Chapter 0529

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Chapter 0529: Heavenly Emperor Striking Order

Very soon, huh, Ning Cheng immediately understood.

A cold snort followed by a burst of ice-cold air descended. Even if Ning Cheng remained inside the resting pen, he felt an overwhelming sensation within his heart. This cold snort felt like an iron hammer hitting his chest, causing him to feel extreme pain.

Such horrifying cultivation, Ning Cheng’s mind had just flashed with this thought when a colossal-sized palm suddenly descended. The next moment, the tens of thousands of still-fighting cultivators, crumbled into slag.

The street, which resembled a small-scale battlefield a few moments ago, turned eerily silent and empty after this huge palm descended.

Ning Cheng felt his scalp turning numb. He already had some insight into the strength possessed by Celestial River Kings. However, the power of the owner behind this palm was something that Ning Cheng could not even fathom. Was this person’s strength not on the same level as that powerhouse he had seen in the Everlasting Blue Thunder City’s projection?

“Distant Stellar Celestial River and Essence Eyot Celestial River ignored the rules of Striking Order Starry Skies. Of the two groups fighting within the Striking Order Star Land, cancel the qualifications of both the celestial rivers from entering the Time Wilderness. All the cultivators involved in the fight warrant the death penalty, including the Distant Stellar Celestial River King, the Essence Eyot Celestial River King, and the Celestial Lords under the two Celestial River Kings. As for any other cultivators that participated in this fight, all will be put to death…” The giant palm disappeared, and the voice had faded away. Only the lingering sound of silence reverberated within Ning Cheng’s ear.

Ning Cheng sucked in a breath of cold air; this fellow was just too domineering. Was this the Striking Order Starry Skies Emperor? Just a palm from this fellow had completely eradicated tens of thousands of cultivators and killed several Celestial Lords and the two Celestial River Kings. From this, one could easily infer that within the Striking Order Starry Skies, the Striking Order Starry Skies Emperor’s word was the truth.

Not waiting for Ning Cheng, all the people came out on the street and bowed in unison and shouted, “Long live Heavenly Emperor Striking Order!”

After that, in just a few moments, the street reverted to what it looked like before. As for the rest of the people, they immediately got back to do what they were supposed to do. None of them felt even half a point nonplussed about the fact that tens of thousands of people had just died in this very spot a few moments ago.

What was power? This was what power was. Ning Cheng thought of his own Celestial Novice Cultivation. For the first time in his life did Ning Cheng felt like an insignificant fellow in the whole universe.

Witnessing the power of the Striking Order Starry Skies Emperor, Ning Cheng no longer wanted to remain outside. He was just about to return to his room when his eyes swept over a pretty figure. Just when Ning Cheng’s eyes glazed over the face of the beautiful woman, he almost called out the words, ‘Xu Yingdei’.

However, Ning Cheng quickly realised that this person was not Xu Yingdei. Although Xu Yingdei was already an apex-ranked beauty, she still could not compare to the beauty of this woman in front of him. Bright eyes with jet black pupils, with skin akin to pure white porcelain. The beautiful face gave off the feeling of looking at a naive girl, so much so that people would not even bear to talk loudly.

Although this woman had such a naive-looking face, she also had a busty chest. As such, people would feel even more reluctant to look away from her.

Ning Cheng had only glanced at her before moving his gaze. This woman resembled too much like Xu Yingdei, almost causing him to mistake her as Xu Yingdei. Moreover, this woman had four Celestial Wheels behind her, which indicated that this woman was at least a Celestial Bridge Cultivator. Even if Xu Yingdei were a genius, she would not transform into a Celestial Bridge Cultivator in such a short time.

“Do you know me?” Ning Cheng’s fluctuating emotions and gaze had immediately attracted the attention of this woman. She deliberately walked to the front of Ning Cheng before scrutinising Ning Cheng from top to bottom. She affirmed that she had never met Ning Cheng previously. However, Ning Cheng had gazed at her with an apparent look of astonishment and recognition, indicating that this person apparently knew her.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “No, I just saw my friend come over and felt a little excited.”

