Chapter 0592

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Chapter 0592: Sky Treasure Silk

“11 million.”

“12 million.”


“17 million purple coins.”

One had to say that the people bidding on this item looked a bit too enthusiastic. When Ning Cheng had decided to place a bid, the price of this item had already increased to 20 million purple coins.

Ning Cheng entered 30 million purple coins on the quotation screen; however, before he could even submit it, a bid of 50 million suddenly appeared on the huge quotation screen above everyone’s head.

Dai Jia did not even speak of the previous offer, let alone use it to fuel the auction. However, now that a bid of 50 million came out, it finally roused a bit of her interest as she spoke to the audience, “Someone bid 50 million. These pair of starry sky bracelets can be considered as the best kind of item even if purchased by male cultivators and given to the woman of their hearts. 50 million going once, is there no higher price?”

The bid of 50 million did cause a moment of silence; however, this moment of silence was quickly interrupted by a new submission, and the bidding amount on the quotation display changed to 60 million.

At this price, many female cultivators choose to give up on the item. There were not many female cultivators like Junior Apprentice Sister Yan anyway. What’s more, this price had already reached the upper limit for this starry sky bracelet.

Shi Qionghua also gave up on bidding for it; rather, she did not announce a bid before giving up. According to reason, she could afford this treasure; however, for lack of purpose, she chose against coming up with Perpetual Moon Pills.

However, the bid for 60 million only stayed for a moment before it reached 70 million and then suddenly jumped to 80 million.

Ning Cheng did not continue waiting and directly quoted 100 million purple coins. By this time, he felt convinced that he had been ripped off when he first bought that defective middle-grade mask-type Dao Artefact.

“There is a friend who placed a bid of a hundred million. The VIP from booth 391…..” Dai Jia finally felt some excitement.

Her voice had not yet faded when the price rose to 120 million. Ning Cheng also did not hesitate to up his bid to 150 million purple coins. Within the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City, this price had already exceeded the price range of a high-grade Dao Artefact. Moreover, Ning Cheng himself would not have bought this item under normal circumstances. Not to mention that he was currently an Artefact-crafting Master. Even if he could not craft something like the starry sky bracelet right now, he could certainly make it in the future.

However, circumstances were different currently, especially since Qionghua looked interested in it. Towards Shi Qionghua, Ning Cheng felt more than just guilt. He really loved Qionghua, combined with the guilt that he felt towards Qionghua, he would gladly pay any price. As long as Shi Qionghua liked it, he would gladly pay for it.

If the other party wanted to increase the price, Ning Cheng would still purchase the starry sky bracelet even if he had to take out Perpetual Moon Pills.

However, there were also no fools in this hall. Even if they had the money, no one would willingly come up with more than 150 million purple coins to purchase a high-grade Defensive Dao Artefact.

“150 million going once, are there no other bids? 150 million going twice……. Congratulations to this friend from booth 391 for obtaining this beautiful starry sky bracelet.” With Dai Jia calling out for the third time, the dust finally settled for this first auction, and the starry sky bracelet finally found an owner in Ning Cheng for the price of 150 million.

Ning Cheng poured in 150 million purple coins into the instrument in front of him and in just a few moments, a pair of starry sky bracelets appeared in front of him.

Ning Cheng carefully put this pair of starry sky rings within a jade box and tried to figure out a way to send this pair to Shi Qionghua.

The first item had already caused quite a spectacle, which also increased the interest of everyone sitting in the auction hall. All the cultivators looked forward to the appearance of the Time Stone. At the same time, everyone also knew and could feel the upcoming battle that the rich cultivators would wage against each other.

Dai Jia smiled and raised a jade box again, “This auction is just gearing up for more excitement. The next item is a Starry Sky Directional Sphere. This Directional Sphere not only contains the coordinates of most of the starry sky locations within the domain of our Grand Culmination Starry Skies but also includes most of the starry sky locations within the Grand Demon Domain Starry Skies, the Grand Devil Domain Starry Skies, and the Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Skies…….”

As Dai Jia’s voice trailed on, she opened the jade box and lifted a sphere from inside.

As Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept over, he found the sphere covered with a variety of starlights, which looked like a Planet-protecting Grand Array in general. However, his Spiritual Consciousness could not penetrate inside. This also showed that one had to refine this Starry Sky Directional Sphere first to use it.

When Ning Cheng recalled its uses, he felt eager to own it. This kind of treasure was no different from quasi-spirit artefacts. With this, he would not get lost, at least on this part of the starry skies. Getting lost within the starry skies was no different from deciding to forfeit one’s life.

“The reserve price of this Starry Sky Directional Sphere is 10,000 Perpetual Moon Pills, and the price increase must not be less than one thousand Perpetual Moon Pills. No purple coins. The bidding starts now.”

Dai Jia’s words had just finished when a grating voice spoke out a bid, “One hundred thousand Perpetual Moon Pills.”

