Chapter 0506

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Chapter 506: Shi Yulan

Standing on the White Jade Platform, Lan Ya also looked at Ning Cheng in shock. For Ning Cheng to bid such an amount, how in the world did he obtain so much money?

“55 billion Blue Coins.” The man with the big head raised the price again.

Everyone knew that Ning Cheng’s next bid must be 60 million Blue Coins; this fellow was just too wealthy.

However, to everyone’s expectations, Ning Cheng did not put up any more bids. After a short silence, people immediately understood something; that is, in the previous purchase, Ning Cheng had pulled out a card with 1 billion Green Coins, and after using 500 million, it only contained 500 million in it. Now that the man with the big head quoted a price of 55 billion Blue Coins, it indicated that this rich fellow most likely had finally run out of money.

“I’m sorry….” Shi Yulan stood up and spoke out in a somewhat mournful tone. She understood that because this person ended up spending 500 million Green Coins on her, it led to Ning Cheng’s inability to save his friend.

Jing Wuming also looked pale, as he also thought the same questions. If he ended up saving Shi Yulan while turning Lan Ya into a slave, he would never be at ease throughout his life.

Lan Ya’s expression also dimmed, she knew that it was also the end of the road for her.

“55 billion going once, is there anyone with a higher price, 55 billion going twice, the bids are still open…..” The woman wearing revealing clothes standing over the White Jade Platform tried to encourage others with her bewitching voice while also glancing at Ning Cheng from the side. Showing that only Ning Cheng was actually stupid enough to shell out more money.

The man with the big head turned pale; he was ready to go into a bidding war with this Ning Cheng to gain some time to drag the Celestial Lord over. However, he did not expect that Ning Cheng would end up not increasing the price, which in turn ended up creating more anxiety for him.

“55 billion going thrice. Congratulations to this friend, you finally got what you wanted, a beautiful Celestial Gatherer Female Cultivator.” Although Ning Cheng did not put up a higher bid, this scantily clad woman still announced the outcome with an excited tone.

She had to be excited, in the end, this particular slave, who could only fetch a few billion Blue Coins at max in normal circumstances, sold for 55 billion Blue Coins under her watch. How could she be not excited about it?

Seeing a female cultivator coming towards him with Lan Ya, cold sweat started flowing down from the man with the big head’s forehead, in the size of soybeans. He only had 20 billion Blue Coins on him, how could he take out 55 billion? If he could not take out 55 billion, most likely he would be the next person auctioned off in this place.

“I’m sorry, but can you wait a little longer. I don’t currently have the 55 billion Blue Coins yet…..” The man with the big head trembled. Although he felt incomparably anxious, he also felt a deep regret. Since he did not have enough money, he should not have placed his bid, waiting for the Celestial Lord to come.

“So it turned out that you intentionally bid to raise the price, aah. Could it be that someone else had sent you over to do their dirty work?” Ning Cheng did not hesitate to kick a dog when it was down. Although he spoke those words, he still felt a bit doubtful if the auctioneer would actually punish this fellow.

“Elder Sister Rong looks like he bid indiscriminately, and has no Blue Coins to actually pay up.” Seeing the man with the big head unable to bring out the Blue Coins, the female cultivator standing in front of him quickly spoke up.

Without waiting for the scantily clad woman to speak, someone immediately came out. A Celestial Bridge Cultivator directly grabbed the man with the big head and spoke out in a cold voice, “Daring to come to our auction to stir up trouble. Congratulations. You now don’t have to participate in the coming auctions anymore as the next item for auction is you.”

Ning Cheng also stood up and spoke to the scantily clad woman, “I had bid my price before this person messed things us. So, does it still hold?”

The woman giggled and spoke, “Since that person has already withdrawn, your bid naturally holds. As for how many Blue Coins you should take out, let us first confirm how many Blue Coins are on the person who just made the indiscriminate bid. You can then pay the remainder. Our auction house runs on fair and just principles, and we will never let our guests pay more than what is necessary.”

