Chapter 0533

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Chapter 0533: Every type of cultivator

The Seeking Dao Platform of the Lucky Heaven City’s Dao Discussion Convention had its own share of attraction, and there was never a shortage of cultivators duelling in this place. However, only fights between cultivators without any level difference were common; fights like the one between Ning Cheng and Lou Pingchuan, where there was a difference of two realms, apart from mutual hatred between the two, where each party wished the other dead, remained a rare sight.

Whether it was Ning Cheng and Lou Pingchuan’s cultivation gap or the fame accompanying Lou Pingchuan’s talents, everyone felt it worthwhile to watch it. As such, at this point, almost everyone within the Dao Discussion Hall came around and wanted to witness the duel that involved a difference of two full realms. Alternatively, they also wanted to see if Ning Cheng, who almost brought Lou Pingchuan to the point of vomiting blood out of anger, had any skills to back up his sharp mouth.

“I will let you understand what you have to pay.” Lou Pingchuan stood on the Seeking Dao Platform and had long since returned to his original calm, no longer showing any hint of impatience or anger.

With that, he did not wait for Ning Cheng to answer, and the surroundings immediately blurred.

In the twinkling of an eye, Ning Cheng felt as if a powerful force had completely bound him while the space around him started squeezing upon him. Ning Cheng secretly felt amazed at this, he had fought against many Celestial Scryer Cultivators in the past and knew that the domain of a starry skies’ cultivator played a vital role in determining his or her strength.

Now that Lou Pingchuan bound Ning Cheng within his Domain, Ning Cheng found that this Domain had no semblance to a normal Domain. Ning Cheng felt increasingly sure that if he still had the same Sea of Consciousness as before, even if he managed to advance to the mid-stage Celestial Novice Realm as the present, his Domain would barely be able to protect him under the crushing pressure from Lou Pingchuan’s powerful Domain. Lou Pingchuan’s Domain could not only suppress his opponent’s Domain, but it could even perforate into the opponent’s Domain.

If this was only the case, then Ning Cheng could easily rely on his spear skills and the strength of his Celestial Essence to fight. However, since Lou Pingchuan could bring forth such a powerful Domain, how could his skills and spiritual techniques be poor?

One could easily imagine that an average Celestial Novice Cultivator would have to struggle a lot under the crushing pressure of such a Domain. At the same time, the other party could easily dispatch their opponent without even doing anything. Ning Cheng had to admit that this fellow definitely had some talent; no wonder others referred to him as a genius.

Unfortunately, Ning Cheng was not an ordinary Celestial Novice Cultivator, his Sea of Consciousness had already undergone Nirvana and had transformed into the starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness. Lou Pingchuan’s Domain could crush the Domain of ordinary Celestial Novice Cultivators and even kill them in seconds; however, it had no effect on Ning Cheng,

At the same time, Ning Cheng also knew that he was not an opponent of Lou Pingchuan. As such, he did not take the initiative to attack; instead, he put all his efforts into self-preservation for now. He firmly believed that Lou Pingchuan would not have an easy time killing him.

The Seeking Dao Platform and a common duelling platform were different. A Duelling Platform majorly involved Life and Death Battles, while Seeking Dao Platforms held Dao Law exchanges as a battle. As long as he stuck around for a while, Ning Cheng could then take the initiative to admit defeat. Ning Cheng had no qualms of admitting defeat, even if he could grasp the chance to win. However, Ning Cheng did not intend to win this fight at all. Ning Cheng would not do such a flashy and retarded thing. At least for now, Ning Cheng would not choose such a retarded option that would definitely put a glaring spotlight over him.

Feeling Ning Cheng trapped in his Domain, and unable to break free from the restricted space, Lou Pingchuan showed a grin while thinking in his heart, ‘why not rely on that mouth of yours to get out of this situation?’ He had already made up his mind not to let Ning Cheng die quickly, if he did, he would not be Lou Pingchuan.

Thinking that his Domain had fully deployed and completely trapped his opponent, Lou Pingchuan then brought out a pair of cymbals.

As the cymbals clashed together, it unleashed a wave of sound that immediately caused the people who heard it feel uncomfortable.

Ning Cheng, however, was the first to feel the horror of this attack. After the sound of the cymbals penetrated into his Domain, he did not feel comfortable at all, as an unbearable pain violently erupted from inside his body. That was not the only feeling he had, Ning Cheng even felt the urge to vomit and that he might even end up vomiting out his viscera.

