Chapter 0501

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Chapter 0501: Ruan Clan’s Power

Ning Cheng internally criticised this slimy old fox. Just when he was about to talk, a woman wearing a light purple robe came out.

However, even Ning Cheng could not help but secretly give praise in his heart; she really was quite the beautiful woman. A pair of crescent moon shaped eyes that seemed to speak volumes gave a stunning impression over anyone who laid their eyes on her for the first time. With a plump and full bosom, packed tightly within her robes and only revealed her white neck, made any person who gazed at her to think of how amazingly white her skin might look like under her dresses.

She even had a tall figure, if Ning Cheng stood directly in front of her, he would only be a few centimetres taller than she would. At the same time, her cultivation was also significantly higher than Ning Cheng’s, and by the looks of it, most likely was in the Celestial Gatherer Realm.

Just a glance at this girl would be enough for anyone to realise that she was a well-cultured and educated young woman. Ning Cheng honestly did not know why Ruan Cheng wanted to expose his daughter to him in such a manner.

“Mingshu, this is Ning Cheng. Most likely, he would accompany you to the Time Wilderness. After entering the Time Wilderness, you must focus on the main objective and try to stay close to Ning Cheng. Take care of not making small mistakes that would end up costing you big, do you understand?” Ruan Cheng spoke out in a very soft tone; evidently, he doted upon his daughter a lot.

“Father, your daughter understands.” Ruan Mingshu replied with grace as if she understood every word that came out of Ruan Cheng’s mouth without a shred of misunderstanding.

After Ruan Mingshu answered her father, she slowly walked over to Ning Cheng and gave a gentle bow in ceremony before speaking, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, please look after me.”

In Ning Cheng’s view, Ruan Mingshu projected a very humble and modest picture and did not look like the type that wanted to rebel against her father’s words or engage in open flings.

“My cultivation is not as good as you. It should be me addressing you as Senior Apprentice Sister, or rather hope that Senior Apprentice Sister could take care of me.” Ning Cheng quickly replied with a very polite tone.

Ruan Mingshu gave a smile but did not refute it.

“Well, that’s that. Three days later, we will go to the Orchid Borough Celestial River’s main planet, the Orchid Borough Star. Ning Cheng, you can either live with us or by yourself.” Ruan Cheng spoke while gently nodding towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “Manor Master Ruan, are we not going to participate in the Lesser Thunder Star Try-outs?”

“Haha, my Ruan Clan already has two quotas to enter the Orchid Borough Celestial River. So why would we need to participate in the selection here? You think too little of my Ruan Clan.” Ruan Cheng gave a laugh while speaking.

Ning Cheng did not feel pleased in the heart with the apparent arrogance shown by Ruan Cheng. With such people in their own territory, no wonder the Celestial Lord could not take control of the entire situation.

However, since he was now teaming up with the Ruan Clan, he quickly spoke up, “In that case, I will come back to this place three days later. I still have a few things that I have to deal with.”

“Oh, no issues then.” Ruan Cheng also gave the nod before he turned to Ruan Mingshu and spoke, “Mingshu, you accompany Ning Cheng and show him around. Remember not to snub people. I’m going to rest for a while.”

“That’s not needed, not needed…..”

Ning Cheng did not have the time to refuse when Ruan Cheng had already made his way to his backyard and soon disappeared.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, I’m not very familiar with the Thunder Enforcement City, I hope that Senior Apprentice Brother Ning does not mind it.” Ruan Mingshu spoke out in a whisper-like voice like a well-cultured woman while standing just a step behind on Ning Cheng’s side. Apparently indicating that she would follow Ning Cheng’s lead.

Ning Cheng waved his hand and spoke, “I can move around by myself. Senior Apprentice Sister Ruan can rest up. After three days, I will come back to this place as promised to the Manor Head.”

Ruan Mingshu showed a smile before shaking her head but not leaving. Showing her intentions of following Ning Cheng.

Ruan Zhuo, standing at one side, quickly spoke up, “Brother Ning, Little Miss Mingshu takes the words of Manor Master extremely seriously. Since the Manor Master has told her to accompany you, then she will accompany you.”

