Chapter 0584

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Chapter 0584: Changing Earth Nunnery

The Flying Celestial Chamber of Commerce was one of the most famous Chamber of Commerce within Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City. At the same time, its Association Head, Su Qianhan, was also a powerhouse in the Life and Death Realm.

Unfortunately, although Su Qianhan had a considerably sized harem, he only had a single child, a daughter named Su Dai. That is why he not only loved and doted over his daughter, he also let her learn his cultivation method.

The cultivation method of a Life and Death Powerhouse obviously was not a bad one; as such, although Su Dai only had medium-grade qualifications, she could still be counted among the top geniuses within her generation due to the top-tier cultivation method she cultivated in and the top-quality cultivation resources at her disposal. Because of this, like the other well-known geniuses of her generation, she managed to reach full-circle of Celestial Gatherer Realm at a young age.

However, Su Qianhan was a male, and his cultivation method inherently required feminine assistance for cultivation. Su Dai herself was a woman; as such, cultivating a cultivation method that demanded such female support caused her meridians to turn cloudy, making her incapable of fusing her insights to reach the Celestial Bridge Realm.

Moreover, because Su Dai demanded that her Dao Companion must be a person who would accompany her for life. This caused Su Qianhan to encounter a lot of troubles. After selecting dozens of potential candidates, Su Dai refused to see him on the same level; as such, Su Qianhan had to let her daughter choose for herself.

At this moment, within Flying Celestial Chamber of Commerce, Su Qianhan looked helplessly at his daughter standing in front of her. He gave out a sigh and spoke, “Dai’er, it’s no use trying to find a Dao Companion that you described. The cultivator you mentioned is most likely a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator at best. Moreover, you didn’t even exchange more than a few sentences with each other…….”

“Dad, did you not say that I should try to look for a Dao Companion with a spine; moreover, as soon as possible?” Su Dai spoke in a disapproving tone.

“That is true, but you can’t just select a random person. The ones that I selected for you, which one among them does not hail from a big academy or sect, and which one among them does not have a peak Celestial Gatherer Cultivation? Why can’t you choose one from among them, why would you choose a rogue cultivator, who at best has a Celestial Shatterer Cultivation?”

Although Su Qianhan felt very angry, he still spoke with a soft tone.

Su Dai immediately retorted, “You haven’t even met him, how would you know anything about him? Why do you not at least meet him first before giving a verdict?“”

“Alright, I’ll meet this fellow if you insist so much. Where is he now? With the Celestial Scryer Geniuses from the other grand starry skies starting to gather at Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City, the Immortal Jade Star would soon open. Everyone knows that after entering the Immortal Jade Star, the first thing to accomplish would be to fuse and integrate with one’s celestial wheels and advancing to the Celestial Bridge Realm. Only this would provide everyone with room for competition. If we end up dragging our feet, then I would rather you do not enter the Immortal Jade Star. Otherwise, how would you compete against a bunch of Celestial Bridge Cultivator with just a Celestial Gatherer Cultivation?”

Although Su Qianhan hated using his iron and steel like voice while explaining to his daughter, he still had to remind her.

Su Dai bit her lips, “Whether you agree or disagree, at least take a look. If you really think that he cannot match up to me, then I will listen to you even if it does not make any sense. Besides, even if we end up talking till our mouths run dry, the other party might not even consent to it, right?”

“Well, I’m also a Destiny Realm Powerhouse with a sizably vast Chamber of Commerce that spans several starry skies; how could a puny Celestial Shatterer Cultivator dare to disagree with my words?” Su Qianhan looked at her daughter and spoke in a somewhat disgruntled tone.

“If other people recognised me as the Little Miss of the Flying Celestial Chamber of Commerce, they would have also immediately recognised that my father is a Life and Death Powerhouse and would most likely agree to it immediately. If that is the case, then I do not want to be with such a person. Needless to say, this person simply does not have a spine.” Su Dai spoke with some dissatisfaction and tried to backtrack her words.

“Ok-ok, I’ll listen to you. Just tell me where can I find him?” Su Qianhan finally relented and agreed to compromise with his daughter.

