Chapter 0590

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Chapter 0590: Selling Time Stones

“Is there a better flame nirvana material than Fire Origin Crystals?” Ning Cheng had already planned on using the Fire Origin Crystals to let his Celestial River Flame experience nirvana. In any case, his Celestial River Flame had evolved to a purple flame after consuming the Fire Origin Crystals. Now that he thought about why his flame had not reached Nirvana yet, it must be because the Fire Origin Crystals that it consumed were not enough. In other words, he had put away his Celestial River Flame too early. Maybe if he had waited a little more, his flame could have undergone nirvana.

Fortunately, he had also collected a lot of Fire Origin Crystals; as such, he felt confident that he could let his flame experience nirvana.

“Actually, you only need to read the book that Master Baichi gave you the last time, and you would not need to ask such questions. However, I guess you would need at least ten years to finish reading that book. Even for me, it took more than a dozen years to finish half of it. I heard that there is a type of Flame Essence in the starry skies, which is an excellent material for inducing nirvana in flames; however, it is only the second best nirvana material.” Junior Apprentice Sister Yan replied.

“Then, is Fire Origin Crystal the best?” Ning Cheng asked subconsciously.

Cen Yan shook her head, “Although it can be considered as the best, it is certainly not ranked first. The Fire Origin Bead takes that spot. However, only people with significant brain damage would use the Fire Origin Bead to induce nirvana in their flames. Moreover, there are simply no records of someone using the Fire Origin Bead to induce nirvana. Therefore, the first ranked material that could help in inducing nirvana is the starry sky flame essence. I had even purposefully asked master about it, but even our master has not seen it; he had only heard of it.”

Ning Cheng immediately recalled the book. He had studied it for a few months and had thought that he had already finished it. However, when Ning Cheng looked at it once again, the contents of all the pages had once again changed. According to Master Baichi, if he wanted to finish reading the book, he would need at least two to three years with the current speed.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yan, although I really would love to obtain that Flame Nirvana Material, I would not be able to come to the competition.” Ning Cheng spoke with some helplessness. He also felt slightly embarrassed about it. However, when it came to his own safety, he knew that he could not show any carelessness.

Junior Apprentice Sister Yan took a deep breath and looked at Ning Cheng, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, it does not matter if you lose the game; in any case, your attainments in crafting artefacts is higher compared to mine. Moreover, I owe a lot to our master, and he treated me good over these years; now that our master is not currently here, I cannot let our master’s name become the object of humiliation. I, Cen Yan, humbly request your aid, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning.”

Ning Cheng finally realised that this Junior Apprentice Sister Yan’s real name was Cen Yan. He hesitated for a moment and spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yan, there are several powerful masters among the many powerhouses that I have offended. Even if I wear a mask, there is still a high chance that people would recognise me. Moreover, I cannot bring out my flame in front of others. It is not that I do not want to, but because even if my flame has not evolved to its peak, once I bring it out, it would only result in my death once people discover it. It’s not that I do not want to help you, it’s just that I am powerless on a lot of things.”

Can Yan spoke with even more earnestly, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, the mask-type weapon you use should have come from our master, right? That means it is a top-grade concealment weapon. Even Heavenly Emperor-level powerhouses would not be able to see through it unless they actively use their Spiritual Consciousness to try to decipher its secrets. However, as a top-grade powerhouse, how could they use their Spiritual Consciousness to observe a Celestial Scryer Cultivator? As for the flame, you do not have to worry about it, I have a Water Cloud Flower. If you are willing to enter the competition, I can give you this Water Cloud Flower.”

“Is this Water Cloud Flower a flame?” Ning Cheng asked in surprise.

Cen Yan raised her hand and brought out a flame. When Ning Cheng saw it, the first thing he felt was a feeling of beauty, the second feeling he sensed was the water-attributed aura coming from it. Moreover, when Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness covered this flame, he immediately felt a terrifying heat coming from it, which had even surpassed the heat generated by his Celestial River Flame.

This flower-like flame even had a pale golden line that outlined its edges, which made this flower even more beautiful.

