Chapter 0598

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Chapter 0598: Good Fortune Treasure Fragment

As soon as Le Wu said this, everyone immediately sat up straight. No wonder Zhongli Baichi was not in Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City, yet Jinming Qianbo came looking for his disciples for a ‘competition’. Looks like he really came here for the idiot’s Artefact-crafting Store. Naturally, no one thought that Baichi Artefact-crafting Store was this precious. Most likely, the most valuable thing should be within this Artefact-crafting Store.

Chuan Xinlou gave out a cold snort directed at Jinming Qianbo, and his tone turned cold, “Le Wu, you better explain what’s inside the Baichi Artefact-crafting Store?”

“If I win, I just want the Baichi Artefact-crafting Store, but only for a year.” Le Wu spoke to Chuan Xinlou without batting an eye.

“I’ll agree to it, but you have to explain what’s inside. As long as you can win, you have my word that you can take over Baichi Artefact-crafting Store for a year.” Chuan Xinlou spoke with a calm voice while staring at Le Wu.

Ning Cheng lamented within his heart on seeing this, and once again realised that his cultivation was not even worth a fart around here. Chuan Xinlou didn’t even bother asking Cen Yan and him, the ones currently in-charge of Baichi’s Artefact-crafting Store and directly promised to hand over Baichi Artefact-crafting Store. Even if Zhongli Baichi were here in person, this fellow most likely would still speak those words. What was a powerhouse? This was a powerhouse, whose single sentence could determine the outcome.

At this moment, Ning Cheng really wished that he had Senior Apprentice Brother Cang Wei’s cultivation at his peak. With these people still speaking in such a manner, Ning Cheng would have definitely slapped them if he heard those words, just to see how strong this Heavenly Emperor Levelled Heart was. Unfortunately, Ning Cheng could only imagine such things without bringing it to reality.

“There is a treasure in the Baichi Artefact-crafting Store. However, one must refine it completely before one can take it away. That waste Zhongli Baichi, even after obtaining this Artefact-crafting Store and refining it for a hundred years, he still could not finish refining this treasure. I promise that after I win if I can’t refine it within a year, I will hand over this Baichi Artefact-crafting Store…..”

Le Wu had not yet completed his words when Sect Master Chiyun Bayan from the Spirit Sect eagerly spoke out, “What is this treasure?”

The other cultivators also eagerly looked towards Le Wu, even a powerful Artefact-crafting Master as Zhongli Baichi could not refine this treasure during the hundred years of continuous refinement. From this, everyone could guess that this treasure was definitely not an ordinary one.

“A fragment of the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe…..”

Le Wu’s words immediately caused a stir among the crowd, and the audience could no longer sit still. At this moment, the cultivators here could not wait to rush into Zhongli Baichi’s Artefact-crafting Store. A fragment of a Good Fortune Treasure had appeared, such news was simply too sensational.

Chuan Xinlou immediately stood up and stared at Le Wu before speaking with an impatient tone, “Are you speaking the truth?”

“It’s naturally true, why? Could it be that Heavenly Emperor Levelled Heart wants to renege on a promise made a moment ago? If you want to take back your words, then I, Le Wu, will immediately leave this place. However, I believe that Heavenly Emperor Levelled Heart, as the Premier Powerhouse of Grand Culmination Starry Skies, would not take back his words, would he?” Le Wu spoke with a dull tone.

Heavenly Emperor Levelled Heart suddenly laughed, “Le Wu, whatever words that I, Chuan Xinlou speak, I will never take them back. You don’t have to use such words against me.”

Even though Chuan Xinlou showed such an attitude, without even the slightest fluctuation in his emotions, Ning Cheng still had a feeling that Chuan Xinlou was very excited. Not only was Chuan Xinlou excited, but even the rest of the people also present here felt the fires of excitement burning in their hearts on learning that Baichi Artefact-crafting Store had a fragment of a Good Fortune Treasure inside.

In contrast, only Ning Cheng felt calm; moreover, he also held heavy scepticism over Le Wu’s words. Good Fortune Treasures had incredible toughness, and no one here was more familiar with it than Ning Cheng was. He had used the Mysterious Yellow Bead to escape many times. If the Mysterious Yellow Bead broke apart this easily, Ning Cheng would have lost his life many times over by now.