Ning Cheng just waved a hand, took out the card with 500 million Green Coins, and spoke, “I don’t care about the investigation. I will use my own 500 million to buy her.”

His tone immediately conveyed his bold and straightforward stance.

The people in the hall felt amazed; did money make people stupid, this aah. The woman presiding over the auction felt even more delighted over such a gesture. The female cultivator carrying Lan Ya had already arrived in front of Ning Cheng. She had no idea that because Ning Cheng did not care about the moment, she missed a chance to shoot for a higher price.

Ning Cheng also did not hesitate to pay the 500 million Green Coins and bought the still confused Lan Ya.

Just as the deal was completed, a man with a pointed chin hurried into the auction hall.

“He is Miao Pu, Old Help Star’s Celestial Lord.” Jing Wuming felt relieved as he whispered into Ning Cheng’s ears. He finally understood why Ning Cheng did not care about the tens of billions of Blue Coins and wanted to buy Lan Ya immediately. Turns out, Ning Cheng knew that Miao Pu was on his way.

“Ning Cheng, thank you.” Holding the detention card received from Ning Cheng, Lan Ya finally understood that she was free.

“What’s the need for ‘thank you’ between friends? Let’s go, that Miao Pu is already here, this guy is not easy to deal with.” Ning Cheng spoke and was the first to move out of his seat.

Miao Pu shot a cold gaze at Ning Cheng’s group before speaking up in a cold voice, “We will meet again.”

“You are right; we will meet again, pretty soon.” Ning Cheng also replied in the same cold tone. In the Revolving Jade City, Miao Pu was just a puny Celestial Lord who did not dare to do anything openly against him.

It was not until that moment that Miao Pu realised that the leader of these four people turned out to be Ning Cheng. This person even had the lowest cultivation among them; however, he currently had to save his own man right now. If he wanted to find trouble with Ning Cheng, he had to wait.

“It looks like that fellow did not find the Spiritual Consciousness Tag on you. However, the Scarlet-robed Young Noble also put a Spiritual Consciousness Tag under his ring.” After walking out of the auction hall, Lan Ya spoke out with slight fear in her voice.

“That’s not it. The Spiritual Consciousness Tag must have dispersed during my advancement.” Ning Cheng speculated that the Spiritual Consciousness Tag must have disintegrated during the time his Sea of Consciousness advanced to the Starry Skies’ Sea of Consciousness.

With the power of the Starry Skies’ Sea of Consciousness, a Celestial Lord was not qualified enough to put a Spiritual Consciousness Tag on him.

“Fortunately, that fellow did not have any extra Blue Coins, or else it would have turned bad.” Jing Wuming still felt distraught.

“Even if he had more Blue Coins, I still have some extra on me. I guess he just did not bring enough Blue Coins.” Ning Cheng gave out a casual remark.

“Xiaocheng, how did you know that the fellow did not have any extra Blue Coins on him? In case we had made a mistake, it would have ended truly disastrous for us.” Jing Wuming quickly asked.

“I heard the tremble in his voice, which led me to suspect that this fellow should not have enough Blue Coins on him. I guess that he was waiting for that Miao Pu to bring or send the money. Therefore, I just wanted to feel out his hand. Hope Senior Apprentice Sister Lan Ya would not blame me for this.” Ning Cheng spoke with a smile. Since Shi Yulan was still standing by his side, he did not want to talk anything about his Spiritual Consciousness. In fact, he had long seen the message that the man with the big head had tried to send; otherwise, he would never have taken such a gamble with Lan Ya’s destiny.

Lan Ya showed a smile and spoke, “I don’t blame you. Without you, I would have been finished.”

Although she had not spent much time with Ning Cheng, the time spent with him was also not short. During the time spent together, she came to understand Ning Cheng a bit. Which made her suspect Ning Cheng had many secrets. Ning Cheng had shown absolute confidence; however, as to why Ning Cheng felt such confidence, she also could not figure it out.

