Chapter 0482

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Chapter 0482: The three Celestial Scryer Realms

Ning Cheng did not continue moving forward. Since the blue-robed female cultivator left behind those words, it proved meaningless to proceed forward and took out the ring of the deceased scarlet-robed young noble. He now realised that the scarlet-robed young noble was someone most likely from the same place as the blue-robed female cultivator, the vast starry sky. Therefore, there might be some useful things within his ring.

With Ning Cheng’s abilities as a Tier 8 Array Formation Grandmaster, along with comparable accomplishments in the field of Restrictions, coupled with his comprehension and deductive skills, he only had to spend a few days to open the scarlet-robed young noble’s ring.

However, what caused Ning Cheng to feel surprised was that the scarlet-robed young noble did not have any Crystal Stones within in ring. Nor were there any Spirit Stones or any other materials. The only thing it contained was a few cards, blue and black in colour.

No, the scarlet-robed young noble cannot possibly have only these things. It at least had to contain the cultivator’s most important weapon, which he could not even see. He definitely did not believe that the scarlet-robed young noble did not have at least a weapon to his name.

Ning Cheng could not help but put away the ring in disappointment before standing up. It looks like he still needs to find the blue-robed female cultivator. Otherwise, he might end up permanently trapped in this Bright Void Gorge.

It took a few days walking along the rough path along the bottom of the gorge, and even though the temperature inside this place was nothing for Ning Cheng, it still caused his mind to wander.

In this place, seemingly without any end and completely silent, just walking around all day every day felt boring. Without any sounds, without any hope, it could cause depression to creep up on anyone.

“Bang….” Just when Ning Cheng thought of not hearing any sound, a violent explosion erupted from somewhere in front of him, which caused a lot of gravel to rise up and blast out in all directions.

Ning Cheng immediately quickened his pace. He did not feel afraid of sensing movement in this place. What he felt more afraid was not sensing any kind of action in this place.

After half an incense stick worth of time, Ning Cheng finally arrived near to the general area from where the explosion originated.

Just as Ning Cheng moved closer to the centre of the explosion, a burning heat wave swept over him. Ning Cheng’s body contained the Celestial River Flame, yet he still had to circulate his True Essence to create a wall of sorts to block it. If an average person had to face this heat wave head-on, that average person would have long since turned into ashes.

Ning Cheng possessed a Rank 6 Imperial Body, as well as the support from the Celestial River Flame. Only because of these factors was he able to walk closer towards the centre of the explosion.

Only at this moment was he able to make out things clearly. Right in front of him was the blue-robed female cultivator; however, there were layers of fire covering her from all sides. However, at this moment, her robes had almost completely turned into ashes. Besides a belly sash and a delicate brassier, her practically naked body stood out in the middle of the flames. At the same time, no fire reached within a ten feet radius of her body.

Although this female cultivator stood tall and straight, seeing her in that kind of an outfit made her look very pleasing to the eyes. However, Ning Cheng did not have even a shred of appreciation within his eyes right now.

What he was looking at right now was the ever-increasing waves of fire inundating the surroundings around her. These fiery waves were continuously superimposing on one another, which caused them to remain under a continually increasing compressive force. Apparently, by the time these fiery waves completely closed upon themselves, the woman inside would also completely turn to ashes.

These flames emerged from somewhere deep underneath the gorge. Moreover, it was continually strengthening itself.

What was this woman doing? With such terrifying flames wrapped around her, was she trying to embrace death?

“Do you want to die? This is the Incinerating Void Flame. With your cultivation, once it curls around you, even surviving a few breaths would probably be your limit…. Huh….” The female cultivator came to an abrupt stop with her words, which instantly turned into absolute shock. All because Ning Cheng not only was walking closer to the flame, even the robes covering his body had not turned to ashes.

She could not help but look at Ning Cheng in shock. According to her, Ning Cheng was just a puny Crucible Transformation Cultivator. Even just standing at the outermost periphery of this flame should have proven impossible for someone at his level. She already knew and understood that Ning Cheng was someone different from ordinary; however, she did not expect any sort of help from him. With Ning Cheng’s cultivation, even if he had genuine intentions to save her, it was something completely impossible.

Ning Cheng initially did not have any intentions to meddle in other people’s business; however, at this moment, the Celestial River Flame in his Zifu trembled violently. Apparently, it was the Celestial River Flame’s method of indicating him to allow it to rush into this Incinerating Void Flames.

Ning Cheng no longer continued to restrain the Celestial River Flame. The next moment, the Celestial River Flame instantly rushed into the piling layers of flames.

