Chapter 0523

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Chapter 0523: A woman behind me

“Senior can dole out punishment.” Ning Cheng did not ask for the reason at all. Facing the Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu, as long as the other party wanted to kill him, regardless of any rational basis, Ning Cheng would die without a doubt.

At this moment, Ning Cheng’s heart grew more determined with the desire of becoming stronger. Without strength, one could not live a pitiful existence, without even an opportunity to resist.

“If I wanted to punish you, you would have already died. Come in.” The voice of Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu once again passed through their ears; moreover, it became more and more melodious the longer it went.

Ning Cheng and Jing Wuming cautiously walked into the palace; a faint aroma lingered within that gave people a refreshing feeling of walking through a gentle dreamland. One would even wish to find a bed to immediately lie down, close their eyes, and stop thinking of anything else.

However, when they thought of this place belonging to the Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu, Ning Cheng and Jing Wuming no longer entertained any of those thoughts.

The two of them carefully walked through the palace, walked through a curved gravel path, before arriving at a very simple looking pink log cabin.

“Come in.” Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu’s voice turned soft, with a hint of temptation that one could not reject.

Ning Cheng and Jing Wuming then walked into the room. Although Jing Wuming did dare to use his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep around casually, Ning Cheng actually used his Spiritual Consciousness to immediately sweep through the inside of the room.

The room was far from the luxury outside, containing a simple wooden bed, a wardrobe, and a small screen. The wooden bed was covered with pink silk, and several potted flowers stood over the windowsill of the cabin, giving off a very orderly vibe.

The inside of the log cabin gave off a simple yet elegant feeling, which could calm even the most restless of hearts.

“Sit down.” Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness had just landed on the only screen within the wooden cabin when Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu came out from behind the screen.

It was the first time for Ning Cheng to look at Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu from this close, who had a fair oval-shaped face with a faint blush. Accentuated by a pair of eyes that could see through the hearts of others, no one could dare to look at her straight. A string of pearls hung under her neck, and a faint aroma seemed to escape from below the strung beads.

The pronounced busty front only enhanced the perfection of this woman. Looking at this woman, the only feeling that arose was that of maturity and attraction.

Jing Wuming just took a glance before immediately lowering his head and not daring to look again.

Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu looked first at Jing Wuming and then looked at Ning Cheng. After looking at Ning Cheng, she then calmly spoke out, “Do you know that I once wanted to refine the 9-Step Obscure Array as my own weapon? It is just that I only managed to refine the sections in the front. However, realising that this weapon had not much value during a fight, I decided to give up on it.”

When Ning Cheng heard those words, his heart sank and instantly realised what was going on. At the same time, why Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu wanted to summon him.

Since Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu had once tried to refine the 9-Step Obscure Array, it meant that she knew about his Spiritual Consciousness penetrating through the layers of the 9-Step Obscure Array. No wonder she wanted to summon him to this place.

“You have quite the Spiritual Consciousness, have you cultivated a Spiritual Consciousness Cultivation Method?” Imperial Concubine Revolving Jade stared at Ning Cheng and asked again.

Ning Cheng wanted to deny it; he did not have a Spiritual Consciousness Cultivation Method, so how could he cultivate one? However, he swallowed those words. Instead, replied, “Answering to senior, this junior had obtained an incomplete Spiritual Consciousness Cultivation Method in the past, and had cultivated it for a little while.”

Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu chuckled before speaking, “Just cultivating in it for a little while made you this strong. If you cultivated it for a long while, wouldn’t you become unrivalled…..”

Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu had just spoken half of it when she suddenly stopped, and her facial expression turned slightly tricky to look at. Suddenly, she raised her hand and opened her bed board before ordering Ning Cheng and Jing Wuming, “Quickly go in.”

Ning Cheng and Jing Wuming immediately understood that someone was coming in. Moreover, someone who could terrify Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu to such an extent, apart from the king, who else could they be?

Jing Wuming did not think much about it and just jumped under the bed board. He knew that trying to resist would be useless at this point.

Ning Cheng, however, did not jump in, but instead opened the wardrobe and quickly hid in it. “Senior, I will hide here.”

Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu felt exceedingly anxious in her heart, this Ning Cheng wanted to court death. Hiding in a closet, just by his aura, the Orchid Borough Celestial River King could immediately find him, and would not even need to sweep out with his Spiritual Consciousness. She had explicitly opened the bed boards of her bed, a formidable artefact she refined that blocked off Spiritual Consciousness. As long as one converged his or her breathing, no one could find anything out of place.

Unfortunately, she did not have the time to pull out Ning Cheng. Just as she lowered the bed boards, the Orchid Borough Celestial River King’s voice arrived at the door, “Love, I heard that you were a little tired and worried. Don’t worry; I specifically came to see you.”

“Big Brother Lan, I’m all right….” Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu had already stepped forward and linked her arms with the Orchid Borough Celestial River King, who had just come in.

Ning Cheng did not feel much worried as he had full confidence in his ability to isolate his aura. As long as he hid there without making any moves, Ning Cheng believed that the Orchid Borough Celestial River King would not find him. Besides, since this Orchid Borough Celestial River King was so fond of the Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu, he would never dare to use his Spiritual Consciousness to sweep inside Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu’s room. It was pure psychology.

He could sense that the Orchid Borough Celestial River King’s fondness for the Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu had already permeated deep into his bones. Moreover, this kind of affection was not something that someone could fake. If the Orchid Borough Celestial River King entered the house and indiscriminately swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, it would only mean that the Orchid Borough Celestial River King had some caution in his heart against Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu and would never pamper her this much.

