Chapter 0499

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Chapter 0499: Bright South Celestial River King

Qiu Hongfang felt sure that Ning Cheng had somehow cheated; but unfortunately, he could not catch it and had no evidence for it. He could never say it aloud that he kept his Spiritual Consciousness trained on Ning Cheng’s cards. With so many eyes glued to their actions, if he actually said it aloud, it would be no different than punching himself in the face.

More than 300 billion Blue Coins, even the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino could not afford this amount.

Qiu Hongfang shot a look at the pale-faced Yan Fahan; seeing that, Yan Fahan immediately stood up and spoke out in a cold voice, “Ning Cheng, for you to use sleight of hand in my Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino, you sure are courageous.”

The people around them immediately felt stunned and went into an uproar; without actual proof of a sleight of hand, a casino cannot call it out. Yet, Yan Fahan publicly accused Ning Cheng of cheating; it was the same the entire Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino charging Ning Cheng. Were they really reneging on their debt?

“Gentlemen, since I have said it, there is definitely a certain truth to it. Please allow me to speak of this man’s sleight of hand.” Yan Fahan spoke with cupped fists and with a loud and emotionally tinged tone as if he was the very embodiment of justice.

Qiu Hongfang did not speak; although a few people were aware of some of the quirks of this casino, none of them would dare talk about such things aloud. Some people had definitely suspected that Ning Cheng most likely had cheated; otherwise, he could not have such luck.

A few powerful auras started converging, allowing the surrounding cultivators to understand that the casino wanted to bare its fangs. Although they had no evidence, they wished to catch Ning Cheng and force out an ‘answer’ from Ning Cheng’s mouth.

“Haha…” Ning Cheng suddenly laughed, took out an Image Card and tossed it in the air before clapping his hands and spoking, “Elder Brother, some people here think that I am a cheater, and without any evidence even. It looks like they just don’t care about face anymore and want to cheat me out of my money.”

A beggar with a broken bowl hanging from the hip suddenly materialised and stood on the table. The moment Qiu Hongfang saw this person, he suddenly screamed aloud, “Bright, Bright South Celestial River King…..”

The beggar reached out and grabbed Qiu Hongfang’s neck before lifting him up. “Kid, the thing this King hates the most is gambling. This father has lost too many things because of it; however, what I hate even more are those scums who like to renege on their debts. Yet a puny Celestial Bridge punk like you wants to go back on your debt? You think that this King can’t take your life, spit, spit, spit…..”

After spitting out a few mouthfuls of spit, the beggar realised that this was just an image projection and cannot actually spit on anything.

“Doesn’t dare, doesn’t dare. I will pay it right away…..” At this time, where could Qiu Hongfang find the courage to argue? Not to mention about the situation of his puny life currently in the hands of Bright South Celestial River King’s projection, even if there were no projection of Bright South Celestial River King here and only a warrant from him, he would not dare to harbour even half a point of resistance.

If a Celestial River King wanted to crush his Premier Casino, it would prove even simpler than breaking an egg. That person would not also have to do anything with his own hands; just a word and countless people would voluntarily rush forward in droves to kill him.

At this time, everyone in the casino respectfully bowed towards Bright South Celestial River King; at the same time, Ning Cheng also felt waves of shock raging in his heart. He had speculated that a Celestial River King should have the ability to instil fear in Qiu Hongfang; however, he had never thought that it would turn Qiu Hongfang into a nervous and cowardly person. Was this not overkill?

Moreover, this Bright South Celestial River King’s projection could pinch Qiu Hongfang to death quickly, if he wanted. Such a cultivation level honestly felt horrifying.

Although Ning Cheng felt shocked about it, he chose not to overthink about it. In fact, if Qiu Hongfang wanted to resist with full power, he might just be able to escape death from the Bright South Celestial River King’s projection; however, Qiu Hongfang felt too afraid to resist. He knew that even if he somehow managed to escape from this projection, it would only result in angering the Bright South Celestial River King even more. Just a single word from him and Qiu Hongfang would not have even one safe place under the heaven.

