Chapter 0474

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Chapter 0474: Establishing a footing

“Ning Cheng, did you think that you could hide the truth from the masses? Everybody, how long ago did Ning Cheng arrive at the Rootless Black City? He massacred City Master Xu, completely destroyed the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce, and even killed Mao Xiuxuan before utterly demolishing the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce. Now he wants to start on my Gale Void Alliance. Just think about it, will he let go of you after he finishes dealing with me?” Bu Yuanmao on seeing Ning Cheng’s intent to kill him immediately called out.

However, the venue remained silent. Jian Xuanming felt overflowing regrets within his heart. He now thought that he should not have come to meet Ning Cheng in this place. He had initially thought that with so many people present in this place, coupled with Ning Cheng just returning to the City Master’s Mansion, he would not cause any big waves. Unexpectedly, Ning Cheng turned out to be the opposite of what he thought. Not only did he arrange an extremely powerful Array Formation around them, he even made ample preparations to take full control of the Rootless Black City.

At this time, even Jian Xuanming chose not to stand up and speak.

Seeing that the hall remained silent in the face of his outburst, Bu Yuanmao’s heart sank to the bottom. He had also thought of encountering this very situation. Because he thought of this situation, he had decided to leave this place as soon as possible.

However, what he had never taken into account was that Ning Cheng would behave in such a firm manner to no let him leave.

At this moment, Chao Jimeng from the Rogue Cultivator Alliance stood up and spoke with cupped fists, “Ladies and gentlemen, all of you are aware of the main purpose of this Chao Jimeng forming the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. Everyone knows that I never had any intention to make a profit for myself. Just as City Master Ning spoke, so many innocent cultivators die every year in the Rootless Black City. However, I only had limited means to help them. Now that City Master Ning has openly come out to help with such things, then I will be the first to pledge my support to him.”

“I have no enmity with Bu Yuanmao; however, I am very much aware of the criminal deeds perpetrated by the Gale Void Alliance. City Master Ning is not crusading against Gale Void Alliance under wrong reasons; however, the investigations reported less than half of their deeds. In any case, all of us would leave the Rootless Black City in the future at some time. However, we would still have other friends, even people from the same factions, arriving at the Rootless Black City. As such, this place absolutely must not go on like this.”

Chao Jimeng did not continue with his words; instead, he just brought out his own weapon and coldly stared at Bu Yuanmao.

“Although I earned a bit more under the old laws of the Rootless Black City; however, City Master Ning is doing all that he is doing for the sake of the Rootless Black City. What Brother Chao said is correct; I also have my own sect and my own friends. At the same time, I also have plans to leave the Rootless Black City in the future. At that time, I do not want my friends to feel humiliated by coming to the Rootless Black City. For this very reason, I also pledge my full support for City Master Ning.” The second person to stand out was Gan Anran of the Heaven City Chamber of Commerce.

After Chao Jimeng and Gan Anran stood out, whether it was due to mutual support or the dread they felt towards Ning Cheng, the Black City Pill Union’s Ji Xing and Black City Array Formation Alliance’s Wu Yingzhe also simultaneously stood out in support. Followed by the representatives of the Void Adventure Squad and Black City Crafting Association who also stood up to show their support towards Ning Cheng’s new rules.

Ning Cheng did not seek any opinions from Jian Xuanming of the Extinguishing Karma Starry Sky Fleet or Luqiu Kangbo of the Void Sect; instead, he turned towards Shen Zimo and spoke, “Zimo, such being the case, march the cultivator army towards the Gale Void Alliance. Just like the disappearance of the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce, the Gale Void Alliance should also completely disappear.”

“Yes.” Shen Zimo answered with a single word and quickly left the hall.

Bu Yuanmao’s body turned cold. He knew that if he did not compromise right now, it would only end in his death.

Even if the Gale Void Alliance was about to face destruction, he could not attend to it at this moment. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, Ning Cheng brought out two Axes, followed by two Axe Traces that shot towards Bu Yuanmao.

Initially, he had not planned to take action by himself; however, Bu Yuanmao showed signs of caving in. At this time, how could he allow such a poisonous snake to escape his grasp?

