Chapter 0562

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Chapter 0562: Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds’ Might

“Brother Ning, there is no way to join forces in this place; once this array formation breaks open, we can only rely on our own luck.” Ziche Jun, on seeing so many cultivators attacking this natural array formation, realised that each of them would have to depend on their own luck.

“Good.” Ning Cheng nodded, with so many people eyeing those fruits, there truly was no way to join hands and cooperate in this scenario. The cultivators waiting at the sidelines for the Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruit had already reached close to 50 to 60 thousand in number, while there was only a dozen Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruit Trees in this place, which equated to a maximum of a few hundred Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruits.

With tens of thousands of people wanting to snatch those few hundred Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruits, it meant odds of about one hundred people to a fruit.

Even if the natural array formation turned out even more powerful, it still did not have the strength to last too long under the joint attacks of tens of thousands of cultivators. In just an hour since Ning Cheng arrived, this natural killing formation finally gave out a soft ‘katcha’ sound. The next moment, when the next volley of weapon lights hit it, it finally blew open with a bang, and the entire defensive array formation collapsed almost instantaneously.

The tens of thousands of cultivators swarmed in like crazy. Ning Cheng also did not hesitate to wield the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. Initially, he stood at the end; however, with a slight wave of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, he almost instantly arrived amid those dozen Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruit Trees. Within such a small space, Ning Cheng made full use of the speed and flexibility of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

Although several other cultivators had rushed in at the same time as Ning Cheng, no one would choose to pay attention to others in such a situation. At this moment, everyone had all their energies focussed on Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruits.

Ning Cheng did not choose to pick the outermost Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruits; instead, he decided to utilise the most significant advantage of his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, its speed. In almost an instant, he arrived at the last spirit tree and in one fell swoop whisked away more than a dozen fruits. In just two sweeps, Ning Cheng took away more than 30 Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruits.

Although Ning Cheng had already swept through the trees twice, he had not even used up a full breathe of time, while the other cultivators still rushed in. Ning Cheng prepared himself for one more sweep when his Spiritual Consciousness felt that this natural array formation protected more than just Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruit Trees. In the depths of these dozen Essence-Harmonising Celestial Fruit Trees, he could feel a slightly more powerful yet fluctuating starry skies’ Essence Qi aura.

In any case, Ning Cheng felt satisfied with these more than 30 Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruits. Sensing the starry skies’ Essence Qi fluctuations, Ning Cheng did not think of anything else and rushed towards the source. When Ning Cheng saw a large swath of land covered in starry skies’ spirit grasses, he almost went into shock. From what he saw in front of him, this broad swath of land contained many starry skies’ spirit grasses, ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 6, this swath of land even included a few Grade 7 starry skies’ spirit grasses.

At this moment, Ning Cheng did not care about anything else and immediately rushed up. With a wave of his hand, he immediately took in a large portion of spirit grasses.

However, other cultivators soon rushed in. These cultivators also did not speak to anyone else and, just like Ning Cheng, started crazily picking the starry skies’ spirit grasses in the area.

Ning Cheng had already reached the forefront while taking in all the starry skies’ spirit grasses in his path as he rushed forward. Even if Ning Cheng madly harvested everything he could, he could take away only a little more than half of the spirit grasses in this swath of land. As for the other portion, the latecomers had already swept it clean.

Despite the help from the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds and Ning Cheng’s mad rush to snatch spirit grasses, he was only slightly faster than the other cultivators were. Combined with him not actively plundering from others, no one who came after him took the initiative to stop him. During such a frenzied moment, who would consciously try to intercept people anyway? At this moment, every cultivator focussed only on himself or herself.

The strength of the starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness finally revealed itself at this time. In only ten breaths of time since Ning Cheng had started collecting the Spirit Grasses, his Spiritual Consciousness had already locked onto a formidable yet repressed aura.

This kind of aura shocked Ning Cheng, as it felt similar to the one he encountered not too long ago. This aura definitely belonged to a Grade 7 or above starry skies Stone Stripped Spider. If he actually ended up crossing paths with such a formidable starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider, it would only result in his death.

Ning Cheng was just about to turn around and escape as far as possible when his Spiritual Consciousness passed through an area with some broken restrictions and swept past the body of a huge starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider.

Only, this starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider laid prone on the ground, motionless and apparently dead. The powerful aura that he had just felt previously came from this dead starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider.

This dead starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider was at least a Grade 7, if not above, starry skies’ demonic beast. Ning Cheng thought to himself while feeling ecstatic in his heart as he immediately rushed towards it as fast as possible.

Low-level starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spiders did not count for much; however, starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider at Grade 7 or above could definitely fetch a significant chunk of celestial coins in the market.