Ning Cheng could not help feel gloomy, making him think of ghosts. Ruan Cheng clearly stated that his daughter definitely was not obedient, yet this same daughter behaved in the complete opposite manner. It felt weird.

Since trying to convince her would not seem to work, Ning Cheng also put away the thought. He decided to find a place to stay before dealing with sending away Ruan Mingshu.


The Thunder Enforcement City was a lot busier compared to the Ocean Gambling City. Just the shops themselves had a forest of cultivators, even Ning Cheng had never seen so many cultivators with Celestial Wheels concentrated in such a place.

Ning Cheng directly went to the largest Resting Pen before speaking to a server within the Resting Pen, “Give me a single room, I will be staying for three days.”

Saying that Ning Cheng then turned to Ruan Mingshu and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Ruan, I plan on resting for a few days, you can go back first. We will see each other in three days.”

The server had not yet spoken when Ruan Mingshu took the initiative to talk to the server, “Please reserve a double room for us, we two will stay there.”

After she said that, she looked at Ning Cheng and spoke in an apologetic voice, “I’m sorry, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, father has instructed me to stay with you at all times. I cannot go against my father’s instructions. And Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, please do not address me as Senior Apprentice Sister, just call me as Junior Apprentice Sister Mingshu.”

Ning Cheng opened his mouth slightly before closing; did these people want to spy on him? However, he did not reveal any of his secrets, except for his Spiritual Consciousness, which was slightly stronger. Even with an above average Spiritual Consciousness, if Ruan Cheng wanted to keep an eye on him, did it not also mean that he would end up invariantly checking over his own daughter?

Although most cultivators were not exactly magnanimous, they usually refrained from living within the same room with the opposite sex, unless they had mutual feelings or some other thoughts. Moreover, even Ning Cheng did not want to entertain even half a point of view of sharing his living space with Ruan Mingshu.

“Can…” The server hesitantly tried to clarify things with Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng just waved his hand and spoke, “Just do what she says.”

Even if they want to put him under surveillance, so what?

“Junior Apprentice Sister Mingshu, I am going to buy something, Junior Apprentice Sister Mingshu can stay here and rest, while….”

“I naturally will accompany Senior Apprentice Brother Ning. I rarely come out to roam around in the Thunder Enforcement City, so I would also like to take this chance to roam around for a bit. Maybe I might not have such a chance in the future.” Ruan Mingshu spoke with a kind smile.

“Ok, I want to go take a look at the Void Battleships.” Ning Cheng spoke with a nod.

Seeing Ruan Mingshu showing no intention of leaving his side, Ning Cheng added another question, “Do you know about the location of the Lesser Thunder Star’s selection for the Striking Order Starry Skies’ Try-outs?”

“Father said that we don’t have to participate in the qualifying rounds in the Lesser Thunder Star, we can directly head to the qualifying rounds for the Orchid Borough Celestial River.” Ruan Mingshu looked at Ning Cheng with a confused look and tried to explain.

Ning Cheng spoke up, “It’s not that I want to participate in the qualifying rounds. It is just that I have two friends here who are participating in the selections in this place. I just wanted to go meet with them.”

Ruan Mingshu gave a smile, “It’s a little late for that. The selection rounds for the Lesser Thunder Star have already ended. The selected cultivators had already left the Lesser Thunder Star a few days ago. It was also because of this that my father anxiously wanted to find someone to help me.”

When Ning Cheng heard Ruan Mingshu’s words, he immediately understood the underlying reason why the Ruan Clan showed such a favourable side to Ning Cheng. It was all because of the timing. If they had enough time, they could have looked for a more outstanding person; however, because of the timing differences, they had to settle with someone like him.

“The friends who I want to find are named Jing Wuming and Lan Ya. Can you help me look them up and see if they were selected?” Ning Cheng ignored the underlying implication of Ruan Mingshu’s words and asked directly.

“Please wait for a moment.” Ruan Mingshu sent the information through her communications pearl.

