Chapter 0649

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Chapter 0649: Departure

The Shielding Array that Ning Cheng had set up during the fight was not too high level; as such, the cultivators on the outside could easily hear the sounds of fighting and explosions coming from the other side of the Shielding Array. Some of the cultivators wanted to break it open and charge inside. In any case, the only reason they came out was that they thought that Ning Cheng might be a cultivator beyond the Heaven’s Mandate Realm. But now, even if they wanted to get inside, they felt more afraid that the people inside would have already killed Ning Cheng and would not share the loot with the new arrivals.

Warren and Yu Wanxue both had severe injuries, while Dou Di did not have the strength to go against so many people. They could only watch the cultivators eagerly jump towards Ning Cheng’s Shielding Array.

However, before they could even do anything, the Shielding Array suddenly opened by itself and Ning Cheng appeared in front of everyone. People on the outside immediately swept their gazes and Spiritual Consciousness at Ning Cheng and behind him; however, no one came out after Ning Cheng. None of the fourteen people who had previously choose to stay inside came out with Ning Cheng.

Instead, all they found was a huge ditch behind Ning Cheng.

At this moment, all the cultivators fell silent. A few moments ago, they could clearly hear the sounds of a relatively large-scale battle coming from the inside, and now only Ning Cheng came out alone. Even a fool could guess that the cultivator standing in front of them had claimed the lives of those fourteen cultivators. Thinking back to how Ning Cheng killed Long Xiu in just one move, and now speculating that Ning Cheng had also murdered the other fourteen cultivators, almost everyone now believed that Ning Cheng was a full-fledged Heaven Seated Cultivator.

The two cultivators who stood in front of Ning Cheng’s Shielding Array, eagerly wanting to break it open and rush inside, immediately shuddered and even trembled when they saw Ning Cheng casually walking out. As Ning Cheng’s gaze swept over them, they quivered even more before they cried out, “Previously, senior…..”

“Get lost.” Ning Cheng just uttered a simple phrase.

The two cultivators were also in the Heaven’s Mandate Realm, yet they did not even dare to speak half a word of nonsense before quickly retreating.

Ning Cheng killed 14 Heaven’s Mandate Cultivators by himself. Moreover, none of them could see even a scratch on this fellow’s body or any form of injury. In light of this, who would dare to stay in this place? Seeing the two cultivators retreat, the rest of the cultivators also bowed towards Ning Cheng before withdrawing. In just a few breaths, apart from Ning Cheng’s remaining party of four, no one else remained.

Only Ning Cheng knew how he had managed to kill those 14 cultivators. That is, due to the help from his mighty starry sky Spiritual Consciousness and Sunset’s Twilight. Moreover, the fact that the other cultivators didn’t know about his spirit technique stemmed from the Laws of Time also played a huge role. Once everyone knew about his tricks, they would have definitely decided to attack him in batches. That way, he would have nowhere to hide. At that moment, even he would not dare to take all of them at once.

“Senior…..” Warren and Yu Wanxue, along with Dou Di, uneasily came forward and saluted Ning Cheng with cupped fists.

Although they had teamed up with Ning Cheng, they had never realised that Ning Cheng was a Heaven Seated Cultivator. However, according to everything they saw, Ning Cheng must definitely be a Heaven Seated Cultivator; otherwise, he would have died under siege from those 14 Heaven’s Mandate Cultivators.

Ning Cheng took out two medicinal pills for Warren and Yu Wanxue, and returned them their storage rings before speaking up, “We’re teammates, so you don’t need to go addressing me as a senior. These two medicinal pills can help you recover quickly. As for Daoist Crow’s Dao Confirming Insights, I did obtain it. But this thing cannot be engraved, nor is it represented by words or images. Only a few can actually see it.”

As Ning Cheng spoke, he took out the jade card.

Although Ning Cheng spoke with sincerity, Warren and Yu Wanxue did not dare to take it. Instead, they quickly swallowed the medicinal pills before bowing down to Ning Cheng and saying, “Many thanks to senior, for this life-saving grace. Since the Dao Confirming Insights cannot be copied, then it would be better to let it remain with senior….”

