Chapter 0587

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Chapter 0587: Changing Earth Mountain Crumbles To Dust

By the time she heard Ning Cheng’s words, Shi Qionghua had found herself thrown out of the cavern by Ning Cheng. With Ning Cheng blocking the array formation around the cavern with his array flags, it no longer produced a suction force. Shi Qionghua had just fallen to the ground when she immediately noticed Jing Yiyi looking around in panic.

“Ah, Junior Apprentice Sister Qiong, how did you escape? Are you hurt?” Jing Yiyi, who was panicking, on seeing Shi Qionghua coming out, quickly came forward to support Shi Qionghua off the ground. Seeing a large amount of blood staining Shi Qionghua’s robes, she thought that Shi Qionghua had suffered some severe injuries.

Shi Qionghua had no time to elaborate and quickly spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Yiyi, let’s get out and inform Sacred Master.”

“How do we get out?”

“I have a few array flags, we can leave using them.”


Ning Cheng saw Shi Qionghua and Jing Yiyi leave the area through his Spiritual Consciousness, while also keeping a tight watch over the eyebrowless man.

“Puny ant, if not for my severe injuries, just a billionth portion of my cultivation would have been enough to pinch you to death.” The eyebrowless man on seeing Ning Cheng able to use his Spiritual Consciousness with relative ease under lockup felt truly shocked in his heart, and at the same time, very angry.

Lu Hechen glanced at this eyebrowless man in disdain before speaking, “Fu Wumie, you’re just a little Heaven Seated Cultivator, yet you dare to say such things. If not for you sneak attacking during mid-cultivation, this Lu Hechen would have already turned you into flying ash. Even if I lost my strength, I could still nail you to the Soul Locking Pillar.”

Having said that, Lu Hechen ignored the eyebrowless man and turned her attention to Ning Cheng, “I believe what you said just now.”

“Ah….” Ning Cheng felt surprised. Honestly, he could not figure out what Lu Hechen believed.

“You said that you and that female cultivator were husband and wife in her previous life, I believe you.” After Lu Hechen finished, she then turned her gaze to the jade statue by the side of her bed, and her tired expression got replaced with a gentle look.

After a while, she looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, “That old tramp, Mi Hui, does not know anything about love. It is normal for her not to believe you. A person who does not have any love cannot notice love at all. She simply does not know how to love……”

Ning Cheng was about to speak when he once again heard Lu Hechen’s voice ring out within his mind, “Although I nailed Fu Wumie to the Soul Locking Pillar, I could not manage to preserve my strength. This fellow secretly plotted against me while I was in mid-cultivation, causing my spirit soul to dissipate significantly. I can no longer reverse the situation with my remaining strength. Moreover, this Fu Wumie is also about to break away from the Soul Locking Pillar, and I cannot hold him any longer. Nor do I have any way to kill him. All I can do to help you is to forcibly activate the Soul Locking Pillar for a brief moment and stop him for a little more time with the remaining Celestial Essence and Spiritual Consciousness that I have. Whether you can grab this opportunity and escape, is completely dependent on your abilities.”

Ning Cheng felt shocked when he heard this. No wonder this Fu Wumie attacked him sporadically; turns out, Fu Wumie wanted to delay things as much as possible and gain sufficient time. If Lu Hechen told the truth, then once Fu Wumie broke free from the Soul Locking Pillar, could he remain alive?

“Begin…..” Just at this moment, Lu Hechen’s shout reached Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness. At the same time, the Soul Locking Pillar started to shine brightly.

Ning Cheng did not overthink and brought out the Wishful Demon Axe, using it to cast the Sunset’s Twilight Spirit Technique.

“Lu Hechen, I knew you would use this trick. After I break free, I, Fu Wumie, would definitely turn you into my slave. I am what you raised……” Fu Wumie roared; at the same time, his handsome face also turned hideous.

The cyan-coloured long sword piercing through his chest also swayed violently, with bursts of screaming like sounds. It felt as if in the next moment, the cyan-coloured long sword would immediately fly out, freeing Fu Wumie in the process.

