Chapter 0622

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Chapter 0622: Starry Sky Wheel

Yi Jiufeng could make out that Chuan Xinlou was not making a joke. She felt a little hesitant before finally inviting Chuan Xinlou into the Nine Phoenix Palace.

After the guest sat down, Yi Jiufeng did not turn around and asked directly, “What help exactly does Brother Levelled Heart want from this little sister?”

Chuan Xinlou smiled and took out a somewhat blurry portrait and spoke, “I just want to find this person.”

Yi Jiufeng frowned, “This portrait is too blurry. How can one find this fellow?”

Chuan Xinlou did not feel worried about the vagueness of the portrait, as he spoke up with confidence, “I already know that, but this cultivator is probably the same cultivator who rode the Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull. He uses a spear or an axe as his weapon, possibly both. He might also possess a pair of Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, and not of a low grade. On top of that, he most likely also has a top-notch Appearance Changing Mask that could easily change his appearance.”

Yi Jiufeng suddenly understood something and stared at Chuan Xinlou, “I see, you suspect that the cultivator who managed to take away the Origin Bead is this fellow. Doesn’t that mean that he also took away the Starry Sky Wheel?”

“That’s right, I’m looking for him.” Chuan Xinlou knew that he could not hide things for long when he decided to come looking for Yi Jiufeng’s help. He had personally investigated several cultivators who managed to escape from the Immortal Jade Star and finally came up with a cultivator that killed a Celestial Bridge Cultivator and even faced off against a group of hundred cultivators near the entrance of the Exploding Golden Wasp Colony. Most likely, this cultivator likely possessed the Good Fortune Treasure.

Yi Jiufeng took in a deep breath. If this cultivator really was the one Chuan Xinlou suspected, then this fellow possessed too many treasures. Most likely, this cultivator might even have the Good Fortune Treasure.

“Brother Levelled Heart, if it is as you said, then this person most likely has the Good Fortune Treasure. Why should I willingly suffer through all this, just to help you?” Yi Jiufeng already felt surprised on the implication that this fellow was in her Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky.

Chuan Xinlou gave a reply, “Junior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix, I won’t hide this from you. Previously, there was no trust amongst the four of us, and it is complete nonsense to talk about diving the Good Fortune Treasure among us. I just wanted to wait for the Good Fortune Treasure to reveal itself at that time. That way, everyone could have fought for it. I just did not choose to say it at that time. Now that we decided to work together, I only ask for the Good Fortune Treasure. As for the rest, whether it is the Starry Sky Wheel, the Earth Origin Bead, or any of the other treasures on that cultivator, you can keep them. Even that fragment of Good Fortune Treasure that appeared in my Grand Eternal Heaven[1] Starry Sky, you can have it once I manage to locate it.”

Yi Jiufeng remained silent. The Starry Sky Wheel and the Earth Origin Bead, both were peerless treasures. However, they still could not compare to a Good Fortune Treasure.

“There are only benefits on one side, but losses on the other. If Junior Apprentice Sister Nine Phoenix does not agree, I would then have to make a trip to the Demon Domain or the Devil Domain for help.” Although Chuan Xinlou spoke such words, he felt sure that Yi Jiufeng would agree to his proposal.

Yi Jiufeng finally gritted her teeth before she stood up and spoke, “Alright, I agree.”


The South Sword Rest Stop’s Gong Liangle initially did not care much about the shop assistant’s words. However, when he learnt that You Zhenyi and You Tingzhi, who had chased after the female cultivator, had both died in their own clan mansion, he immediately turned scared.

He was nothing compared to You Clan’s You Zhenyi. If that Jiangzhou’s Ning Cheng had really killed You Zhenyi and You Tingzhi, then he, Gong Liangle, simply would be eligible to receive even a slap from that person.

Gong Liangle now felt sorry and sincere regret about pitting against someone else for a few tens of thousands of purple coins. Tens of thousands of purple coins meant nothing to him, so why did he act in such an idiotic manner back then?

Worried that Ning Cheng would suddenly visit his door, Gong Liangle kept thinking about it repeatedly before finally making up his mind. If that Jiangzhou’s Ning Cheng really came, he would immediately compensate that fellow with hundred, no a thousand times the purple coins charged at that time. In any case, he could earn back the purple coins, but only if he lived.

What made Gong Liangle puzzled was that even after six months, that Jiangzhou’s Ning Cheng, who said would come to visit, seemed to have disappeared entirely from the Sword Mountain Path, let alone come visit him.

