Chapter 0639

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Chapter 0639: Mysterious Yellow Leakage

The Five Elements Spirit Water[1] was the water that formed during the moment a Good Fortune World took shape. According to the information, since Ning Cheng possessed the Good Fortune Mysterious Yellow Bead, it was highly likely that it would successfully form a Good Fortune World. As long as it created a Good Fortune World, it would be possible to obtain the Five Elements Spirit Water.

But to Ning Cheng dismay, if his Good Fortune World did not have the assistance of ‘Breath Soil’ during the time of its formation, then even if he assimilated the five type of Origins within the Mysterious Yellow Bead to form the Good Fortune World, it would not create any Five Elements Spirit Water. Therefore, if he wanted the Five Elements Spirit Water, then in addition to searching for the five elemental Origins, he would also have to find ‘Breath Soil’.

As for the preciousness of Breath Soil, Ning Cheng had already known about it for a long time; therefore, he didn’t even need to think about it.

Moreover, apart from these materials required to refine it; the most important thing was that his flame would need to give birth to a Flame Spirit; at the same time, the fire used should also be among the highest-ranking ones among the top-grade flames. Otherwise, even if one somehow managed to gather all these things, no one would be able to refine the Good Fortune Spirit Spear.

After knowing the perverted requirements of refining the Good Fortune Spirit Spear, Ning Cheng wanted to evolve his flame as soon as possible. Then in the future, he could melt the Nirvana Spear and add some Twilight Sand into it to craft a good spear weapon for himself. As for the Five Elements Spirit Water and Breath Soil, he decided to forget about them for the time being.


In the days that followed, Ning Cheng did not leave this place. He chose to stay in the Essence Qi rich cave. Taking out the praying mat that was previously Chasing Bull’s residence, he began to cultivate while refining the True Spirit World.

This praying mat actually was an excellent device that could actively absorb the surrounding starry sky Essence Qi while also purifying it and storing it.

Three months later, Ning Cheng finally took control of the True Spirit World Ring. Although he hadn’t managed to refine the True Spirit World fully, he could still use it to store things and take out the items inside.

When Ning Cheng saw the things inside the True Spirit World, he had to marvel at the wealth accumulated by that Celestial River King Shang Mou.

It had a huge quantity of different varieties of high-grade artefact-crafting raw materials along with high-grade starry sky Spiritual Grasses, which were piled up in heaps. It even contained hundreds of bottles of Grade 4 and Grade 5 Celestial River Medicinal Pills, which could not be found easily on the outside. However, the stash did not have many medicinal pills over Grade 5, only a few bottles. But what appealed the most to Ning Cheng were not those raw materials, nor the Spiritual Grasses, nor the medicinal pills and not even the starry sky-grade battleship, but a jade box that emanated the aura of a metal-attributed Origin.

Ning Cheng raised his hand and carefully brought out the jade box. Opening the cover of the jade box, he saw a golden-coloured bead inside it giving out the aura of Metal Origin without any obstruction.

Sure enough, it was the Metal Origin Bead. Ning Cheng truly felt surprised on seeing the Metal Origin Bead as he grabbed it and immediately threw it into the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

After the Metal Origin Bead entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead, the Mysterious Yellow Bead underwent another change. Ning Cheng vaguely felt that many more laws had appeared within the Mysterious Yellow Bead out of thin air, causing the world within the Mysterious Yellow Bead to turn more vivid, with a trace of metallic aura. What made Ning Cheng slightly regretful was that his Mysterious Yellow Bead still lacked a type of life-giving wooden aura.

If he had a Wood Origin bead, maybe this Mysterious Yellow Bead would undergo a dramatic qualitative change. Ning Cheng very much looked forward to seeing what kind of changes would take place within the Mysterious Yellow Bead once he obtained the Wooden Origin Bead in the future.

