Chapter 0637

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Chapter 0637: The Blood-stained Heaven Seated King

A feeling of nausea washed over Ning Cheng caused by the transfer process of the Void Array Entrance. This feeling nausea did not last long before he fell to the ground.

Feeling the vibrant starry sky Essence Qi around him, Ning Cheng’s gaze met with greenery everywhere, indicating that this place was a superior cultivation territory.

Ning Cheng swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness and found a Void Array Entrance behind him, the one through which he came inside. If he wanted to leave, as long as he set foot inside the Void Array Entrance, it would immediately send him out.

As Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness swept further out, he found a cave not too far from his location. Moreover, he found another Void Array Entrance just next to the cave. It showed that this place had two entry and exit points.

Such a precious place, Ning Cheng thought to himself with a sigh. This place was somewhat similar to that of the Immortal Jade Star. However, it was a lot smaller compared to the Immortal Jade Star as his Spiritual Consciousness could easily cover the entire planet. This place not only contained rich Celestial Essence, it even contained lush mountains and flowing water, making it highly suitable for secluded cultivation for long periods.

The only concern was that this planet did not have anything else except for the Void Array Entrances and the cave. It was akin to a sealed planet without any relations to the starry sky and the void outside.

Ning Cheng carefully walked into the cave and found that it not only contained a vibrant aura of Celestial Essence, it was also luxuriously furnished.

Unfortunately, this was only a place for cultivation, without any treasures.

Even if the Celestial Essence in this place grew even richer, Ning Cheng would not choose to cultivate in this place right now. He returned to the Void Array Entrance through which he came in and started setting up various array formations.

That female cultivator, disguised as the person he was looking for, had gone to the Bright South Celestial River to wait for him. As long as something unexpected did not happen, that fellow would not return for a long time. Since Ning Cheng had come here, he decided to set up array formations and wait for the rabbit to fall into the trap.

No matter why the other party wanted to calculate against him, he would be the first one to take the initiative to trap that fellow.

Chain Killing Formations, Entrapment Formations, Illusory Formations, Spear Intent Arrays, Axe Intent Arrays, Explosion Arrays……

In the air, below the earth…..

Ning Cheng didn’t precisely know the strength of that fellow. Therefore, as long as he could think of an array formation, he would immediately arrange it. He set all the array formations around the Void Array Entrance. With just a step out of the Array Entrance, that fellow would end up within Ning Cheng’s array formations. Since Ning Cheng would also be concealing himself within the array formations, he could easily take control and work with the various Trap and Killing Formations to kill that cultivator. With so many layers of schemes, Ning Cheng believed that the unexpected would not happen. Maybe, by the time the array formations finished their jobs, he could just use a single spear to kill that fellow.

Initially, Ning Cheng felt slightly afraid that that cultivator would return quickly and felt worried that he had set up too few array formations. However, as time went on, three months passed by, yet that cultivator did not show up. At this point, Ning Cheng had to remove the original array formations that he set up and re-arranged them again.

Arranging array formations for three consecutive months, and with the added pressure that the fellow who he wanted to trap would return at any time, it forced his understanding of array formations to advance to the level of a Grade 5 Imperial Array Master.

Since he could now arrange Grade 5 Celestial River Array Formations, Ning Cheng naturally did not want the previously arranged layout of Grade 4 Celestial River Array Formations.

As two more months passed by like this, Ning Cheng estimated that he had almost reached the level of a Grade 6 Imperial Array Master. Yet, the cultivator he was waiting for still hadn’t shown up.

This frustrated Ning Cheng significantly. He had waited five months in this place. Although his attainments in the field of array formations had reached close to the level of a Grade 6 Imperial Array Master, he had accomplished nothing else.

After re-arranging and upgrading the last array formation to a Grade 5 Celestial River Killing Formation, Ning Cheng finally dropped the final array flag. For nearly half a year that he had continuously arranged and rearranged array formations, he had even used up all of his clothes for setting up cloth arrays. Since this fellow had not returned yet, he really couldn’t set up any more array formations.

There was a saying that went ‘a flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms’. Just when Ning Cheng could not set up more array formations, a ripple appeared over the Void Array Entrance.