Instead, a search order arrived at the Sword Mountain Path from the Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky, and the portrait accompanying the search order only had a blurry image. However, because of the fear of Ning Cheng, Gong Liangle had the shadow of Ning Cheng in his head at all times. He felt that this vague portrait felt somewhat similar to that of Jiangzhou’s Ning Cheng. The search order mentioned that this person, who hails from another Grand Starry Sky, most likely changed his appearance. It also said that this fellow might possess the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, and uses an axe as his weapon of choice. At the bottom, the order also mentioned that this cultivator might even have a black Longevity Bull.

With all the information and conditions combined, Gong Liangle guessed that this portrait was 99% of Jiangzhou’s Ning Cheng. However, Gong Liangle still did not decide to report it. One, he was not quite sure of it despite what he guessed and second, the reward mentioned in the search order felt too outrageous. Whether he could actually obtain it or not was a completely separate matter.

Initially, he had already offended Ning Cheng. Judging by the way Ning Cheng handled things with the You Clan, he at most would have to lose some purple coins, without worrying about his life. However, if he reported it, till someone managed to capture Ning Cheng, he would have to wait around with his heart in hand.

Moreover, no one would care about the life of the one who reported it, this he knew very well. Gong Liangle believed that he would not have to report this matter by himself, someone else would eventually report it. Let it be someone else’s headache.

In fact, Gong Liangle had not guessed wrong. Only a few weeks after he heard about this search order, someone finally reported about a cultivator riding over a black bull and speeding away from the Sword Mountain Path. Because Ning Cheng carried Shi Qionghua, a few people deliberately paid attention to Ning Cheng’s appearance.


Ning Cheng did not return to the Sword Mountain Path. He not only did not come back to the Sword Mountain Path, but he also did not even choose to stay in the Rugged Pillar Star. After making up his mind about refining the Starry Sky Wheel, he immediately decided to leave the Rugged Pillar Star.

The main reason was not that he knew Chuan Xinlou would manage to track him to the Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky and even release a search order among all the stars and planets within the Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky to find and capture him. Instead, he felt afraid that refining the Starry Sky Wheel would attract unwanted attention. Moreover, once the Starry Sky Wheel’s aura started to dissipate out into the Rugged Pillar Star, it might end up in some powerhouse’s radar.

The Starry Sky Wheel contained a seemingly boundless Starry Sky Aura, as well as the simple and unadorned aura of vicissitudes, which was the main reason for Ning Cheng’s worry.

So Ning Cheng immediately decided to leave the Rugged Pillar Star and travelled for nearly a month with his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds before finally finding an abandoned comet within the starry sky. He decided to use this comet to refine the Starry Sky Wheel.

Ning Cheng would have never expected that his cautious nature allowed him to escape by a hair’s breadth. Otherwise, if he had decided to stay on the Rugged Pillar Star, even if he possessed tremendous speed, he would have turned into a departed spirit under Chuan Xinlou’s control.

Initially, Ning Cheng planned to spend only a few days refining the Starry Sky Wheel. However, when he actually started refining it, Ning Cheng only then realised his naivety.

The Starry Sky Wheel had an unknown number of restrictions covering it, yet even after continuously refining it for three months, Ning Cheng would only refine 36 of the restrictions. Fortunately, Shi Qionghua’s body could automatically absorb the starry sky Essence Qi for cultivation despite not gaining consciousness. Although this speed of absorption could not help her in improving her cultivation, it allowed her body to remain stable.

To make himself as fast as possible, Ning Cheng spent another three months refining the Starry Sky Wheel. On finally managing to refine the 49th restriction, Ning Cheng found that no matter how hard he tried to refine the rest, he could not refine the Starry Sky Wheel any further.

Seeing that, Ning Cheng no longer wasted his time trying to refine it further. He knew that his cultivation still had a limit to it. At the same time, the Starry Sky Wheel was also a top-grade flight-type weapon. Not managing to refine it entirely was quite reasonable.

However, Ning Cheng did not feel disappointed with it. Although he did not know how many restrictions covered the Starry Sky Wheel, he knew by now that the Starry Sky Wheel could morph into several different shapes. Once he completely refined the Starry Sky Wheel, it would not only provide him with a much faster mode of travel but could also transform into several more shapes.

