Chapter 0575

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Chapter 0575: Jiangzhou’s Wanderer

“Hey, someone new entered the 50th floor again, what’s going on?” As soon as Ning Cheng entered the 50th floor of the Nine-by-Nine Celestial Scryer Tower, someone immediately pointed it out over the Culmination Public Square.

As this voice called it out, at this moment, almost everyone noticed the name Jiangzhou’s Wanderer. Jiangzhou, where was this place? After Ning Cheng entered the 50th floor, the cultivators outside immediately erupted in a discussion. Unfortunately, even after discussing for quite a while, no one knew where this ‘Jiangzhou’ was.

“That’s not right, he’s now on the 51st floor, rushing into the top hundred……” One of the voices in mid-discussion suddenly called out in shock as Ning Cheng rushed up to the 51st floor.

“He’s still going up, and it looks like he isn’t facing any hindrance climbing to the 52nd floor……”

At this time, the discussion going on in the public square no longer had that shocked tone to it; instead, it had turned into something akin to horror. Even when Xiao Yu entered the Celestial Scryer Tower previously, he had not shown such momentum. Seeing that, numerous cultivator sent out messages mentioning that a heaven-defying cultivator had appeared who had rushed into the Celestial Scryer Tower’s 52nd floor, without much pause between the levels.

When Ning Cheng rushed into the 53rd floor, almost the entire Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City turned alert. Innumerable cultivators started to pour into Grand Culmination Public Square, and even some of the starry sky academies and sects sent in their experts to this place.

Fortunately, due to the sheer size of the Culmination Public Square, it did not appear crowded even when so many cultivators poured in.

“Who is this Wanderer? Which starry sky does he represent?”

“Which celestial river does this Jiangzhou Planet belong to? Which starry sky?”


At this moment, everyone on the Culmination Public Square talked about a single person, Wanderer. At the same time, they also discussed a place, Jiangzhou.

As for the previous eye-catching performance from Cen Fei, people had already forgotten about it and tossed it over to one side. In front of this Wanderer, what did a Cen Fei count?

“64th floor, this fellow breached the top ten ranks. Heavens, in just a short day, he moved up from the 49th floor to the 64th floor. This is just too terrifying. He managed to squeeze out Snagging Ascendance Starry Skies’ Duanmu Chang out of the top ten……”

“Duanmu Chang is still here. I don’t know if he will choose to enter the Celestial Scryer Tower again to once again break into the top ten.”

Duanmu Chang had truly come; however, his face only showed calmness as he kept looking at the name of Wanderer, who had pushed him out of the top ten. No one could perceive what he had on his mind.

Some of the cultivator knew about Duanmu Chang’s nature; as such, none of them dared to talk about this in front of Duanmu Chang.

“He seems to have stopped on the 64th floor…..” The cultivators standing on the public square quickly discovered that Wanderer’s name seemed to have gone still, no longer rising.

At this point, several cultivators who had entered the Celestial Scryer Tower got thrown out. These cultivators had just landed on the ground when the people around the public square quickly rushed up, wanting to know if one of them was the cultivator by the name of Wanderer. Since Wanderer’s name no longer rose up, it meant that he most likely had been sent out.

“No need to ask, Wanderer obviously has not come out. The timestamp by his name is still running. If he had come out, it would have stopped.” Someone standing on the public square spoke out.


Ning Cheng had indeed stopped on the 64th floor. Starting from the 49th floor, the Spiritual Consciousness attacks had started grown significantly stronger with each level. In addition to the Spiritual Consciousness attacks, there were even many attacks from different starry sky demonic beasts mixed in, interspersed with many unpredictable attacks from multiple killing formations.

This made Ning Cheng dispel the idea of staying on one floor to quench his Spiritual Consciousness. He kept blocking these attacks while rushing up. Only in this way could he continually challenge his own limits with more powerful attacks to obtain even better benefits.

Ning Cheng did not feel disappointed. As he rushed up from one floor to another, his Traceless Spear Trace had turned even softer. Moreover, as his Nothingness Flame Patterned Spear Trace shot out, Ning Cheng could now manage to conceal the flame patterns within his Celestial River Domain. The attacks from this Celestial Scryer Tower helped him in constantly perfecting his attacks; it felt as if it wanted him to rectify the flaws in his Spirit Technique and methods using force.