Seeing Ning Cheng personally taking the field, Chao Jimeng and the others also quickly started. In just a moment, Bu Yuanmao found himself surrounded by 5 to 6 different weapon lights. Luqiu Kangbo, who had never explicitly agreed to Ning Cheng, directly brought out his weapon and rushed towards Bu Yuanmao. At the same time, he spoke up, “The practice of Ning Cheng is for the benefit of the entire Rootless Black City; how could we allow a Gale Void Alliance to oppose it?”

Bu Yuanmao knew that it would prove difficult for him to escape today; however, if they expected him to give up without a fight, then it would be impossible.

The moment Bu Yuanmao brought out his weapon; he felt the surrounding space instantaneously filled up with various fretters. It immediately made things clear in his mind. This was Ning Cheng’s Entrapment Array Formation. He very much wanted to call out to Jian Xuanming for help; unfortunately, he just could not even locate Jian Xuanming at this moment. He understood that Ning Cheng not only activated his Entrapment Array Formation, he had also launched another array formation.

With all the cultivators attacking Bu Yuanmao at the same time, they all clearly felt themselves smack-dab in the middle of an array formation. However, this array formation had no effect on them, but when they saw Bu Yuanmao in the array formation, they instantly realised that Bu Yuanmao faced a great many constraints.

A few people who were still hesitating within their hearts felt even more grateful at this. If they had indeed refused Ning Cheng, then there definitely would have been more people in the same condition as Bu Yuanmao compared to a single Bu Yuanmao.

All of the people attacking Bu Yuanmao could see each other; however, only a few of them noticed that Jian Xuanming had vanished. Surrounded by the lights from the weapons and the various explosions, they just were not able to spot Jian Xuanming.

Initially, a few of them still wanted to fish in troubled waters; however, when the several of them realised that Jian Xuanming had gone missing, everyone immediately threw away the idea of trying to take advantage of the situation. They directly stimulated the weapons in their hands to their full strength and crazily attacked Bu Yuanmao. They were afraid that once even the slightest hint of their thoughts emerged, they might end up as the next one to fall in this place.

Jian Xuanming had also brought out his Weapon; however, he did not join in with others. At the same time, he also brought out a pitch-black Thunder Pearl. He wanted to create an opportunity for himself by using the Thunder Pearl to break open Ning Cheng’s array formation and then leave immediately.

However, Jian Xuanming soon understood how very wrong his thoughts were. Ning Cheng had not actually begun with Bu Yuanmao; instead, he had kept his eyes over him at all times.

Jian Xuanming had no time to think about things. The moment he threw out his Thunder Pearl, he saw several Array Flags raining down over his just-about-to-explode Thunder Pearl. The several Array Flags transformed into Flag Shadows and completely wrapped themselves around the exploding Thunder Pearl.

Not good, Jian Xuanming had just thought of it when dozens of Axes transformed into vast and seemingly boundless Axe Shadows to bind him.


Violent explosions sounded throughout the City Master Mansion’s Discourse Hall along with overflowing lights from the weapons. However, no one dared to visit or even inquire about this matter.

Bu Yuanmao, even if more powerful, could not deal with seven or eight people simultaneously. Coupled with the help provided by Ning Cheng’s array formation, if the cultivators attacking him did not even do their best, in merely half an incense stick worth of time, without a single exception, every light from the weapons pierced through, killing him on the spot.

The same time that Bu Yuanmao died, the surrounding area immediately cleared up. Apparently, Ning Cheng had deactivated the array formation. At this time, the people found that another person was missing apart from By Yuanmao, and that was Jian Xuanming.

No one spoke, Jian Xuanming’s cultivation was at the later stages of the Plundering Life Realm, yet he went missing. Ning Cheng had certainly not allowed him to leave. Apparently, during their fight, Ning Cheng took the opportunity to kill Jian Xuanming trapped within the Array Formation by himself.

However, Ning Cheng behaved as if nothing happened in general, as he cupped his fists and spoke up, “Today, everyone acted together and took the first step for the betterment of my Rootless Black City. My City Master’s Mansion will quickly promulgate the newly established regulations and the commercial laws of the Rootless Black City. I hope that I could garner the support from you all for the same.”

At this time, no one would stand up and sing a different tune. All the people implicitly agreed with Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng’s approach was not just stern but also practical. Unless one had a problem with their brain, none of them would stand up and oppose it at this place and at this time.