As Lu Hechen saw this scene, her already-pale face turned even paler. If she could self-detonate, she would have done so already. However, she no longer had the strength to initiate a self-detonation. Yet, when she heard that she would be refined into a slave after death, Lu Hechen shivered all over.

As Lu Hechen’s face turned white, while her body also started to shake violently, the intensity of Fu Wumie’s roar also increased sharply. At the same time, the cyan-coloured long sword piercing through his chest trembled even more fiercely. However, just at this moment, the surrounding space seemed to have come to a standstill. It felt that someone had hit the pause button on the flow of time, causing everything to stop.

The cyan-coloured long sword stopped trembling, the Soul Locking Pillar shine froze, and even Lu Hechen’s trembling body seemed to have gone still at this moment.

A vague axe shadow broke through the Spatio-temporal stillness, and in just a blink of an eye reached Fu Wumie’s glabella.

“Time Law Spirit Technique……” Fu Wumie screamed in horror.

At this moment, he had only one thought in his heart; how was this possible, how could such a thing be possible…..

How could a punk Celestial Scryer Cultivator grasp a Time Law-related Spirit Technique? This should be an impossible matter. However, this axe that pierced through his skin showed that it definitely was a fact.

Fu Wumie’s eyes flashed with extreme unwillingness. If he had recovered just a little more strength, even a tiny bit more, this Time Law Technique that had only touched the surface would not be much of a threat to him, and he could easily brush it away.

He was a prideful Heaven Seated Powerhouse; however, from the looks of it, he would fall to a Celestial Scryer ant. How could he willingly accept such an outcome? Even if he fell, he would make sure that no one would escape this place alive. This thought had just emerged when wild Celestial Essence fluctuations suddenly erupted from the eyebrowless man’s body. At this moment, the eyebrowless man’s dantian and Zifu were amid a rampage.

Time Law Spirit Technique? Lu Hechen also felt equally shocked as she saw the axe finally make contact with Fu Wumie’s glabella. Although she had seen too many genius cultivators within Grand Culmination Starry Skies; however, she had never seen any cultivator who managed to understand the Laws of Time while within the Celestial Scryer Realm. This was not just shocking but horrifying.

“No, Fu Wumie wants to blow himself up…..” Just as Lu Hechen felt Fu Wumie’s berserk aura, she immediately realised that it was too late to remind Ning Cheng. Sensing that, she finally closed her eyes and calmed her heart down. She truly felt grateful towards this Celestial Scryer Cultivator; if not for this Celestial Scryer Cultivator, she would not ever be at peace even after death.

Unfortunately, no matter what methods she could think of, she could not save this Celestial Scryer Cultivator. Not to mention that Fu Wumie wanted to take down this Celestial Scryer Cultivator through self-detonation, even if this Celestial Scryer Cultivator somehow managed to escape Fu Wumie’s self-detonation, he would not be able to escape from the forcible detonation of the Soul Locking Pillar. With Fu Wumie initiating self-detonation, the resulting explosion would definitely trigger the Soul Locking Pillar to explode immediately.

She had operated the Soul Locking Pillar for many years, and she had initially used it for cultivation. Every time her cultivation went slightly awry, she would immediately lock her soul using the Soul Locking Pillar. Once the Soul Locking Pillar exploded, it would definitely produce enough power to tear a void in this place.

When the Wishful Demon Axe sliced through Fu Wumie’s glabella, Fu Wumie finally exploded, immediately creating a loud and horrifying explosion.

Once a Heaven Seated Cultivator decided to self-detonate, how horrifying would the Celestial Essence explosion be? What’s more, what would happen if the Soul Locking Pillar exploded right after that self-detonation? The violent and berserk aura brought along a threat of death. After Ning Cheng finished casting the Sunset’s Twilight Spirit Technique, his Celestial Essence and Spiritual Consciousness had almost hit rock bottom. Moreover, he knew that even if he was at his peak, Ning Cheng could never manage to block this explosion.

As such, the moment Ning Cheng noticed the explosion, he immediately entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead without any hesitation, without even bothering to recover the Wishful Demon Axe.


As the violent Celestial Essence-filled shockwave erupted, Shi Qionghua and Jing Yiyi, who had just rushed out of the Changing Earth Mountain, were once again sent flying.