“Celestial River Flame…..” The female cultivator spoke up in shock as she saw the Celestial River Flame rushing into the Incinerating Void Flames. She just could not close her mouth at all. As for her clothes that barely covered her body, she completely ignored it. It was as if she had forgotten about the flames around her altogether.

At this time, Ning Cheng did not have any intentions of taking care or even helping this female cultivator. All his focus remained concentrated on the Celestial River Flame. The Celestial River Flame was something that he cherished as his baby; he did not want it to perish in this kind of inexhaustible Incinerating Void Flame.

A moment later, his Spiritual Sense connection allowed him to feel his Celestial River Flame coming to a stop. At this moment, his Celestial River Flame clung onto a crystal as its colour rapidly changed from red to blue. He immediately realised that his Celestial River Flame was also growing a lot stronger with each passing moment.

“Incinerating Void Flame Essence…..” The female cultivator called out again, showing the envy she felt.

With the Celestial River Flame devouring the Incinerating Void Flame Essence, the Incinerating Void Flames surrounding the female cultivator quickly started to retreat. In just a short while, the seemingly inexhaustible waves of flames turned palpably weak.

The Celestial River Flame also quickly changed colours from red to green then to cyan before finally turning into a blue flame.

When the Celestial River Flame’s colour turned blue, the Incinerating Void Flame Essence completely disappeared without any trace. Even the flames around the female cultivator also vanished completely

The Celestial River Flame then floated over to the centre of Ning Cheng’s open palm while transmitting an extraordinarily wild and satiated fluctuation to him before it dissipated. Ning Cheng knew that the Celestial River Flame had not actually dispersed but had returned to his Zifu.

“Quite the good flame, but a complete waste of the Incinerating Void Flame.” The female cultivator quickly recovered from her shock as she spoke while shaking her head. If she could have obtained the Incinerating Void Flame, it would have been a good thing for her.

Ning Cheng gave out an awkward cough, “Shouldn’t you put on some clothes first?”

The female cultivator did not show even a shred of shyness as she looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, “Whether it was you looking at me, or even if there were hundred more pairs of eyes looking at me, it’s the same anyway. Besides, since you’ve been looking at me for so long, you could’ve at least taken out a robe or something for me, or would it cause you to suffer a terrible loss?”

Although the female cultivator sported a bland look, only she remained aware of the waves raging in her heart. Apart from deliberately displaying a flat expression, she did not know what to do in this sort of a situation.

“Take out clothes for you, you…..”

Ning Cheng did not manage to complete his words when that female cultivator immediately interrupted him, “I know I should have paid attention to it, but I didn’t notice. My ring collapsed…..”

That female cultivator did not need to continue with her words before Ning Cheng understood what might have happened. He took out a set of clothes and threw it towards this female cultivator with the phrase, “These are new, have never been used before.”

These were Luofei’s clothes; he could only let the other party borrow it for now.

“Gee, I thought you only would have clothes for male cultivators. I did not expect you to carry around a brand new set of clothes for female cultivators. You better not look.” The female cultivator quickly put on the set of robes before replying awkwardly. One could not tell if her words were towards praising Ning Cheng’s thoughtfulness or directed at Ning Cheng sarcastically.

“Give me a ring if you a few extras with you. I will also require some ordinary materials. I want to craft a few things.” The female cultivator spoke. It felt as if she regained her confidence after putting on the new set of robes. At the same time, the tone of her speech made one feel as if it was all entirely according to the natural order.

Seeing Ning Cheng frowning and not talking, she once again spoke, “If you want to get out of this place then you will need my help. Without me, you would not have even realised what a Bright Void Gorge is. Moreover, once I get out, I will return it all back to you with interest.”

Ning Cheng reluctantly took out the scarlet-robed youth’s ring before passing it onto her and speaking, “This is the scarlet-robed young noble’s ring. It only had a few cards inside that I took out. Other than those, it did not contain anything else. It did not contain any other materials or weapons, even if I wanted to give them to you.”

The female cultivator also did not feign politeness as she took the ring and spoke, “Are you afraid that the scarlet-robed young noble set a trap inside of the ring? You are just overthinking things. This is just a regular ring. The scarlet-robed young noble’s real storage ring is something locked and intrinsically linked with his Spiritual Soul. Once he dies, the ring will also turn to ashes. With your cultivation, it’s impossible to obtain a Celestial Scryer Cultivator’s ring.”

So that was the case, Ning Cheng finally understood something and immediately asked, “Who are these Celestial Scryer Cultivators? Also, I also want to ask Senior, what is that faint halo behind your back? Is that because of a special cultivation method?”

“Can you really see my Celestial Wheel?” This time this female cultivator had a look of genuine shock over her face. It was only after a long time did she recover and added, “You don’t have to keep calling me ‘senior’ from now on. My name is Lan Ya.”