Saying that Ning Cheng then pointed a finger somewhere behind the women.

Behind this woman, another woman with a veil over her face headed towards Ning Cheng.

The beautiful looking woman with the naivety-filled face did not leave. She deliberately stood beside Ning Cheng. When the woman with the veil over her face finally walked over to Ning Cheng, she asked, “Is he your friend?”

The woman with the veil over her face gave the other woman a respectful salute before speaking up calmly, “Replying to senior, he is my friend, Ning Cheng. We had an appointment to meet here.”

Ning Cheng secretly thanked this woman; at the same time, he also admired this woman’s quick thinking.

“Ning Cheng; that is a good name. I’m leaving; maybe I will come to see you later.” The beautiful woman with the porcelain doll-like face spoke while giving Ning Cheng a bright smile, which revealed a hint of her perfect white teeth.

After taking a few steps, she suddenly turned back to Ning Cheng and spoke, “Oh yes, I forgot to tell you my name. I’m called Xu Binglan, you have to remember it.”

After hearing that name, Ning Cheng felt a shiver run down his body, while silent roars echoed within his mind. Xu Binglan, Ning Cheng was just familiar with this name. This woman’s name had spread everywhere within the Tian Continent along with Song Yan. These two women initially were from the Heavenly Dao Sect and competed for the sole attention of Yan Fenghua. In the end, it resulted in a huge feud, followed by the emergence of two great academies, the Floating Snow Palace and the Severing Emotions Dao Sect.

Xu Anzhen, someone who harboured a great hatred for Ning Cheng, was this woman’s descendant. Moreover, even Xu Yingdei, who had almost killed him, was also a direct descendant of this woman. No wonder, that he almost mistook this woman as Xu Yingdei at first glance.

This woman looked so comely and innocent, naive and brilliance, to the point that people would not even bear the thought of feeling anything negative about her. However, Ning Cheng knew enough about the women from the Severing Emotions Dao Sect, to the point of almost feeling disgusted with it. After the women from the sect severed their emotions, they would go on to have multiple partners. In other words, this young and beautiful looking Xu Binglan, despite having such a fair and comely appearance, most likely had devoured innumerable men.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng felt as if he had almost swallowed a disgusting fly. In contrast, Ning Cheng’s impression of the Floating Snow Palace was many times better than the Severing Emotions Dao Sect.

“Can we go in and sit down?” The woman with the veil over her face could see Ning Cheng’s slightly disgusted look and spoke up with a smile.

Ning Cheng quickly sobered up and spoke, “Senior Qinyu, thank you very much.”

Ning Cheng had always had a good impression of this woman with a veil over her face. In the rest stop, if not for this woman, he could not have found an excuse to take off the outer robe that had been marked by the Spiritual Consciousness Tag. Moreover, that troublemaker Sisi had also not followed her.

The woman with the veil over her face smile, “I’m just a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator. My family name is Shen, but you can call me Qinyu from now on.”

“Okay. Senior Apprentice Sister Qinyu, would you like to come upstairs with me. I live in this resting pen.” Ning Cheng politely invited her inside.

After Shen Qinyu entered the room, Ning Cheng activated the restrictions and once again spoke up, “Thank you.”

Shen Qinyu smiled and spoke, “I just happened to help you in passing; however, I didn’t expect you to always attract the attention of high-ranking individuals.”

Ning Cheng knew the meaning behind Shen Qinyu’s words. Her ‘always’ meant more than once. However, Ning Cheng did not admit to the past incident. Once he agreed to it, it would indicate that Ning Cheng had already known that a Heaven Seated Expert had marked him with a Spiritual Consciousness Tag. Ning Cheng had already written down the grace shown by this woman. However, he did not want to speak about it. After all, they have only met for the second time.

“Actually, I came here to look for something, but ended up meeting you.” Seeing that Ning Cheng did not talk much and spoke even less than what she spoke, Shen Qinyu had to take the initiative to speak up.

