Chapter 0480

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Chapter 0480: Hounded like a Yin Spirit

A joyous atmosphere began filling up all the corners of the ancestral hall. How many cultivators within the Ink Essence Star needed the Void Cleaving Talisman? Conceivably, each Void Cleaving Talisman produced by the Yue Clan had the potential to sell at sky-high prices in the future. Consequently, countless cultivators would also come running to the Qin Wu City to purchase the Void Cleaving Talisman from the Yue Clan.

“We can’t forget to give a Void Cleaving Talisman to that woman surnamed Shi.” A Yue Clan Elder suddenly spoke up. He knew that the primary reason that Yue Clan’s Yue Yangzhi could rise to the level of a Tier 9 Talisman Grandmaster was undoubtedly due to the significant material help provided by this female cultivator. The more important thing was that the cultivation of this female cultivator by the name Shi Qionghua was genuinely terrifying.

Yue Yangzhi showed a faint smile and spoke up softly, “A Void Cleaving Talisman has a sky-high price within the Ink Essence Star. Moreover, that woman wants an Advanced-level Void Cleaving Talisman. That kind of Void Cleaving Talisman is not something that I can refine currently…..”

Yue Yangzhi did not continue talking; however, the people here already understood what he meant. The black-haired old man also nodded and spoke, “What Yangzhi has said is undoubtedly correct. Every Void Cleaving Talisman is extremely valuable. We can’t just give it away casually.”

“However, that woman’s cultivation is really too high. Even within the Ink Essence Star, there are only a very few people more, if not equally, powerful than her. In case…..” The elder, who had just voiced his concerns previously, on hearing the words of the black-haired old man, spoke up in an even more worried tone.

Yue Yangzhi then spoke with a cold smile, “My Yue Clan is the premier clan in the entire Ink Essence Star. I even advanced to the realm of Tier 9 Talisman Grandmasters. How could we feel fear from a puny female cultivator? I heard that she has an ancient copper coin, the Treasure Fall Copper Coin, which is actually a mighty treasure from the ancient times. I’m afraid that even if we sold out our entire Yue Clan, we could never buy even a small piece of this copper coin…..”

Just when the elder was about to raise a counter, the black-haired old man immediately put down his hand with an audible pat and spoke, “That female cultivator should be an outsider to this place. What she wishes for, most likely, is to leave the Ink Essence Star. In any case, I definitely agree to nephew Yangzhi’s suggestion. Let that female cultivator come to my Yue Clan. Whether she agrees to not, my Yue Clan must obtain that Treasure Fall Copper Coin. Afterwards, Yangzhi can then use the Treasure Fall Copper Coin, if he wishes to.”

Yue Yangzhi on hearing the words of the black-haired old man felt very satisfied. It had not been just a day or two since he started coveting Shi Qionghua’s Treasure Fall Copper Coin. After he advanced to the Tier 9 Talisman Grandmaster, he had carefully refined many Attack-type Talismans to deal with Shi Qionghua. Even if the Yue Clan did not support him, he would have still went ahead to grab the copper coin from Shi Qionghua.

As long as he obtained the copper coin, he would have another level of protection for himself when he decided to step into the Void in the future. No matter the price that he had to pay, he had to get that copper coin.


Shi Qionghua did not feel much surprised when she learned that Yue Yangzhi had advanced to the level of a Tier 9 Talisman Grandmaster. She anyway had indulged continuously in the thought of obtaining a Void Cleaving Talisman through the Yue Clan. Even if she could not receive the Void Cleaving Talisman, she at least had to get a Space Cleaving Talisman. Otherwise, she would have never continued to look for materials for the Yue Clan. In any case, whether it was the Space Cleaving Talisman or the Void Cleaving Talisman, it was the same for her.

Shi Qionghua had just arrived at the Yue Clan when she immediately felt that something had taken a turn for the worse. Although she and Ning Cheng had spent a short time together, Ning Cheng’s way of doing things had imperceptibly influenced her mind. As such, her mind always remained in a state of readiness. Therefore, she only stood in the Yue Clan’s courtyard and did not go in.

However, without even the need of her coming in, dozens of cultivators suddenly came out and completely blocked the way to Yue Clan’s courtyard at this moment.

“Yue Yangzhi, I just want a Void Cleaving Talisman. Aren’t you going too far?” Shi Qionghua remained calm and did not show any indication of panic.

“Ha-Ha….” Yue Yangzhi laughed, “Shi Qionghua, you want a Void Cleaving Talisman? You said it so casually; do you even know how many precious materials go into refining just a single Void Cleaving Talisman? Do you know how many Spirit Stones a Void Cleaving Talisman could fetch, if sold? Yet, here you are demanding a Void Cleaving Talisman from me; you tell me, who is the one going too far?”

Shi Qionghua’s face turned slightly pale. Not to mention the Void Cleaving Talisman, even if one were to refine Space Cleaving Talismans, one could definitely refine more than a dozen of them from the materials that she had provided to the Yue Clan. At this moment, the other party actually talked about the number of Spirit Stones a Void Cleaving Talisman could fetch. Her husband indeed was right, greedy people would always remain greedy; it was just that she was too kind.

“Yue Gu, the materials that I gave to the Yue Clan over the past year, not to mention refining a Void Cleaving Talisman, it would be more than enough to refine a stack of Space Cleaving Talismans. Without my support, could Yue Yangzhi have advanced to the level of a Tier 9 Talisman Grandmaster?” Although Shi Qionghua felt utterly furious in her heart, her tone remained quite calm.