“My name is Ning Cheng. I look forward to receiving pointers from Senior Apprentice Sister Lan.” Ning Cheng on seeing that Lan Ya did not appear significantly older than he did, also no longer chose to remain polite.

Lan Ya nodded and continued, “It seems that you come from a broken mainland. Since you lack even the basic common sense. However, you do seem to possess an amazing cultivation method, since you can see my Celestial Wheel. After a cultivator reaches the Grand Completion of the Domain Realm, they will need to face the Nirvana Tribulation……”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, what is this ‘Grand Completion of the Domain Realm’ and ‘Nirvana Tribulation’ that you speak off?” Ning Cheng immediately asked.

Lan Ya massaged her forehead before replying, “You don’t even know this. How were you able to survive in the Void?”

Seeing Ning Cheng’s embarrassed look, she quickly waved her hands and spoke, “Forget what I said. Do you know what realm comes after the Crucible Transformation Realm? You should at least know that much, right?”

“I know this. It’s the Plundering Life Realm.” Ning Cheng finally managed to reply with some self-confidence.

“That’s right; it is the Plundering Life Realm. Surpassing the Thunder Tribulation at the Great Circle of the Plundering Life Realm allows one to step into the Domain Realm. The Domain Realm is different from the previous realms. That is, this Realm has no nine levels to it; instead, there is only a single dividing line, that is, the Grand Completion and Non-Grand Completion. The word ‘Domain’ here not just refers to your own ability to use True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness but also your ability to control the area around you. You are only at Crucible Transformation, so you do not need to think about Domains for a while. Such things are anyway too far from you.”

“Besides, if one’s Domain does not reach Grand Completion that also means that one could never hope to cross the Nirvana Tribulation. It is also because of this very reason that countless cultivators remain stuck in this realm; without one’s Domain reaching Grand Completion, attempting to cross the tribulation would only result in failure. The Nirvana Tribulation and ordinary tribulations are vastly different; in fact, they cannot even compare with each other, as the power contained within it is too frightening. Even the slightest misstep will result in immediate death.” Lan Ya carefully tried to explain these facts. At the very least, she found Ning Cheng grasping onto every word she spoke.

“What happens when you successfully pass through the Nirvana Tribulation?” Ning Cheng already knew that he had a False Domain; however, he did not choose to mention it.

Lan Ya nodded before continuing, “This is what I wanted to tell you before. After you successfully cross the Nirvana Tribulation, it will lead to the formation of the Celestial Wheel. At the same time, it will also transform your True Essence into the Celestial Essence, a type of force within the starry skies. Only after this conversion can any cultivator continue to absorbing from the Starry Sky’s Spiritual Source to cultivate within the Starry Sky. The cultivators who manage to form their Celestial Wheels then will then advance through the Celestial Scryer’s three Realms, distinguished separately as Celestial Novice Realm, Celestial Shatterer Realm and Celestial Gatherer Realm.”

“Then, what realm is Senior Apprentice Sister Lan in?”

Lan Ya gave Ning Cheng a bland look before replying, “I just entered the Celestial Shatterer Realm. While that scarlet-robed young noble is quite a talented individual, with a peak Celestial Novice Cultivation. If not for his severe injuries, even a hundred of you would not be enough to even stop a casual palm flick.”

Ning Cheng did not refute it; he already had sensed the terrifying strength of Lan Ya. At this time, he needed to figure out the main powerhouses within the Starry Sky before stepping in there, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan, allow me to ask another question. After one’s cultivation reached the peak of Celestial Gatherer Realm within the Celestial Scryer’s three realms, would they be considered as the strongest experts?”

“Strongest expert? You sure dream big. There are innumerable galaxies within the endless starry skies containing innumerable stars. Not to mention the Celestial River Kings, a powerhouse on the level of Celestial Lord has enough strength to pinch many stars to dust. Moreover, I must also mention this to you that the scarlet-robed young noble’s father is a Celestial Lord.” At this time, Lan Ya’s eyes only contained a despising gaze within it. Ning Cheng only possessed a Crucible Transformation Cultivation, yet he actually wanted to be the strongest.

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  1. Guh, I know he’s supposed to be naive, but they portray him as stupid a lot in scenes like these where he’s fishing for info.

    “After one’s cultivation reached the peak of Celestial Gatherer Realm within the Celestial Scryer’s three realms, would they be considered as the strongest experts?”

    This question seems like a pretty obvious no. He’s not an idiot, he should’ve asked “What realm is the most powerful?” or something instead of asking something he already pretty much knows the answer to.


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