Chapter 0567

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Chapter 0567: Immortal Jade Star

The one speaking was an obese-looking male cultivator; moreover, in Ning Cheng’s opinion, this person was at least a cultivator in the Heaven’s Mandate Realm.

As the obese-looking man saw everyone looking at him, he turned towards this red-faced man and spoke with a disdain-filled tone, “Do you even know what kind of a weapon is the best for a starry skies’ cultivator? I guess you do not know, or rather, even if you do know about it, you probably will not tell the truth. Since I am here, let me impart you with something. For a starry skies’ cultivator, the best weapon is not something others crafted for them, nor is it something they purchased from someone or somewhere, but a weapon that they had refined by themselves.”

Ning Cheng felt surprised as he stood on the side and listened to those words. He was well aware of his low cultivation; at the same time, he was also not a true Artefact-crafting Master. As such, Ning Cheng could not understand the more profound meaning and implications of those words.

The obese-looking cultivator looked as if he felt very concerned that others might not have heard his words clearly. Therefore, he raised his voice to another level and continued, “A self-refined weapon will have both a heart and soul connection with you, which would result in increasing its power output by at least three times. Moreover, with a true heart and soul connection, when fighting against an opponent, it could even provide a decisive opportunity, only available to you.”

Having said all that, he then stared at the red-haired man again before continuing, “However, this Wan Xin has also not quite refined the weapon by himself; at the same time, it looks like this Devil Cloud Net is only an auxiliary weapon. If it were a true attack-type weapon, you would have to shell out a much higher compensation. Therefore, even if he proposed to add some celestial coins on top of a high-grade Dao Artefact as compensation for his damaged middle-grade dao artefact, it would not be excessive at all.” Seeing the red-faced cultivator’s countenance turning slightly blue from anger, the obese-looking cultivator showed a smile before continuing, “It’s just that there are not many Artefact-crafting Masters; moreover, crafting an artefact involves not only time but is also a very intricate process. There is also a need for talent apart from needing a considerable amount of resources. Not everybody can employ such means, nor is it easy to ask someone to help them in designing artefacts, or even buy it directly, for the matter. Just imagine that you had a top-quality artefact-crafting material but not a high enough cultivation. Would you willingly take out your own materials for others to refine? Because of this, a self-refined weapon is especially precious to its owner.”

The surrounding people stood quietly at the side as they heard the obese-looking cultivator’s words. As the same time, Ning Cheng felt the words of this obese-looking cultivator resonate within him and allowed him to change his mind. All because of a seemingly trivial fight.

Initially, Elder Brother Cang Wei had asked him to look for a top-tier Artefact-crafting Master for designing artefacts after entering the starry skies. However, because Cang Wei’s heaven-piercing cultivation, the average Artefact-crafting Master most likely would never dare ignore his requests. However, the same could not apply to Ning Cheng; his cultivation has still not reached that level. Cang Wei could readily seek out any Artefact-crafting Master to help in designing an artefact; however, Ning Cheng would have to find a way to create his own artefacts. Seeing the obese-looking cultivator walk out of the merchant house, Ning Cheng quickly followed him out. Not waiting for Ning Cheng to speak, the obese-looking cultivator looked back at Ning Cheng and asked, “Little fellow, what do you want from me?”

Ning Cheng quickly cupped his fists and spoke, “After this junior heard senior’s words a moment ago, this junior managed to experience some enlightenment. Therefore, this junior wants to learn the art of artefact designing. However, this junior has low cultivation and even shallower insight in this field. Hearing senior’s opinion on artefact-crafting, this junior wanted to ask senior to impart one or two more points of wisdom.”

The obese-looking cultivator, on hearing Ning Cheng’s words, carefully scrutinised Ning Cheng for a long time and suddenly bursting into a fit of laughter and asked, “You heard my words, and now you want to learn Artefact-crafting?”

“Yes.” Ning Cheng understood what the other person thoughts. He most likely treated his words as just words without any backing. Wanting to learn artefact designing after hearing a few words, was he an idiot?

“Good, good, you do look promising. It really must have been hard for you to cultivate all the way to the Celestial Novice Realm. In Eternal Heaven Starry Skies’ City, the most formidable Artefact-crafting Master is Zhongli Baichi[1]. You can go find Zhongli Baichi. Haha, there really are people like that……” The obese-looking cultivator laughed while walking away.