“My flame is a water-attributed flame; however, I do not have a water-attributed spiritual root. Because of which, my attainments in crafting artefacts remains average. However, my flame has already achieved nirvana. Although this flame is just a normal one, one could definitely craft high-grade Dao Artefacts with its help. If Senior Apprentice Brother Ning feels willing to help, I can lend this flame to Senior Apprentice Brother Ning.”

Cen Yan on seeing Ning Cheng staring at her flame explained everything without hiding anything.

Ning Cheng had to speak up at this point, “I’ll first need to go out and clear my head. Once I come back, I will give you a reply.”

“Ok, I will wait here for Senior Apprentice Brother’s answer.” Although Cen Yan knew that Ning Cheng most likely would reject her, she still spoke with the same earnest tone.


Half a day later, Ning Cheng dug up a cave in a mountain range away from Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City. His only purpose right now was to evolve his Celestial River Flame further.

Bringing out the Celestial River Flame, Ning Cheng then threw ten Fire Origin Crystals into it, one crystal after another. The purple-coloured Celestial River Flame turned hotter and hotter, and the ten Fire Origin Crystals that he had thrown into the purple flame disappeared quickly. Ning Cheng felt that the flame had grown more active. However, he also felt sure that the Celestial River Flame had still not reached nirvana, which made Ning Cheng disappointed.

Whether or not Fire Origin Crystals were the best Nirvana-inducing materials, Ning Cheng could not confirm it. However, he could now speak with surety that even Fire Origin Crystals could not let his Celestial River Flame experience nirvana. Maybe his Celestial River Flame was of a much higher grade.

Ning Cheng helplessly put away the Celestial River Flame and sent out a message to Ziche Jun asking about the jade card.

Ziche Jun’s quickly reverted and told Ning Cheng he had managed to obtain a small booth for tonight’s auction and was ready to purchase the jade card for the Immortal Jade Star. However, he also stated that he might not have enough celestial coins.

Ning Cheng immediately asked Ziche Jun to come to the Speed Celestial Rest Stop on Celestial Immortal Street, while also scolding himself for not thinking about it. The price of a jade card for entering the Immortal Jade Card would definitely be high. However, he forgot to give Ziche Jun any celestial coins.


If one talked about the largest merchant house within Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City, it definitely would be the Eternal Heaven Merchant Hall. This was not a merchant house per se, but a palatial hall.

Even the highest top-grade stuff can be sold here without worrying that others would not be able to afford to pay for it. Similarly, if one wanted any weapon, as long as one could refine it and as long as you can come up with a suitable price, you can definitely get it in this place.

Moreover, of the people who can come to the Eternal Heaven Merchant Hall, they definitely were not moneyless rogue cultivators, but some of the richest and the most influential starry sky cultivators. Therefore, every guest who entered through its doors had a dedicated female cultivator waiting on them.

At this time, a man with a white beard arrived at the entrance of the Eternal Heaven Merchant Hall. This man wore a starry skies’ robe that covered his face. At the same time, the Celestial Wheels behind this man looked fully fused, without even a hint of impurity within it, while exuding faint starry sky oppression. Just a glance at this person and one would immediately understand that this was a powerhouse in the Life and Death Realm, at least.

“Senior, what can I help you with today?” The man had just walked into the merchant hall when a female cultivator immediately came up and greeted him with a smile.

The man nodded and spoke with an expressionless voice, “This Emperor wishes to sell some treasures, bring this Emperor to see your steward.”

Calling oneself as ‘this Emperor’, it definitely showed that this fellow was an Eternal-level starry sky powerhouse. Facing such a powerhouse, average cultivators simply had no right to speak at all.

“Yes, Lord Heavenly Emperor, please follow me.” Although this female cultivator spoke with respect, her voice also indicated that the number of starry sky emperors passing through their doors was not a minority.

The man obviously was Ning Cheng with his appearance changed. It was difficult for others to stimulate Celestial Wheels; however, his Mysterious Yellow Formless’ Formless Creation could simulate more than one Celestial Wheel. What he felt the most concerned was that if a starry sky powerhouse decided to test him with their Imposing Aura, it would immediately turn out bad for him.

