Chapter 0505

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Chapter 0505: The wilfulness of the rich

“24.1 billion Blue Coins….” Ning Cheng called out, which made Jing Wuming feel a rush of blood to his head. The price called out was something he could not even imagine.

Although he heard the price call out, his voice still trembled and his hands were visibly shaking.

“Haha….” A burst of laughter arrived, and everyone heard it. From the looks of it, Jing Wuming was a person with no money. Just adding a 100 million Blue Coins, everyone could see the fear covering his face. Did this person want to compete for the pretty woman with no money in the pocket? It was just asking for trouble.

Shi Yulan, still standing like a wooden statue over the white jade platform, on hearing Jing Wuming’s voice suddenly looked up and looked at Jing Wuming with a face filled with disbelief. However, she quickly lowered her head again.

“25 billion Blue Coins. If you do not have the money, stay on the side and cool off. Don’t just add a bit each bid just to give yourself the goose bumps.” The cultivator, who initially bid 24 billion Blue Coins, immediately upped the price while looking at Ning Cheng’s direction in disdain.

Jing Wuming also felt the ridicule in the voice; however, he did not dare to increase the price and looked at Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng patted Jing Wuming on the shoulder and spoke, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

If participating in bidding, one cannot feel afraid of losing grandeur, as losing momentum would only end up costing more.

“300 million Green Coins.” Ning Cheng did not hesitate to add 5 billion Blue Coins to the previous price.

The hall immediately went silent; an increase of 5 billion Blue Coins at once was tantamount to taking the leading position. Moreover, it was just for a female cultivator; was such a price really worth it? Even if this female cultivator turned out even more beautiful, she was only a plaything in the end. With 300 million Green Coins, how many things could one accomplish with it?

However, it looked like the other cultivator felt determined enough to go against someone who bid 300 million Green Coins. After a brief shock, he quickly gave a snort and spoke, “30.5 billion Blue Coins.”

Ning Cheng disdainfully spoke up, “If you don’t have the money, then go to the side and cool off. Do not disgrace yourself in this place just to give yourself the goosebumps. 400 million Green Coins…..”

“You….” The cultivator, who had just bid, did not expect to receive the same words he had previously spoken. Receiving the same exact sentence caused him almost to vomit out a mouthful of blood.

“What are you going to do now? This father bid 400 million Green Coins. Hurry up and bid a 40.5 billion Blue Coins. I guess that’s all you’ve got to your name.” Ning Cheng did not hesitate to retort, continuing the ridicule.

“400 million Green Coins. If there is no higher bid, this friend with such an angry face will win the bid for 400 million Green Coins. 400 million Green Coins going once are there no higher bids…..” The scantily clad woman tried to agitate the crowd from the stage.

For someone like her, she felt more afraid that no one else would bid; even someone offering casual bids was a good thing for her.

“41 billion Blue Coins…..” The cultivator clenched his teeth and added another billion coins. No longer sticking to the previous 500 million increase.

At this point, no third person wanted to increase the price. With the cost of a female cultivator with a Celestial Gatherer Cultivation reaching this point, this bidding war no longer remained just about this female cultivator. It was a battle of ego between the two cultivators at this point.

“500 million Green Coins.” Ning Cheng spoke up in the same bland tone as if an increase in 10 billion Blue Coins was only a trivial matter to him.

The cultivator, who had just bid 41 billion Blue Coins, suddenly stood up and stubbornly stared at Ning Cheng.

“You don’t have to look like that, just a wretched-looking tramp who lives by begging. To tell you the truth, it really is depressing to have an opponent like you. Just increasing the price by a few billion each time, even though I goaded you on to add a few hundred million. I guess you might not have it easy to earn this much money. I suggest that you do not try to wring yourself dry because of it.” Ning Cheng did not feel any fear towards this cultivator and even shot back a retort at him.

When the cultivator heard Ning Cheng’s words, blue veins immediately popped up over his forehead. This person unexpectedly dared to shame him openly. Just as he was about to continue to increase the price, he suddenly remembered something, his face that seemed on the verge of exploding from all the anger, suddenly turned into a smiling face as he spoke, “A wretched-looking tramp who lives by begging, eh? Let us see who the real wretched-looking tramp is. Did you think you could goad me into action, eh? This father will no longer increase the price today; let us see how you end up. Want to make a fool of this grandpa; did you think you could force this grandpa to spend more Celestial Coins, eh? Stop dreaming.”

Ning Cheng looked, at most, a Celestial Novice Cultivator. He believed that Ning Cheng definitely could not bring out so many Celestial Coins.

Ning Cheng also felt a little relieved; it was not easy to let this idiot realise this point. Previously, he still had a slight worry that this bastard would keep fighting him. In case he did, what would he have used to redeem Lan Ya?

“500 million Green Coins, going for the third time. Since no one increased the price, congratulations to this friend, who bought this beauty for 500 million Green Coins.” The curvaceous woman leading the auction immediately dropped the hammer and congratulated Ning Cheng.

The next moment, a female cultivator brought Shi Yulan to Ning Cheng. The female cultivator held onto Shi Yulan’s detention card, apparently waiting for Ning Cheng to pay.

Everyone also kept staring at Ning Cheng; many in the hall even guessed that Ning Cheng might not be able to pay the money. After all, 500 million Green Coins was not something a Celestial novice Cultivator could take out.

Jing Wuming still shivered somewhat, to the point that he did not even look at Shi Yulan. However, he also kept his eyes peeled at Ning Cheng. He felt afraid that Ning Cheng might genuinely have no money to pay and would end up as a slave. If that were the case, he would instead turn himself in as a slave.

“This friend, please pay the 500 million Celestial Coins to claim this beautiful maid as yours.” The female cultivator spoke with a crisp tone while her voice also sounded genuinely understanding.

