Chapter 0594

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Chapter 0594: Obtaining the Jade Card

Although Ning Cheng was not a ‘good’ person; however, as soon as he saw the round-faced teenager, he knew that this fellow had something to do with Cang Wei. That is because this fellow carried a faint yet distinct aura that he had only felt from Cang Wei. As long as someone had met Cang Wei in person, no one would have recognised this aura with just a glance.

After putting away the Sky Treasure Silk, Ning Cheng knew that he had to meet up with this round-faced teenager; however, it would have to wait till after the auction.

Although Ning Cheng and the others had not personally experienced such a near-death encounter, it definitely created a greater sense of urgency in his heart. Without strength, one simply had no place in this world. Moreover, it would be utterly natural for someone to kill such a person quickly. Similarly, if an Eternal-level powerhouse had quoted the price, even if the quotes were not in Perpetual Moon Pills, the auction house would have found it impossible to kill them despite the act ruffling some feathers.

It looks like he would have to curb the usage of Perpetual Moon Pills. After entering the Immortal Jade Star, he would immediately search for a method to advance to the Celestial Bridge Realm. For that to happen, Ning Cheng would have to save as many Perpetual Moon Pills as possible. If he could not even protect his own life, what else was there to talk about?

Dai Jia’s face once again regained her charming smile and raised another jade box in her hand, “Although we experienced some unpleasantness, the auction still continues. The next thing up for auction is a Fire-attributed Origin Crystal…….”

The Fire Origin Crystal held an irresistible pull over fire-attributed cultivators. As such, the moment Dai Jia spoke the words ‘Fire Origin Crystal’, many gazes instantly converged on the auction floor.

Ning Cheng had no interest in this thing, so he simply sat back with closed eyes.

After the Fire Origin Crystal, Dai Jia brought out more than a dozen different treasures. However, since Ning Cheng still felt happy on obtaining the Sky Treasure Silk, he simply chose to turn a blind eye towards all those items.

A few hours quickly passed by. Sensing that many cultivators had started to get impatient, Dai Jia suddenly raised her voice and spoke, “Friends, please pay attention. You all will only have one shot at seeing such a thing. We will soon be revealing the most eye-catching treasure of this auction, the Time Stone……”

With Dai Jia’s words, the entire auction hall immediately turned more enthusiastic.

Of the many cultivators sitting in here, many came specifically for the Time Stone. Even if they could not buy it, just trying to sense the Laws of Time within the Time Stone would make the trip worth it for them.

Unlike the other auction items, this time, a different female cultivator walked onto the stage holding a tray with a jade box placed over it.

Dai Jia carefully took the jade box into her hands and raised it up for everyone to see, “Distinguished guests. Disregarding our auction hall’s conventions, we will let everyone observe the Time Stone for ten breaths of time before the auction formally starts.”

A round of applause resounded throughout the hall, indicating that everyone else looked forward to seeing the Time Stone. The reason this auction held such a high significance to every powerhouse in here was mainly because of the Time Stone.

At this moment, everyone kept their eyes wide open and concentrated their Spiritual Consciousness over Dai Jia’s hand. Dai Jia then carefully opened the jade box. Causing a flow of time to fill up everyone’s mind.

A dark grey coloured stone appeared in the jade box. Moreover, the flow of time emanating continually surged into the Spiritual Consciousnesses around this piece of rock with no indication of stopping.

The moment ten breaths passed, Dai Jia immediately shut the jade box, and the flow of time disappeared. At this moment, all the people could only close their eyes and continue comprehending what they just sensed. Unfortunately, even if one was a genius, one could not necessarily touch the Laws of Time in such a short period. Even if given ten or even a hundred times the time, one could only glance at the surface of the Laws of Time surrounding the Time Stone and never be exposed to the Laws of Time.

“Such a treasure.” Someone gave out an audible sigh. Even if a cultivator did not buy anything from here, they all felt that it was worth making this trip.

Mi Hui gave out a sigh too, “It is a good thing, unfortunately……”

Shi Qionghua and Jing Yiyi, who sat next to her, understood what their Sacred Master meant. This kind of treasure, even someone like Sacred Master, might never obtain in her life. This was something that an individual simply could not afford, a matter that had no solution. Ten thousand Perpetual Moon Pills would not be too small of a price for it, and a hundred million Perpetual Moon Pills would not be too much for such a treasure. How could one understand the mysteries within it with just a glance?

Even if many people could willingly spend a hundred million Perpetual Moon Pills to purchase this Time Stone, they might never be able to obtain anything from it. However, if one really could sense the Laws of Time from it, then even if its price reached ten billion Perpetual Moon Pills, someone would still try to think of a way to obtain it. However, it was also an impossible matter for someone to sense the Laws of Time using just a single Time Stone. Because of such a hopeless case, even if someone else wanted to bid for it, one would have to face a lot of scruples.

Shi Qionghua heard Sacred Master’s sigh and thought about the ten Time Stones she had on her. She wondered if she should give one of them to the Sacred Master. However, she quickly gave up on the thought.

Thinking back to the incident with Uncle-master Mi Chen, the reason why the Sacred Master had come looking for Uncle-master Mi Chen was to seek out Uncle-master Mi Chen’s help. However, now that Uncle-master Mi Chen perished, Sacred Master showed no intention of avenging Uncle-master Mi Chen, nor did she show any sadness.

