Chapter 0620

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Chapter 0620: Eroding Life Cliff

Yang Xin did not care about You Fei at all and stared at Ning Cheng with a pair of playful eyes, which seemed wanting to speak up. Worship and longing coloured her face.

Why had she followed You Fei? Wasn’t it just for cultivation resources? Moreover, with the ability of You Clan, it not only allowed her to live as a first-class expert within the Sword Mountain Path but it also allowed her to cultivate in ease. Otherwise, she was not an idiot. Why would she willingly try to please this man and even help him get women from all over the place?

This cultivator in front of her could easily take out a huge pile of Perpetual Moon Pills, plus this cultivator also had formidable means. If she could follow such a character, wouldn’t it turn out much better for her compared to staying in the You Clan?

Moreover, if Dual Cultivation could bring her more benefits, who in their right minds would not choose to Dual Cultivate? As long as she could further her own cultivation, what else would matter. Men anyways were all the same.

She didn’t doubt Ning Cheng’s words, and she had confidence in herself. Didn’t she capture the attention of You Clan’s young master, someone who kept a high standard for women? Moreover, the cultivator in front of her had quickly dispatched You Zhenyi in just a casual move. Seeing such actions, it would have been strange if she did not feel something within her.

Then she immediately thought back to the girl, with a blue-coloured veil covering her face, who followed this cultivator, and the bunch of Perpetual Moon Pills that this cultivator had most likely given her. Yang Xin definitely was many times stronger compared to that girl. Following this cultivator in front of her, wouldn’t her cultivation soar to new heights?

Ning Cheng shook his head wordlessly and couldn’t be bothered to talk any nonsense with this Yang Xin anymore. Whether this Yang Xin wanted to get close to him using false pretences or if she took a fancy to his cultivation resources, he could no longer put this woman in his eyes.

Sweeping his gaze again past the panicked people in the room, Ning Cheng spoke up, “Who else, besides You Zhenyi, was the one who forced my wife into the Eroding Life Cliff?”

All the gazes immediately darted to the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man spoke up with a sharp voice, “There’s still your ancestor, You Tingzhi…..”

In the middle of talking, a huge cone-shaped weapon suddenly materialised and shot towards Ning Cheng. He knew that facing a cultivator like Ning Cheng, he would have no chance of winning, so might as well fight with everything he got.

An early-stage Celestial Bridge Cultivator was still not enough for Ning Cheng to even warm up. Ning Cheng took a slight step forward and once again punched out with an Axe Fist.

This time, his Axe Fist did not engulf the rest of the cultivators within the room, it just engulfed You Tingzhi in its entirety.

No amount of bravery could make up for such a huge gap in strength. Although You Tingzhi and Ning Cheng both had Celestial Bridge Cultivations, the power of the two was not even on the same level. Ning Cheng had only taken a step forward, and You Tingzhi’s entire body came to a halt.

Even the cone cone-shaped weapon that he shot out seemed to have considerably slowed down. At this moment, he could only watch Ning Cheng’s punch tearing through his Domain as it slammed into his Dantian.

“Plop.” You Tingzhi’s body, just like a sack of hey, fell on to You Zhenyi’s lifeless body.

As for the remaining few people within the room, no one dared to speak, and no one even dared to move. Even You Fei, who vomited blood out of anger towards his wife, only looked at Ning Cheng in a daze. He really could not understand how the You Clan ended up provoking such a ruthless man.

Ning Cheng did not continue massacring everyone, just glanced coldly at You Fei and spoke, “As thanks for saving my wife once, I spared your life today. And judging by your current feelings, I decided not to kill your woman. Some people from your You Clan forced my wife into the Eroding Life Cliff, and I’ve already taken my revenge. From now on, I have nothing to do with your You Clan. If your You Clan wants revenge, then come over whenever. I’ll wait.”

After that, Ning Cheng turned away and in just a few steps disappeared from everyone’s view.