“Brother Ning, please accept these three cards with 1 billion Green Coins, along with these two Blue Coin Cards.” Qiu Hongfang respectfully placed five cards in Ning Cheng’s hands.

This was Ning Cheng’s first time seeing a Green Coin Card. However, looking at Qiu Hongfang’s reaction, Ning Cheng speculated that a Green Coin might equal to at least a hundred Blue Coins, considering the previous conversion rates. Not to appear ignorant, Ning Cheng casually looked at the few cards, before nodding and speaking, “Since I collected my accounts, I will be taking my leave now.”

With that, Ning Cheng casually walked out of the casino. He had already noticed that the two Blue Coin Cards contained 5 billion and 1 billion coins, respectively.

Bright South’s projection also followed Ning Cheng and started dimming along the way. Catching up to Ning Cheng, he gave out a cold humph and spoke, “Kid, you sure have guts, daring to use this King to grab riches.”

“Senior, this junior plans on sharing this money with senior. However many senior fancies of the amount, senior can take it. It truly felt honoured for this senior to come to help this junior in the time of need.” Ning Cheng quickly spoke up respectfully.

“Rogue fellow, you sure are lucky with things. This King does not have care about money. Today, this King has helped you with favour, in the future, you better remember to come to the Bright South Celestial River to meet this King; otherwise, let me remind you that this King does not like being used for such cheap matters.”

After the beggar finished speaking, the projection also disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng sped up and rushed out of the Ocean Gambling City. He had already achieved his purpose, i.e. using up the beggar’s Image Card and collecting his debts from the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino. As for going to Bright South Celestial River, he will only go there if the need arose. At this time, the most important thing for him was to escape as far as possible.

Do not look at Qiu Hongfang behaving like a scared grandson in front of a strict grandparent. Once the beggar’s projection disappeared, this person would most likely come to hunt him.


In a faraway place, several hundreds of billions of miles away, a dirty beggar grunted angrily, “Slimy bastard of a kid, daring to use this King’s Image Card so carelessly.”

The middle-aged scribe sitting beside him gave out a hearty laugh and spoke, “I knew it.”

“If it weren’t for that type of fellow whom I hate the most, I would have never helped that kid.” The beggar felt very upset in his heart. Although he had taken out and given his Image Card to Ning Cheng; however, it was not purely out of good intentions. Unexpectedly, he had not expected to appear so soon, when Ning Cheng ended up using the Image Card, practically treated as a wastrel.


Since the time that Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino had opened, it had rarely closed its doors. However, at this moment, the casino had shut its doors with the sign saying ‘Reorganising’ hanging outside; as to when it would open again, they did not provide any information.

Inside the casino, Qiu Hongfang sat on a chair with a livid face.

Yan Fahan also sported a dark face and spoke out in a cheerless tone, “Giving away more than 3 billion Green Coins, don’t tell me that we have to forget about it?”

Forget it? Did he think that he could take away 3 billion Green Coins from me with just the projection of Bright South Celestial River King? In his dreams. When he leaves the Ocean Gambling City, immediately move to capture him. Don’t worry about how far he escapes; tell our men to have their eyes on him at all times.” Qiu Hongfang gave a sneer.

“But he has that projection of Bright South Celestial River King…..” Steward Fu spoke out carefully.

Qiu Hongfang’s face finally calmed down a bit, before speaking out with a low tone, “I just received news that the projection of Bright South Celestial River King has already dissipated. Now we just have to keep track of this fellow. As for Bright South Celestial River King picking on our small establishment, it is better to hand these matters over to Shang Mou Celestial River King. This matter originally started because of Shang Mou Celestial River King, so of course, we must report it to him.”