He was not as honest as Jing Wuming was, and he was also not willing enough to hide under Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu’s bed and was afraid of Orchid Borough Celestial River King and Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu heading to the bed. If the pair indeed went to bed, he would no doubt find it awkward and unlucky to hide under the bed. It was just that Jing Wuming was too honest for his own good. Ning Cheng had not even spoken when this fellow had already jumped in.

Ning Cheng had thought about a lot in just an instant; however, the only thing that he had not considered was that there might already be someone else in this cabinet. Moreover, he had not found this person when he swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness previously. Only after he entered the wardrobe and his hand pressed against a soft thing did he come to know that a woman was hiding in it. Moreover, his hand was pushing on that woman’s chest.

I am finished, Ning Cheng had just thought of the two words when the woman sent him a sound transmission, “Converge your aura and don’t move…..”

Knowing that this woman did not freak out, Ning Cheng’s heart slightly loosened and immediately converged his aura. As his mind whirled with thoughts about the identity of this woman and why was she hiding in this place or if the Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu knew about her, he felt a vague barrier covering his entire body.

Ning Cheng immediately understood that this woman had no confidence in his concealment ability and had helped him by providing him with a layer of concealment. Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness carefully swept towards this woman and unexpectedly found her appearing as a fuzzy haze. Ning Cheng immediately felt shocked in his heart, what kind of concealment ability was this? He was right in front of her, almost sticking to her body, yet he could not even see this woman’s appearance with his Spiritual Consciousness.


“Love…..” The Orchid Borough Celestial River King’s tone was so soft that it could even melt steel.

However, for Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu, it felt like a nightmarish voice. The next moment, Ning Cheng heard the sound of two lovers kissing.

Sounds of robes unravelling slowly grew louder and louder. Although Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu’s bed did not make any sound, Ning Cheng could clearly hear the excited tones of Orchid Borough Celestial River King and Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu romping around in the bed.

Ning Cheng secretly felt lucky in his heart; fortunately, he had not hidden under the bed. Otherwise, he might have just died from all that bad luck. Wuming, that fellow was just too honest. No matter what that woman had wanted to do with him, Ning Cheng should have known early on to not bring this fellow with him.

The smell of lust quickly filled the room. Ning Cheng suddenly felt that the two soft points behind him had also gradually hardened. He immediately knew what was going on. He realised that this woman was afraid to use the Cleansing Spirit Method in this place, lest the Essence Qi fluctuations affected the surroundings.

“Don’t….” Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu’s voice finally came over. Ning Cheng felt slightly relaxed hearing it. At least this woman knew about the gravity of the situation here.

The Orchid Borough Celestial River King looked at Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu in a puzzle before whispering, “Love, are you all right?”

“I just came back from the public square and am still covered in dirt. Wait for me to bath, and then I will accompany Big Brother Lan.” Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu spoke with a charming voice.

“No, I’m in a happy mood. Besides, why do you want to bath? A simple Dust Removal Technique would solve all the problems. Love, let me pamper you…..” The Orchid Borough Celestial River spoke with a soft smile.

Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu gave out a soft moan, and then the two of them hugged each other and once again started rolling around. Ning Cheng could not help but curse in his heart; just give a simple excuse, like a headache or something? If you want to be so intimate, at least wait till this grandpa leaves. Moreover, that pitiful Wuming still has to suffer through all that under your bed.

“Wait-wait….” Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu once again found her voice.

“What happened?”

Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu suddenly sat up, tidied her loose clothes and spoke, “Big Brother Lan, I also feel very keen in my heart. However, today is the big day for my Orchid Borough Celestial River. I feel thrilled that we could select so many talented geniuses. We cannot take this matter lightly. Besides, I really want to take a shower. In the night, we’ll…..”

The Orchid Borough Celestial River King laughed and spoke, “Yes. I never thought that you, love, would feel so strongly about it. Come, Love, let us go to my palace. We can take a shower there together…..”

“Yes.” Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu replied with a gentle tone. Then, pulling on the Orchid Borough Celestial River King’s hand, she finally left the room.

After a few more breaths, the woman behind Ning Cheng snorted, “You can go out now. Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu will be back soon. I must leave immediately.”

Ning Cheng quickly rushed out of the closet. He did not care who this woman was or what she was doing here. These things, anyway, had nothing to do with him.

Ning Cheng immediately moved to Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu’s bedside and examined it for a short time. He wanted to open the bed boards and release Jing Wuming. Sadly, he could not find any way of opening it even after examining it for a long time.

“You don’t need to waste your time with it. That bed is Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu’s weapon. Moreover, she had refined it personally. Except for herself, even if you had cultivation higher than she did, you would not be able to open that bed. I urge you to walk away from this place as soon as possible. If Imperial Concubine Xuan Yu wanted to kill you and your friend, you would have already died. Why would she wait until later? So you don’t need to worry, your friend will remain safe even after you leave.” The woman from the closet sent Ning Cheng a sound transmission.

Ning Cheng also knew that the other party was not wrong about the situation. If he had to open this bed, Ning Cheng would first have to refine it as his own. However, even Ning Cheng did not know how long it would take. Moreover, after his examination, Ning Cheng found that he could not destroy the bed if he wanted to. At the same time, if he could destroy it, it might end up killing Wuming. Therefore, Ning Cheng did not dare to do it.

At this moment, Jing Wuming’s voice came from the inside, “Xiaocheng, you should head back first. I should be fine. Moreover, it would be safer for me if you go back.”

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