The pretty-looking female cultivator quickly brought Ning Cheng upstairs and outside one of the rooms. Without waiting for her to talk, the restrictions protecting the room opened automatically.

A beautiful middle-aged woman sat inside on a chair and seeing Ning Cheng standing outside, immediately stood up and spoke, “Welcome Dao Friend to my Eternal Heaven Merchant Hall, Dao Friend, please come inside.”

Ning Cheng nodded and calmly stepped inside. What worried him did not happen. Although this middle-aged woman looked like she did not have low cultivation, she did not oppress him with her Imposing Aura.

The pretty-looking female cultivator who had brought Ning Cheng to the room gave a bow before quickly leaving. The beautiful middle-aged woman then once again activated the restrictions on the door and took the initiative to help Ning Cheng pour a cup of tea. After asking Ning Cheng to take a seat, she then asked, “What treasures does Dao Friend want to sell?”

Ning Cheng did not speak; instead, he took out a jade box and put it in front of this beautiful middle-aged woman, before speaking after a short pause, “Dao Friend, look for yourself. This is what I obtained through some luck.”

The beautiful middle-aged woman smiled and picked up the jade box and opened it. However, she immediately shut the jade box out of shock and even placed a few restrictions over it before speaking, “Is that a Time Stone?”

Ning Cheng smiled and took a sip of the Spiritual Tea before replying, “Yes, it is a Time Stone. I would like to sell this Time Stone. However, you will have to put a price on it.”

The beautiful woman’s eyes flashed with a scorching look, which soon subsided. Although she knew about Time Stones, and she recognised its priceless value, she could not touch the Laws of Time it contained. Unfortunately, Time Stones were a speciality of Striking Order Starry Skies and even Heavenly Emperor Striking Order could not obtain much of these treasures. This time, since the Time Wilderness had opened, it would mean that the Striking Order Starry Skies would have gained some Time Stones. However, the lord of that starry sky would never take them out.

But now, there was a Time Stone in her hands. Moreover, it was an egg-sized Time Stone, whose value simply could not be estimated.

“How many do you have?” The beautiful woman took in a deep breath and calmed herself down.

Ning Cheng replied with a smile, “Dao Friend must be joking. This kind of thing is just a lucky find. How could anyone obtain more?”

“Does Dao Friend want to put this Time Stone up for auction or do you want to sell it directly to us, the Eternal Heaven Merchant Hall?” The beautiful woman spoke to Ning Cheng with eagerness. She hoped that Ning Cheng could sell this directly to her Eternal Heaven Merchant Hall.

Ning Cheng felt hesitant, selling it directly to them would not fetch a high price. However, if he put it up for auction, it would involve too many risks. After sending this to the auction house, Ning Cheng would have to wait for the other party to sell it before coming in to collect the celestial coins. In the unlikely event that someone decided to investigate where this Time Stone came from, what would he do then?

“My Eternal Heaven Merchant Hall is hosting a major auction tonight, and if you sent it there, you might get a good price today.” The beautiful woman on seeing Ning Cheng’s hesitation quickly offered another way out.

At this moment, Ning Cheng made up his mind that a fortune could be made at any time, but now was not the time to take that risk. He immediately replied, “I will sell it now.”

“How much do you want for it? How do we pay you?” The beautiful woman on hearing that Ning Cheng wanted to sell it to them directly, spoke in an even smoother tone. However, she felt ecstatic in her heart. In this way, her Eternal Heaven Merchant Hall would obtain the most benefits.

“I haven’t been here before, could you elaborate on that.” Ning Cheng did not want to spend too much time here.

The beautiful woman nodded and spoke, “You can choose to exchange for other items, or you can let us pay you with Perpetual Moon Pills……”

“Pay with Perpetual Moon Pills?” Ning Cheng asked with amazement, “Why not use celestial coins?”

When the beautiful woman heard Ning Cheng’s words, her eyes glinted with a strange light before she asked, “Dao Friend, are you saying that you want celestial coins?”

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