Su Dao, on seeing that her father had relented, quickly spoke up, “This person doesn’t seem to like staying in one place, and I don’t expect him to stay in Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City for long. Therefore, I asked Lan Sha to wait outside the city. As long as he goes out of the city, she should be able to intercept that fellow.”

Su Qianhan looked at his daughter’s determine-looking eyes and shook his head in speechlessness. Looks like he spoiled his daughter a bit too much. If people did not know any better, they would have definitely believed that he had involved himself in ‘marriage by capture’.

“Oh yes, Dad, do you have any news about that Wanderer who had climbed to the 81st floor of the Celestial Scryer Tower?“ Su Dai, feeling satisfied, immediately turned happy, and asked a random question.

Su Qianhan shook his head, “I’m afraid there’s no news of him. It looks like that cultivator had managed to disappear silently. Even when Heavenly Emperor Levelled Heart sent people to look around the Celestial Scryer Tower, no one could find even a shadow of this fellow. It really is a pity.”

Su Dai did not think that it was something unfortunate. If this Wanderer only had climbed a little more than 50 floors, she would have felt slightly disappointed that she did not get to meet him. However, this Wanderer had managed to climb to the 81st floor, which also meant that this fellow had nothing to do with her. So why would she bother if this fellow came out or not?


By the time Ning Cheng managed to exit Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City, he could not find even the slightest shadow of Qionghua.

The Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City was in itself a huge place, and the Grand Culmination Starland covering an even more prominent area. Without any direction, it would prove impossible to find where Qionghua went.

“Little Miss had truly guessed it right, you did come out.” A voice resounded, filled with joy.

Ning Cheng then looked at a female cultivator wearing green robes that had suddenly appeared in front of him. Seeing her, Ning Cheng could not help but frown. He knew this female cultivator, she had followed that Su Dai. Moreover, the only thing that connected the two of them with him was that Ning Cheng had ended up losing a hundred million green coins to Su Dai because his battleship had almost ended up colliding with their warship. Moreover, the second time Ning Cheng met her was on the public square crowded with people. At that time, that Daoist Priestess from the Everlasting Sacred Shrine had pushed him back using her imposing aura, causing him to bump into them accidentally. However, despite the two occurrences, he had no idea why this woman had asked someone to wait for him in this location?

Seeing Ning Cheng not talking, the green-robed female cultivator quickly walked over to Ning Cheng and spoke, “My name is Lan Sha, and Su Dai is my Little Miss. The two of you already know each other anyway. For now, our Association Head wants to meet you, so you will have to come with me.”

“I don’t know you or this so-called Association Head. I’m sorry, I will not be coming with you.” Ning Cheng categorically refused. Moreover, he could not understand what was going on.

Lan Sha whispered to Ning Cheng, “I know with certainty that you are a Rogue Cultivator. Anyways, coming with me will not bring you any harm. Moreover, the place you are accompanying me is the Flying Celestial Chamber of Commerce, which is quite well known within Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City. I doubt you would even realise the benefits that you could obtain by just gaining the chance to sit down and talk in that place.”

Ning Cheng did not even think about going to the Flying Celestial Chamber of Commerce. Rather, he thought of another thing, and immediately asked with a slow tone, “Lan Sha, have you been waiting for me for a long time to come here?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting for you here. Little Miss said that you are a restless person, and will definitely leave the city at some point. It looks like Little Miss really was not wrong about you.” Lan Shan smiled, clearly proud of her Little Miss’s intelligence.

“That last time I was in Culmination Public Square, a Daoist Priestess had ended up suppressing me. You should know about that too, right?” Ning Cheng quickly asked.

Lan Sha spoke up with disdain, “I certainly am aware of it, but you don’t have to worry about that woman. Our Association Head is not afraid of her at all.”

Ning Cheng felt shocked hearing those words. That Daoist Priestess definitely felt like a powerhouse, and a powerhouse most likely at or above the Life and Death Realm. Yet this Flying Celestial Chamber of Commerce’s Association Head did not fear her, which also pointed to this fellow’s hidden strength.

“Did you also see the two ladies who came out with the Daoist Priestess?” Ning Cheng immediately seized the opportunity to ask more questions. He understood that Lan Sha knew about whom he wanted to look. Especially since this Lan Sha was also on the public square during the conflict involving him, Qionghua and the Daoist Priestess.