Seeing Ning Cheng disappear, the people in the room suddenly sobered up from their daze as if they finally found some life. Yang Xin immediately shouted with a sharp tone, “We must inform the ancestors, ask the You Clan’s ancestors for revenge……”

“Shut up…..” You Fei’s face looked even scarier as he glared at Yang Xin and roared.

Yang Xin subconsciously felt chills run down her spine. This was the first time she saw You Fei speaking to her in such a manner. Her eyes turned red, and tears streaked down her face in streams as she spoke up with a crying voice, “Lord Husband, please kill me. I’ve lost your face.”

“Why? Yang Xin, just why? Why did you do such a thing? How many times have you said that you would willingly die for me, how many times have you said that without me, it wouldn’t have any meaning if you lived or died? But today, you……” Staring at the pale face of Yang Xin, You Fei enunciated each word.

Yang Xin looked miserable, she closed her lips and did not speak even a single word.

“Why do you not speak now?!” You Fei screamed with an even louder voice. He could not even stand straight and immediately fell down on to the ground.

Aunt You Zhenyi had died, and even housekeeper You Tingzhi had fallen, all because of Yang Xin. He hadn’t overthought about the girl he saved initially. But if it weren’t for Yang Xin’s meddling, he might not have had any desires towards that woman. Who knew that that woman not only had a husband but also one who was a terrifying cultivator. If that fellow had not recalled the life-saving grace, not only the people within the room, maybe even the whole You Clan might have entirely disappeared at his hands.

Not to mention that not even one of You Clan’s ancestors had advanced to Heaven’s Mandate Realm, even if the old ancestors had advanced to the Heaven’s Mandate Realm, they probably still could not match against that fellow. At that time, his You Clan would have definitely turned into history. Even if he wanted revenge, he had to wait until his strength had surpassed that fellow before even thinking about it. Yet, that Yang Xin not only threw herself into another man’s arms in front of him but also tried to call out the old ancestors when left behind, which would have forced the You Clan into extinction.

“Little Lord, I think that Little Mistress wanted to trade her life for Little Lord’s safety. She just did not expect that cultivator would unexpectedly not go on with it.” A young man with a yellow-coloured whisker-like beard with a Celestial Gatherer Cultivation carefully stepped out and tried to comfort him.

“Brother Can, don’t talk about it……” As soon as Yang Xin spoke, tears resembling big beads falling onto a jade plate started to fall without control.

You Fei’s heart was on a tight string, and he immediately recalled that there might have been such a possibility. With how Yang Xin took care of all his needs, it would have been entirely reasonable for her to make such a decision at that critical moment. Otherwise, how could she have the face and the courage to shout about informing the ancestors to come out right after that fellow left? The one he ought to hate was that cultivator; however, he also understood that he was in the wrong here. If she were really of the selfish sort, she would have immediately pleaded to join that cultivator for self-preservation. Moreover, when asked, Yang Xin could have quickly put the entire blame on him and avoid suspicion.

Perhaps she felt guilty about making such a decision without taking into account his feelings.

“Xin’er, you…..” You Fei finally managed to speak up after some hesitation.

Hearing those words, Yang Xin sobbed even more.

You Fei now felt even sure that what he heard just now was not wrong, that Yang Xin had really taken such measures for his safety. She would rather abandon herself than abandon him.

“I’m sorry, Xin’er…..” You Fei felt touched in his heart.

Yang Xin seemed unable to contain the grievances in her heart and immediately jumped into You Fei’s arms while still crying. It was a while before You Fei finally managed to calm her down and she whispered, “As long as Lord Husband advances to the Heaven Seated Realm in the future, Xin’er would definitely obtain revenge for today’s insult……”

Yang Xin truly harboured resentment in her heart towards Ning Cheng now. She had initially thought that Ning Cheng would have taken her away, but she didn’t expect that Ning Cheng would not even bother to look in her direction again. She quickly understood that it was all an act to get back to her; for the time she came to his room for something similar.

