Chapter 0559

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Chapter 0559: Going Into Seclusion On Board

Ning Cheng felt a slight tremor, which caused him to sober up immediately. This slight tremor indicated that the airship had started to move, which in turn brought Ning Cheng a feeling of happiness. With the airship on the move, it also suggested that no one had found out about him.

Looking at this still noisy hall, Ning Cheng once again closed his eyes to heal. With the help of Returning Celestial Jade Scale Pills, his injuries would mostly heal within seven to eight days. Moreover, his Celestial Essence and Spiritual Consciousness had also recovered by a small part; as long as he had another half a month, Ning Cheng felt sure of making a full recovery.

The cultivators in the big hall had fixed a few spots for themselves, and the old man still sat next to Ning Cheng while holding a pot of wine. A few of the Celestial Bridge Cultivators got together and put up a tent in the middle of the hall with restrictions covering it to isolate the inside from the outside.

Some of the other cultivators also formed a few small teams. However, because Ning Cheng looked almost like the old man sitting beside him, and without a Celestial Wheel, nobody asked him to form a group.

After Steward Lu sent Ning Cheng in, he sent a few more people in; however, after the airship took off, he never came in again.

This was the eighth day since the start of the void airship’s journey, while Ning Cheng had also managed to make an almost complete recovery; even his Spiritual Consciousness and Celestial Essence had nearly made a full recovery.

Ning Cheng had already planned things out; once he made a full recovery, he would immediately head out to find Steward Lu. No matter what method he had to use, Ning Cheng needed a place for cultivation. Otherwise, with the merchant ship flying through the void for several years, he would end up sitting like a fool for years.

“Buzz…..” A fierce murderous intent caused Ning Cheng to subconsciously step aside; a moment later, a dark-skinned male cultivator flew by and slammed into the bulkhead behind Ning Cheng.

Two Celestial Gatherer Cultivators had ended up in a fight, while the cultivators around them behaved as onlookers, without coming forward to help.

“Poof….” A moment later, a blood-coloured light pierced through the glabella of one of the cultivators. This cultivator had not yet fallen, when the cultivator who fought against him, cast out a fireball, burning the body of that cultivator into ashes.

Ning Cheng felt slightly surprised at this; how could such a fight erupt so casually? Had he not closed his eyes to heal for only a little more than ten days?

“Senior, can people really fight in here?” Ning Cheng carefully asked the old man holding the wine jug next to him. A few days ago, this old man was the one who had given him a spot.

The old man spoke in a low voice, “Of course you can; just don’t make too much noise. If you make too much noise, the steward would come over and kill all the cultivators involved in the fight. Anyway, you’re not too young to call me ‘senior’, just call me Xing Ji.”

Ning Cheng nodded, he knew that he probably was the youngest person here; however, the flow of time had shaven away many years out of his lifespan. Now that his Celestial Essence and Spiritual Consciousness had almost recovered to its peak, he wanted to thank this old man.

“An old fart yet only a Celestial Novice ant. How dare you step aside, you looking for death?” The Celestial Gatherer Cultivator, who just killed his opponent, unexpectedly stepped in front of Ning Cheng while overflowing murderous intent, and spoke with a tone filled with sharp killing intent.

Ning Cheng sat motionlessly. If it were not for the old man’s reminder that the fight could not be too loud, he would not have realised why this Celestial Gatherer Cultivator came looking for him. He understood that when he had stepped aside unconsciously, the dark shadow ended up hitting the bulkhead, causing some noise. In the unlikely event that this noise drew the attention of the airship’s steward, this Celestial Gatherer Cultivator would have definitely died.

As a Grade 3 Celestial Array Master, Ning Cheng knew that the defensive array formations covering the hall were incredibly robust. Although that Celestial Gatherer Cultivator forced that black shadow to fly back and hit the bulkhead with some considerable force, it could not do anything to it at all.