Was it Zhongli Baichi or Zhongli Baichi[2]? While Ning Cheng felt confused, the obese-looking cultivator had long since disappeared.

Ning Cheng had no choice but to return to the merchant house. Although this merchant house mainly dealt with weapon sales, the people here should know something about the best Artefact-crafting Master in the city.

“Friend, do you want to craft artefacts?” One of the shop assistants had overheard Ning Cheng’s question, so the first question he asked was if Ning Cheng was looking for an Artefact-crafting Master to help refine an artefact. He felt that business was on its way and thought that he could steer Ning Cheng into buying some weapons.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke, “No, I’m just inquiring about the most formidable Artefact-crafting Master in our Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City.”

The fellow gave a short laugh and spoke, “Everyone in Grand Culmination Starry Skies knows that the most formidable Artefact-crafting Master is Zhongli Baichi.”

This fellow is real! Ning Cheng felt surprised that the obese-looking fellow had not lied to him.

“Does this not mean that this senior only takes in very few disciples?” Ning Cheng carefully asked.

“Haha.” The shop assistant could not help but laugh at this question, “Contrary to that, this senior has the most disciples. Moreover, people who wish to apprentice under him are welcomed with open doors; as long as you can complete the apprenticeship ritual, anyone can become an apprentice under him. However, the apprenticeship ritual is not an easy one and involves a grade 9 starry skies artefact-crafting material as a tribute.”

A grade 9 artefact-crafting material could help one to become an apprentice to the most formidable Artefact-crafting Master in this place! Ning Cheng really could not believe it.

“Since Senior Zhongli has so many disciples, would it not mean that Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City also has many powerful Artefact-crafting Masters?” Ning Cheng subconsciously asked.

The merchant shop’s shop assistant had nothing to do, so when he heard Ning Cheng’s words, he actively held back from laughing and spoke up, “He does have many disciples; however, his most accomplished disciple, an artefact-crafting genius, studied under him for over 70 years. This artefact-crafting genius could already create low-grade dao artefacts at the age of 30 before deciding to follow Zhongli Baichi to learn the art of artefact designing. Seventy years later, this artefact-crafting genius finally decided to part ways with the master…..”

“What level has this disciple reached currently?” Ning Cheng asked eagerly.

The shop assistant gave out a chuckle and answered, “This artefact-crafting genius can still only refine low-grade dao artefacts. As for the other disciples, they are also the same. No matter how long they studied under him, whatever grade of weapon they could design before the tutelage is still the same grade of weapon they can design after the tutelage.”

“Ah….” Ning Cheng looked at this shop assistant in surprise, “Doesn’t this make Zhongli Baichi a swindler?”

This time, the shop assistant’s countenance turned dignified, as he replied, “No, he specialises in crafting artefacts for experts in Heaven Seated and above realms. Moreover, no one can criticise that the weapons he crafted are not good even if they wanted to; in fact, they are exceptional beyond any other masters.”

“Where does Senior Zhongli live?”

“In Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City’s most bustling Celestial Immortal Street…..”


Ning Cheng rushed out of the merchant house, to meet this Zhongli Baichi. Since this fellow was such a formidable Artefact-crafting Master, why did not a single disciple under him succeed? Grade nine artefact-crafting materials, anyways should not matter to someone like him. However, from the looks of it, this Zhongli Baichi did not teach his disciples after completing the apprenticeship ceremony.

Ning Cheng had just come out of the merchant house when his communications pearl lit up; indicating a message from Ziche Jun. Ziche Jun asked him to meet up at Celestial Immortal Street’s Speed Celestial Rest Stop.

Even if Ning Cheng did not want to enter Celestial Immortal Street, since Ziche Jun asked to meet him there, he had no choice but to go. That fellow was just too mysterious and knew a few of his secrets.

This Celestial Immortal Street was not only spacious; it also flaunted its luxury. It was no doubt an extremely luxury-laden street. Starry Sky Crystals paved the entire road, which exuded dense starry skies’ Essence Qi. Moreover, because of the continuous supply of starry skies’ Essence Qi through a Celestial Essence Spirit Vein, it would probably never turn dull and lifeless.