If she, Yang Xin, managed to advance to the Heaven Seated Realm in the future, she would be the first to go out, grab that fellow, and then enjoy humiliating and torturing him till her heart grew content.


South Sword Rest Stop, an obese-looking man, had just walked to the entrance when the shop assistant hurriedly came out and spoke, “Greeting, Lord Deacon.”

The man nodded. He felt satisfied with the shop assistant, not only did this fellow work diligently, this fellow even managed to keep the guests satisfied.

“Lord Deacon…..” The shop assistant seemed a bit hesitant.

The obese-looking man frowned and spoke, “Is this your first day here? If you have something to say, then say it, don’t just swallow spit and hesitate.”

The shop assistant on hearing those words, quickly spoke up, “Lord Deacon, six months ago, there was a female cultivator who came to our rest stop carrying a man on her back. But later, we had persuaded her to leave the rest stop with some excuses…..”

“Oh, I do know about it, so what about it?” The fat man finally stopped and asked. He had a good memory, and his South Sword Rest Stop had a good reputation around these parts. When it came to such persuasions, however, they had a strict no refund policy on their rooms. That’s because he knew that the two guests would eventually fall into the You Clan’s hands after they leave. Therefore, there was nothing wrong in not refunding the rest of the rent for such people. So in hindsight, he did not even pay any attention to such a matter.

The shop assistant spoke up with a respectful voice, “When the female cultivator walked away with the other guest on her back, the other guest left behind a few words that he requested me to pass on to you, Lord Deacon. He said ‘Jiangzhou’s Ning Cheng sends his regards to the Deacon’ and that he would come to revisit this place. I had completely forgotten about it at that time. Unexpectedly, that cultivator had come today and asked me to pass on the same words to Lord Deacon. It just so happened that Lord Deacon ……”

“Oh, such a thing actually happened? Didn’t you say that the male cultivator had severe injuries and even waking up would be difficult for him?” The obese-looking deacon showed a frown. He naturally understood that the shop assistant had not forgotten it the last time; rather, he had simply not taken the sentence to heart. The shop assistant only spoke to him today because that fellow most likely had actually shown up here.

The shop assistant responded with a cautious voice, “He did not look injured at all today. He should have already recovered.”

“Where is he?” The look on the obese-looking deacon’s face turned heavy. Since this man dared to return to the Sword Mountain Path and dared to speak such words, then this fellow obviously did not feel any fear towards him.

The shop assistant replied, “I’m not sure, but he asked about the location of Longevity Valley.”

As for Ning Cheng’s potential trip to the You Clan, although the shop assistant might have guessed it, he chose not to speak. It’s not that he did not want to talk about it, it’s just that he did not want to put himself in danger. If Ning Cheng truly went to the You Clan, then every finger would point towards him. Moreover, he even said that You Zhenyi and You Tingzhi had gone out probably looking for that woman. Once the deacon knew that all this information came from him, wouldn’t it also mean completely offending the You Clan? He was not so stupid.

Although he could not describe the situation at that time, it was also impossible for him to tell others about the information he leaked.


Ning Cheng really could not enter the Eroding Life Cliff at this moment and only saw a milky-white cliff wall in front of him. Even his Spiritual Consciousness could not penetrate half an inch inside.

Ning Cheng also did not try to enter the cliff forcibly, fearing that it might trigger something unexpected inside.

Thankfully, the night passed by quickly, and Ning Cheng who still stood in front of this milky-white cliff wall clearly saw the cliff wall starting to slowly melt and dissipate. Soon the hard cliff wall in front of him entirely transformed into a greyish-white mist.

Looking at the hazy mist in front of him, Ning Cheng affirmed that even if ordinary Celestial Bridge Cultivators came here, even their Spiritual Consciousness would not manage to penetrate inside. Even with Ning Cheng’s powerful Spiritual Consciousness, it could only penetrate to around three to ten feet inside.

Once the milky-white cliff wall disappeared, Ning Cheng immediately rushed straight into the hazy mist without any hesitation.

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