However, this was not the final attack. As the sound of the cymbals penetrated into his body, an invisible blade light landed on Ning Cheng.

A stream of blood splashed out, while Ning Cheng felt as if his Celestial Essence had suddenly experienced a massive decline. It felt as if the next moment, it would completely disappear.

No, he absolutely cannot go on like this. Although he might not be an opponent of Lou Pingchuan, Ning Cheng also cannot let his opponent play around with him in such a manner. Otherwise, life would not turn out much different from death.

The spectators seeing the two sides clash immediately made out that Lou Pingchuan had completely restrained Ning Cheng within his Domain. Moreover, Lou Pingchuan’s first attack had already injured Ning Cheng severely. Also, until now, Ning Cheng had not even brought out any sort of weapon.

A collective sigh echoed around in the crowd, if this Celestial Novice Cultivator had the time to grow, this battle might have had a different outcome. However, the cultivation difference was just too vast. From the looks of it, in just a few more breaths, this Celestial Novice Cultivator would ultimately fall into Lou Pingchuan’s hands.

Lou Pingchuan stared at Ning Cheng and spoke up sarcastically, “I haven’t even begun yet, and you already can’t handle it? Does it not mean that if I used my full power, you would have to kneel on the ground and beg for mercy? Rest assured though, I will definitely torture you well.”

Ning Cheng, who had initially planned to bring out an ordinary spear, knew that his Domain could easily match up to Lou Pingchuan’s Domain. He just had not erupted with full strength, only resisting it and nothing more.

Since his Domain could compare to the other party’s, it remained impossible for the other party to kill him instantly.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng spoke up with a dismissal tone, “Everyone already knows that you are a coward. Come on; let me see what means a coward possesses. Don’t let this grandpa wait.”

After saying that, Ning Cheng not only did not bring out a weapon to resists; instead, he started operating his Body Refining Cultivation Method. His Body Refining Cultivation Method remained invisible and had no form; as such, even during combat, he could run it as desired. Ning Cheng also understood that a genius like Lou Pingchuan cared too much about face. Therefore, even if he wanted to kill Ning Cheng, he would have to do so in a frank and upright manner, and would not engage in any sneak attacks. Besides, even if Lou Pingchuan participated in sneak attacks, Ning Cheng also had a strong Domain to back him up and avoid it all in time.

The cultivators watching the battle under the stage had no choice but to admire Ning Cheng’s courage. Even when facing such attacks, this fellow still mocked Lou Pingchuan openly.

Lou Pingchuan’s brows furrowed as blue veins popped up over his forehead. With another clash of the cymbals, even denser sound waves rushed out accompanied with invisible blade lights. Filled with majestic Celestial Essence, they bombarded Ning Cheng’s body.

Ning Cheng crazily operated his Body Refining Cultivation Method, continuously using the attacks coming his way to consolidate his corporeal body further. At this moment, Ning Cheng even wished Lou Pingchuan could attack a bit more violently. In fact, a lot more violently.

“Poof-Poof-Poof…..” Blood constantly splashed onto the stage; even the flesh covering Ning Cheng’s body, under the constant bombardment looked completely shredded, with bits and pieces of flesh and blood dripping down. At this moment, Ning Cheng looked like a blood-soaked skeleton; one could even hear the sounds of bones cracking under the shredded skin. However, even under such a situation, Ning Cheng still calmly kept staring at Lou Pingchuan, holding just a long sword-type True Artefact to create some useless resistance.

Lou Pingchuan felt increasingly unhappy in his heart, even after increasing the intensity of his attacks. He had initially felt that such a method of torturing Ning Cheng would allow him to win back a little face and even make his heart feel slightly comfortable.

However, he soon felt that something had gone wrong. Although Ning Cheng suffered more and more injuries, his aura had actually started to grow increasingly stronger. Lou Pingchuan even felt a strange Celestial Essence fluctuation around him. What was going on? If this was not the most bizarre thing, then what he felt even more bizarre was that his Domain had not yet managed to crush the other party’s Domain completely. Something that Lou Pingchuan felt genuinely weirded about.

Something definitely is not right; something must have gone wrong somewhere. Lou Pingchuan suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.

“Kaka…..” For the first time, Ning Cheng felt that such violent attacks, where he had to use his Domain for resistance while crazily operating the Body Refining Cultivation Method, ignited his sense of crisis that then pushed him to go past his body’s physical limits. Such a stimulation allowed his Body Refining Cultivation to climb quickly to the critical point of the Tier 7 God Body.

