Chapter 0472

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Chapter 0472: Setting Up Prestige

“You dare….” Mao Xiuxuan yelled out in anger.

Ning Cheng raised his hand, and the Nirvana Spear materialised right in front of it as he coldly spoke up, “As the Deputy Association Head of the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce, you have greater responsibility for all such acts. Since the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce is already gone, you should also stay back.”

Although he was currently the interlocutor, powerful killing intent still blasted out from Ning Cheng. The cultivators at the side of Ning Cheng immediately retreated unconsciously. The terrifying killing intent fused with the Nirvana Spear, causing people all around to feel trepidation in their hearts.

They just could not even muster the courage to voice out any questions. Since Ning Cheng declared his intention to kill Mao Xiuxuan in front of all of them, why wouldn’t he dare do that to others? Not to mention this moment, even if one looked back into the past when the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce and City Master Xu Kai still existed. Didn’t Ning Cheng extinguish both of them, despite their fame? For Mao Xiuxuan to actually dare challenge Ning Cheng’s courage, in other’s opinion, was just equivalent to inviting outsiders to see them eat shit.

“Stop.” Jian Xuanming pounded the table in outrage. Ning Cheng unexpectedly turned out extremely arrogant, to the point that he actually dared to start a fight while in a meeting with others to discuss issues.

The Nirvana Spear in Ning Cheng’s hands shot out with a faint ripple, waves of killing intent immediately spread out along with this ripple, causing Mao Xiuxuan’s heart to immediately turn cold.

“Jian Xuanming, if you want to fight then fight, I don’t mind playing along. Not to mention that I could dare to kill Xu Kai with just the cultivation of 7th Level of Sea Opening Realm; now that I possess a Crucible Transformation Cultivation, if I really felt afraid of you, a cultivator at the 7th Level of Plundering Life Realm, then I should really bash my head in soft tofu to commit suicide.”

Ning Cheng coldly stared at Jian Xuanming; at the same time, his killing intent not only locked onto to Mao Xiuxuan, but it also swept towards Jian Xuanming.

This was his domain now, surrounded by all sides with his Entrapment and Killing Formations. If he still felt fear towards a few Plundering Life Realm Cultivators, then he should really go find a piece of tofu to bash his head in it and commit suicide.

“Ning Cheng, whether you are the City Master or not, everyone came here to discuss various issues. For you to start fighting in this place how could there be any talk about morality or justice in this kind of atmosphere?” Jian Xuanming, on feeling the powerful killing intent permeating his surroundings, couldn’t help but feel his heart sinking. He no longer thought that it was a good idea to butt heads with this Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng spoke out in a calm voice, “I, as the City Master of the Rootless Black City, naturally have to consider the best interests of the countless cultivators living in the Rootless Black City. Moreover, the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce frequently indulges in killing the innocent, and even the incoming rookies face widespread bullying by this particular Chamber of Commerce. If I do not exterminate them, then I simply would have no face to compete for the position of the City Master. If you do not want to help out, then please step away and stand aside in a corner; otherwise, I will take it as a sign of opposing this Ning.”

Such strong words caused Jian Xuanming to tremble with anger. He could see that there were Entrapment Array Formations everywhere. Although he could not wait to tear apart and eat up this Ning Cheng, he still did not dare to make any move. Ning Cheng’s words obviously ridiculed him, indirectly saying that he, Jian Xuanming, had no right and no face to compete for the position of the City Master. Unfortunately, the current situation seemed entirely in control of Ning Cheng.

Not to mention the array formations that Ning Cheng had previously arranged around the area, even if he considered the people present here; once he started fighting, he was sure that half of the people here would definitely come forward to help Ning Cheng. Thinking of all of these points, Jian Xuanming had no choice but to take a step back. He was sure that if he did not retreat at this moment, Ning Cheng would definitely activate his Killing Formations, trapping him within. Real men knew when to eat a loss; since he knew that it would not be possible for him to save Mao Xiuxuan, then he could only step aside and wait patiently to extract his revenge. However, if Ning Cheng successfully killed Mao Xiuxuan, would others help him get revenge at that time?

