Chapter 0538

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Translated by – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile
Proofread By – DemonKiller

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Chapter 0538: A Best Quality Life Essence

With such dense starry skies’ Essence Qi, which did not create even half-a-point of obstruction while absorbing, Ning Cheng completely forgot about his surroundings and immersed himself in cultivation. For his Mysterious Yellow Formless, the most crucial aspect was the ability to provide the necessary recourses for continued cultivation, which this cultivation environment provided.

Ning Cheng’s meridians crazily expanded and experienced an increase in their tenacity as he continued to absorb the inflow of such resources. Even his Celestial Essence had started showing signs of increasing in both intensity and quality. As time gradually passed, Ning Cheng experienced rapid improvement in his strength.

The Mysterious Yellow Formless Cultivation Method had very few bottlenecks, and now that Ning Cheng crazily absorbed such a high-quality inflow of resources, even those very few bottlenecks started to disappear.

From mid-stage Celestial Novice Realm to the late-stage Celestial Novice Realm, Ning Cheng finally broke through to the late-stage Celestial Novice Realm in just one swoop. Moreover, just as Ning Cheng broke through to the late-stage Celestial Novice Realm, his cultivation rapidly started to advance towards grand-completion Celestial Novice Realm without showing any signs of stopping,

[TL Note – Each realm/level has five stages: initial ascension, early-stage, mid-stage, late-stage, and grand-completion/full circle.]

“Bang…..” A dull noise came from the outside, forcing Ning Cheng to sober up and suddenly open his eyes. After he started cultivating in this place, Ning Cheng almost lost track of time altogether. Although it felt like an instant to him, when he examined his cultivation after this ‘instant’, Ning Cheng found that he had already reached the grand-completion of the Celestial Novice Realm.

Sensing such progress brought Ning Cheng true happiness. Now that he reached the grand-completion of the Celestial Novice Realm, Ning Cheng could now choose to go out to surmount the tribulation to advance to the Celestial Shatterer Realm at any time. Moreover, Ning Cheng heard that stepping up to the Celestial Bridge Realm from the Celestial Scryer Realm would prove extremely difficult. As such, Ning Cheng believed that Lou Pingchuan would not be in such a hurry to advance to the Celestial Bridge Realm. This fellow wanted to represent the Striking Order Starry Skies, so how could he be in a hurry to proceed to the Celestial Bridge Realm?

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept out of the cave and noticed that a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator had just fallen from the entrance of the well. The sound that awakened him was the sound of this person falling and landing at the bottom of the well. However, this cultivator did not possess the same luck as Ning Cheng; as such, not only did his corporeal body collapse from the fall, even his Life Essence showed a dazed and confused look as it floated above the collapsed body.

However, without letting this Life Essence decide on a choice, a dark hand suddenly materialised and grabbed this Life Essence.

Ning Cheng shuddered at this scene. He could not even notice from where the dark hand had appeared from nor did he see this dark hand when he fell.

Need to leave this place quickly; not a place to stay for a long time. Ning Cheng had just thought of it and was about to stand up when he felt an even more violent starry skies’ Essence Qi rush into him. Under such a situation, Ning Cheng could only continue to operate the Mysterious Yellow Formless Cultivation Method.

“Kakaka…..” His meridians suddenly shattered before instantly reorganising. Even his Zifu suddenly started to expand wildly, while his starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness became more active.

No, such a phenomenon was something that happened right after a realm advancement; Ning Cheng felt a great shock in his heart. He had not even come out and initiated a tribulation, let alone surmount one, so how could he advance? Ning Cheng believed that one would have to face an ordeal similar to the Nirvana Tribulation every time one crossed through the realms. As such, he did not feel surprised about his meridians shattering and reorganising; however, he thought it was a bit too unreasonable to advance to the Celestial Shatterer Realm without even facing the thunder tribulation.

However, Ning Cheng could not continue pondering over it. At this moment, Ning Cheng could only operate the Mysterious Yellow Formless Cultivation Method in desperation, as he absorbed the crazy outflow of the dense starry skies’ Essence Qi from the praying mat.

The Mysterious Yellow Formless, with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Origin, turned out even more potent than what Ning Cheng imagined. As such, after his shattered meridians reorganised themselves, they became even more robust and resilient.