In the face of a variety of different Spiritual Consciousness attacks, Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain also gradually grew more complete. Although he had not yet coalesced his own Spiritual Consciousness attack, his Celestial River Domain could now detect most of the incoming Spiritual Consciousness attacks. This allowed him to escape severe injuries on many occasions.

By the time he reached the 64th floor, Ning Cheng felt that both his spear-related spirit techniques and his Celestial River Domain had reached a new level. For Ning Cheng, these trials within the Celestial Scryer Tower turned out even more beneficial than the fights in the arena. This fact alone further emphasised the three towers’ resounding reputation. Feeling the benefits, Ning Cheng decided to visit the Lagless Celestial River Tower once he advanced to the Celestial River Realm.

The reason why he chose to stay at the 64th floor for so long was that after Ning Cheng reached this floor, he immediately felt a few attacks that directly struck his Sea of Consciousness. Although a type of Spiritual Consciousness attack, it was completely different from all the other Spiritual Consciousness attacks at the lower floors. These Spiritual Consciousness attacks looked fundamentally different on a deeper level, which allowed them to attack his Sea of Consciousness directly.

The moment he felt attacks directed towards his Sea of Consciousness, Ning Cheng decided to stay on this floor to try and extrapolate a spirit technique based on these Spiritual Consciousness attacks. Breaking records within the Celestial Scryer Tower was not his purpose, what he wanted the most was to reap as many benefits as he could from this Celestial Scryer Tower.

The Spiritual Consciousness attacks that managed to reach his body did not bring about much damage. What’s more, Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain could now predict most of the Spiritual Consciousness attacks, which combined with the defences of Everlasting Blue Thunder City, helped him block a majority of the Spiritual Consciousness attacks.

What made Ning Cheng slightly fearful, however, were the terrifying Spiritual Consciousness attacks that directly struck at his Sea of Consciousness. Such attacks caused Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness to rumble and roar a lot. The pain erupting from the Sea of Consciousness had slowly started to grow in intensity and reached the point of becoming unbearable. If it were not for his starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness, Ning Cheng would have found it hard to keep up with it; moreover, under such attacks, his Sea of Consciousness would have collapsed sooner or later.

In the face of such terrifying Sea of Consciousness attacks, there was only one option to pursue, which was to speed up to the 65th floor.

However, Ning Cheng did not come here to rush to the higher floors of the tower, but to gain a deeper understanding of spirit techniques and dao laws. The Spiritual Consciousness attacks on the 64th floor could already hurt his Sea of Consciousness; therefore, logically speaking, once he reached the 65th floor, the attacks on his Sea of Consciousness would grow even stronger.

Ning Cheng decided to recall the Everlasting Blue Thunder City into his Sea of Consciousness. The reason he recalled the Everlasting Blue Thunder City was not to resist the physical attacks aimed at his body but to block the Spiritual Consciousness attacks aimed at his Sea of Consciousness.

Although doing this might result in suffering some serious physical injuries, he could still recover from it slowly with his powerful body. However, once his Sea of Consciousness got injured, then even he would find it difficult to recover from it. What’s more, his Treasured Thunder Spear could now transform into a spear network; combining it with the Celestial River Domain, the attacks from these formless blade lights caused only some light injuries.

At this time, Ning Cheng could not help but feel even more admiration towards Xiao Yu. Since Xiao Yu could rush to the 71st floor, it also highlighted the strength of this fellow’s Sea of Consciousness.

His originally roaring Sea of Consciousness, with the recall of Everlasting Blue Thunder City back into the Sea of Consciousness, finally calmed down a bit. Although the Everlasting Blue Thunder City had no way to block all the attacks aimed at his Sea of Consciousness, it could at least block half of the attacks. The remaining half of the attacks did not have a huge impact on Ning Cheng’s starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness.

As Ning Cheng blocked the attacks directed at his Sea of Consciousness and his body, the attacks within Celestial Scryer Tower’s 64th floor finally created a sort of fragile balance with the defence put up by Ning Cheng.