The two of them got blown away by the powerful shockwave before falling to the ground. Jing Yiyi stood up and spread out her Spiritual Consciousness towards the Changing Earth Mountain. The previous verdant and fairyland-like Changing Earth Mountain, at this moment, had transformed into dust that fell from the sky. Just beneath this falling dust was a deep and huge ditch.

The explosion turned the entire Changing Earth Mountain into ruins, erasing it from the maps.

Shi Qionghua also stood up, watching the distant explosion and the deep ravine that had appeared after the destruction of the Changing Earth Mountain. Her face only showed grief.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Qiong, Uncle-Master should have suffered a calamity. Hey, you don’t have to feel sad about it…..” Jing Yiyi helped Shi Qionghua wipe the blood off the corners of her mouth and tried to comfort her.

Shi Qionghua did not answer; her Uncle-master had died, that naturally made her sad; however, she felt more distressed about the death of that cultivator called Ning Cheng. Previously, when she heard Ning Cheng’s words, she did not feel too happy about it. However, now that Ning Cheng had fallen, grief seemed to have taken over every inch of her heart. She felt sure that the other party would not have fallen if not for saving her.

Was what he told the truth? Was she really his wife in her past life? If not, if the two of them were strangers in entirety, why would he willingly sacrifice his life to save her?

“Junior Apprentice Sister Qiong……” Jing Yiyi on seeing Shi Qionghua silent, felt worried and called out; however, just before she tried to comfort her, she immediately recalled something, “Right, Junior Apprentice Sister Qiong, how did you escape? And the array flags that helped us in ripping through the Entrapment Formation, where did you manage to get them? If it weren’t for you, the two of us would have also ended up buried in this place.”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Yiyi? Do you think that what that man on the Culmination Public Square said that day, about my name, do you think his words were true?” Shi Qionghua turned her head and looked directly at Jing Yiyi with bright eyes.

“Ah….” Jing Yiyi felt shocked on hearing Shi Qionghua’s words and quickly reacted, “Junior Apprentice Sister Qionghua, don’t overthink about it. You are the Sacred Lady of our Everlasting Sacred Shrine. Did I not tell you about Uncle-master Mi Chen? She was also a Sacred Lady just like you; however, she ended up falling in this place. She, she……. Liked a man, and then with that man, got pregnant……”

As she spoke till here, Jing Yiyi seemed to have awoken from a great shock of the past and immediately recalled what Ning Cheng was after. Remembering that, she immediately asked, “Junior Apprentice Sister Qiong, did that cultivator, who kept pestering you, the one surnamed Ning, save you? No, no, how is this possible. That fellow at best looked like a Celestial Shatterer Cultivator; moreover, he did not escape. I guess that fellow made us his obsession and secretly followed us. I didn’t expect that he would also end up falling, it truly served him right.”

As Jing Yiyi spoke about it, she then recalled Ning Cheng holding her just below her chest and picking her up. This memory made her feel even more resentment. She was also a disciple of Everlasting Sacred Shrine. This fellow grabbed her chest for no reason. If that fellow had not died, she definitely would not have let him escape.

Shi Qionghua immediately sensed the disgusting attitude that Jing Yiyi had towards Ning Cheng and recalled Ning Cheng’s words that he had a lot of enemies and that she should not talk about his name. Recalled all that, she lied for the first time, “Senior Apprentice Sister Yiyi, Uncle-master Mi Chen had saved me. However, I need to know if it was possible that what that Senior Apprentice Brother Ning said was true, especially since he chased us here?”

Jing Yiyi shook her head firmly and spoke, “It’s absolutely impossible. I have seen a lot of cultivators like that fellow. They like to pursue beautiful female cultivators and then take away those female cultivators’ Yin Essence before discarding them. Don’t overthink it, just remember to focus on your cultivation, and try to harmonise with the Celestial Bridge as soon as possible.”

“Senior Apprentice Sister, didn’t you say that Senior Apprentice Brother Ning had chased us here, and after knowing that I was trapped in this place, deliberately plunged himself into danger to save me?” Shi Qionghua did not seem to understand Jing Yiyi’s words.

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