It was just that this was an unreasonable fellow. If Ning Cheng had not moved aside, that light would have pierced through his glabella. In that case, why would Ning Cheng willingly wait for death?

Although this Celestial Gatherer Cultivator’s words did not make any sense, Ning Cheng also did not feel willing enough to dip into these waters; as such, he did not choose to give an answer. Moreover, he had also seen that this Celestial Gatherer Cultivator had a few companions.

“Take out your ring, and I’ll let you live.” The Celestial Gatherer Cultivator on seeing Ning Cheng not answering started overflowing with an even denser murderous aura, while his tone also turned more disdainful.

“You said you wanted my ring?” Ning Cheng spoke while he slowly stood up.

“Looks like your ears have not gone deaf as you pretend. Now take it out.” The Celestial Gatherer Cultivator grabbed Ning Cheng collar and tried to lift him up. Apparently, he thought nothing of Ning Cheng, who in his eyes was only a puny Celestial Novice Cultivator.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and brought out the Treasured Thunder Spear, which shot out a fundamentally invisible Spear Intent with the words, “Then let me give it to you.”

Sensing the suppression induced by the fetters of an authoritative domain, the Celestial Gatherer Cultivator who had grabbed onto Ning Cheng’s collar, immediately felt something had gone horribly wrong. However, before he could even do anything, the Treasured Thunder Spear had already pierced through his glabella, killing him instantly.

“Bang…..” Ning Cheng’s Treasured Thunder Spear had just pierced through the glabella of this Celestial Gatherer Cultivator when a burst of flame erupted, turning the body of this Celestial Gatherer Cultivation into ash in an instant.

Did he hide his cultivation? At this moment, every cultivator in the hall silently looked at Ning Cheng; even a fool could guess that Ning Cheng had concealed his cultivation. Otherwise, a cultivator without a single Celestial Wheel would find it almost impossible to kill a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator in one shot, even with a sneak attack.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and put the now-dead fellow’s storage ring away before slowly sitting back down.

The hall remained quiet, even the noise from before had disappeared. A few cultivators who had previously stretched out their legs and did not allow Ning Cheng to sit down near them felt even more disheartened. They never would have thought that this seemingly inconspicuous old man would turn out this terrifying.

Even some of the cultivators in the Celestial Bridge Realm did not dare to stand up and speak. Ning Cheng had not just hidden his cultivation, he also used only a single attack to kill a Celestial Gatherer Cultivator in an instant; most likely, this fellow was a cultivator in the Celestial Bridge Realm. This recently dead Celestial Gatherer Cultivator, killed by Ning Cheng, also had formed a small team with a few people; however, at this moment, not even one among them stood up to speak.

“What happened here? Who’s fighting?” Steward Lu walked in and asked in an angry tone.

The hall remained utterly silent, and no one took the initiative to come out and complain.

Steward Lu also behaved as if he did not want to delve into this matter. After his eyes scanned back and forth through the hall a few times, he turned around and started to leave.

Seeing Steward Lu about to leave, Ning Cheng also quickly stood up and stepped out of the hall.

After Ning Cheng followed Steward Lu out, the hall once again erupted in noise. Almost everyone talked about Ning Cheng’s single shot. Although that shot remained invisible, virtually all the cultivators could feel the majestic spear intent.

A skinny cultivator then carefully walked to the old man who gave Ning Cheng a place to sit, before taking out a pot of wine and handing it to the old man before asking, “Senior, that senior who went out with Steward Lu a moment ago, do you know where he came from?”

The old man gave a grunt before providing a simple sentence, “Don’t know.” With that, he did not bother to look at this skinny cultivator again.


“Steward Lu….” Ning Cheng called out after coming out of the cabin.

Steward Lu stopped, shot a cold stare at Ning Cheng and without waiting for Ning Cheng to speak, spoke, “I already told you, I will call you once I have a room available. If you dare to show such rudeness again, don’t blame me for throwing you out of the void airship.”