“I saw them not too long ago. The two passed by me. I did not bother to question the two, it would have been rude of me. Besides, did that woman have to resort to such actions because of just a few words? If someone spoke about liking me, I would feel too happy even to think about anything else. That Daoist Priestess just likes to makes a huge fuss about trivial matters?” Lan Sha spoke with a dismissive tone.

Ning Cheng, on hearing this, immediately feeling slight goodwill towards this Lan Sha. Yes, just as she said, he had not done anything terrible.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Lan Sha, we really do think alike. By the way, did you notice where they were heading?” Ning Cheng, despite the eagerness, spoke in a calm tone.

Lan Sha also immediately replied, “I didn’t bother to see where they were going or ask them about it; however, when the two of them passed by me, they said something about a Changing Earth Nunnery and something about an invite. I don’t know about anything else.”

Ning Cheng felt so excited that he could not have imagined that he would hear such good news. He did not ask Lan Sha about this Changing Earth Nunnery’s location; rather, if he requested Lan Sha about it unless she was a complete fool, she would immediately know what he intended.

“You and I are heading to the Flying Celestial Chamber of Commerce. However, I still have no idea about how to address you?” Lan Shan felt eager to converse with Ning Cheng and only at this time did she recall about her objective here.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Lan Sha, do you have a map of Culmination Starland?” Ning Cheng did not immediately answer Lan Sha’s question.

Lan Sha’s mind worked on a far less complicated level compared to Ning Cheng; therefore, she did not hesitate to take out a jade strip and hand it to Ning Cheng, “Here….”

Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness almost instantaneously swept into the jade strip and immediately saw the vast and seemingly boundless Culmination Starland inside. It contained various Starry Sky Cities, Celestial River Cities, Corner City, Corner Bastions, Academies and Sects and the numerous makeshift markets. As Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept through, he could not find the Changing Earth Nunnery; however, he did find a Changing Earth Mountain.

Ning Cheng put away the jade strip and spoke to Lan Sha, “Junior Apprentice Sister Lan Sha, I have to take care of a few things first. I will definitely come to offer my thanks in the future.”

Saying that Ning Cheng did not wait for Lan Sha to answer and quickly left the range of the Forbidden Space Restriction, brought out a flying-type weapon and promptly disappeared without a trace.

As Lan Sha watched Ning Cheng disappear, she finally realised something. Ning Cheng most likely was pursuing the two female cultivators. Understanding that, she suddenly gave a frown, “This fellow is indeed not someone easy to handle. It is for the better, I guess. I will have to report this to Little Miss once I return.”


Along the way, Ning Cheng stopped for asking directions a few times, but no one knew the location of Changing Earth Nunnery. Not to delay things, Ning Cheng simply gave up on continuing with the flight-type weapon and directly flew towards the Changing Earth Mountains using the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. If he could not find the Changing Earth Nunnery, then the next best option was to head to the Changing Earth Mountains. If he still could not find anything, Ning Cheng would then have to wait for the next opportunity to explain things to Qionghua.


Changing Earth Mountains, a location thousands of miles away from the nearest corner city. Although such a distance was not too far for a starry skies’ cultivator, it was also not too near. Moreover, because of such a considerable distance, apart from top-ranked powerhouses, the Spiritual Consciousness of other ordinary cultivators would not even manage to sweep through it.

Within a starland, as long as someone’s Spiritual Consciousness could not cover it, that location could then be classified as a blind spot.

“What a beautiful place.” Jing Yiyi stood outside the Changing Earth Mountain and gave out a sigh. The rolling greens of the foliage and the soft whites of the clouds intertwined together at almost every spot. One could even hear the occasional sounds of waterfalls along with the calls of various birds. No one in the world would not like such a place.

Qionghua, standing next to Jing Yiyi, also gave out a sigh and spoke, “It really is beautiful.”

After giving a sigh, she then asked, “Senior Apprentice Sister Yiyi, do you really think that this Uncle-master Mi Chen (Seeking Earth) would accept Sacred Master’s invitation and return to Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City with us?”

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