian Xuanming, to set a bad example by not visiting him.”

[TL Note: ‘City Master’ and ‘Master/Lord Ning’ use the exact same characters, so we’ll use it interchangeably according to the context.]

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