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh in his heart. He knew it was a helpless decision for them. They thought that there was a huge gap in their cultivation, which meant that these fellows would now not treat him the same way as before. After all, the three were not familiar to him, and the same went for the three of them towards him. They only met each other along the way.

“In that case, let’s leave it like it is. We’ll meet up later if we have the time.” Ning Cheng also cupped his fists and spoke. However, he knew that it was unlikely to ever meet or continue walking together. Ning Cheng had his own plans, he would not continue as a team with Warren and the others.

But he still felt very grateful to Warren, and if it weren’t for Warren, he wouldn’t have obtained so many cultivation resources.


After splitting from Warren, Ning Cheng quickly left the Crow Star. The Crow Star might contain many other good things, but Ning Cheng no longer felt interested in it. He wondered if he didn’t have to leave this interface. With so many Perpetual Moon Pills, Ning Cheng just wanted to find a place to continue with his secluded cultivation.

“Wait…..” Ning Cheng had just flown out of the Crow Star when he was stopped by two cultivators.

As soon as Ning Cheng stopped, one of the cultivators exclaimed in surprise, “That’s him, do it….

The two cultivators did not wait for Ning Cheng to speak at all, but brought out their weapons and immediately attacked Ning Cheng.

They were only two cultivators in the Undead Realm. Ning Cheng stretched out his Celestial River Domain and crushed them under it, with a single Nothingness Flame-patterned Spear Shadow, he erased the two of them from the world.

Although it only took a moment to kill those two cultivators, Ning Cheng did not feel even half a bit happy about it. When these two cultivators had seen him, they had immediately attacked him as if they knew about him for a long time. But the fact was that Ning Cheng had never seen the two of them before today.

Those two cultivators, who obviously did not know him, suddenly attacked him out of the blue with actual excitement. Ning Cheng only needed to ponder over it for a moment before realising that someone must have wanted to capture him and even placed a huge bounty over his head.

As for the one who wanted to capture him, he vaguely felt that it might be the pale-faced cultivator from before, the one who saw his Mysterious Yellow Bead. Moreover, since two completely unknown people managed to recognise him in a place like the Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land, then it also showed that the wanted scope was definitely not small.

Ning Cheng thought that this definitely was not a coincidence. He immediately activated the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds and quickly disappeared from that location. After a slight change of direction, he still decided to head towards the Moon Spirit Swamp.

If he continued to stay in this place, then people would eventually find him even if he found a safe place to hide. For Ning Cheng, finding a relatively safe place for him definitely would help him temporarily, but he did not want to take that risk. That pale-faced cultivator was just too powerful. Not only was that fellow strong, he even had a formidable influence considering what happened a few moments ago. Ning Cheng had only recently arrived at the Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land, yet someone still managed to recognise him. Therefore, even if he decided to go to someplace else, there was a high chance that people would have again stopped him.

As Ning Cheng rushed towards the Moon Spirit Marsh at full speed, a pale-faced cultivator was also quickly approaching the Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land. He had immediately rushed out on learning that Ning Cheng had appeared in the Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land. In front of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he would put away any other matter.

Ning Cheng felt a little uneasy while flying with the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds for quite a while now. For ordinary cultivators, the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds was something that could grant the wielder with breakneck speed. The Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds was not only fast but also provided safety due to its flexibility while flying within the Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land. But due to the uneasy feeling within Ning Cheng’s heart, he decided to bring out the Starry Sky Wheel.

The Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land was full of spacial maelstroms and even hidden interface fractures. Flying with the Starry Sky Wheel in this place would mean holding one’s head and heart within one’s hand. Fortunately, as long as Ning Cheng did not fly at full speed, he managed to avoid some of the dangers ahead of time.

In the beginning, he would occasionally meet some sporadic cultivators along the way, but as Ning Cheng flew deeper into the Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land, he encountered fewer and fewer cultivators.

Two months later, Ning Cheng had to put away the Starry Sky Wheel. By this time, he could no longer advance forward using the Starry Sky Wheel. Reaching this location, he found the place filled with spacial dislocations and spacial cracks. Even if a cracked planet suddenly split apart in the front, it would be a regular occurrence.