That fellow returned, Ning Cheng’s consciousness jolted awake as a spear suddenly appeared in his hand. Sure enough, in just a few breaths, a vague shadow appeared out of the ripple on the Void Array Entrance.

That’s right, this figure was that of the female cultivator who had left in disguise before. Ning Cheng didn’t even think about it and rushed forward with the spear in hand.

Spear Dao Spirit Technique, Traceless.

Strictly speaking, Ning Cheng’s Traceless was not a Spirit Technique; at best, it was just a type of Spear Skill. However, as Ning Cheng’s understanding of Spear Intent reached a tipping point, his Spear Skill had started showing traces of evolving into a Spirit Technique. Along with Ning Cheng’s deeper insights into the spear, once he used it, there was not much of a difference between it and a Spirit Technique.

One could not perceive the Traceless Spear Shadow through eyes, and it treated the space between it and the target as practically nothing. Once used, it almost instantly appeared in front of the cultivator’s eyes.

That fellow had never thought that someone would attack him the moment he returned to his own territory. Yet, the first thing he encountered was a sneak attack.

The moment when the Traceless Spear Shadow enveloped him, he understood that someone had broken into his territory and prepared a sneak attack for him.

In a hurry, the cultivator shot out a punch while his figure distorted into a nothingness shadow.

“Boom…..” A powerful counter-attack erupted, and the spear in Ning Cheng’s hand felt like it had struck an iron wall, something that could not be pierced at all.

The Spear Shadow disappeared in an instant, and the murderous intent within it dissipated.

“Poof.” Ning Cheng spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot while his body fell to the ground.

Ning Cheng suddenly felt a sinking sensation in his heart. Ning Cheng thought that he had already overestimated the strength of this fellow; however, it looks like he still underestimated the opponent’s power. He had taken over this place and even waited for the other party patiently to come in before sneak attacking. However, the other party not only countered his sneak attack but also ended up injuring him. This definitely was an uninjured powerhouse in the Heaven Seated Realm.

Such a crafty fellow, playing the role of a pig to eat the tiger. A Heaven Seated Cultivator had actually disguised oneself as a Celestial Gatherer female cultivator to pick up his low-level task.

Although he felt his heart sinking, Ning Cheng did not give up. Grabbing the spear again, he traced a path filled with Nothingness Flame Patterns. In any case, the single spear that Ning Cheng had shot out was not truly to hurt the other party but to force the other side into his multiple array formations. He had arranged and rearranged so many Grade 5 Celestial River Killing Formations and Entrapment Formations outside the entrance and combined with his attacks, Ning Cheng didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to injure a Heaven Seated Cultivator.

“Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom…..Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka……” Sounds of explosions and array formations shattering erupted almost instantly. Ning Cheng quickly realised that his Grade 5 Celestial River Array Formations were breaking one after another. Fortunately, he had already upgraded the level of these array formations. Otherwise, if he had still used only Grade 4 Celestial River Array Formations, the only choice left for him at this moment would have been to escape.

He couldn’t let this fellow escape from his array formations; otherwise, he truly might not have another opportunity and would have to flee. Looks like the reason why he did not suffer too big of a loss against Mi Jin at that time must have something to do with Mi Jin’s rebound injuries. A true cultivator in the Heaven Seated Realm truly had a lot of power.

“Who are you, daring to hide in this King’s place and even ambush this king?” An anger-filled voice emerged. How was this a female cultivator? This fellow clearly was a male cultivator.

Ning Cheng did not give any reply; instead, he unleashed the endless Nothingness Flame-patterned Spears. However, apart from leaving some bloody marks on the other party, it couldn’t achieve much. If not for his array formations slowing this fellow down, Ning Cheng really would not have obtained the opportunity to attack this fellow.

This showcased the powerful capabilities of Heaven Seated Cultivators. However, Ning Cheng only took a deep breath and rushed in. With the spear in his hand, it transformed into a flaming shadow as it shot out. This was not a Spear Skill, but his Maximal Flame Spirit Technique.

