Chapter 0531

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Chapter 0531: I’m The Primary Genius

Ning Cheng remained immersed in absorbing the knowledge. At the same time, he even used this opportunity to sort out some of the problems relating to cultivation that had stumped him. Ning Cheng felt that once this Dao Discussion Convention ended, as long as he took the time to seclude himself, both his cultivation and strength would experience a qualitative improvement.

However, at this moment, an inexplicable sense of danger washed over. Ning Cheng did not even think about it and unconsciously threw out a punch.

Because of the spontaneity of the punch, Ning Cheng could not hold back with this punch.

“Bang…..” With a burst of overbearing Celestial Essence, a sizable mist of blood immediately erupted followed by a medium-bodied male cultivator shooting backwards, forced by Ning Cheng’s fist.

This punch immediately attracted the attention of many cultivators at the Dao Discussion Hall. Not because of two parties breaking into a fight, which could be considered normal in the Dao Discussion Hall, but because this male cultivator who shot backwards, had lost one of his legs, apparently smashed to pulp under Ning Cheng’s punch.

Countless Spiritual Consciousnesses descended on Ning Cheng’s body, mixed in with surprise, amusement, pity, and other kinds of emotions. Ning Cheng looked like a Celestial Novice Cultivator, who did not even have a Celestial Wheel. Yet this person managed to obliterate one of the legs of a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator with just a punch.

Ning Cheng had already sobered up because of that previous sense of danger. Looking at how his punch had sent a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator flying, he still showed a calm expression.

When this person had kicked him, Ning Cheng had subconsciously sensed the surging murderous intentions. If he remained immersed within that wondrous state, or if he did not have such a formidable strength, then the one lying on the ground devoid of arms or legs might have been Ning Cheng himself. Maybe he might have ended up losing his life.

The spot where Ning Cheng had chosen to sit down was a relatively quiet location; however, because of this matter, it immediately turned lively.

“This is quite the big headache. That fella actually laid waste to one of Lou Shao’s legs. Even if restored, it would greatly lower his cultivation. Not to mention that it would require the assistance of top-grade Spirit Objects.” Someone shook their head and mumbled to himself or herself while shooting sympathetic glances at Ning Cheng.

“It’s not what you think. Rather, that fellow you called Lou Shao took the initiative to kick that Celestial Novice Cultivator. That Celestial Novice Cultivator stuck out on instinct. Its Lou Shou’s own fault that he ended up with a wasted leg.” The person next to him spoke up in disapproval.

The former speaker silently looked at the disdainful cultivator without a word, before whispering, “If you knew that Lou Shao’s nephew is Lou Pingchuan, you would not have said those words. Whatever be the case, Lou Pingchuan is also here.”

What?” The disdainful cultivator replied in shock and immediately retreated two steps to stand aside. At the same time, his eyes glanced over a black-robed male cultivator.

Although he did not know anything about Luo Shao, he definitely knew about Lou Pingchuan. Moreover, pretty much everyone in this place knew about Lou Pingchuan. If one had to pick the ten most talented cultivators in the Striking Order Starry Skies, Lou Pingchuan would definitely appear on that list. This person came from the Shang Mou Celestial River and had an almost unmatched Celestial Gatherer Cultivation. Even Heavenly Emperor Striking Order felt optimistic about this person, yet someone dared to waste a leg of this fellow’s uncle. Would that fellow even spare him?

Ning Cheng calmly stood up after hearing the conversations around him. That fellow whose leg he had wasted with a punch had already taken the backstage. Replaced by this black-robed cultivator, called Lou Pingchuan or something.

However, Ning Cheng did not feel afraid. Moreover, it was not his choice; that Luo Shao took the initiative to find trouble with him. Besides, Luo Shao wanted to reap his life with that kick. Although he did not like creating unnecessary problems, that did not mean that Ning Cheng felt afraid of getting into trouble.

This Lou Pingchuan apparently had a lot of fame attached to his name. Especially since a lot of cultivators immediately started gathering around just as he walked over.