He had two reasons to doubt Le Wu’s words. The first was that the Indestructible Axe was a Good Fortune Treasure, with the actual words ‘Indestructible’ in it, so how could it break? And the second one was that he possessed the Good Fortune Mysterious Yellow Bead, yet he did not sense that the Baichi Artefact-crafting Store contained a Good Fortune Treasure.

But if Le Wu spoke the truth, then Ning Cheng could understand why he spoke such hard words for Zhongli Baichi. Zhongli Baichi had forced Jinming Qianbo to leave for a hundred years with the vow to let him not step into Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City during the time. Most likely, Zhongli Baichi had thought that he could refine the fragment of the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe during these hundred years. However, Zhongli Baichi most likely had not expected that even after a hundred years, he would fail to refine the fragment.

Jinming Qianbo knew that Zhongli Baichi certainly would not be able to refine the fragment of Good Fortune Indestructible Axe within a hundred years and as such agreed to Baichi’s conditioned and really stepped out of the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City. If anything, it looks like Jinming Qianbo had a much better understanding of the Good Fortune Treasure fragment compared to Zhongli Baichi.

“Heavenly Emperor Levelled Heart indeed is an open and upright person. This Le Wu really admires you.” After Le Wu heard those words, he immediately cupped his fists and spoke something. His main intention was to gain entry to Baichi Artefact-crafting Store. As for Chuan Xinlou’s plot, he felt no fear towards it.

Chuan Xinlou smiled and ignored Le Wu. Instead, he then spoke to Jinming Qianbo, “Since Le Wu has asked to take over Baichi Artefact-crafting Store for a year after he wins, so to be fair to you, you can also take possession of it for a year if you win.”

Jinming Qianbo’s expression turned extreme unsightly at those words; however, he still cupped his fists towards Chuan Xinlou without speaking anything. Apparently, he grudgingly defaulted to such an outcome. Facing Chuan Xinlou, he anyway could not dare to refute.

“Well, you can let your disciple start with the Artefact-crafting Competition. I will bear the role of a witness to see which side wins.”

Once Chuan Xinlou spoke those words, he then turned around to the cultivators in the audience before continuing, “If what Le Wu said is the truth, that is even after Zhongli Baichi continued to refine the fragment of the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe for a hundred years and still failed, then presumably this fragment is very difficult to refine. Since everyone has come here today, then after two years, we will try to enter one after another. Whoever can refine the fragment within a year, is whom the fragment will belong.”

When they heard Chuan Xinlou’s words, the rest of the cultivator’s expressions immediately turned for the better. That right, even if you were Chuan Xinlou, you cannot eat at a banquet alone.

Ning Cheng secretly cursed at this Chuan Xinlou’s cunning. No matter who won the competition, he would be the second person to enter the Baichi Artefact-crafting Store. After the first year’s refinement and when it came to seniority, who could rank above Chuan Xinlou?

Chiyun Bayan, who initially wanted to send in his disciple for the competition, immediately gave up on this thought after hearing Chuan Xinlou’s words.

Cen Yan’s face looked a little pale. She did not expect that such a treasure would be inside her Baichi Artefact-crafting Store. If she had known about it, she would have never agreed to this competition even if someone beat her to death.

Ning Cheng had to stand up at this moment. In any case, with no one finding out anything unusual with him, it made him feel very relieved and gave him the courage to stand up. After Chuan Xinlou’s words ended, he suddenly stood up and walked to the front before speaking up with cupped fists, “Because of the Heavenly Emperors here, our Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City has always been the fairest place in all of the starry skies. However, this disciple has a few problems, which I hope the Heavenly Emperor could help me solve.”

Chuan Xinlou did not think that a Celestial Scryer Cultivator like Ning Cheng would actually dare to speak in front of him. However, as a peak-level Heavenly Emperor, he did not take offence to Ning Cheng’s words and spoke up with a dull tone, “Speak.”

“Yes. Many thanks, Heavenly Emperor.” Ning Cheng answered.

Then he unhurriedly cupped his fists once again before turning around for a second time before speaking to Chuan Xinlou, “Respected seniors and Heavenly Emperors. Disciples from three different factions are now participating in this competition. However, the Baichi Artefact-crafting Store’s current owner is our master, Zhongli Baichi. Moreover, my master’s Artefact-crafting Store is the focus of this competition. But since this is a three-way competition, we can’t just start the competition with just my master’s store as the collateral, can we?”