In addition to the Metal Origin Bead, what made Ning Cheng even happier was that he once again managed to obtain another million Perpetual Moon Pills. A Celestial River King in the Heaven Seated Realm, with a million Perpetual Moon Pills, truly was a rare occurrence. One had to know that Perpetual Moon Pills still had significant cultivation effects on Heaven Seated Powerhouses; therefore, these people rarely would keep these pills in storage.

With so many Perpetual Moon Pills, Ning Cheng decided to go into secluded cultivation immediately. Since this place isolated one’s aura from the outside, Ning Cheng felt that he could take the risk of entering the Mysterious Yellow Bead to cultivate. Ning Cheng had never tried improving his cultivation inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead before, yet his cultivation speed already exceeded than that of ordinary cultivators. If Ning Cheng actually entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead for cultivation, he had no idea on how fast would it accelerate his cultivation?


Three months later, Ning Cheng finally opened his eyes. The Celestial Essence flowing within his meridians felt like a flowing river. It not only flowed like clear water with considerable power, but it also flowed without making any noise.

Just surprise could not express Ning Cheng’s current mood. It was not until today that he got to experience the heaven-defying nature of the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Cultivating within the Mysterious Yellow Bead created a much more powerful effect compared to just using the Mysterious Yellow Origin for providing external aid in cultivation.

Not to mention that cultivating within the Mysterious Yellow Bead would also help in scouring his Life Essence and the corporeal body. Even if his cultivation had not improved at all, his cultivation potential had definitely improved by cultivating within the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

One’s cultivation potential had a significant relation to one’s Spiritual Roots and the power of comprehension. The Mysterious Yellow Bead could gradually purify one’s Spiritual Roots, something that Ning Cheng knew about since the start. But now he understood that the Mysterious Yellow Bead could not only refine one’s Spiritual Roots, it could also create other Spiritual Roots. However, what he didn’t know was that cultivating within the Mysterious Yellow Bead also enhanced one’s comprehension abilities.

Ning Cheng’s comprehension abilities were already inherently stronger compared to ordinary cultivators, and now that he had cultivated within the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it had enhanced even further. From this, it could be seen that the longer one cultivated within the Mysterious Yellow Bead, the stronger would one’s comprehension ability grow.

In just three months of cultivation, Ning Cheng had already reached close to the peak of early-stage Undead Realm. As for the Perpetual Moon Pills, he had used up just over a million.

As a starry sky cultivator, Ning Cheng understood that the higher one’s cultivation grew, the more difficulties one would have to face to advance. Using only three months to reach the peak of early-stage Undead Realm from just entering the Undead Realm was truly a rare event. Without enough cultivation resources, many cultivators would need thousands or even tens of thousands of years to reach this level. Even with enough Perpetual Moon Pills, it would have still taken a few decades to a few hundred years to reach this level. What’s more, even if one had an unlimited supply of Perpetual Moon Pills, one could not just absorb them indefinitely. To let the body absorb it, one’s cultivation method should also be under constant operation; even so, an entity would still have a limit on how much Celestial Essence could it handle.

Ning Cheng not only had obtained a large number of Perpetual Moon Pills, but he also had gained plenty of medicinal pills that could help in breaking through levels. Moreover, unlike others, he didn’t have to rely on these resources solely to advance further, his Mysterious Yellow Formless could even directly absorb the starry sky Essence Qi without consciously channelling it. At the same time, he was also a Body-refining Cultivator. Maybe all these reasons contributed to why Ning Cheng could quickly advance to the peak of early-stage Undead Realm after just entering the Undead Realm.

However, Ning Cheng felt sure that cultivating within the Mysterious Yellow Bead was the primary reason for this situation.

With such heaven-defying characteristics of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, Ning Cheng immediately made a decision to rush to the middle-level of the Undead Realm. At his current pace, he could advance to the middle-level of the Undead Realm in at most a month.

