Chapter 0578

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Chapter 0578: Yu Clan Corner City

As soon as Ning Cheng pushed open the tower’s entrance to the 71st floor, he immediately felt something awry. He knew that Xiao Yu had taken the first place within the Celestial Scryer Tower previously; moreover, that Xiao Yu had also just entered the 71st floor, according to his timestamp, before exiting. Now that he unwittingly ascended to the 71st floor, would it not grab everyone’s attention?

If he had no secrets, it would not have mattered if he garnered the attention of the crowd, he could have even used that opportunity to find the right backer for himself. However, Ning Cheng knew that he had many secrets, and once experts took notice of him, it would truly be a strange thing if they did not try to investigate everything about him.

Currently, Ning Cheng understood that he had no chance of returning, even if he wanted to; in any case, he also did not intend to go back. He had gained a lot from every floor within this tower. Moreover, after entering the Celestial Scryer Tower, Ning Cheng had not only perfected his spear-related spirit techniques, even his Celestial River Domain showed tremendous improvements. Even if Ning Cheng disregarded those two, he had finally managed to actualise Spiritual Consciousness defence mechanisms and even Spiritual Consciousness attacks; even the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan had recognised him as its master and became his subordinate.

In any case, he had only arrived on the 71st floor, if he managed to climb up to the 81st floor, what kind of harvest could he obtain?

Although it involved a significant risk of exposing his secrets, Ning Cheng still took another step forward.

A seemingly infinite water aura suddenly descended over Ning Cheng, just like the wooden attributed aura on the 69th floor. However, this formless and traceless water aura created a suffocation-like feeling. Not to mention breathing, this water aura had even suppressed his Celestial Essence.

However, it was the result of just the aura of water. Above this water aura, was a sky filled with real water that pressed down like a solidified wall. Even with the starry skies’ Sea of Consciousness, Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness could not penetrate through this water wall.

People usually thought of water as something soft; however, what people did not understand was that water could also turn into something extremely hard and tough under a compressive force. One could hammer iron into a thin sheet, but a mass of water cannot be compressed into something smaller.

At this moment, the water wall that inundated the sky of the 71st floor started to push down while contracting on all sides. It felt as if this water wall wanted to squeeze everything within this tower’s floor into nihility. Ning Cheng realised that if he remained within the encirclement of this water wall, he would also end up crushed into pulp.

Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain stretched out, immediately loosing up some of the binding forces around him resulting from the water aura. Despite the suppressive effect brought forth by the water wall, which also weakened his Celestial River Domain significantly, it still helped Ning Cheng. The moment the water aura around him loosened slightly, Ning Cheng immediately stabbed out with the Treasured Thunder Spear.

Traceless Spirit Technique. Although shadowless and traceless, it could still manage to break open a small gap within this suppressive water aura.

Although it was just a small gap, it was more than enough for Ning Cheng. With just a flash, Ning Cheng rushed through the 71st floor and arrived at the tower’s entrance to the 72nd floor.

Ning Cheng, however, did not rush to open the tower’s entrance to the 72nd floor, and looked at the tower’s door in front of him with some doubts. By all accounts, the 71st floor did not pose a significantly higher challenge compared to the 70th floor, and since Xiao Yu could pass through the 70th floor, why could he not pass through the 71st floor? Ning Cheng thought about this for a while but could not come up with any answers. He decided to put the matter aside and finally pushed open the entrance to the 72nd floor.

Stepping on to the 72nd floor, Ning Cheng found it filled with all kinds of weapon lights, interspersed with a sudden burst of increased pressure. It definitely was several times stronger compared to the attacks on the precious floors.

However, Ning Cheng did not feel much fear in the face of such attacks. At the same time, he also understood the significance of these floors. From wood to fire to water, and then to this floor filled with metal-attributed attacks; from this, Ning Cheng estimated that the next level most likely contained earth-attributed attacks.

Other cultivators would have found it hard to pass through these wood, fire, water, and metal-attributed floors. However, his primary spiritual root had an all-rounded combination; although Ning Cheng had not tested the attributes of his Spiritual Roots, he guessed that his Spiritual Roots definitely contained some inclinations towards metal, wood, fire, and water.


“72nd floor, this Jiangzhou’s Wanderer surpassed Spiritual Heaven Sect’s Xiao Yu, claiming the Celestial Scryer Tower’s 1st rank…..”