As his starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness expanded once more, Ning Cheng felt it even more deeply that his starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness had now started to give out a starry sky-like aura. As his powerful Spiritual Consciousness swept out again, the surroundings turned even clearer. Sure enough, Ning Cheng affirmed that he genuinely advanced to the early-stage Celestial Shatterer Realm. Moreover, not only had his Celestial Essence experienced a multiplicative enhancement, even his Sea of Consciousness had grown significantly to a higher level.

Ning Cheng finally stood up, as he felt that this place was a bit too bizarre. However, what bothered him more was that he advanced to the Celestial Shatterer Realm without facing a thunder tribulation.

Also, he felt that the starry skies’ Essence Qi from the praying mat had turned less dense. If Ning Cheng used it to cultivate, it would have a much-reduced effect over him. However, he did not let go of the praying mat and grabbed it again. What surprised Ning Cheng, however, was that he managed to lift up the praying mat this time.

After putting away the praying mat, Ning Cheng immediately felt that the starry skies’ Essence Qi in the surrounding had returned to normal levels. Looks like it was all the result of this praying mat.

“Young man, you not only used my precious cultivation treasure but you even took away my cultivation treasure, this is just too much. How can you be so excessive? You should know that I saved this cultivation treasure for my future use. Although whether you take it or not is the same thing; however, if I have to use it then I would have to take it out from you……” A sudden voice appeared. Although the first part felt domineering as if coming from an expert; however, the later part felt a little verbose and sounded endless.

Ning Cheng immediately brought out his Nirvana Spear while thinking, who was this fellow?

Ning Cheng guessed that this voice should belong to the master of that dark hand. That dark hand had quickly caught the Life Essence of a cultivator who had crashed into this place; however, it had not touched him.

“Since the praying mat is yours, I will leave it to you. Also, since I am about to leave, I hope you can remove the restrictions over this well.” Ning Cheng replied in a calm tone.

That dark hand had not tried to catch him; Ning Cheng felt that it absolutely was not because he was someone special. Most likely, this dark hand could not capture Ning Cheng due to Ning Cheng still having his corporeal body intact.

“Young people are just too impatient. You can use this place to reach the Celestial Gatherer Realm. That way both of us can come out again. Would that not be good? In this way, it would not only save time, but it would also take care of two things at once……” The voice arrived once again.

“What do you mean?” Ning Cheng calmly interrupted the verbose, while his Spiritual Consciousness carefully wrapped around his body.

Then a laughing voice emerged, “Since someone came here, it means that the Time Wilderness has opened once again. I am just a Life Essence; you do not have to feel that nervous about me. Originally, I wanted to use this time to devour some Life Essences and grow myself. During that time, you can cultivate using the Essence Gathering Praying Mat. Once you reached the Celestial Gatherer Realm, my Life Essence would have also grown by a bit, and then we can fuse as one. Wouldn’t it be beautiful?”

“So you actually wanted to take over me, did you come out of the map?” Ning Cheng found the place from where this voice came from, it was from the right wall of this cave.

“Haha….” Although this voice laughed, this time the voice had a shrill and sharp tone to it. “Young man, what map are you talking about? You do not have to worry about it too much. Besides how can you say that I want to take over you, its fusion, fusion, do you not know? I’m just surprised that you not only managed to advance to the Celestial Shatterer Realm but you also have no Celestial Wheel……”

By the time the voice reached the part about the Celestial Wheel, it had faded entirely. Following that, Ning Cheng felt a sharp sting in his Sea of Consciousness and a blurry shadow suddenly appeared within his Sea of Consciousness. This shadow did not belong to a human figure but resembled a bull-like head.

Ning Cheng felt shocked by the sudden appearance of this beast. However, what surprised him more was that he could not stop this bull-faced Life Essence from entering his consciousness. It also indicated that this fellow had some powerful means.

“I just need your Life Essence, let me eat another one…..” Just at this blurry bull-shaped face spoke out this sentence, a black hand suddenly took form within Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness and rose up as if wanting to grasp something.

Ning Cheng felt his consciousness turning blank as if his Spiritual Soul wanted to separate from his body.

Ning Cheng would never let this bastard seize his body and immediately bit down hard on the tip of his tongue, causing the Everlasting Blue Thunder City to emerge. Countless thunder rays slammed into the blurry shadow of this bull-shaped head, causing it to emit shrill screams, “Who are you, how can you bring out a weapon within your Sea of Consciousness, what kind of weapon is this……. Ah, no, what kind of Sea of Consciousness is this? How does it resemble the starry skies?”