Taking in the scene of blood splashing around along with the sounds of bones breaking, some of the cultivators spectating from under the stage started to stand on Ning Cheng’s side psychologically; some even began to admire Ning Cheng enough to the point of wanting to lend him a hand. How many of the cultivators present here have not killed people? Yet some of the same cultivators could not bear seeing Ning Cheng continue like this. Not because they had a soft heart, but such intense torture felt more bloody than a direct kill.

“Clack-Clack” Hearing such a sound coming from the bones of his opponent, Lou Pingchuan instantly understood what was going on. This puny Celestial Novice ant unexpectedly dared to fight with him while using the opportunity to refine his body. Not only was this fellow refining his body, but it had also reached the point of advancement.

Ning Cheng had indeed reached the point of advancement. Although his body’s surface looked like a bloodied mess, even hideous, the fact was that his corporeal body was quickly repairing and strengthening itself from the inside out. As such, he did not suffer even a slightly severe wound. As for the surface injuries, he could recover from them at any point in time without even needing any medicinal pills.

“You’re looking for death…..” Lou Pingchuan no longer wanted to torture Ning Cheng slowly, and one of the bronze cymbals in his hands shot out, turning into a faint golden shadow.

The moment the cymbal penetrated Ning Cheng’s Domain, Ning Cheng felt shocked to discover that he could not resist the incoming attack at all. Even if he managed to bring out the Nirvana Spear, he might not be able to stop it. Unless Ning Cheng decided to bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. However, he would need some time to bring out the Everlasting Blue Thunder City; by the time he brought it out, it would be too late.

At this moment, Ning Cheng felt panic rising within his heart and felt that his actions were too brash. Previously, Lou Pingchuan wanted to torture him slowly; as such, there was no chance of death. However, now the other party truly wished to kill him; if he continued with refining his body like this, Ning Cheng would definitely die.

“Puff….” Not waiting for Ning Cheng to retreat, the cymbal directly slashed through Ning Cheng’s waist, causing an arrow of blood to shoot out from the cut. Ning Cheng also ended up blown back sideways because of the force accompanying the cymbal. Even his meridians broke apart at this moment, giving Ning Cheng even more severe, almost fatal injuries. However, the moment they split, they mysteriously joined up almost instantaneously.

The next instance, Ning Cheng felt his skeleton starting to reorganise, as his corporeal body advanced to Tier 8 God Body.

The corners of Lou Pingchuan’s mouth suffused with even more deadly killing intent, even the space around him gave out intermittent tremors. He had to tear apart Ning Cheng’s Domain and kill Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh and was about to bring out his Nirvana Spear, when a cold voice rang out, “Enough. Lou Pingchuan, you are a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator, and yet you want to compare notes with a Celestial Novice Cultivator. Since it already reached this point, there is no need to continue anymore.”

No one spoke. At this time, almost everyone looked at Ning Cheng with sympathy. Even Zhao Yanxiang, the instigator of this incident, had to admire Ning Cheng’s courage, which allowed him to hold on until now. Not only had Ning Cheng held his ground until now, but the killing intent around him had also grown stronger despite Ning Cheng’s injuries growing increasingly severe.

In the entire Dao Discussion Hall, only Lou Pingchuan and Ning Cheng understood what was going on. In any case, Ning Cheng did not want to continue fighting anymore. He had just advanced to the Tier 8 God Body; at the same time, everyone in the public square had already heard his words. As such, Ning Cheng had already achieved a great harvest. Since he realised all his goals and extra during the fight with Lou Pingchuan, why would he bother to continue fighting?

Lou Pingchuan also knew that Ning Cheng had ultimately used him to enhance his own body further, intensifying his desire to kill Ning Cheng. However, when he heard that voice, he had no choice but to stop immediately. This voice belonged to a female cultivator by the name of Tang Yu. Moreover, Lou Pingchuan also clearly understood the identity of the other party. She shared the same status as him, as one of the premier geniuses of the Striking Order Starry Skies. However, her reputation was not something that Lou Pingchuan could ever match in his lifetime.

If the Striking Order Starry Skies had to pick the top ten geniuses, then Lou Pingchuan might squeeze into the tenth spot; however, Tang Yu would definitely rank within the top three. However, this was not the main thing. The most critical piece of information about this female cultivator was that she had an unfathomable father, one of the few Eternal Realm powerhouses within the Striking Order Starry Skies, Tang Yitang.

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