Trapped within Ning Cheng’s seemingly endless Killing Formations and Entrapments Formations, the cultivator, suddenly felt the void surrounding him collapse. This immediately shocked him, was this a space-related spirit technique?

But he managed to reign in his shock, this was not a space-related spirit technique but a false spacial collapse. An ant who clearly had not reached the Heaven Seated Realm actually dared to attack him with a false spacial collapse. The cultivator no longer tried to break through the surrounding killing formations; an instant later, a seemingly weak and mild-looking awn line shot out, which directly pierced through Ning Cheng’s Maximal Flame Spiritual Technique and stabbed into Ning Cheng.

“Boom-Boom-Boom…..” Terrifying explosion sounds rang out as the Celestial River Flame within the Maximal Flame Spirit Technique completely wrapped itself around the cultivator.

“Poof…..” At the same time, the seemingly weak-looking awn line, which the cultivator had brought out, penetrated through Ning Cheng’s chest and went out through Ning Cheng’s back. This weak-looking awn line had even brought out a bloody arrow on its way out.

Ning Cheng felt as if this awn line had torn through everything inside his body, and felt that his body would immediately collapse the next moment. Even his bones had cracked apart. At this moment, however, the effects of his body forging finally kicked in and forcibly stopped the collapse of his body.

“Oh….” Although the cultivator’s attack had hit Ning Cheng, he did not fare well, as many Killing Lights from the array formations bombarded him. At the same time, the Maximal Flame Spirit Technique had even incinerated all of his clothes. Although his robes themselves were high-quality armour, under the Celestial River Flame, it still could not stop the flame from advancing. A fist-sized bloody hole appeared at the centre of this cultivator’s chest.

Ning Cheng knew that although that awn line had pierced through him, he suffered worse injuries compared to the other party. The fist-sized hole was nothing to a cultivator in the Heaven Seated Realm.

“Oh, you actually are a Nirvana Body Refining Cultivator.” Although the cultivator himself had suffered many injuries, he could still see Ning Cheng standing, which made him even angrier. Seeing that, the cultivator’s Imposing Aura did not drop due to injuries. On the contrary, it actually grew stronger.

Ning Cheng knew that he only had a single chance to differentiate between life and death. As long as he could fend off this cultivator’s anger, he most likely would win against the other party.

The same moment that the cultivator’s Imposing Aura skyrocketed, Ning Cheng immediately threw out an Array Flag, which he had kept ready.

“Boom-Boom-Boom…….” Several Grade-5 Array Formations detonated simultaneously, and the sounds of explosions mixed in with the roars of that cultivator as more and more explosions erupted.

The surrounding area seemed to have descended into hell under the horrifying Killing Intent. At this moment, apart from the explosions and the roaring voice, only the aura of death remained all around.

Ning Cheng knew that time was of the essence and had activated all of the array formations that he set up at once. No longer letting the cultivator smash through one array formation after another.

“This King wants to take a look. I want to see what you would use after these array formations to block this King…..” The cultivator turned so angry that his Imposing Aura soared out of his control, wanting to tear the ant in front of him to tiny pieces. He never expected that this ant would actually be able to dare try killing him at this time using such a method.

Although these array formations exploded almost simultaneously, did this ant actually think that it could kill a Heaven Seated King? However, because of Ning Cheng’s crazy attack, the killing move, which he wanted to use to kill Ning Cheng, had to change into a defensive move.

Otherwise, even if he could kill this ant, he would have to suffer through some severe injuries.

If only he knew that Ning Cheng’s next move was the Sunset’s Twilight, then even if he had to suffer through ten times heavier injuries, he would have never dared to turn defensive at this moment.

It was a pity that the heavens did not have anything like a redo. Just when that fellow had brought out a defensive weapon, everything around him froze. That’s not it, it was not that everything came to a standstill, rather something had forced everything to slow down infinitely. The cultivator then saw his own life, just like the sun about to set, turning dull and bleak. As if, it had reached its twilight.

That single moment looked extremely beautiful; however, it filled his heart with incomparable dread.

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  1. Hmmm. I hope that this guy actually was someone trying to bait out a Good Fortune Treasure and not a random guy NC killed because he tied to capture the guy who was digging for information on him.


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