All the people understood Qiu Hongfang’s intent, Jing Wuming’s wife, Shi Yulan, had walked away with Shang Mou Celestial River King. The reason why the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino had taken a heavy stance in dealing with Jing Wuming was due to the words left behind by Shang Mou Celestial River King. To force Jing Wuming into becoming a slave in a fair and above board manner; that way, no one would point fingers around.

That Shang Mou Celestial River King had brushed off his hands on that matter and left; however, Jing Wuming’s matter had fermented to the point of bringing the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino to the brink a collapse, how could Qiu Hongfang swallow it?


After Ning Cheng left the Ocean Gambling City, he powered up the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds to full power. He did not believe that with the support of his powerful Spiritual Consciousness, combined with the abilities of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, it would not be enough to escape from the people of the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino.

After flying for an hour, Ning Cheng’s Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud not only did not slow down, it actually sped up. He had already sensed that someone was chasing him, and it was not just a single person after him. From what Ning Cheng detected, at least two vague auras were chasing after him within the range of his Spiritual Consciousness.

If his Sea of Consciousness had not transformed into the current starry skies’ version, Ning Cheng would never have discovered these two auras with his Spiritual Consciousness. However, now that his Sea of Consciousness had evolved into the Starry Skies Sea of Consciousness, he could detect the two auras with his Spiritual Consciousness and found them to be quite strong.

After crazily flying for a whole day, one of the auras within the range of his Spiritual Consciousness disappeared without a trace, while the other aura remained within the scope of his Spiritual Consciousness.

Ning Cheng felt his heart sinking a bit; this was his fastest speed, and after flying continuously at this speed for a full day, he still could not get rid of this pursuer. It also showed that this fellow might turn out extremely difficult to deal with.

After continuing the chase for another half a day, the aura within his Spiritual Consciousness’s range had fallen behind somewhat; however, Ning Cheng still could not throw it off.

Ning Cheng felt slightly anxious; at this moment, a vague Sound Transmission entered his ears through his Spiritual Consciousness, “Brother Ning, I bear no malice towards you. I am also not a person from the Ocean Gambling Casino. I just wanted to look for you for some help. If I lie, let the Thunder Tribulation strike me down.”

Hearing the person behind him take such an oath, Ning Cheng simply stopped. He believed that this person did not lie, mainly because cultivators never swore a pledge relating to Thunder Tribulations readily. Another reason why Ning Cheng stopped was that the highest cultivation within the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino was the Celestial Bridge Realm, which he found from prior investigations. However, even if it were a Celestial Bridge Cultivator, they would never be able to catch up with him this easily.

A short while later, a middle-aged cultivator, with a gentleman’s bearing arrived in front of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng could also see three Celestial Wheels behind him, concluding that this person, at the very least, was a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator. What Ning Cheng felt particularly concerned was the small warship that this person controlled. This warship, most likely, was the reason why this person could still keep up with his speed.

“Brother Ning, please do not worry. My name is Ruan Zhuo, from the Thunder Enforcement City. There was also a person from the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino chasing after you; I initially wanted to help you take care of him, however, because of that person’s slow speed, you simply out-chased that fellow without my help.” The middle-aged cultivator spoke to Ning Cheng with a warm smile over his face.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists and spoke up, “Many thanks, Brother Ruan. However, Brother Ruan and I do not know each other, so please forgive me for asking this, but why were you chasing me?”

“No wonder Brother Ning misunderstood, so it was because of this reason. To be honest, I was also inside the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino at that time, and I have to say that Brother Ning’s cultivation looks no worse than a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator, and not too old to boot. I just have a single thing that I want Brother Ning’s help with, I don’t know…..”

Ning Cheng did not wait for Ruan Zhuo to finish his words before interrupting him, “Brother Ruan, since you also came from the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino, you should already know that I am not short of money. In fact, I already have sufficient things on me, so I don’t have the energy to do you a favour.”

Ning Cheng did not hesitate to refuse; helping an unknown cultivator, his brain had not actually turned into a vegetable to agree to it. Moreover, there most likely was someone behind this Ruan Zhuo.

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