Ning Cheng secretly cursed at this fellow’s black heart; however, he still walked over with a smiling face, took out a green card before handing it to this fellow with goat-like whiskers for a beard and spoke, “Steward Lu, I know I should have taken out more, but I only have this much on me…..”

500 million green coins, a glimmer of greed flashed through Steward Lu’s eyes. 500 million green coins was not a small number. Do not look at the cultivators that filled the hall of the airship. The fact was that the celestial coins that he obtained from them were just a small fraction. A majority of it would end up in the pockets of the higher-ups, while he was only an errand boy for the most part.

This Steward Lu gave a snort, and with a slipping motion of his hand received Ning Cheng’s green coin card and put it away, “Come with me.”

After half-an-incense stick worth of time, Steward Lu brought Ning Cheng to an area inundated with the fragrance of wines. Then, he took out a key and opened a small door before saying to Ning Cheng, “We use this place to make wine. You can use this place temporarily. Remember, if you have nothing to do, do not come out and swagger around. Otherwise, do not blame me for being impolite. Also, don’t enter the wine cellar; otherwise, nobody would be able to help you keep your life.”

“Many thanks, Steward Lu, I will definitely not come out casually let alone go into the wine cellar.” Ning Cheng quickly thanked him with cupped fists.

Ning Cheng could feel the urgent need to improve his cultivation; as such, even if this place was nothing but a dump, he did not feel in the mood to run around and explore. The most important thing for him currently was to improve his cultivation as far as possible. Although this small room was only four by five feet in size, it felt enough for Ning Cheng.

Steward Lu on seeing Ning Cheng still interested in the room, only nodded before turning around and quickly leaving.

Once Ning Cheng entered the small room, he immediately started to arrange as many array formations as possible; he wanted to use his stash of Perpetual Moon Pills to cultivate in this place; as such, he could not do without these array formations.

Ning Cheng, however, did not dare to arrange a Spiritual Gathering Array arbitrarily. As such, apart from the defensive array formations, most of the array formations that he set up involved a certain degree of concealment. It even included Spiritual Consciousness Isolation Array Formations, Spirit Concealing Array Formations and many more.

From Striking Order Star Land to Grand Culmination Starry Skies, the airship would have to go through several Void Interfaces; as such, even for a starry skies-class airship or even a battleship of the same rank, it would still take at least ten years to reach the destination. This was what Ning Cheng had heard from Shen Qinyu. Shen Qinyu came from Grand Culmination Starry Skies and he knew that she would not lie to him.

For Ning Cheng, time meant everything. He now had sufficient cultivation resources and free from other distractions. If he did not take this chance to go into secluded cultivation, even the word ‘idiot’ would not be enough to describe him. Therefore, after Ning Cheng arranged the various array formations, the first thing he did was not to sort through the items in the storage rings he obtained but to take out a bunch of Perpetual Moon Pills and start cultivating.

Ning Cheng had obtained many Perpetual Moon Pills a few years ago; however, this was Ning Cheng’s first time using Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation.

Perpetual Moon Pills had a soft white glow to them. Apart from that, Ning Cheng only knew that these medicinal pills were one of the best cultivation resources for an ordinary cultivator. As for the effect that it provided, Ning Cheng had no idea about it.

At this time, after he used a Perpetual Moon Pill for cultivation, Ning Cheng immediately understood why people held Perpetual Moon Pills in such high regard. Perpetual Moon Pills contained clear starry skies’ Essence Qi, with almost negligible impurities; as such, one could easily absorb it without facing any difficulty. Moreover, the efficacy of this pill was a lot higher than absorbing the starry skies’ Essence Qi directly or through the starry skies’ Crystals, and even several times higher when compared to using Spiritual Gathering Arrays.

The cultivation effect it brought turned out not a bit worse to the praying mat he obtained from the bottom of the well.

Ning Cheng’s meridians were akin to bottomless pits; in just a short while, they had almost wholly cleaned off the pile of Perpetual Moon Pills. At the same time, his cultivation also showed signs of slowly rising.

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