Chapter 0572

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Chapter 0572: Culmination’s Three Towers

“I’m going to leave this place for some time. If you want to learn crafting artefacts, you cannot continue living in this place. Moreover, because you still do not have complete control over your flame, it will prove dangerous to you. Since I can detect it, then it also means that other people can also detect it. You are now my disciple, so go to my Baichi Artefact-crafting Store and live there for now.”

As Zhongli Baichi spoke, he took out a mask and handed it to Ning Cheng, “When you enter Immortal Jade Star, you must remember to use this mask to change both your looks and aura.”

Ning Cheng, although felt puzzled with Zhongli Baichi’s actions, also knew that he did not have any other choice. He reached out, took the mask, and asked, “Even if I wear a mask, I still do not have a celestial wheel?”

“Solve the problem of celestial wheels by yourself. With your cultivation method, it would not prove too difficult for you to simulate indistinct celestial wheels. If you cannot even do such a thing, then it would be better to stop thinking about Immortal Jade Star.” Zhongli Baichi spoke without hesitation.

Ning Cheng felt very helpless; he vaguely felt that Zhongli Baichi had a cultivation method that could simulate celestial wheels, but this fellow did not even bother to teach it to him. Since he had no other alternative, he had to say it, “I do not have a spot for entering the Immortal Jade Star.”

“You can also solve that problem by yourself. If you can’t solve this problem, then you can’t enter the Immortal Jade Star.” Zhongli Baichi spoke with the same tone, without giving any room for discussion.

“What does Master want me to do in the future?” Ning Cheng did not believe that Zhongli Baichi would be so kind to him without any reason.

Zhongli Baichi showed a sly smile. Both his big and small eyes looked gleaming with pride, “You can rest assured that I will not let you die. Even if there were any danger of death, I would pull you out without any harm.”

Hearing this, Ning Cheng immediately frowned. He was sure that whatever this cheap master of his wanted from him was not something good.

Zhongli Baichi acted as if he did not notice Ning Cheng’s expression before standing up, he then patted down his robes, and spoke, “I’ll take my leave now. When I am not at the Artefact-crafting Store, you should take care of your little Junior Apprentice Sister. Also, after coming out of Immortal Jade Star, if you managed to obtain the Starry Sky Disc, just let me borrow it for some time.”

After that, Zhongli Baichi’s figure faded away and soon disappeared.

Ning Cheng stood up with bitter emotions and murmured to himself, “Don’t you even dream about it, I want that Starry Sky Disc…..”

“Although we had a good discussion, I need to remind you that this place is not suitable for you to learn crafting artefacts. If not for me helping by arranging a few array formations, people would have already discovered your flame……” Zhongli Baichi’s voice rang out from a distance, startling Ning Cheng. Just what kind of cultivation did this fellow have?

No matter what cultivation did Zhongli Baichi had, Ning Cheng understood that at least the last part of his sentence had some truth to it. His Grade 3 Celestial Arrays would not provide any notable concealment in such a place. Previously, when he found himself immersed in the enlightenment regarding crafting artefacts, he had subconsciously brought out his Celestial River Flame for the artefact-crafting process. Under normal circumstances, he would never have taken such a risk.

With a sigh, Ning Cheng sat down in decadence. Celestial wheels, how could he get celestial wheels?

After a few breaths, Ning Cheng almost stood up again in shock. As he continued to ponder over ways to simulate celestial wheels, two faint celestial wheel-shadows had suddenly appeared behind him.

Truly formidable, Ning Cheng thought as he took in a deep breath. These projections definitely were celestial wheels, literally born from the heart with just a thought, which in turn was the result of the formidable Mysterious Yellow Formless Cultivation Method. Was this really a Primal Chaos Cultivation Method, which went beyond the limits of this plane’s starry sky universe?

Celestial wheels birthed from the heart, this also caused Ning Cheng to feel slightly relieved. Ning Cheng also clearly felt the urgency from the warning given by Zhongli Baichi. He packed up, put away all the array formations in his room, and immediately headed towards Zhongli Baichi’s Artefact-crafting Store.