“Was it you who wasted one of Luo Shao’s legs?” Lou Pingchuan came to a stop in front of Ning Cheng and spoke out in a calm tone.

Lou Pingchuan and his uncle did not have a tall stature, only half a head shorter compared to Ning Cheng when standing in front of him. However, the strong aura radiating from this fellow’s body made everyone know that this fellow definitely was an expert.

Ning Cheng replied calmly, “You should say that Luo Shao tried to attack me. It’s his own fault that he lost a leg because of my defence.”

“So are you saying that since Luo Shao did something wrong, you punished him?” Lou Pingchuan’s tone turned even colder.

Ning Cheng would have very much taken a jab at it if it were the past, instead of exchanging words with this bastard. However, Ning Cheng still possessed reason. Not to say about fighting against Lou Pingchuan, even if Lou Pingchuan cannot beat him, Ning Cheng also cannot casually pick a fight with one of the geniuses in this place.

The others had backers; Ning Cheng, however, had no one.

“Yes. As far as this is concerned, I was just sitting here without moving when that Luo Shao decided to kick me. He obviously wanted my life.” Ning Cheng still spoke in a calm tone. “Although I am an ordinary cultivator, if anyone wants to my life, they should also prepare to leave behind theirs.”

“So, you still want to kill Luo Shao.” Lou Pingchuan’s tone, this time, oozed with dense murderous intent.

Ning Cheng simply did not want to answer Luo Pingchuan’s words. If this fellow wanted to have a go at it, he would not mind going along. Words simply had no effect in this place. If it were any other place and someone had tried to kill him without any reason, Ning Cheng would have killed him or her already. Why would he wait until now?

“Head to the Seeking Dao Platform right now, I want to see what you’re capable of.” Lou Pingchuan waved his hand and erupted with a murderous aura that smashed towards Ning Cheng.

Before reaching the Seeking Dao Platform, this fellow wanted to bring Ning Cheng down a peg first.

Unfortunately, such a trick had no effect on Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng also casually waved his hand, and a dominant Celestial Essence fluctuation erupted that completely disintegrated the incoming murderous aura.

Ning Cheng knew that although he had not secluded himself from the world, he had still absorbed the Dao Discussions all around for more than a day. As such, his moves had a completely different sense to them compared to the past. With that one move, Ning Cheng felt as if a heavy weight had lifted off his chest, bringing him more in-tune with the truths of heaven and earth. At the same time, because of that strike, Ning Cheng also realised that he definitely was not an opponent against Lou Pingchuan.

“No wonder you’re so arrogant. You have a few tricks up your sleeve.” Lou Pingchuan’s eyes flashed with surprise, concentrating his gaze over Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng felt slightly disdainful in his heart. With his character, if it were any other place, or a place devoid of people, this father would not have just dissolved that murderous aura; he would have counter-attacked with full force. Even if he could not beat this fellow, he would let this bastard know that Ning Cheng was not a dough that anyone could knead.

Sadly, this place was the Dao Discussion Public Square of the Lucky Heaven City. Even if he felt outrageously courageous, he could not outrightly kill any of the genius cultivators in this place. Not to mention Heavenly Emperor Striking Order, even a Celestial River King could turn him into fly ash with just the wave of their hands.

However, if he defeated Lou Pingchuan, and earned the favour of Heavenly Emperor Striking Order in the process, he might have a chance at self-preservation. Unfortunately, Ning Cheng never would believe in such a miracle happening.

Not to mention defeating Lou Pingchuan, even if he could kill Lou Pingchuan in just a few moments, he might not live long enough to get into Heavenly Emperor Striking Order’s eyes. Also, even if everyone backed off a step and Heavenly Emperor Striking Order decided to meet him, what of it. The first thing Heavenly Emperor Striking Order would do, instead of protecting him, would most likely be using his Spiritual Consciousness to scan Ning Cheng.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, why are you here?” Ruan Mingshu’s shocked voice arrived, and then she squeezed in from the outside of the crowd.