Ning Cheng laughed, “Senior Apprentice Sister Qinyu has already helped me enough. If I can help you even a little, then I will go all out. Senior Apprentice Sister, please speak.”

“Good.” Shen Qinyu gave a simple reply before continuing, “I know that you will also enter the Time Wilderness. Therefore, I hope that you could help me a bit in the wilderness.”

Ning Cheng spoke up apologetically, “Senior Apprentice Qinyu, although I would like to help you, my cultivation is still too low. I am afraid that I would not be of much use to you. Moreover, Junior Apprentice Sister Ruan Mingshu and I have already formed a team and cannot separate.”

“No, you can definitely help me with this favour. I have a communications pearl here, and if I need your help, I will send you a message. If you are not available or are busy otherwise, just ignore my message.”

After talking, Shen Qinyu sat there holding the communications pearl, looking at Ning Cheng calmly and waiting for him to answer.

Ning Cheng did not know what Shen Qinyu was talking about; how was she so sure that he could help her? Shen Qinyu could see the Spiritual Consciousness Tag that white-robed man had left on him; moreover, Shen Qinyu even used a talisman to block the attack from an expert in the Celestial River Realm. From this, he knew that this woman’s background was not simple.

Why did she need him if she came from such a not-so-simple background?

Despite the doubts, Ning Cheng still took the communications pearl and spoke with a smile, “Naturally, as long as I am near and can help, I will definitely help.”

He deliberately did not speak anything in depth, whether he could help or not, Ning Cheng wanted to have the final say in it.

Shen Qinyu did not seem to have heard Ning Cheng’s words carefully. She suddenly took off her veil and spoke to Ning Cheng, “Junior Apprentice Brother, I will take you to a place in the evening. You will definitely benefit from it.”

As Ning Cheng looked at the woman in front of him, with a relatively pretty face, could not help but wonder why she had to wear a veil. However, he quickly understood what was going on. Did Ning Cheng only have a Mask-type Dao Artefact and no one else? Obviously, this relatively pretty-looking face was not Shen Qinyu’s original face. This made this woman even more mysterious in Ning Cheng’s eyes.

“My cultivation is shallow, and I don’t like to go out. I just want to stay at my place and rest. Senior Apprentice Sister Qinyu can go by herself.” Ning Cheng euphemistically rejected Shen Qinyu’s invitation.

Shen Qinyu did not care, and spoke with a smile on her face, “This is a gathering between the Striking Order Starry Skies’ geniuses. All the genius cultivators from the various celestial rivers under the Striking Order Starry Skies will attend it. I also got an invitation through someone else. If a rogue cultivator came to such a place and heard others discuss the Dao and some starry skies’ Spiritual Techniques, they would definitely end up with a great harvest.”

“This kind of harvest is several times better than what one could learn by self or even from people from the same sect. After all, none of us comes from the same place, and even the differences in cultivation levels are not too far apart. As such, the things one could understand and the difficulties that one would face would not be too far apart. Sometimes, when you hear or see something, even a bit, you might even suddenly experience a breakthrough. I think that Junior Apprentice Brother Ning should come to this place instead of staying behind closed doors to avoid trouble. Moreover, cultivating within the starry skies, one cannot avoid trouble even by staying behind closed doors.”

In fact, Ning Cheng felt slightly moved by Shen Qinyu’s words. His cultivation had already reached a point of stagnation. Even his understanding regarding the ways to cultivate Spiritual Consciousness had not yielded any results. In other words, Ning Cheng had no way to advance further. Although Ning Cheng felt he was close to a breakthrough, until the point Ning Cheng actually broke through, he would always remain stuck at that ‘close to breakthrough’ point.

“Okay. Many thanks to Senior Apprentice Sister Qinyu’s guidance. I will accompany Senior Apprentice Sister Qinyu as requested.” Once Ning Cheng decided on things, he would not show any hesitation.

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