“Where are we going now?” With Lan Ya safe, Jing Wuming spoke while feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

The thing he wanted to do the most right now was to ask Shi Yulan as to why everything had ended up like this. He truly wanted Shi Yulan to come forward by herself and explain things to him. However, Shi Yulan did not say a single word since the moment they bought her. For him to take the initiative to speak with Shi Yulan, it would only serve to leave an indelible mark over his heart.

Before Ning Cheng rescued Shi Yulan, Jing Wuming’s heart felt as if it went through all sorts of torture to the point that Jing Wuming even wished to replace Shi Yulan with himself. However, after Ning Cheng saved Shi Yulan, his mentality once again changed and he no longer knew what to do. Jing Wuming could not make a clear distinction if it were love, hate, or an intersection of contradictions.

Lan Ya had merely thought that Shi Yulan was just a slave that Ning Cheng had bought for himself; as such, she did not pay much attention to her.

“Wuming, do you have a place to live currently? Why don’t you take her there first, and I’ll head to the Bright Gist Resting Pen with Senior Apprentice Sister Lan Ya.” Ning Cheng could discern Jing Wuming’s torment, simply allowing Jing Wuming to take Shi Yulan away.

Not waiting for Jing Wuming to speak, Shi Yulan took the initiative to speak up, “I am already a slave. Wherever my owner is, is where I will be.”

Shi Yulan had directed her words towards Ning Cheng; Jing Wuming opened his mouth but did not speak.

“Your master is Jing Wuming, who previously went by the name Jing Hao. I do not have a habit of buying slaves, so you do not have to follow me. If it weren’t for Wuming, I would never have wasted any money on you.” Ning Cheng gave a bland reply.

“Shi Yulan, I just want to ask you one thing. As for what you want to do in the future, it is not something I can control, nor do I want to take control…..”

Jing Wuming found it difficult to speak; every word that came out of his mouth gave him the feeling that someone had hammered thousands of needles into his heart.

Only at this moment did Lan Ya realise that the reason why Ning Cheng purchased Shi Yulan was, most likely, that Shi Yulan and Jing Wuming shared an unusual past relationship. It definitely did not seem like a relationship between a master and a slave.

Shi Yulan calmly replied, “I already have a master. If you want to ask me anything, please ask my master directly.”

Ning Cheng showed a sneer, “Shi Yulan, without Jing Wuming, me and you would have been just passers-by. You might think of yourself as beautiful, but it is merely towards Wuming. Wuming and I are brothers, which is the only reason why I chose to save you. If you think that you can separate the relationship between us with such words, then you still have a lot to learn.”

Shi Yulan still sported a calm expression without any fluctuations. However, Ning Cheng’s powerful Spiritual Consciousness had already allowed him to sense a faint aura of death emanating from her. This kind of death-like atmosphere did not target him but converged inside Shi Yulan.

Ning Cheng immediately realised that it was not something good. His hand immediately clamped down over Shi Yulan’s shoulder, immediately slowing down Shi Yulan’s circulation of Celestial Essence.

Jing Wuming just looked at Ning Cheng’s actions; he did not speak nor did he make any moves.

“She wants to implode her meridians, so I stopped her.” Ning Cheng on seeing Jing Wuming standing there silently spoke out a sentence.

“Please help her undo it. After this, we will have not have anything to do with each other.” Jing Wuming spoke up with a hint of deathly tone; there was no sorrow more significant than the death of the heart.

Ning Cheng looked at Shi Yulan and spoke, “I will help you resolve it. If you want to continue enervating your meridians, I will not continue to treat it. From now on, you are not my slave. I do not have a habit of keeping slaves. Just go wherever you want to go.”

Saying that Ning Cheng then spoke to Jing Wuming and Lan Ya, “If you have no place to live, go to the Bright Gist Resting Pen. I reckon it might turn out difficult to find a place to live in Revolving Jade City at this time.”

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