The call of vicissitudes in place caused Ning Cheng’s heart to grow even tighter. However, Ning Cheng managed to keep his mind and heart focussed in the direction of the Moon Spirit Marsh.

Another half a month later, Ning Cheng finally came to a stop in front of a vast marsh. Rather than saying that this place was a marsh, it was more accurate to say that this ‘marsh’ was just a vast expanse of white. It contained no water, no soil, no vegetation, or anything that would resemble life. However, this vast area of white definitely resembled a little like a marsh.

Ning Cheng knew that he had reached his destination. This place was the Moon Spirit Marsh.

According to the jade strip he had purchased before entering, there was a spacial crack deep within the marsh, which might be where two interfaces intersected.

Ning Cheng would have liked to explore the outside of the swamp before carefully heading into it. But a sense of crisis kept lingering at the back of his mind. Because of this, he rushed into the Moon Spirit Marsh without hesitation after surveying the outside of the Moon Spirit Marsh for a few breaths.

After entering the Moon Spirit Marsh, Ning Cheng immediately slowed down. It was not that he wanted to slow down, but he needed to use his Spiritual Consciousness to keep an eye on the situation about him. If he found a spacial dislocation or a spacial crack, he needed that time to change directions.

Don’t look at him having a forged body that had already undergone nirvana, if he ended up in a spacial dislocation, then even if his body’s strength increased by ten thousand times, it might not be enough to survive.

The jade strips from the Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land definitely were worth their price. Ning Cheng didn’t have to look for long within the Moon Spirit Marsh before he saw a strip of space filled with space cracks.

According to the jade strip, this strip was where two interfaces intersected. It looked similar to Heaven’s Way that he went through in the past. The Heaven’s Way could be equated to an interface partition, but Heaven’s Way from back then was more like an infant compared to a grandparent in front of this place.

Without the Mysterious Yellow Bead, even if that pale-face cultivator wanted to track him down, Ning Cheng would never dare to enter this place, which would have definitely resulted in his death. But with the Mysterious Yellow Bead, Ning Cheng did not hesitate to enter the Mysterious Yellow bead and rush into the interfacial-space crack.


At the same time, the Everlasting Sacred Shrine within Nine Jewels Starry Skies’ Nine Jewel Starland, had a vivacious atmosphere around it.

Whether it was the Nine Jewels Starland or even the Nine Jewels Starry Skies’ famous cultivators, all of them came to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, including Nine Jewels Starry Skies’ Starry Sky Emperor. Because the Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Master advanced to the Eternal Realm, they had to hold an Eternal Starry Sky Grand Ceremony, as it indicated the addition of another person on the level of Nine Jewels Starry Skies’ Eternal Starry Sky Emperor.

Compared to the rest of the cultivators from the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, Ji Luofei looked a little anxious and even panicky. Originally, Mi Jin made an oath with Ning Cheng and even confirmed that as long as Shi Qionghua returned to the Everlasting Sacred Shrine, she would definitely be put under the Everlasting Sacred Tree to heal.

But contrary to the oath, after Shi Qionghua returned, not to mention about sitting under the Everlasting Sacred Tree to heal, she couldn’t even see the Everlasting Sacred Tree. Sacred Master rejected all of Mi Jin repeated requests to let Shi Qionghua sit under the Everlasting Sacred Tree for medical treatment with the words that she had not yet come out of seclusion and that everything would have to wait till she came out.

Because of this, Shi Qionghua had no choice but to stay outside. During recent days, she no longer could remain conscious for long periods. From this, anyone could tell that if she didn’t quickly sit down under the Everlasting Sacred Tree to heal, she would permanently slip into a coma and never wake up.

Today was the appointed day for Sacred Master to come out and the day when the Starry Sky Grand Ceremony would take place. Ji Luofei came to visit with Uncle Master Mi Jin early in the morning. Yet she still had to wait for two hours before meeting Everlasting Sacred Shrine’s Sacred Master under Mi Jin’s leadership.

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