Ning Cheng was not in the mood of showing mercy to the vague bull-like head’s screams. Moreover, this was not the first time that someone wanted to take possession of him. At the same time, Ning Cheng also felt the most fearful towards others trying to take posses of him. If he had just shown a bit more care, he could have merged the Celestial River Flame into his Domain before deploying. That way, this bull-like face could not have entered his Sea of Consciousness.

“Boom-Boom….” Lightning arcs slammed on to the bull-like head’s vague shadow, causing it to erupt in unceasing screams while its figure turned even vaguer.

“I’m going to swallow you…..” The blurry bull face no longer could remain calm and frantically tried to devour Ning Cheng’s life essence.

“Celestial River Flame explode…..” Ning Cheng also would not show any politeness towards anyone who tried to take possession over him and immediately unleashed the Celestial River Flame.

Initially, under the attacks from the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, the blurry bull-faced Life Essence could barely hold on; however, the moment the terrifying Celestial River Flame erupted; it immediately gave out a tearing cry.

“Let me out. I was wrong, let go of me…..” The bull-faced life essence screamed sharply within Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness; however, its screams had started to grow weaker and weaker each passing moment. Previously, it already felt overwhelmed from the Everlasting Blue Thunder City; however, the moment the Celestial River Flame came out, it immediately felt mortified.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and grabbed the almost-extinguished Life Essence within his Sea of Consciousness.

“Eldest Brother, no senior… Please spare me. I am not even worth a fart to you. If I had known about it, I would never have tried to take possession of a supreme existence like you.” The caught bull-faced life essence, trapped in Ning Cheng’s palm, honestly looked miserable. How could one find even a shred of resemblance to its previous expert-like dominance?

“You think I’m very old?” Ning Cheng did not immediately kill this Life Essence. He first wanted to wring out a few answers from this life essence. In any case, Ning Cheng did not expect that this bull-faced life essence would be of such a high grade.

The bull-faced life essence quickly spoke up, “No, no, you are the most handsome, the suavest, the most generous and someone with the highest elegance. The premier genius of the entire starry skies and unparalleled in the entire universe……”

“Stop.” Ning Cheng felt goosebumps erupting throughout his body as he heard this bull-faced life essence speak. Looks like he misjudged once again. This life essence was not one of a high grade, but of an inferior character.

The bull-faced life essence immediately stopped talking after hearing that word. In its view, Ning Cheng’s words had a higher authority compared to the world’s most potent mouth clamper.

“How much do you know about the Time Wilderness? Let me see if you have any value to me.” Ning Cheng stared at the bull-faced life essence and sneered.

The bull-faced life essence quickly shouted out, “I know a lot, I have value, there is a great value to my existence……”

“Talk less noise, and speak.” Ning Cheng tightened his grip on the bull-faced life essence while increasing the power of the Celestial River Flame, leaving only a sliver of life.

The bull-faced life essence quickly spoke up, “I know about the Echo Falls, I also know about the Sea of Twilights, I know about… A lot, a lot…”

“Do you about the Perpetual Moon Lake?” Ning Cheng felt his heart move.

“I know, I know, I know about it very well, I absolutely know about it. My master once took me there, so I know about the Perpetual Moon Lake. Just let me live, I promise to take you to the Perpetual Moon Lake.” The bull-faced life essence quickly spoke up, even using a variety of words to try to describe its familiarity.

It feels like this bull-faced life essence has some value to it, Ning Cheng thought as he dispelled the thought of immediately killing this life essence.

“Although I don’t want to kill you, in the end, you’re still a life essence. How do you plan to follow me?” Ning Cheng, on hearing this bull-faced shadow speak about a master, guessed that bull-faced shadow was someone brought in by a cultivator in the past.

The bull-faced shadow looked at Ning Cheng and spoke up, “My master had left behind a big ring around here. As long as you let me go, I will take it out immediately. Everything is inside the ring. Besides, I, I’ve only lived in the praying mat before you came in.”

“You don’t have any room to negotiate. Hurry up and get it.” Ning Cheng raised his hand, pulled out the bull-faced life essence from the inside of him, and threw it out. As for giving up the praying mat to this bull-faced shadow, Ning Cheng did not even think about it.

“Yes, yes, I’ll go and get it right away.” The bull-faced life essence’s expression turned even more flattering.

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