However, deep inside, Ning Cheng still felt some reservations about Zhongli Baichi. Because of which, he did not mention anything about the Mysterious Yellow Bead or the Everlasting Blue Thunder City. Moreover, Zhongli Baichi also made it clear that he had accepted him as his personal disciple only because this fellow needed his help. In comparison, Ning Cheng believed and trusted Cang Wei more. Moreover, Zhongli Baichi only knew about the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe, while Cang Wei knew about all the Good Fortune Treasures. On this respect, Cang Wei seemed to have a lot more knowledge compared to Zhongli Baichi.

Leaving the Celestial Rainbow Rest Stop, Ning Cheng took out his communications pearl and sent out a message to Ziche Jun.

It had already been a few months, and he still had no idea if Ziche Jun had obtained the information he had requested. If this fellow had not brought any information about the entry jade card, he would then take matters into his own hands. More importantly, he also wanted to ask Ziche Jun about the information he had asked to search on his behalf.

Ziche Jun quickly returned a message to Ning Cheng, asking Ning Cheng to come to Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City’s Culmination Public Square to find him.

With news from Ziche Jun, Ning Cheng immediately dismissed the idea of heading towards the Artefact-crafting Store for now. Moreover, he also knew a bit about the Culmination Public Square, as it was one of the top ten public squares within Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City and the most prominent public square of all.


Ning Cheng rushed towards Culmination Public Square as quickly as possible. Since he had already seen many types of starry sky public squares, he did not find Culmination Public Square very special.

Ning Cheng had just arrived at Culmination Public Square when a sweep with his Spiritual Consciousness found Ziche Jun. Ziche Jun kept looking around, seemingly looking for him.

With Ziche Jun recognising him several times in the past, it had caused Ning Cheng to feel slightly down in his heart. However, this time, when he used Zhongli Baichi’s mask, it had turned him into an everyday starry sky wanderer. If Ziche Jun managed to recognise him this time, then he could only say that Zhongli Baichi’s mask did not live up to its reputation.

What made Ning Cheng feel joyful was that even when he deliberately walked in front of Ziche Jun several times, Ziche Jun could not recognise who he was. This made Ning Cheng feel slightly ecstatic. After making sure of his conclusions, he then walked up, stopped right in front of Ziche Jun, and spoke, “Friend, I’ve been looking for you.”

Ziche Jun had been on a lookout for Ning Cheng when someone stopped right in front of him. He immediately turned vigilant and stared at Ning Cheng with caution, “Excuse me, can I ask what this is about?”

“Don’t you have to pay me back the 10 billion purple coins you owe me?” Ning Cheng’s words immediately scared Ziche Jun. 10 billion purple coins, even if he sold everything he owned and then himself, he might not even manage to fetch half of that number of celestial coins. This fellow definitely came here to cause trouble.

Ning Cheng laughed just when Ziche Jun was about to speak, “Brother Ziche, it looks like you can’t recognise me this time.”

Ziche Jun stared at Ning Cheng in shock, and could not speak for a good long while out of disbelief, “You’re Brother Ning, but how do you have celestial wheels? Also….”

“I always had celestial wheels, but I just choose to keep them hidden. Not to mention this, even my name is not Ning Cheng, but Wanderer. I have offended a few people here so I hope Brother Ziche could help me keep it that way.” Ning Cheng patted Ziche Jun’s shoulder and spoke.

Since Ziche Jun could not recognise him now, he could change into someone else at the drop of a hat in the future and even then, Ziche Jun would not manage to identify him. Zhongli Baichi, sure enough, lived up to his reputation; this mask definitely was a treasure.

Ziche Jun also calmed down and praised, “Brother Wanderer sure has some skills. Let’s go, let’s find a place to sit down and talk.”

Ning Cheng appreciated Ziche Jun’s no-nonsense way of speaking. Although this fellow felt very curious about how he changed his appearance and even obtained celestial wheels, this fellow did not ask about it.

