Chapter 0596

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Chapter 0596: The Gate of Good Fortune

Seeming to understand Ning Cheng’s thoughts, Cang Wei showed a smile, “Junior Apprentice Brother, in my heart, the two of us are like brothers. What’s more, I prefer my own treasure, although not a Good Fortune Treasure, it is not too bad compared to Good Fortune Treasures. Moreover, it looks like you also have solid cultivation, maybe you could fight for your own destiny and grab it in your own hands in the future.”

“Senior Apprentice Brother, you said that after cultivating to the peak of cultivation within the universe, a new realm would appear. And only by stepping into this new realm would one achieve eternality, can become truly immortal. What exactly is this realm?” Ning Cheng asked.

Cang Wei laughed and patted Ning Cheng’s shoulder with his flickering projection’s arm, “I spent millions of years to figure this out. But you can learn about it; perhaps you’re the youngest cultivator of this universe to know about this realm.”

“Please enlighten me Senior Apprentice Brother.” Ning Cheng suddenly felt a burning desire in his heart. He desired to be just like Cang Wei, who soared through the starry sky universe. To seek that new realm, to look for a single dream.

Cang Wei continued with a slow voice, “I do not know what path would lead to that realm, but I do know that to reach that realm, I must open a gate. Only after one’s cultivation reaches a certain extent could one begin to sense that gate. And only after that could one then push the gate open. That gate is called the Gate of Good Fortune!”

“The Gate of Good Fortune? Senior Apprentice Brother, are you planning on opening the Gate of Good Fortune with your Heaven Opening Talisman?”

“That’s not it. The Heaven Opening Talisman could only help you move through the positional planes to reach the one closest to the Gate of Good Fortune. However, only on this side of the positional planes would I have better access to the Gate of Good Fortune.”

Even if it was just a projection, Cang Wei’s eyes showed a fiery blaze as he spoke about it, “Junior Apprentice Brother, I’ve waited for countless years, and I can’t wait any longer. Therefore, I will be leaving first. I want to hold my destiny in my own hands. However, I will wait for you. In the future, we two brothers will open the Gate of Good Fortune together.”

After Cang Wei spoke about this, the projection started to grow weak. However, Ning Cheng’s heart felt like a glowing fireball. He had initially sought the Eternal Realm as his ultimate goal. However, he now understood that the so-called Eternal Realm in this vast universe did not even amount to much.

“Senior Apprentice Brother, you go ahead first. I will definitely make it to your side in the future and open the Gate of Good Fortune together.” Ning Cheng exclaimed.

Starting today, Ning Cheng had a clear goal. Once his Mysterious Yellow Bead formed a world, he would then take Qionghua, Luofei and his sister to break out from this side of the starry sky to pursue true eternality and look for the Gate of Good Fortune.

Even if one did not know about the path of cultivation, since cultivators exist in the starry skies, it means that a way to enlightenment also exists. Which implies that there is also a path to reach the highest realm, the road sought after by most of the real powerhouses.


Ning Cheng carefully stored the crystal ball and was just about to call Jian Jiao upstairs again, when he found Cen Yan had returned and was interrogating Jian Jiao.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, why is he here?” Seeing Ning Cheng coming down, Junior Apprentice Sister Yan pointed to Jian Jiao and asked in a somewhat tired tone. Even the usual professional-looking smile on her face had disappeared without a trace.

“Big Sister, my name is Jian Jiao, Jiao as in ‘Sword’, not as in ‘Small’….” Before Ning Cheng could speak, Jian Jiao quickly spoke up.

Cen Yan’s expressions turned ugly, “I know who you are, aren’t you the one that nearly died today? Why did you show up at our Artefact-crafting Store?”

“Ah, did Big Sister also came to the auction?” Jian Jiao completely skipped over the part about nearly dying and spoke up with a general surprise, “I was too greedy, but I almost succeeded. If I hadn’t quoted 31,000 Perpetual Moon Pills, I could have taken down that fellow……”

Instead of smiling, Cen Yan showed a cold expression, “You have succeeded. That fellow you pitted against, did he not pay those 31,000 Perpetual Moon Pills? If it were not for that fellow pitying you, you would have already turned to ashes. Our Baichi Artefact-crafting Store does not welcome fellows like you. Get out.”