Ning Cheng also knew that it was just a facade, once established that he could not pay the money, he would never enjoy such an understanding tone the next moment.

Ning Cheng took out a 1 billion Green Coin card before passing it to this female cultivator with the words, “Take a look. If there are no problems, then deduct the money.”

Seeing Ning Cheng bringing out a card filled with 1 billion Green Coins, this female cultivator’s face immediately transformed into one of respect. This was the respect enjoyed by the rich, which was the same as the respect given to the strong in the starry skies. It followed the old adage that one must be a powerhouse to be rich. Without strength, no one can establish a foothold in the starry skies, let alone any talks about wealth.

Seeing Ning Cheng take out 1 billion Green Coins, and also left with 500 million Green Coins, Jing Wuming finally felt slightly relieved; however, he still did not talk to Shi Yulan.

Ning Cheng acted as if he did not care about it as he took Shi Yulan’s detention card and put it into her hand before sitting back down on the side. He did not speak. Moreover, Ning Cheng felt entirely disinclined to talk to a woman like Shi Yulan. The only reason he made some place on the side was to give that seat to Shi Yulan and let Shi Yulan and Jing Wuming sit together.

The reason he gave the detention card to Shi Yulan, instead of Jing Wuming, was that he knew that if he gave the detention card to Jing Wuming, it would only place Jing Wuming in an awkward position.

Shi Yulan put away the detention card and gave a respectful bow towards Ning Cheng, who just sat there and did not speak a single word to her from the beginning to the end.

Jing Wuming remained silent; Shi Yulan also remained silent, while Ning Cheng also did not choose to come out of silence.

During the next slave auction, the three of them remained silent. Shi Yulan did not even ask why they still had to stay in this place.

“The next item for auction is a Celestial Gatherer Female Cultivator with a reserve price of 2 billion Blue Coins. Each bid increase should at least be of a 100 million Blue Coins…..” After the woman wearing revealing robes spoke those words, Ning Cheng immediately perked up as he intently stared at female cultivator over the White Jade Platform.

It was because that woman was none other than Lan Ya. Lan Ya seemed to be in a better condition compared to Shi Yulan. Although her face looked numb, her eyes did not show any despair, nor did they betray any of her thoughts.

“10 billion Blue Coins….” Ning Cheng simply did not wait for someone else to bid, and directly called out a price. He was already ready to fight to the end and knew that a Celestial Lord was not a person who lacked money.

On hearing that voice, Lan Ya’s eyes immediately lit up and locked onto Ning Cheng’s direction. When she saw Ning Cheng, her eyes could not help but flash brightly before she forcefully converged it back.

Hearing Ning Cheng’s mark-up, the surrounding cultivators remained silent. Only a single thought went through their minds, and that was ‘looks as if this guy wants to go at it again’. Every time this fellow increased the price, it would always be in the range of billions of Blue Coins, how could the others compete with such a mark-up?

However, the happiest person within the entire auction hall was the shameless woman leading the auction. She just wanted to see the world turn even more chaotic, as she loudly cried out, “This friend once again bids 10 billion Blue Coins. This friend truly has an excellent vision. He just bought the best bed maid with 500 million Green Coins; therefore, I definitely believe that he knows his selection.”

A man with a big head, sitting in the front row of the auction hall, on hearing Ning Cheng increase the price to such a level felt shocked. A Celestial Lord had asked him to buy Lan Ya today and had provided him with 20 billion Blue Coins. In fact, not to mention 20 million Blue Coins to purchase a Lan Ya, it was enough money to buy four to five such ‘Lan Yas’.

However, neither he nor the Celestial Lord thought that someone would willingly pay such a high price to purchase Lan Ya. Moreover, this cultivator had even recently bought a female cultivator for a sky-high rate of 50 billion Blue Coins. How could he hope to compete against such a person?

“15 billion Blue Coins.” The man kept anxiously thinking about how to deal with the current situation, while simultaneously adding 5 billion Blue Coins to his bid.

“20 billion Blue Coins.” Ning Cheng adhered to his usual tradition, upping the bid in whole billions. As soon as Ning Cheng heard the man’s price, he immediately understood that the Celestial Lord must have sent this person on his behalf. Moreover, because this fellow only had a Celestial Gatherer Cultivation, the Celestial Lord should be, at least, at the Celestial Bridge Realm.

With Ning Cheng increasing the price once again, he also trained his Spiritual Consciousness at the man. What happened today might even end up in favour. Since the Celestial Lord had not personally come, it only served as icing over the cake.

“21 billion Blue Coins.” The man anxiously took out a Communications Pearl while increasing his bid.

“50 billion Blue Coins.” When Ning Cheng saw that the man had taken out a Communications Pearl, he immediately realised that he had to act decisively. Since the man took out a Communications Pearl, it indicated that this person did not have sufficient Blue Coins. If he waited for the Celestial Lord to appear, the Celestial Lord might end up bringing a lot of money, to the point that he might even end up without enough funds to continue.

The Auction Hall had measures that blocked the use of Spiritual Consciousness; however, it still could not stop Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness. While Ning Cheng quoted his price, his Spiritual Consciousness had already bypassed all the Restrictions, which were in place to specially blocked Spiritual Consciousness, before concentrating over the Communications Pearl in the man’s hand.

With the price reaching 50 billion Blue Coins, the auction hall once again went into an uproar. Everyone could still reluctantly accept the rate of 50 billion Blue Coins for the beautiful female cultivator. However, even this female cultivator standing over the stage reached the 50 billion Blue Coin mark, it was something they all felt as too outrageous. Could you not be so capricious with money, can you? Could you spend a little less money the second time?

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