Just when Ning Cheng got ready to continue with his secluded cultivated, he suddenly felt a slight tremor within his Life Essence. Ning Cheng had always remained extremely cautious when it came to the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Now that his Life Essence trembled slightly, it immediately gave him an uneasy feeling. Because of that, he quickly emerged from the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Just when he stepped out of the cave, Ning Cheng saw some slight ripples on the Void Array Entrance through which he had come inside previously.

Someone’s coming in, Ning Cheng had just thought of these words, when he saw a shadow trying to step inside.

In just a moment, Ning Cheng rushed towards the other Void Array Entrance and stepped inside it without thinking. Just as he rushed inside, he saw a pale-faced man enter the place through his Spiritual Consciousness.

This pale-faced man did not head anywhere else. Moreover, his reaction speed was also not a bit slower compared to Ning Cheng. As soon as he came inside, he rushed towards Ning Cheng, while shooting out a giant hand to grab Ning Cheng.

Feeling the aura of death close in, Ning Cheng pursed his lips and sped up. It wasn’t until the feeling of vertigo washed over him did Ning Cheng understand that the transfer had begun.

The moment when the feeling of vertigo disappeared, Ning Cheng brought out the Starry Sky Wheel. Although he could have used the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds to escape in the shortest possible time, Ning Cheng also understood that the current speed of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds was akin to that of a child in front of the pale-faced cultivator behind him.

He would rather waste a moment and bring out the Starry Sky Wheel.

After bringing out the Starry Sky Wheel, it cut through the void and disappeared within a breath, far faster than the teleport-like speed of the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds.

Even so, just after Ning Cheng’s Starry Sky Wheel rushed out, it immediately trembled. Ning Cheng took in a deep breath and understood that the trembling was the result of the cultivator trying to grab on to it with the huge Celestial Essence hand but failing.

Although the other party’s Celestial Essence hand had not caught his Starry Sky Wheel, just the Celestial Essence fluctuations caused his Starry Sky Wheel to destabilise. This kind of cultivation was just too horrifying. Ning Cheng didn’t know the identity of the cultivator chasing after him, but he was sure that the opponent’s cultivation was at least on the same level as Chuan Xinlou’s cultivation. Although he had no intuitive impression of Chuan Xinlou, the pale-faced man chasing after Ning Cheng gave an intuitive feeling that nobody would be able to resist him at all.

If he as much as slowed down a little to take a breath, the other side would immediately be able to catch him.

Since even the Starry Sky Wheel almost got caught by the other side, how could Ning Cheng dare to stop for even a moment? Moreover, he had yet to refine the Starry Sky Wheel fully; therefore, wouldn’t it result in death if he paused even for a moment? What’s more, he could still sense that cultivator chasing after him.

Ning Cheng madly pushed the Starry Sky Wheel to its limits to run away; at the same time, he also began to understand how that pale-faced cultivator found him.

Although the Mysterious Yellow Bead was a rare treasure, the aura of the Mysterious Yellow Origin could only remain hidden within the depths of his Sea of Consciousness. Once exposed, even in an area isolated from the rest of the world, the aura would not stay completely hidden. Ning Cheng couldn’t feel anything behind the Void Array Entrance using his Spiritual Consciousness from the outside, but that did not mean that no one else could sense the situation behind it.

That white-haired cultivator must have locked onto him by tracking the aura of the Mysterious Yellow Origin, which most likely had leaked out after he went into the Mysterious Yellow Bead for cultivation.

At this moment, why would Ning Cheng care about choosing the right direction? He simply shot straight through the void to wherever it led. With Ning Cheng crazily pushing the Starry Sky Wheel to its limits, he not only burned through an insane amount of Perpetual Moon Pills by pouring them into the Starry Sky Wheel, he even poured every shred of Celestial Essence within his body into the Starry Sky Wheel.

[1] Just to clarify, the currently available grades for treasures and other items within this series – Normal/Ordinary, Spiritual, True, Dao, Spirit/Divine…, Primal Chaos, and Good Fortune.

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