This was the first time Ning Cheng saw Junior Apprentice Sister Yan speaking with such anger. He was about to speak up when Jian Jiao spoke with his head down, “I’m sorry, Big Sister. I know that what I did was wrong. I regret it now. I should not have gone against that person, that person is my benefactor. I just heard that my Uncle-master had the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, so I wanted to buy the Sky Treasure Silk for Uncle-master as a greeting present.”

Ning Cheng felt like crying and laughing at the same time. This fellow wanted to buy the Sky Treasure Silk for him, and in a twisted way, bought it for him. If I had known that I would end up in a competition with such an idiot, I would have saved a lot of money in the auction.

“Who is your Uncle-master?” Cen Yan did not have any good feeling towards this round-faced teenager.

Jian Jiao quickly pointed to Ning Cheng and said, “My Uncle-master is your Senior Apprentice Brother. Ah, I guess we are family from now on.”

Cen Yan looked at Ning Cheng in surprise, “Senior Apprentice Brother, I didn’t expect you to have Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.”

Ning Cheng slapped Jian Jiao’s head and spoke, “Step aside and don’t talk to anyone when you are this dumb.”

“Yes.” Jian Jiao felt very helpless and walked to the side to sit down, wondering why he could not please his Uncle-master Ning.

After Jian Jiao stepped away, Cen Yan apologised to Ning Cheng, “Senior Apprentice Brother, I could not purchase the Fire Origin Crystal. The price went beyond what I could afford.”

“So you did come to the auction?” Ning Cheng asked while thinking about why he had not seen Cen Yan. Then something suddenly clicked in his mind. That cheap master had given him a good mask, so he definitely must have given one to Cen Yan too.

“Yes. But I changed my appearance.” Cen Yan spoke with a low tone.

Ning Cheng wanted to say that he really wanted to help her, but for various reasons, he could not participate in any Artefact-crafting Competitions. However, he suddenly swallowed the words that had just reached the tip of his tongue. He recalled what Cang Wei had said to him. If it really were as Cang Wei mentioned, every person who entered the Immortal Jade Star would be scrutinised by others using their Spiritual Consciousness. If that was the case, could someone actually notice that he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead?

Instead of letting himself be scrutinised by a large bunch of Eternal-level masters while entering the Immortal Jade Star, he might as well go to the Artefact-crafting competition and experiment if those cultivators in the Eternal Realm could sense his Mysterious Yellow Bead. In case someone could feel it there, then what difference did it make if he entered the Immortal Jade Star or not?

Before Cang Wei’s projection finally dissipated, he had not thought of this and did not even ask about this. It was a mistake, a big mistake on his part.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Yan, do you have any top-grade Escape Talismans? You know that I told you that I have offended many experts. If they come to the Artefact-crafting Competition, I would have to immediately escape.” Ning Cheng asked awkwardly. He knew that he most likely would have touched some sort of a nerve, as his request was equivalent to blatantly using Junior Apprentice Sister Yan for his own purposes.

Ning Cheng thought that facing a few Eternal-level masters was much better compared to butting heads against a large group of Eternal-level experts. Moreover, since it was just an Artefact-crafting Competition, it would be impossible for a large group of Eternal-level masters to show up, right? That cheap master, Zhongli Baichi, did not know that he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead; however, he also had no idea about Zhongli Baichi’s cultivation.

Sitting on one side, Jian Jiao quickly called out, “Uncle-master, if you need Escape Talismans, I have one here. Master had asked me to bring it to you. Master said that you might need it this time.”

Ning Cheng, on hearing Jian Jiao’s words, felt overjoyed and spoke, “Did you bring it?”