“I don’t know how many years had this Celestial Scryer Tower been standing, but this time someone managed to rush to the 72nd floor! I’m afraid that no one could have surpassed this record, even in the past, right?”

“It’s not exactly unprecedented, is it? I heard that there was once a senior called Guo Ya, who managed to climb to the 76th floor.”

“Then why is his name not mentioned in the rankings?”

“You’re just stupid. Only by entering the 81st floor, could one leave behind one’s name in the rankings for eternity. If one cannot get into the 81st floor, his or her name would immediately disappear from the rankings of the Celestial Scryer Tower after that cultivator advances to the Celestial River Realm.”

The discussion over Culmination Public Square had erupted into a few arguments; however, no matter how one argued, everyone also held admiration towards this Jiangzhou’s Wanderer, who had taken the first rank.

“Look, Wanderer rushed into the 73rd floor….. No wait, he entered the 74th floor…..”

At this time, even Ziche Jun who felt worried about Ning Cheng seemed to have forgotten about his worries and behaved just like other cultivators, staring at the name ‘Jiangzhou’s Wanderer’ and ‘74th floor’ behind it with an open mouth. At the same time, he could not help but feel immensely shocked in his heart.

With every increase in the Celestial Scryer Tower’s floors, the floor’s strength would always keep increasing; not to mention rushing all the way to the 74th floor.

The 73rd floor had a variety of earth-attributed attacks, while the 74th floor had iceberg-filled snowy oceans. The 75th floor contained huge raging hurricanes, while the 76th floor contained chaotic thunder charges.

Ning Cheng finally came to a stop on the 76th floor. In the past, his Thunder Tribulations only lasted for a short time; at the same time, he was also a cultivator who could absorb the thunder-attributed spirit source contained within it. This floor contained chaotic thunder charges that violently rained down at everything that entered the level. For him, this place could not only allow him to absorb the Thunder Source contained within the thunder charges, but it also could help him understand attacks related to Thunder Source on a much deeper level.

Unfortunately, he had little familiarity with ice, wind and the other attributes on the lower floors; otherwise, he believed that he could have stayed for some more time within the 74th floor’s iceberg-filled snowy oceans and the 75th floor’s raging hurricanes to understand the mysteries those floors contained.

A bunch of lightning-arcs fell on Ning Cheng, while another bunch of Thunder Spheres bombarded Ning Cheng’s domain. Under this kind of violent attacks from the lightning-arcs, Ning Cheng tried to understand the laws governing the thunder source while also absorbing the Thunder Spiritual Source to improve his cultivation.


Just a few million miles away from Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City, there was another starry sky city also surrounded by a powerful City-protecting Defensive Array Formation. To be more precise, this was not precisely a starry sky city; rather, it would be more appropriate to call it a starry sky corner city. One could also see a few huge floating words right outside this starry sky corner city, Yu Clan Corner City.

Such starry sky corner cities were prevalent in any of the grand starlands. These corner cities were generally set up and governed by some big family clans, sects or even an amalgamation of various forces. As such, these corner cities had much simpler rules and regulations compared to the starry sky cities and were a common gathering place for multiple people of power.

The Yu Clan Corner City was a place governed by Culmination’s Yu Clan. Although this Yu Clan was not a top-tier influential family within Grand Culmination Starry Skies, it certainly was also not a humble family clan.

At this moment, in the most luxurious mansion of Yu Clan Corner City, a middle-aged male cultivator in the Heaven Seated Realm along with a female cultivator in the Heaven’s Mandate Realm sat in the living room along with a young and handsome looking man. This young man also had two experts accompanying him and only had a Celestial Gatherer Cultivation.

Nobody apart from them knew what had transpired a few moments ago, but this young man sat there with a frown over his face.

“Young Noble Yu, please have some tea, Sisi will be back soon. Qing’er accompanied Sisi since Sisi would be returning soon, Qing’er should also be returning soon.” The middle-aged man picked up a teacup and spoke. Although he was a Heaven Seated Cultivator, in the face of this Celestial Gatherer Cultivator, he had no choice but to speak in such a manner with a smile over his face.