When Ning Cheng arrived at this street, the first building that he saw was not the Speed Celestial Rest Stop, but Zhongli Baichi’s Artefact-crafting Store that he initially wanted to visit. This Artefact-crafting Store looked a bit too ostentatious, even the doorway looked grand. At the same time, a few cultivators also flitted through them from time to time.

“Brother Ning…..” Ziche Jun’s voice rang out. Ning Cheng shook his head silently; no matter how much he changed his appearance, which even Heaven Seated Powerhouses would find it difficult to see through, he still could not hide from this Ziche Jun.

“Brother Ziche.” Ning Cheng’s gaze swept towards a small, inconspicuous corner not far away from him, with the words ‘Speed Celestial Rest Stop’ hanging on top.

“Brother Ning, come in, come in.” Ziche Jun enthusiastically brought Ning Cheng to a smaller sitting area and activated the restrictions.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists in front of him and spoke, “Brother Ziche sure has some exceptional skills. No matter how I change my appearance, I still cannot hide from you. If anyone had an enemy like Brother Ziche, I’d imagine they would face some real troubles sleeping.”

Ziche Jun gave a slight smile and spoke, “Brother Ning, you also are quite the fellow. Although this is our first time meeting formally, I just want to make friends with you and have absolutely no intentions of becoming an enemy. When Brother Ning was in the Dao Discussion Hall, you could still fight on equal grounds with someone like Lou Pingchuan. That proves that Brother Ning definitely is not someone ordinary.”

Ning Cheng spoke up with a wry smile, “So you already know that I killed Lou Pingchuan. From the looks of it, when I killed Lou Pingchuan, you should have concealed yourself somewhere near, right?”

Ziche Jun showed a smile but did not answer; apparently, it was not news to him.

“I don’t know for what matter has Brother Ziche come looking for me?” Ning Cheng did not mention about the matter relating to the Rootless Green Bamboo. Since Ziche Jun had concealed himself somewhere around him at that time, then he certainly also knew about the issue about the Rootless Green bamboo. Moreover, Ning Cheng had no idea about the uses of this Rootless Green Bamboo. Therefore, he decided to not acknowledge anything about it, at least not until he learned about the uses of Rootless Green Bamboo.

Ziche Jun also did not mention anything about Rootless Green Bamboo; instead, he helped poured a cup of tea for Ning Cheng and spoke with a smile, “For Brother Ning to come here at this time. Presumably, you also want to gain entry to the Immortal Jade Star.”

“Immortal Jade Star?” Ning Cheng looked at Ziche Jun in doubt. This was the first time he heard of this place. Ning Cheng truly had not come here to enter this Immortal Jade Star but to try to improve his cultivation. That way, he could then purchase a top-grade flight-type weapon to return to the place he wanted to go.

“Did you not come here for the Starry Skies’ Finale?” Ziche Jun also looked at Ning Cheng in a puzzle. He had thought that Ning Cheng was someone just like him, who through hard work and perseverance, came here to participate in the starry skies’ Celestial Scryer Genius Finale.

Ning Cheng gave out a sign and spoke, “Even if I wanted to take part in it, I do not have a quota. I heard that Striking Order Starry Skies only has 10 spots, with already allocated owners. I don’t think I could get my hands on one of them.”

Ziche Jun shook his head and spoke, “Because of Lou Pingchuan’s death, Striking Order Starry Skies now has an open spot. If you want it, you can still get it. However, around a hundred quotas for the finale will also show up in an auction within Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City. If you want one, you could still purchase one of those spots.”

Ning Cheng remained silent. He understood the hidden intent behind Ziche Jun’s words. Since he had obtained so many good things, there was still a reasonable probability that he could get a spot in exchange for some materials. However, Ning Cheng did not have much inclination towards participating in this so-called finale. Despite the rewards, he might not obtain what he wanted the most.


[1] The ‘Baichi’ in the name ‘Zhongli Baichi’ literally translates to ‘to eat without paying/to eat for free’

[2]钟离白痴’ = Zhongli Baichi (Idiot Zhongli), ‘钟离白吃’ = Zhongli Baichi (Zhongli who eats for free’)

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