From this, she understood that in Sacred Master’s heart, everything else remained secondary. Perhaps only the Everlasting Sacred Shrine held the priority over all else within her heart. Although she held the title of Sacred Lady, the Sacred Master had also not showered her with enough favours to let her believe that the Sacred Master would abandon her own interests for her. Once Sacred Master learned about the ten Time Stones in her possession, she would definitely ask her to hand them over to the shrine.

It was not that she did not feel willing enough to hand them over, it was just that those Time Stones did not belong to her at all. She also felt deeply confused about her current relationship with Ning Cheng; at the same time, she had a vague thought that she owned Ning Cheng a lot.


Dai Jia put the jade box back on the tray, which was now placed in front of her over a jade table before she gave a smile and spoke, “I hope that everyone managed to get a look at the Time Stone. This treasure could potentially aid you to understand the Laws of Time. I believe that the many seniors here would have a much deeper understanding of Laws compared to my shallow knowledge. Therefore, instead of me trying to explain its functions to the experts, it would be much better to let the friends here understand their own enlightenment. This Time Stone has a reserve price of five million Perpetual Moon Pills, and an increase must not be less than 100,000, no purple coins. The auction starts now……”

“5.5. Million Perpetual Moon Pills.” Almost the same instant Dai Jia announced the start of the auction, a quote appeared on the large quotation screen.

“5.7 million Perpetual Moon Pills.” The quote changed almost instantly.

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh, realising that he had lost a lot. He also had no other way. Ning Cheng did not dare to send out Time Stones here for the auction. Although he understood that he suffered a significant loss, Ning Cheng had no other option to pursue either.

“6 million Perpetual Moon Pills”

“6.5 million Perpetual Moon Pills.”


“Ten million Perpetual Moon Pills.”

In just a short time, the price of this Time Stone soared to 10 million Perpetual Moon Pills. Once the price reached such a level, the number of people quoting a price also suddenly decreased. With fewer people giving out an offer, the price increase also started to get smaller and smaller.

In the end, the Time Stone finally ended up in the hands of the owner of booth 3 for 13 million Perpetual Moon Pills. Ning Cheng gave out a sigh, lamenting this matter in his heart. This item exchanged for such good money, while he only managed to obtain less than one-third of the current price, while the auction house earned the rest of the two-thirds.

Ning Cheng felt the itch to come up with another Time Stone or two in exchange for Perpetual Moon Pills, but he immediately quashed the idea. In any case, Time Stones still had some uses for him. At the very least, he could give the Time Stones to Luofei when she wanted to sense the Laws of Time in the future.

With the Time Stone auction ending, it also signified that today’s auction had also almost reached its conclusion, causing many cultivators to start to leave the hall. However, Ning Cheng did not move. He did not come here for the Time Stone, he wanted the jade card that could get him a spot to enter the Immortal Jade Star.

Ning Cheng carefully swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness to look around and found that Shi Qionghua and Jing Yiyi had also left the auction hall with the Sacred Master. Even the round-faced teenager, whom he had helped earlier, had also disappeared. Among all the cultivators within the room, most of them were like Ning Cheng, who wanted to obtain that jade card.

Sure enough, Dai Jia took out a jade card and said, “This is the last item for auction, and it is the jade card for entry to the Immortal Jade Star. The base price is 10,000 Perpetual Moon Pills, and each price increase must not be less than a thousand Perpetual Moon Pills. No purple coins. The auction starts now…..”

“Did you not accept purple coins for this item before? Why do you not accept them now?”

“Yeah, it was all in purple coins in the past. If you don’t want to accept purple coins, then what are we going to use for quoting?”


After Dai Jia spoke that they would not accept purple coins, all sorts of panicked talks ran out. Apparently, many of the cultivators did not expect such a thing to happen.

Dai Jia kept standing over the auction floor and spoke out calmly, “Friends, our auction hall does not have many jade cards for entering the Immortal Jade Star. Although we cannot comment for the other auction houses, from now on, our Eternal Heaven Merchant Hall will only auction the jade cards for entry to the Immortal Jade Star for Perpetual Moon Pills.”

The cultivators who came to purchase the Immortal Jade Star’s entry jade card were all Celestial Scryer Cultivators. Moreover, most of them were from different starry skies. At the same time, they all also witnessed the strength of the auction hall; as such, although they felt dissatisfied in their hearts, they could only swallow it down.

“15,000 Perpetual Moon Pills.” Ning Cheng immediately quoted. He did not want to waste too much time on this. At the same time, he also wished to quickly head out and find that round-faced teenager.

“20,000 Perpetual Moon Pills.”

“30,000 Perpetual Moon Pills.”


“70,000 Perpetual Moon Pills.”

Ning Cheng looked at the changing quotes on the screen in surprise. He had initially thought that the one-off price of 15,000 Perpetual Moon Pills would have scared off many. He did not expect that people would compete so fiercely for the Immortal Jade Star’s entry jade card. The price had almost reached a billion purple coins in equivalent currency. No wonder Ziche Jun could not afford it. Even if Ziche Jun came from a prominent background, he would be hard-pressed to compete with such a price.

“100,000 Perpetual Moon Pills.” Ning Cheng directly increased the quoted price from 70,000 to 100,000.

Sure enough, once everyone saw the price quoted by Ning Cheng, no one dared to increase the amount again. At last, the Immortal Jade Star’s entry jade card landed in Ning Cheng’s hands without any controversy.

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