When Ning Cheng and Ruan Mingshu walked out and neared a merchant house, the communications pearl in Ruan Mingshu’s hand lit up. Ruan Mingshu looked at the communications pearl in her hands before showing a smile and speaking to Ning Cheng, “Looks like congratulations are in order, both of your friends passed the Lesser Thunder Star Selections and are on their way to the Orchid Borough Celestial River.”

Ning Cheng also felt relieved on hearing both Lan Ya and Jing Wuming’s selections. It was a good thing that both of them managed to leave the Lesser Thunder Star; otherwise, since he had already offended the Ocean Gambling’s Premier Casino, it would not bode well for the two of them to stay in this place.

“What would the two guests like to purchase?” Ning Cheng and Ruan Mingshu had just walked into this Merchant House when a shop assistant greeted them with a smile.

“I want to see if you have any better warships.” With Ruan Mingshu sticking close to him, Ning Cheng did not intend to buy anything else. He just wanted to buy a battleship before going back and resting.

The shop assistant immediately spoke up with enthusiasm, “Yes, yes… Whether you want a Domain Grade or a Celestial Grade one, we have them both in our shop.”

“Celestial Grade huh, what’s the price for the best Celestial Grade Battleship you have?” Ning Cheng knew that the battleship that Lan Ya purchased was only an ordinary Domain Grade Battleship; however, it was already much more advanced compared to his 5-Star Battle Disc Sifting Orchid, which barely had much use in this part of the starry skies.

The shop assistant on hearing the words ‘Celestial Grade Battleship’ turned even more enthusiastic while speaking, “We definitely have Celestial Grade Battleships here, from Basic Rank to the Apex Rank. Of the Celestial Grade Battleships, we also have Speed Type and Combat Type, which type does this friend need?”

Ning Cheng thought for a moment before replying, “I need one with speed, with at least some decent combat capabilities.”

Ruan Mingshu suddenly spoke from the side, “If you want to purchase Combat-type Warships then don’t buy from this place, This place only has fake goods; if you want something combat oriented, you should head to a technological planet to purchase. However, the Orchid Borough Celestial River does not have any real technological planets; therefore, I suggest you do not waste your money here.”

“This Little Miss is just talking nonsense. Our Apex Rank Celestial Grade Battleships can even go up against the starry skies’ beast horde…..” The shop assistant on hearing Ruan Mingshu say that their battleships were not good immediately cried out in injustice.

Ruan Mingshu asked calmly, “Oh, then let me ask you something, is your best Celestial Grade Battleship equipped with Radium Light Arrows? Or does it contain those Flowing Sky Cannons, or at least the Sky Locking Optical Equipment?”

The shop assistant opened his mouth and hesitated for a long while before speaking, “It does not; however, we also have Starry Skies’ flying weapons here. Even if this friend has no intention to buy our warships, you can buy the Starry Skies’ flying weapons, which are definitely not slower than the battleships.”

“Oh, what Starry Skies’ weapons do you have in this place? Let me take a look.” Ning Cheng knew that what the shop assistant referred, as Starry Skies’ weapons were, in fact, a reference to the True Cultivation Weapons, which needed either Starry Skies’ Essence Force or an equivalent Spiritual Source in tandem with Spiritual Consciousness to drive it.

The best weapon that he had used in the True Cultivation World was a True Artefact. However, after entering the starry skies’, Ning Cheng had no idea about the higher ranked weapons.

“I have a Best Quality True Artefact here, along with a low-grade Airship…..” The shop assistant very much wanted to sell to Ning Cheng, to the point that his tone had even fallen to the level of ingratiation.

“Do you have anything better?”

“Only the Orchid Borough Star will have those higher level treasures that you seek. Our merchant house is already the highest level of merchant house you will find in the Thunder Enforcement City. If you can’t find what you want in this place, you won’t find it in any other shop on this star.” The shop assistant felt somewhat disappointed. From the looks of it, he understood that conducting business no longer was possible.

“Well, I guess that’s it. Just give me one of your best Celestial Grade Battleships.” Ning Cheng spoke without even bothering to choose from the selection. He speculated that once he stimulated the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, his speed could at least compare to a Celestial Grade Battleship.

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