Ning Cheng did not overthink about it and directly put the body of this starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider into his storage ring. However, just as he put away the body of this starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider, another powerful murderous aura suddenly rumbled down.

It was a mighty Celestial River-level Domain; the murderous intent had almost bound Ning Cheng. With a twist of his figure, Ning Cheng finally managed to evade this murderous aura, which then exploded on to the wall right in front of him.

“Boom…..” The wall in front of Ning Cheng immediately cracked open, revealing a huge pile of a variety of spirit grasses and other materials. Looks like this wall had a hollow interior, which remained isolated from Spiritual Consciousness detection. If someone had not cracked it open, no one would have noticed the things inside.

Ning Cheng, on the verge of leaving, immediately rushed over. Raising his hand, he sucked in all the stuff into his storage ring while simultaneously initiating the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Cloud’s teleport-like shift.

These things piled over each other, unlike the scattered spirit grasses outside, which allowed Ning Cheng to take them away all at once.

Ning Cheng had just left when the place where he stood exploded with a loud bang, which also caused the entire wall to collapse.

An extremely violent and angry aura then rushed out in Ning Cheng’s direction. However, by the time this aura reached the cultivators near the periphery, Ning Cheng had already disappeared without a trace.

“Just now a cultivator snatched a large number of Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruits and a large pile of starry skies’ spirit grasses. Moreover, this fellow also snatched the body of a Grade 7 or above starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider along with countless Thunder Firmament Crystals…” After this murderous aura finally dissipated, an angry longhaired cultivator suddenly materialised. Not able to trace Ning Cheng’s aura anymore, the cultivator immediately began to publicise whatever he suspected. Unfortunately, he only knew about the starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider and the Thunder Firmament Crystals. As for the other things inside, he had not seen them clearly, before Ning Cheng snatched them away.

Even if this fellow could not get it, he would not make it easy for Ning Cheng.

“The body of a Grade 7 or above starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider? Thunder Firmament Crystals?”

The many cultivators in the starry skies’ Spirit Grass Garden felt shocked on hearing those words. Even Heaven Seated Experts valued Thunder Firmament Crystals highly, let alone low-level starry skies cultivators present in his place.

“It’s impossible; not to mention Thunder Firmament Crystals, if this place had even one Grade 7 or above starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider, none of us would have survived.” Some of the cultivators immediately raised their questions.

“I saw that the Grade 7 starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider had already died. I am afraid that the fellow who ran past us previously after robbing the things here might also have collected the body of that starry skies’ Stone Stripped Spider. Moreover, that fellow had not only grabbed those things but also grabbed a bunch of high-grade starry skies’ spirit grasses and many more high-end materials.” The cultivator who spoke was someone who had closely tailed Ning Cheng but had not obtained much.

“Draw out his appearance; this starland in not big, I don’t believe that this person can run away from us.”

“Yes, draw him out; we can look for him together. Why did we work hard to break this natural array formation only for him to take away all the good things?”


Knowing that Ning Cheng had taken away many treasures, more and more people started to get upset.

“I only saw his back, and his appearance was also fuzzy, not very clear…..”

Ziche Jun had also mixed in with the many cultivators. With the Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruits and the starry skies’ spirit grasses all collected, this place had turned into a mess; however, he still found no indication of Ning Ruocheng anywhere around this place.

Was it he who snatched away all those things? The more Ziche Jun thought about it, the more likely he found it. Although Ning Ruocheng looked harmless on the surface, this fellow, however, was the most formidable Celestial Scryer Cultivator that he had seen in his life. Even an expert like Lou Pingchuan could not face more than two attacks from this person before dying. Moreover, he also perceived that Ning Ruocheng had not even used his full strength, which only pointed towards an even higher level of power.

However, Ziche Jun decided not to reveal to the public about who might have taken away those things. This time, he at least had managed to grab an Essence Harmonising Celestial Fruit, while a majority of the cultivators here did not obtain anything. At the same time, he also did not want to offend a ruthless man like Ning Ruocheng without any sufficient reason.

Many other cultivators, like Ziche Jun, who obtained some benefits, also considered a similar line of thought. Moreover, seeing that there were no more good things in this place, all of them decided to withdraw from the area collectively.

However, many cultivators sent out all kinds of news to catch Ning Cheng.


Ning Cheng felt almost ecstatic. At this moment, he was currently hiding in a remote hole counting his spoils.

He did not know much about the pile of materials he obtained; however, Ning Cheng knew that these things were nothing short of treasures. This time, he truly made a fortune and even thanked his luck for obtaining the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

At this time, Ning Cheng felt even more eager to obtain the Sky Treasure Silk to upgrade his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds so that it could stand above all ordinary treasures. Currently, his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds had four pairs of shimmering lights and already showed such strength and utility. Once he found the Sky Treasure Silk, the power of his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds would soar once again.

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