She felt slightly panicked and had thought that she would not meet Ning Cheng before entering the Time Wilderness. Yet, here was Ning Cheng, caught in the middle of a situation.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Mingshu, do you this man?” Lou Pingchuan looked at Ruan Mingshu with doubt.

Ruan Mingshu had a top-notch figure. At this kind of a gathering, a female cultivator as beautiful as her obviously would draw the eyes of many male cultivators. Although Lou Pingchuan had a place within the top geniuses within this hall, he still appreciated Ruan Mingshu.

Ruan Mingshu quickly gave Lou Pingchuan a bow before speaking, “Greeting Senior Apprentice Brother Luo, Ning Cheng is my Senior Apprentice Brother, and we came here together.”

With that, she anxiously spoke to Ning Cheng, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, this is Shang Mou Celestial River’s genius, Brother Lou Pingchuan. Senior Apprentice Brother, you should apologise……”

Ning Cheng calmly spoke back, “Someone attacked me, and I protected myself. Why should I apologise for it? Junior Apprentice Sister Mingshu, thank you for your concern. However, I am standing right here. If anyone wants my life, then they should also be prepared to leave their life behind.”

“Not to mention that you’re just a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator, even if the king of Shang Mou Celestial River came, so what? Do not regard yourself as the master of the universe. If you want to throw your weight around then just know that you are just a Celestial Gatherer ant, not the master of the universe. Since you consider yourself a genius, then I can also consider myself as a genius. No, I am the premier genius of the whole universe. And yet, you still want people to take your word as law.”

The latter half of the sentence, Ning Cheng had purposefully directed towards Lou Pingchuan. Now that he knew that Lou Pingchuan came from Shang Mou Celestial River, Ning Cheng felt even more disgusted within his heart. It was just that he still had no power to kill someone on the level of Shang Mou Celestial River King; otherwise, he would have already trained his spear towards that shameless Celestial River King.

“Ah…” Ruan Mingshu stood rooted in place. She had thought that her words could be of some help to him; however, considering Ning Cheng’s recent words, trouble definitely headed their way.

The surroundings instantly burst into laughter. As the crowd saw it, Ning Cheng currently definitely did not look like a cultivator who people could push around.

Lou Pingchuan already showed intentions of killing Ning Cheng; however, Ning Cheng’s words left him completely livid and even more sullen.

“Well said, I also agree with what this friend said. Standing upright and walking straight. If you want my life, then trade it with your life. Haha…..” Someone’s voice rang out in the crowd followed by a burst of laughter.

“Ma Jian, what you mean by that?” Lou Pingchuan’s expression turned heavier and overflowed with killing intent.

Ning Cheng also looked at the person standing leisurely in a corner. This fellow had a robust body but a lazy expression over his face. However, this fellow was also a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator. Ning Cheng could not figure out why this fellow helped him. Moreover, since this Ma Jian could induce such a change in Lou Pingchuan, it showed that this fellow also had strong backing.

Lou Shao, whose leg Ning Cheng had smashed with a punch, suddenly called out from the side, “Pingchuan, I was just discussing the Dao with my friends. Because my technique turned out inferior to the others, I ended up blown away by my friends. I just happened to fly in the direction of this person. However, I did not expect this person to have such a cruel heart. I couldn’t even think of resisting when this bastard’s killer move blew off my leg.”

When Luo Shao’s words came out, almost everyone present believed it, except for Ning Cheng. True, this Luo Shao was a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator, but even if he was not one of the best, a Celestial Novice Cultivator still could not blow off one of his legs. The only plausible explanation was that Luo Shao could not muster any sort of defence and that Ning Cheng indeed had the intent to kill this person.

“What else do you have to say? If there is nothing else, then you better wash your neck and wait for me at the Seeking Dao Platform.” The killing intent around Lou Pingchuan had almost solidified. Sensing the changes, the cultivators standing near to him quickly retreated.

If this were not the Dao Discussion Public Square, Ning Cheng would have started fighting a long time ago.

“I can prove that Lou Shao definitely carried a murderous intent before he lost his leg, and I can also prove it without any doubt because it’s what I saw with my own eyes.” A voice suddenly emerged.

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