Occasionally, one or two Spiritual Consciousness attacks fell on Ning Cheng’s body, but Ning Cheng felt too lazy to take care of it. With the strength of his corporeal body reaching the level of Grade 9 God Body, an occasional injury had no effect on him.

At this time, what Ning Cheng cared about most was his starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness, and directed a significant portion of his Spiritual Consciousness and attention towards his starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness. The Celestial Scryer Tower shot out invisible Spiritual Consciousness thorns and Spiritual Consciousness blades, some of which Ning Cheng managed to block with the help of his Everlasting Blue Thunder City while some of them managed to slip through, forming visible traces within his starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness from time to time.

Every time his Sea of Consciousness suffered an attack, Ning Cheng would subconsciously twitch. These attacks to the Sea of Consciousness felt no different in strength compared to soul attacks. That is not it, it was just that Ning Cheng’s starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness had grown too strong; if replaced by any other cultivator, they absolutely would not have lasted till the moment.

During this period, as he suffered through some intense pain, Ning Cheng finally started to grow accustomed to the torture.


This was the seventh day since Ning Cheng entered the 64th floor. Seeing that, the cultivators standing on the Culmination Public Square started to suspect that Ning Cheng no longer could ascend to the 65th floor.

“It looks like the 64th floor is this fellow’s limit. Unfortunately, even if he stays on the 64th floor for a year, he cannot reach the 65th floor.”

“It already quite amazing for him to last for seven days on the 64th floor. I can affirm that once this person comes out, he would be recognised as another powerhouse.”


All kinds of discussions continued. Hearing those discussions, a bearded man finally lost his patience and gave out a cold humph before speaking, “You only know farts. Staying on the 64th floor for seven days is much more difficult than entering the 65th floor. Don’t act like ignorant trash.”

When people heard this fellow calling them ignorant trash, the cultivators immediately turned dissatisfied. The cultivator, who had initially proclaimed that Ning Cheng could only reach the 64th floor, wanted to retort but when he saw the bearded man, he immediately swallowed the words.

Almost everyone knew of this bearded fellow, Grand Culmination Starry Skies’ Celestial Scryer Powerhouse, Linghu Qi. This person was not only within the top hundred powerhouses recognised by the Celestial Scryer Tower but also one who is currently ranked within the top ten; more specifically, he held onto the 6th rank. Linghu Qi, a fellow who managed to climb all the way to the 66th floor of the Celestial Scryer Tower, had more than enough qualifications to make that statement.

“Many thanks to Senior Apprentice Brother Linghu for the advice. I had initially thought that it would be much easier to stay on the 64th floor and not move up.” After recognising Linghu Qi, that male cultivator immediately cupped his fists and offered his greetings.

Linghu Qi just gave a cold humph and continued staring at the ranking display, without any intention on continuing with the conversation.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Yiyi, this Wanderer turned out quite powerful. He unexpectedly managed to climb to the 64th floor and even spent seven days on the 64th floor. Master had mentioned that the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City’s Celestial Scryer Tower would contain attacks that directly affected one’s Sea of Consciousness after reaching the 64th floor. How is this fellow able to bear it?” A girl with a veil covering her face spoke out with the same shock as the surrounding cultivators as she kept her gaze trained at the ranking display.

The female cultivator beside her addressed as Senior Apprentice Sister Yiyi who also had a veil covering her face, spoke out with a sigh of admiration, “Once this person comes out, there definitely would be many academies and starry sky sects scrambling to rope him in. No matter which starry sky this person came from, after coming out, he would be regarded as a starry skies-level powerhouse. However, it might not necessarily be a good thing for him…….”

“Why?” Asked the girl in confusion.

The one addressed as Senior Apprentice Sister Yiyi whispered into the girl’s ear, “Junior Apprentice Sister Qiong, just think about it. If this level of a genius showed up without any strong backer, wouldn’t you say that a lot of people would want to possess such a good body, or do you think that they would actually take him in for nurturing?”

This Junior Apprentice Sister Qiong shuddered and suddenly found herself sympathising with this Wanderer from Jiangzhou. With such an eye-catching performance, this fellow had definitely made it into the limelight. However, if this fellow did not have a strong background, it would be difficult to predict the end.

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