Seeing Jian Xuanming taking a step back, Ning Cheng felt some pity in his heart. If Jian Xuanming and Mao Xiuxuan both chose to fight with him at the same time, he could have then used his Trap and Kill Array Formations to kill both of them. Now that Jian Xuanming chose to take a step back, he would not be able to forcibly kill the opposite party.

If he wanted to take control of the Rootless Black City, then he cannot rely solely on killing. However, he must kill a few chickens to scare the monkey. Therefore, if he murdered Mao Xiuxuan with his most powerful means, it would also inadvertently help in setting up his prestige. As for allowing Mao Xiuxuan to live, Ning Cheng had never thought about it at all. He didn’t wish to turn into a Xiang Yu, only to end up delivering himself on a platter to Liu Bang for his death.

[TL Note: Xiang Yu, also known as Xiang Yu, the Conqueror was a warlord who ended up defeated at the hands of the first Han emperor. While Liu Bang was a bandit leader, who became the first Han Emperor, taking up the title of Han Gaozu. According to the legend, Xiang Yu had once spared Liu Bang’s life only to end up facing defeat and death at his hands later on in the future, allowing Liu Bang to become the first Han Emperor.]

With Jian Xuanming repressed by Ning Cheng to one side, the rest of people immediately turned silent.

Mao Xiuxuan on seeing Jian Xuanming retreat felt his heart completely sinking to the bottom. Without Jian Xuanming’s help, how could he go up against a monster like Ning Cheng? Someone who even killed Xu Kai.

“Even if you are the City Master. For the accusations that you hurled, you must have proper evidence….” Mao Xiuxuan spoke out in anger. However, to anyone who heard those words, it was equivalent to confessing his crimes. It was already enough to show weakness towards Ning Cheng.

In any case, Ning Cheng never paid any attention towards these words; spear shadows erupted one after another from his Nirvana Spear before they curled up and superimposed themselves on each other.

At this moment, the remaining cultivators in the Discourse Hall could only see a bright flash of light covering the entire area. Other than the berserk True Essence Fluctuations, they were not able to get any clear indication of the battle between Ning Cheng and Mao Xiuxuan.

The cultivators present in the hall felt secretly scared and knew what happened. Previously, they all had heard that Ning Cheng had high attainments in the field of array formations; however, they only witnessed it right now. The bright flash of light covering the area was none other than one of the array formations that Ning Cheng activated to cut off the battle scene from the prying eyes of others.

The thought of them currently sitting in the middle of Ning Cheng’s Killing Formation, caused an indescribable chill to run down the backs of everyone sitting there. Half a day ago, they were still talking about ways to kill Ning Cheng and to reorganise the various interests of the Rootless Black City. However, half a day later, they could only helplessly stay in the middle of someone else’s array formation, just to bolster the prestige of the other party.

Feeling the dominant True Essence Fluctuations that permeated the area, at this moment, no one felt willing enough to make any kind of movement lest they incur the displeasure of Ning Cheng. Every single one of them chose to quietly stand in a corner while waiting for the outcome.

Mao Xiuxuan, by this point, already knew that Ning Cheng did not want to let him off and no longer showed any weakness like before. With his hands stretched out, one fine thread of silk shot out one after another, quickly forming into a massive silk net in front of Ning Cheng. Wave after wave of foul smells erupted from this net; Ning Cheng on smelling this foul stench felt a wave of nausea wash over him.

Ning Cheng had also never expected that Mao Xiuxuan, who had the appearance of a refined scholar, would turn out to be a Demonic Cultivator. Moreover, even cultivated the Myriad Poison Spider’s silk.