The cultivator, whom Shi Qionghua had called as Yue Gu, was none other than the black-haired old man and the Clan Head of the Yue Clan. When he heard Shi Qionghua’s words, he stood up and cupped his fists before speaking, “Dao Friend Shi, if it weren’t for the materials you provided, I wouldn’t have chosen to sell the Void Cleaving Talisman to you. However, I have to point it out that even if you had many times the materials, if you cannot refine them into talismans, they are just a pile of waste materials. Let me interject as the mediator here and propose a solution. You have a copper coin in your possession that we feel interested in; if you can take out that copper coin as payment, then our Yue Clan will give you a Void Cleaving Talisman, without any fuss.”

Shi Qionghua did not talk anymore nor did she decide to give any more explanations. The Yue Clan’s greed went beyond her imaginations. Moreover, this copper coin was something given to her by Ning Cheng, she would never take it out to exchange it with anything. Even if she took it out for the exchange, she knew that the Yue Clan did not have any intentions to let her go.

Even if she had to self-destruct today, she needed to know about the well-being of her husband. Shi Qionghua did not hesitate any longer and brought out her own sword, while simultaneously bringing out her Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin.

“She’s going to begin, go in together….” Yue Gu, on seeing Shi Qionghua start, immediately yelled and brought out his own weapon.

Unfortunately, Shi Qionghua had not entered the Yue Clan’s Visitor’s Hall; otherwise, they could have subdued Shi Qionghua without much effort.

“Boom-Boom-Boom…. Ka-Ka-Ka…..”

Horrific explosions resounded, and under the bombardment of various weapons, the Yue Clan’s compound reduced to rubble. At the same time, explosions rang out throughout the entire Qin Wu City.

Everyone present knew in his or her hearts that Shi Qionghua had not done anything wrong. Although Shi Qionghua’s cultivation was among the highest in the Qin Wu City, she never used her strength to bully others. She even traded materials by the rules, and never took advantage of her power to intimidate others.

However, the Yue Clan was also the most powerful within the Ink Essence Star, and no one wanted to offend the Yue Clan casually.

The explosions coming from the Yue Clan lasted for almost an entire day before it gradually subsided.

However, when those explosions subsided, the result shook the very foundations of Ink Essence Star’s Qin Wu City; the ever-flourishing Yue Clan, to obtain a female cultivator’s weapon, ended up in a confrontation with her. However, almost all the Yue Clan’s Elders perished in the battle. At the same time, news spread that a few people barely managed to escape the onslaught and leave the Ink Essence Star using a Void Cleaving Talisman.

Because of this matter, the Yue Clan almost wholly disappeared from the Qin Wu City, and no longer could claim the leadership within the Ink Essence Star.

Similarly, one of the foremost experts, the female cultivator Shi Qionghua, who formerly resided in the Qin Wu City, also disappeared on that day. Rumours circulated that she perished together with the cultivators from the Yue Clan.


Ning Cheng suddenly stopped. He clamped down on his forehead with both his hands feeling a surge of pain rising within. This kind of pain was as if he had lost one of the people closest to him. It was a feeling that even kept him from breathing.

What happened? Ning Cheng took out the True Love Knot. Seeing that the True Love Knot remaining unchanged indicated that Luofei undoubtedly did not encounter anything life-threatening and was well. Did Ruolan get into an accident? It stood for the reason that since Ruolan was together with Rui Baishan, the wily old fox, nothing too serious would happen to her.

Qionghua? Just as Ning Cheng thought of the name Qionghua, he suddenly felt as if an iron nail had pierced through his heart.

After he used his only Underworld Soul Flower over Xun Hanrui, he consistently remained on the lookout for more Underworld Soul Flowers, as he could use them to rescue and stabilise the situation of Uncle Yu and Xin Zimo. Although he knew that it was somewhat unrealistic to find the Qing Wu City through these two people, it was also his only chance.

It was just that things like Underworld Soul Flowers were too rare; perhaps he might not find another one until he reached the genuine starry skies. He knew that he had yet to enter the true skies, yet he felt such a stabbing pain that seemed to originate from his very soul. This pain definitely had some connection to Qionghua.

Ning Cheng immediately sat down and pulled at his hair with his hands. He hated being too weak. If he possessed the strength on the level of Elder Brother Cang Wei, he could tear apart the Planar Boundary by himself to reach her side.

“Huff….” Ning Cheng took in a long breath while making up his mind. In any case, he must speed up his own cultivation. Tearing apart the Void Domain Boundary was his next goal. As long as he could achieve this goal, he will continue to rip through each Planar Boundary within the Void to search for Qing Wu City.

A slight noise emerged, immediately surprising Ning Cheng. He quickly collected his thoughts and put them away before looking up and finding a broken silver coloured warship not far ahead from him. This warship was on the brink of complete collapse, while a female cultivator in a light blue robe slowly climbed out of it.

Just now, because he felt worried about Shi Qionghua in his heart, he had unexpectedly ignored his surroundings.

Something is not right, this female cultivator felt very familiar to him. Raking his brains, he quickly recalled that this female cultivator was the one who chased after him from before. Knowing that a single slap from her could kill numerous Void Explosive Golden Wasps, Ning Cheng immediately felt a bolt of thunder running through his body. He never thought that even if he escaped into the Spacial Collapse, this female cultivator would still hound him like a Yin Spirit.

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