Only at this moment did Ning Cheng felt deeply moved by this creation. Even a starry sky-grade battleship would not reach the speed of this partially refined Starry Sky Wheel, nor could it change into different shapes.

Ning Cheng, with just a thought, transformed the Starry Sky Wheel into an ordinary-looking flying chariot with a pointed tip, a chariot with four wheels under it. It looked somewhat similar to the off-road vehicles one would find on Earth. It’s just that its form was many times larger compared to the off-road vehicles from Earth.

The flying chariot had a large cabin, where Shi Qionghua rested. Shi Qionghua’s body had subconsciously woken up sometime during the period and accompanied Ning Cheng for over half a year while he refined the Starry Sky Wheel. By now, Shi Qionghua’s body had already grown used to being around him. Once he was not in the room for a relatively long time, Shi Qionghua’s body would immediately turn a little anxious. So Ning Cheng also decided to stay in this room, accompanying Shi Qionghua’s still-unconscious body, while controlling the Starry Sky Wheel.

Ning Cheng had just taken control of the Starry Sky Wheel when his Spiritual Consciousness could no longer see anything outside the Starry Sky Wheel. Sensing such changes, Ning Cheng immediately understood that the Starry Sky Wheel possessed a speed even faster than the top-grade starry sky-class battleships. Moreover, it had such speed when he had not even wholly refined it; once he fully refined the Starry Sky Wheel, wouldn’t it mean that the Starry Sky Wheel would also be travel through planar interfaces just like Elder Brother Cang Wei?

Originally, Ning Cheng wanted to head back to the Sword Mountain Path and settle some accounts with the Deacon of South Sword Rest Stop. But because of the speed of the Starry Sky Wheel, Ning Cheng immediately gave up on the idea. Settling accounts with that deacon was only a trivial matter; now that his Starry Sky Wheel displayed such fast speed, he immediately wanted to use the Starry Sky Wheel to head back to Kun Zhuo Celestial River. From there, he could then quickly find a way back to the Rootless Black City.

Compared to heading back to the Rootless Black City and seeing Luofei, Ning Cheng immediately put aside everything else. Qionghua’s injuries also seemed to be getting better and every day; perhaps, even without going to the Everlasting Blue Thunder City, Shi Qionghua might regain her consciousness completely. In any case, going to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, with his current cultivation, he simply would never get the chance to speak in front of the Sacred Master.

After Ning Cheng refined 49 of the restrictions covering the Starry Sky Disc, the Starry Sky Wheel’s Positional Indicators mysteriously started to display a few starry sky coordinates. Ning Cheng could at least see the four Grand Starry Skies on it.

After programming the Starry Sky Wheel to head to the Grand Culmination Starry Sky, Ning Cheng then asked Chasing Bull to keep an eye on the Starry Sky Wheel’s flight and record the situation along the way. As for him, he decided to stay inside the cabin and continue cultivating.

Chuan Xinlou and Yi Jiufeng, who almost flipped the entire Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky over, could never have thought that Ning Cheng would actually leave to the Grand Culmination Starry Sky.

Inside the Starry Sky Wheel, Ning Cheng continued to absorb the Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation. The millions of Perpetual Moon Pills allowed his cultivation to soar. By the time Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Wheel passed through the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City six months later, he had already reached the point of breakthrough to the middle-level of the Celestial Bridge Realm. Another year later, when Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Wheel reached the Striking Order Starry Sky, his cultivation had directly soared to the late-stage of the Celestial Bridge Realm.

Ning Cheng looked at the starry sky coordinates displayed within the Starry Sky Wheel and felt myriad emotions rampaging within his heart. It had taken him more than ten years to reach the Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City from the Striking Order Starry Sky. But now, it took him only a year and a half to travel from the Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky to the Striking Order Starry Sky. If he didn’t count the time he moved from the Grand Spirit Heaven Starry Sky, the return journey to the Striking Order Starry Sky from the Grand Culmination Starry Sky took only a year.

Looks like the decision he took, in the beginning, to sharpen himself through various experiences turned out as the correct one. Previously, when he walked away from the Striking Order Starry Sky, it felt like going farther and farther away from the Rootless Black City, but today he managed to return in just a fraction of that time.

[1] The author interchanges between ‘Eternal Heaven’ and ‘Culmination’ a lot. So I’ll keep it the same as the raws. For all intents and purposes, ‘Eternal Heaven’ and ‘Culmination’ refer to the same thing, though technically the characters for Culmination translate to ‘Central Heaven’.

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