“Therefore, I would like to ask the two masters, Jinming Qianbo and Le Wu, to come up with some collateral so that it’s fair to everyone. Moreover, no matter if we win or lose, it looks like we will be losing our home. So I request the Heavenly Emperor to help us out with it.”

Ning Cheng knew that they definitely would not be able to hold on to Zhongli Baichi’s store. Therefore, he decided that he might as well take the opportunity to obtain some benefits.

“It’s alright, I will give you a new Artefact-crafting Store.” Chuan Xinlou did not pay any attention to such a request. Although Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City was an expensive place, it was not for someone like Chuan Xinlou.

“Haha, Zhongli Baichi’s disciple sure is a bit interesting. What do you want?” Le Wu spoke while staring at Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “Many thanks for this senior’s inquiry. I am currently missing a flight-type weapon…..”

On hearing that this fellow wanted a flight-type weapon, Le Wu immediately took out a Celestial River-class Battleship and almost threw it towards Ning Cheng. For a Celestial Scryer Cultivator like Ning Cheng, a Celestial River-class Battleship should be more than a fantastic treasure.

Not waiting for Le Wu to send the Celestial River-class Battleship to him, Ning Cheng continued, “Junior already has a few Celestial River-class battleships, but they do not have good speed. Since today this junior obtained the chance to meet with this senior, so this junior only wants a Starry Sky-class Battleship……”

Le Wu immediately quipped back, “This little Celestial Scryer Cultivator sure likes to talk big, even daring to say that the speed of a Celestial River-class Battleship is not good. For a Celestial Scryer Cultivator, if a Celestial River-class battleship is not good enough, then what kind of battleship would be suitable?”

However, seeing that Ning Cheng took the initiative to come forward and openly speak, he had no choice but to throw out a storage ring, “This contains a basic-grade Starry Sky-class Battleship. You can have it.”

Seeing that the other party had only taken out a basic-grade Starry Sky-class Battleship, Ning Cheng could not help but curse at this fellow in his heart; however, he still put away the storage ring.

After collecting the Starry Sky-grade Battleship, Ning Cheng then turned towards Jinming Qianbo and did not speak. Jinming Qianbo had already witnessed Ning Cheng’s shamelessness and spoke while taking out a card, “There are two billion purple coins in here…..”

Ning Cheng did not take the card at all and spoke with a dull tone, “I already have a lot of purple coins on me. I wanted to buy some Perpetual Moon Pills with them, but could not. I thought if I could get a million Perpetual Moon Pills, my cultivation could take a step forward…..”

Although he spoke such words, Ning Cheng cursed at this fellow even more in his heart. Two billion purple coins; did this monkey’s ass face think he would accept this amount? Ning Cheng did not address these two fellows as “master’, rather Ning Cheng only talked to Le Wu as a ‘senior’. As for this monkey’s ass face, Jinming Qianbo, he did not even bother to use any form of address.

Jinming Qianbo stared at Ning Cheng with cold eyes, as if questioning him ‘did you actually dare to ask for more?’ However, with many eyes watching his actions, he had to take out a storage ring and throw it to Ning Cheng, “There are half a million Perpetual Moon Pills inside. I think you would not be able to use it all during cultivation with your Celestial Scryer Cultivation. ”

“Many thanks.” Ning Cheng knew that he had already angered Jinming Qianbo, and he definitely would not obtain any more from him. With half a million Perpetual Moon Pills, he could at least use the Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation, which was also a big deal.

Ning Cheng put away the things he obtained; however, no one chose to comment on it. These were only collateral, so by logic, they should go to the winner. However, the competition had not yet begun, yet Ning Cheng had already taken and put away a significant part of the collateral, which clearly showed an irregular behaviour. However, at this time, every person here felt more concerned about the fragment of the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe. Why would they think of such trivial matters?

Even Le Wu and Jinming Qianbo did not think about it, but even if they did remember this, Ning Cheng already had a few words prepared to counter it.

“Let the competition begin.” Seeing that the three parties no longer held any objections, Chuan Xinlou immediately announced the start of the competition.

At this moment, the competition had already taken backstage, while the fragment of the Good Fortune Indestructible Axe took centre stage within everyone’s minds.

From Ning Cheng’s shenanigans to Chuan Xinlou announcing the start of the competition, Cen Yan felt her heart hanging by a thread. She felt that Ning Cheng had just taken an enormous risk.

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