Ning Cheng continued, “As for the businesses relating to the Extinguishing Karma Starry Sky Fleet, I hope that everyone could help me deal with it……”

As Ning Cheng spoke those words, it immediately caused an uproar among the rest of the people. All of them immediately understood that during the moments that they were dealing with Bu Yuanmao, Ning Cheng had indeed used that opportunity to kill Jian Xuanming. What did this entail? However, hearing the request from him asking them to help deal with the rest of the businesses of Jian Xuanming’s Extinguishing Karma Starry Sky Fleet also brought a little sweetness to everyone’s tongue.

“City Master Ning’s decrees, I will be the first to agree and implement them. I definitely will not allow anyone to show even half a bit of objection.” The first one to stand up and speak turned out to be Dan Wenhong.

However, the rest of the people only held contempt for this person. This person was initially a hard-core supporter of Jian Xuanming. Yet, he was now supporting Ning Cheng, with even more vigour when compared to Chao Jimeng of the Rogue Cultivator Alliance. Everyone understood with a glance that this fellow was someone who likes to turn the rudder by the wind.

“Good.” Ning Cheng clapped his hands together and took out a leather scroll, “Here is the outcome of this discussion, as well as the voting for the Rootless Black City’s new rules. You can all sign over it.”

Ning Cheng had not yet wholly formulated the regulations, yet he mandated the signature of others on the scroll. Despite such a bold act, no one objected to it and everybody came forward one by one to sign it. Whether the starting point was good or bad, strength was something that everyone respected. If one did not possess the necessary power, then one also had no right to speak. Ning Cheng’s power, everyone had already seen it with his or her own eyes.

The Rootless Black City’s forces had complex interconnections; however, at the banquet hosted by Ning Cheng, everything straightened out. Although a few people felt dissatisfaction; however, they also were helpless in this regard. Nevertheless, not everyone felt dissatisfied. At least the unified regulations within the Rootless Black City were a lot better when compared to the previous disunity.


The Rootless Black City’s new City Master Ning Cheng had united the Heaven City Chamber of Commerce, the Rogue Cultivator Alliance, the Void Adventure Squad, the Void Sect, the Black City Pill Union, the Black City Array Formation Alliance, the Black City Crafting Association and other forces. And jointly released a new set of regulations of the Rootless Black City. There was a blanket ban on killings within the Rootless Black City, bullying the newcomers and the rogue cultivators and snatching away female cultivators along with a few other crimes.

Once found guilty, the person and the responsible faction would face the same fate as the Gale Void Alliance, the Silver Thunder Chamber of Commerce, the Auspicious Star Chamber of Commerce and the Extinguishing Karma Starry Sky Fleet.

In just a short time, the entire Rootless Black City and the Receiving Heaven’s Stone went through a few significant changes. No longer, could one see any arbitrary bullying of cultivators; one could not even see any arbitrary robbing of the newcomers from the Receiving Heaven’s Stone. Also if one had a monstrous hatred between two parties, they had no choice but to wait until they left the Rootless Black City to settle their grievances.

The Receiving Heaven’s Stone still had a few Void Ships coming and going. However, the price no longer was 50,000 Black Coins but varied from 10,000 to 30,000. Even the exchange rate of the Black Coins on the Receiving Heaven’s Stone remained the same as that of the Rootless Black City. As such, once a new person arrived at the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, as long as one possessed 3 million Spirit Stones, they would be able to reach the Rootless Black City safely. In any case, of the cultivators that manage to exit the Heaven’s Way and enter the Receiving Heaven’s Stone, only a very few could bring out several million Spirit Stones.

The City Master Mansion’s Cultivator Army also replaced all the guards patrolling the city districts of the Rootless Black City. Moreover, there were now no blind spots when it came to the patrols. At the same time, if one chose to live in a better location, then they had to pay more taxes. These taxes then exclusively funded the Cultivator Army for guarding and smooth operations within the Rootless Black City.

Although the new regulations touched upon the interests of a few people, a more significant majority of the cultivators also supported it. In fact, more than 90% of the cultivators wholeheartedly endorsed the new regulations promulgated by the City Master’s Mansion.

As the cultivator army improved day-by-day, the people in the cultivator army slowly switched on to become cultivators in support of Ning Cheng. At the same time, it also cemented Ning Cheng’s status within the Rootless Black City.

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