The handsome man smiled, “When I met Qing’er, Qing’er mentioned that if she were to look for a Dao Companion in the Celestial Scryer Realm, that person would have to be ranked first within the Celestial Scryer Tower and if in the Celestial River Realm, he must take the first position in the Celestial River Tower. Qing’er definitely has the right idea. If one was not the most powerful within the Celestial Scryer Realm, how could one even match up with Qing’er? Just after Qing’er went to Striking Order Starry Skies, I, Xiao Yu, managed to take the first place within the Celestial Scryer Tower, waiting for her to return.”

“However, a few days ago, I met Heavenly Emperor Striking Order and learned that the ships from Striking Order Starland had long since arrived at Grand Culmination Starry Skies. By all accounts, I should have come here a long time ago; however, due to some matters at my sect, I had to delay my visit for a few days. Since I came here now, I just wanted to meet Qing’er and tell her that I lived up to her hopes.”

The middle-aged man smiled in embarrassment and was just about to speak when two people hurriedly rushed into their room.

Of the two people, one was a man and the other a woman. The man had a head full of silver hair and overflowed with powerful aura; apparently, he was also a Heaven Seated Powerhouse. Besides this silver-haired man was a young girl with eyes filled with anxiety and exhaustion.

“Brother Suo, Sisi, did you just return? Where is Qing’er?” When the middle-aged man saw the two of them come in, he immediately stood up and asked.

The handsome man, name Xiao Yu, also stood up and stared at the two people who just entered with the same attention. Obviously, he cared very about Qing’er’s whereabouts.

“Sister Qing sent me back, she’s heading back to Striking Order Starland. I tried to persuade her, asked her to not leave…..” The young girl named Sisi spoke with a hint of tears in her eyes.

“What?” The middle-aged man could not believe it, “Time Wilderness has already closed, right? Why would she want to head to a small place like Striking Order Starry Skies?”

Sisi glanced at Xiao Yu but did not answer. She was the only one who knew why her Sister Qiong wanted to head to Striking Order Starry Skies. She wished to force open Striking Order Starry Skies’ Time Wilderness for the second time to look for that cultivator called Wanderer. Moreover, the only reason why her Sister Qing returned to Grand Culmination Starry Skies was to bring back the Time Stones she had collected inside the Time Wilderness.

“Why? Did Qing’er not say that she would accompany me to look around the Culmination Public Square? I even gave her my words that when she returns the next time, my name would appear in the first place in the Celestial Scryer Tower’s rankings. So why is she heading to Striking Order Starry Skies again?” Xiao Yu felt slightly unhappy. The entire Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City knew about him pursuing Yu Qing.

Everyone thought that the duo, Yu Qing and he, were a natural match; moreover, Yu Qing was also the most beautiful woman in the entire starry sky, while he was the most talented cultivator within the whole starry sky. This was a combination of both supreme talents and beauty. Why would Yu Qing, at such a crucial juncture, leave Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City and return to a small place like Striking Order Starry Skies?

Thinking of this, Xiao Yu’s face looked a bit hard to look at. Although this Yu Qing was the most beautiful woman he had seen, he was also a supreme genius from the Spiritual Heaven Starry Sky Academy. How could he tolerate such behaviour?

“Senior Apprentice Brother Yu, I heard, I heard…..” The girl called Sisi, on seeing Xiao Yu frowning, whispered with some worry. However, she only spoke a few words before stopping and not daring to continue.

Xiao Yu took in a deep breath and nodded to Sisi, and calmly spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Sisi, tell me what you heard. You do not need to worry about anything. No matter what, I will also be taking a trip to Striking Order Starry Skies.”

Sisi gave out a sigh, “Senior Apprentice Brother Yu, I heard that someone inside the Celestial Scryer Tower had managed to reach the 69th floor. I heard that this person has a good chance to rush to the 72nd floor…..”

Xiao Yu’s countenance finally changed. He had also heard about a heaven-defying cultivator appearing within the Celestial Scryer Tower. Before coming here, he had heard that this fellow had managed to reach the 61st floor. However, he had not taken it to heart and thought that this person would never be able to overcome his record of 71 levels. As such, he simply chose not to think about it at that time.

But now Sisi said that this man had already reached the 69th floor, which clearly indicated a challenge to his first rank. With this in mind, Xiao Yu could not stay any longer in this place. He made a casual goodbye and quickly rushed out.

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