If it were an ordinary cultivator at the 1st Level of Crucible Transformation Realm, Mao Xiuxuan would have already made short work out of them, as they would not be able to escape this Myriad Poison Spider’s silk. Unfortunately, he was facing Ning Cheng. Although Ning Cheng might be a novice within the Rootless Black City; however, Ning Cheng had also killed the foremost person of the Rootless Black City, inadvertently taking the title for himself.

At this time, Mao Xiuxuan immediately chose to use his unique skill by deploying his Myriad Poison Spider’s Silk. His purpose was to entangle Ning Cheng, for at least a moment, and then use that moment to immediately make his escape.

However, he not only underestimated Ning Cheng’s array formation, but he also underestimated Ning Cheng’s Fake Domain.

Ning Cheng had not intended to use his Fake Domain against Mao Xiuxuan. For someone like Mao Xiuxuan, he was only an Early-stage Crucible Transformation Cultivator. It was also the same for him; Mao Xiuxuan was only a single cultivator at the 1st Level of Plundering Life Realm.

However, once Mao Xiuxuan displayed his Myriad Poison Spider’s Silk, Ning Cheng immediately activated one of his Entrapment Formation, while simultaneously extending his control of the surrounding area to as far as it could go.

Even after he advanced to the Crucible Transformation Realm, he still possessed only a smattering knowledge regarding Domains and did not know how to use it; however, he, at least, knew how to make his Domain stronger.

Mao Xiuxuan felt his Myriad Poison Spider’s Silk slow down; at the same instant, he also felt his body turning sluggish.

No, this was a Domain. After Mao Xiuxuan understood this, he immediately felt regret. He finally realised why Ning Cheng was able to kill Xu Kai. That was because Ning Cheng had actually comprehended Domains. Even if it were Xu Kai, he estimated that even Xu Kai was far from grasping even the concept of Domains.

Not good, it was impossible to fight against people who comprehended Domains. Mao Xiuxuan certainly did not know that Ning Cheng massacring Xu Kai did not have even half a relation of his using his Domain. However, his mind had already overcome with shock, and he could not even bother about focusing on his Myriad Poison Spider’s Silk. He crazily moved from side to side within Ning Cheng’s Fake Domain, wanting to find a way to break out of the Domain’s fretters.

Unfortunately, his strength could not even match up to Xu Kai. Moreover, the difference was not just one or two levels. Even Ning Cheng felt a little speechless. Seeing the Myriad Poison Spider’s Silk, he had initially thought that Mao Xiuxuan had many tricks up his sleeve. However, he never expected that it would turn out to be his most powerful move.

Ning Cheng no longer continued playing around with Mao Xiuxuan, as his Nirvana Spear loudly slammed into the Myriad Poison Spider’s Silk.

The powerful Spear Intent contained within it caused the Myriad Poison Spider’s silk to immediately crack apart; at the same time, a teeth-grating sound emerged from Mao Xiuxuan’s mouth. Not waiting for him to initiate the self-detonation of the Myriad Poison Spider’s Silk Net, Ning Cheng’s long spear shot towards his glabella. Mao Xiuxuan could only watch the long spear move closer towards him; however, he just had no power to escape.

Because of the feeling of not belonging to the surrounding area, he could only wait for death at Ning Cheng’s hands.

Mao Xiuxuan gave out a sigh; the last thought in his mind was the question: why did he choose to join hands with a selfish person like Jian Xuanming? At this moment, he even forgot that he had initially intended to use the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce for his own selfish reasons.

“Bang” With a dull explosive sound, the spear punctured through his skull. However, this sound was like a heavy hammer banging over the hearts of all the people within the Discourse Hall.

The bright lights of the Array Formation gradually dispersed, allowing everyone to see the sight in front of them. They found Ning Cheng still standing at the position he was initially at; however, Mao Xiuxuan sported a pole-like long spear poking through his head and pinned to the opposite wall.

“Plop, plop……” Drops of blood fell from the hole in his skull to the ground. In the utterly quiet Discourse Hall, the blood-dripping sounds rang out glaringly, one at a time.

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