“Brother Ziche, did you find any information about the female cultivator I asked you look into?” Ning Cheng asked before walking out of the public square.

Ziche Jun laughed, “You really are a passionate seed. I thought that the first question you would ask me would be about the entry jade card. I did not expect you to ask about the female cultivator you fell in love at first sight.”

Seeing Ning Cheng wanting to ask another question, Ziche Jun quickly stopped him and spoke, “You don’t have to worry about it, and I am here to help you. I found that your female cultivator comes from Nine Jewel Starry Skies’ Everlasting Sacred Shrine. I am afraid that any thoughts you have of her will be in vain. Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s disciples are of incomparable nobility. They would never mingle with ordinary people like us.”

“Where is she now?” Ning Cheng eagerly asked. He did not care is about everlasting or not everlasting. The first thing he wanted to confirm for now was whether that female cultivator was Qionghua or not.

“A few days ago, she, along with a few disciples from her sect, went to the Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower, they have not come out yet. I was about to go and check on how many floors had she cleared before contacting you. I did not expect that you would contact me first.“ Ziche Jun whispered.

“What is this Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower?”

Ziche Jun knew that Ning Cheng had no idea about this place and patiently explained, “The most famous place within the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City is the Culmination Public Square, which is where we are currently. However, the Culmination Public Square became famous not because of it being a public square, but because of its three towers. The Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower, the Lagless Celestial River Tower, and the Eternal Starry Sky Tower.”

Saying that, Ziche Jun then pointed towards the three distinct yet hazy shadows covered in mist in the distance and spoke, “Those are the Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower, the Lagless Celestial River Tower, and the Eternal Starry Sky Tower.”

“Let’s go take a look.” On hearing that the female cultivator who looked like Qionghua had entered the Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower, Ning Cheng immediately wished to go inside and confirm things directly.


Ning Cheng followed Ziche Jun to the front of the three towers. Looking at the three towers, he found that his Spiritual Consciousness could not sweep inside, and could only observe the outlines of the towers.

The silhouette on the far right side had five bright characters suspended right in front of it, Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower. The outline in the middle had the characters ‘Lagless Celestial River Tower’ suspended in front of it, and the profile on the far left had the five characters ‘Eternal Starry Sky Tower’ suspended in front of it.

Also, on the periphery of the three towers, there were three huge display array formations, with each display array formation showing many names. However, only the first hundred names on display appeared highlighted in gold and with a significantly larger font. The rest of the names appeared in much smaller font and simply trailed along.

From time to time, someone would walk into the mist around the Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower and the Lagless Celestial River Tower. As the same time, people also got thrown out to the public square from the inside. Relatively speaking, only a very few people entered the Eternal Starry Sky Tower. Ning Cheng observed everything for a long time and did not see anyone passing through that tower.

Seeing Ning Cheng observing the three towers in silence, Ziche Jun explained from the side, “These three towers are places to feel the Dao Laws and also an area to refine one’s cultivation, which makes these towers one of the more precious things within Grand Culmination Starry Skies and this city. Moreover, there are no restrictions except for cultivation, meaning that anyone can enter and exit at any time. Did you look at those three Display Array Formations? Each Display Array Formation represents the ranking of people who entered each tower since the past. The first hundred names, highlighted in gold, are the current powerhouses within their cultivation realms.”

Ning Cheng’s gaze then fell on the first Display Array Formation, which showed the rankings from Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower. It had a name, Xiao Yu, 71st Floor, and then at the back showed that he was the disciple of Spiritual Heaven Sect along with the time spent inside.

Ziche Jun continued in a whisper, “You saw Xiao Yu’s name, didn’t you? He is the one who climbed the highest so far within the Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower. Not only is he a genius among geniuses, but he is also filled with confidence and is extremely powerful. No one else could compare to him. I heard that he had already advanced to the Celestial Bridge Realm some time ago; however, to enter the Immortal Jade Star, he has forcibly erased his cultivation and returned to the Celestial Gatherer Realm.”

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