Jian Jiao quickly took out a jade box from his storage ring and handed it to Ning Cheng. When Ning Cheng opened the box, he immediately felt a flow of Dao Charm. How was this a talisman? This clearly was something that went beyond the level of Dao Artefacts.

“What kind of talisman is that?” Can Yan also looked at the Escape Talisman in Ning Cheng’s hand and spoke up with a trembling voice. She truly felt shocked by seeing this talisman.

Jian Jiao spoke with pride, “Master said that this is a Boundary Breaking Talisman, crafted by Artefact-crafting Grandmaster Fu Lie. It’s definitely a good thing, and it can help Uncle-master.”

“Boundary Breaking Talisman…..” Cen Yan stared at the jade box in Ning Cheng’s hand. She had seen a few Boundary Breaking Talismans; however, the one in Ning Cheng’s hand was definitely of the highest grade she had seen.

Ning Cheng quickly shut the jade box and put it away. Although he felt happy, he also felt a bit uncomfortable. Cang Wei had sent something to him, but this kid did not mention about it till now. If he had known about it, Ning Cheng would not have had to say those words before. Now even if Ning Cheng wanted to change his words, it would not be possible. Ning Cheng could not just say that he could now head to the Artefact-crafting competition because of the Escape Talisman. At the same time, now that he obtained an Escape Talisman, he also couldn’t say that he did not want to go to the Artefact-crafting Competition, which was simply too embarrassing.

“Senior Apprentice Brother, with this Escape Talisman, as long as you can activate it in time, even a master in the Eternal Realm would not be able to catch you. Will you agree to join me at the Artefact-crafting Competition now?” Cen Yan immediately forgot the things relating to the Escape Talisman and excitedly looked at Ning Cheng before asking.

Ning Cheng also gave a helpless sigh, “Alright, I’ll come with you to the Artefact-crafting Competition.”

“Thank you, Senior Apprentice Brother. Thank you very much.” Cen Yan grabbed Ning Cheng’s hand in excitement. Apparently, her feelings for the Baichi Artefact-crafting Store ran much deeper compared to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng asked Junior Apprentice Sister Yan to arrange for a place for Jian Jiao and immediately went back upstairs to upgrade the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds. Although not heading to the Immortal Jade Star right away, he would be putting his head in his hands during the competition. As such, he wanted to secure as many means of escape as possible.

With the Boundary Breaking Escape Talisman and upgrading his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds to the level of five pairs of shimmering lights, he could have a better grasp over the situation.


The Sky Treasure Silk was just a piece of a light-coloured silk thread. However, the moment Ning Cheng took out the Sky Treasure Silk and the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, he immediately felt the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds quivering slightly. Apparently, this Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds knew that the Sky Treasure Silk was a treasure that could help it to advance.

Assisted with the Celestial River Flames, the Sky Treasure Silk easily integrated with the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, while Ning Cheng just followed the step-by-step fusion process. One hour later, another pair of shimmering lights appeared over Ning Cheng’s Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, and his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds successfully upgraded to the level of five pairs of shimmering lights.

Ning Cheng knew that a qualitative change would appear when the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds advanced to the level of six pairs of twinkling lights. However, he did not know how to upgrade his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds to the level of six pairs of sparkling lights. Regardless, he believed that he could find an answer within Zhongli Baichi’s book.


The Eternal Heaven Artefact-crafting Pool enjoyed a high reputation throughout the Grand Culmination Starry Skies. It was the best place to craft artefacts. Not only did it have a high affinity to fire attributes, but it also had its own flames.

Ning Cheng followed Cen Yan to the Eternal Heaven Artefact-crafting Pool and saw Heavenly Emperor Striking Order. The moment he walked in, he felt Heavenly Emperor Striking Order looking at him. However, Ning Cheng pretended as if nothing happened and acted relaxed while cracked jokes with Cen Yan; however, he felt agitated in his heart. At this point, Ning Cheng internally started to prepare for the worst. What should he do if Heavenly Emperor Striking Order or anyone else recognised him?

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