Ning Cheng felt some doubts in his heart. What he doubted was not the person’s quotation, but if this fellow wanted to quote a price, then all that was required was to enter it into the quotation screen in front of the fellow. Why did this fellow decide to quote a price verbally?

What made Ning Cheng even more puzzled was that after the quote was announced by the owner of this voice, the entire auction hall remained silent. Not only did no one list a new price, but the auction house also did not issue a follow-up commentary.

Ning Cheng, who originally was about to quote a price of 110,000 Perpetual Moon Pills, took his hand back and guessed that this was not something simple.

Sure enough, Dai Jia on the auction stage spoke with a bitter smile, “The VIP from booth 4 offered a bid of 100,000 Perpetual Moon Pills. Is there any higher bid? If not, then this Starry Sky Directional Sphere belongs to this friend.”

Ning Cheng also noticed the anger and reluctance in Dai Jia’s smile and immediately understood that she also did not like the way this fellow made the offer. However, she also did not have the power to stop it. Seeing that, Ning Cheng felt glad that he did not make an offer; otherwise, he most likely would have offended an old ghost. These bastards had gotten themselves accustomed to getting things done their way based on their cultivation, not even showing the slightest care about the others.

“120,000 Perpetual Moon Pills……” A new price appeared on the huge quotation display.

At this point, Ning Chen really wanted to know who the fellow was who ate the tiger’s guts.

“120,000 Perpetual Moon Pills, is there no higher bid. A friend quoted 120,000 Perpetual Moon Pills……” When the new price came out, Dai Jia eagerly shouted; apparently, she felt hopeful that someone would definitely offer a quote.

A cold humph resounded that caused Ning Cheng’s heart to tremble. Following which, the grating-like sound once again appeared, “200,000 Perpetual Moon Pills.”

Even a fool would understand that this voice carried a lot of dissatisfaction. Fortunately, the fellow who had placed the quote of 120,000 Perpetual Moon Pills finally realised that he most likely had offended someone he should not have crossed and did not follow up with an offer.

“The VIP in booth 4 offered 200,000 Perpetual Moon Pills, is there no higher quote….. 200,000 Perpetual Moon Pills going once……”

No matter how dazzling Dai Jia portrayed herself, no one dared to put forth a quote after this price came out. Finally, this Starry Sky Directional Sphere ended up in the hands of the powerhouse in booth 4.

“The third treasure is a top-grade raw material called Fire Cloud Buddhist Silk, with a base price of 50 million purple coins……”

Ever treasure that appearing in this auction truly was top-grade stuff. Even a true Starry Sky-grade Battleship had also appeared. Although Ning Cheng wanted to bid for this starry sky-grade battleship, he held himself back. He did not have many Perpetual Moon Pills on him; at the same time, he also needed to put some of it away for his cultivation in addition to purchasing the jade card.

“The following treasure is called the Sky Treasure Silk, an artefact-crafting raw material that could also help cultivators to evolve their flying weapons….”

Dai Jia had just said the words Sky Treasure Silk when Ning Cheng instantly sobered up. Sky Treasure Silk was something that he had always wanted. There was no trap in this place, was there?

“The reserve price of the Sky Treasure Silk is 20 million purple coins. Offers made using Perpetual Moon Pills would be given priority. The bids for this item are now open.”

As soon as Dai Jia finished her words, Ning Cheng immediately entered 30 million purple coins. He had to obtain this thing. For Ning Cheng, this object almost held the same importance as the entry jade card for the Immortal Jade Star. After all, this was right in front of his eyes. As for the Immortal Jade Star, whether he could obtain any treasures inside or not was still up for debate.

“50 million…..”


“80 million purple coins……”

When Ning Cheng quoted 80 million, he knew that there was only a single person who competed with him for this Sky Treasure Silk. From this, Ning Cheng also understood that this fellow had an urgent need for the Sky Treasure Silk.

“100 million purple coins.” Looks like the other party felt anxious and directly quoted 100 million.

Dai Jia once again showed eagerness as she spoke with a warm tone, “One hundred million purple coins, is there anyone who wants to place a higher bid? Sky Treasure Silk is not something that one can obtain casually. If you miss this opportunity, you might not know when you could obtain…….”

Even if the other party truly wanted to obtain it, Ning Cheng had also set his mind to fight for it. He knew that if he continued with purple coins, he would end up reaching a dead end, letting the auction house win in the end. Moreover, even if the Sky Treasure Silk were precious, it would not be expensive to such a degree.

“Ten thousand Perpetual Moon Pills.” Ning Cheng decided to put a quote with Perpetual Moon Pills. He chose to use a trick, 10,000 Perpetual Moon Pills were theoretically equivalent to the 100 million purple coin quote. However, no one would ever want to trade 10,000 Perpetual Moon Pills for purple coins, it would have been an idiotic act. Fortunately, Dai Jia had also not mentioned a minimum mark-up, which also meant that he did not break any rules.

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