Chapter 0652

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Chapter 0652: Luofei’s Adventure

A few days later, Ning Cheng found a broken starland. This starland, unlike the meteorites that quickly shot through the void, moved very slowly.

It was a much better place to use for secluded cultivation compared to a meteorite. Meteorites would regularly crash into other meteorite streams and splinter apart if one was not careful. But this broken starland, although not rich in Celestial Essence nor Spiritual Qi, it was definitely much safer. Because of the huge surface area, even if ordinary meteorites crashed into it, they would not be able to cause much damage.

In the temporary dugout cave, Ning Cheng took out the jade strips given to him by that female cultivator, which introduced the Eternal Night Domain.

The Eternal Night Domain was something like the Rootless Black City, where he once lived. It was just that the Eternal Night Domain was countless times larger and much sturdier compared to the Rootless Black City. In a more strict sense, it was akin to a well-regulated mainland and no different from an average planet.

If one had to point out the main difference, then it would be that the Eternal Night Domain had no natural light. The Eternal Night Domain was just a starland suspended within the void crack and had no sun to provide any form of sunlight to the Eternal Night Domain. That’s why the name Eternal Night Domain came into being.

Therefore, within the Eternal Night Domain, one would find Clear Light Stones and Clear Light Array Formations everywhere. Although this place had no natural sunshine, it also did not bask in the complete darkness of the night; in fact, one would find no trace of nightly darkness within that place.

The Eternal Night Domain has existed for hundreds of millions of years and had countless cultivators passing through that place. Some of those travelling cultivators chose to settle down in this place and start to form their own family clans. Ning Cheng felt that Su Clan should also be such a family clan.

Because of the unique nature of this area, many powerhouses would decide to stop by at the Eternal Night Domain for many years before moving away. Moreover, as the Eternal Night Domain lay within the intersecting cracks of several positional planes, they would often have many powerhouses with differently named cultivation realms; however, regardless of these technical differences, they were all dominant parties. Moreover, the different realm names originated due to the slight differences between the planar locations and the laws governing those planes. It was only a difference in terminology. In fact, regardless of the laws, all paths lead to the same destination. Whatever path of cultivation one took, taken to the extreme, it would all converge on the same goal.

However, one point that stuck out the most was that one would find a lot of cultivation resources in and around the Eternal Night Domain. Someone in the past had even found a Perpetual Moon Pill Mountain. This Pill Mountain was actually composed of Perpetual Moon Pills, and after countless years of accumulating Celestial Essence gas, the Perpetual Moon Pills within that mountain had reached near-infinite numbers.

Ning Cheng shook his head and put away the jade strip. He now truly wanted to go to the Eternal Night Domain; after all, the Eternal Night Domain boasted of a much better cultivation environment compared to this place. Moreover, Ning Cheng could even do some business within the Eternal Night Domain by selling some medicinal pills and weapons. At the very least, he could exchange those items for Perpetual Moon Pills for cultivation.

However, Ning Cheng quickly dismissed the idea of immediately heading to the Eternal Night Domain. At least not till he reached the Heaven Seated Realm. Since the last time his Mysterious Yellow Bead got exposed, he had decided to become even more careful when using it.

People might have followed some laws within the starry sky cities like in the Grand Culmination Starry Skies, but in the Eternal Night Domain, which lay in the crack between positional planes, if someone tried forcibly to capture him and conducted a search, he would not be able to defend himself.

Without entering the Mysterious Yellow Bead, Ning Cheng’s cultivation speed immediately slowed down by a lot. Fortunately, he had a large number of Perpetual Moon Pills and other medicinal pills to help. At the same time, he could even use the Mysterious Yellow Aura to scour his meridians. Even though his cultivation speed had significantly slowed down, it was still far better compared to the average cultivator.

One could forget the passage of time while cultivating. As the Perpetual Moon Pills in Ning Cheng’s stock kept decreasing, his cultivation also kept rising.


The Radial Immortal Star, a remote planet within Grand Culmination Starry Skies’ Night Essence Celestial River. Usually, only low-levelled cultivators came to this place, and cultivators with deep heritages would rarely ever show up in this place. Moreover, the Penannular Jade City was also a small and relatively inconspicuous city on the edge of the Radial Immortal Star.

Ji Luofei had concealed her along with Shi Qionghua within the Penannular Jade City, a city on the fringes of the star for over five years. During these five years, Ji Luofei bought a Miniature World and used up most of the cultivation resources that Ning Cheng had left for her and Shi Qionghua for cultivation. And with the help of the Harmonising Celestial Pills, she finally advanced to the Celestial Bridge Realm.

One could say that no single cultivator within the entire Night Essence Celestial River had such favourable cultivation conditions like Ji Luofei. With piles of Perpetual Moon Pills and various medicinal pills, she quickly broke through the multiple cultivation barriers through her own efforts. Moreover, on reaching the full-circle of the Celestial Gatherer Realm, she even had a large number of Harmonising Celestial Pills handy. With Ji Luofei having qualifications far superior to the other cultivators, she finally managed to break through from the Celestial Novice Realm to the Celestial Bridge Realm in just five years.

However, by this time, she had almost entirely used up all the Perpetual Moon Pills and other medicinal pills that helped in breaking through. If she wanted to cultivate further, she would have to go out and search for more cultivation resources.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Qionghua, I will be leaving for a while.” Ji Luofei whispered softly to the unconscious Shi Qionghua within the Miniature World. Since Shi Qionghua last fell into a slumber and failed to show any signs of waking up, Ji Luofei decided to seal Shi Qionghua with whatever sealing restrictions she knew and always kept Shi Qionghua around her.

To purchase this Miniature World, she had used up ten Harmonising Celestial Pills and a bunch of Perpetual Moon Pills; however, this Miniature World was the lowest grade Miniature World. If not for Big Sister Qionghua, she would never use so many resources in exchange for a low-level Miniature World.

When she and Ning Cheng decided to split way as a temporary measure, she made a vow to Ning Cheng to take care of Big Sister Qionghua. Because Qionghua ended up in such a state, she couldn’t help but continuously feel fear and anxiety within her heart. Ji Luofei also felt guilty towards Ning Cheng for not fulfilling the promise made to him. Therefore, for now, all she could do was to improve her cultivation.

Ji Luofei walked into the Penannular Jade City’s Trade Union; she intended to leave the Radial Immortal Star and go somewhere else. However, before she left, she changed her mind and decided to come to the Penannular Jade City’s Trade Union one last time. She had already grown habitual to living in the Penannular Jade City, and suddenly changing places did not sit right for her. As long as she could find sufficient cultivation resources within Penannular Jade City, she intended to stay here for some more time, preferably till her cultivation reached Heaven’s Mandate Realm.

“Senior….” Just as Ji Luofei walked in, many cultivators immediately bowed and made way for her.

Elsewhere, nobody would bother with such treatment for just a little Celestial Bridge Cultivator. But in Penannular Jade City, Celestial Bridge Cultivators were equivalent to supreme existences.

Ji Luofei nodded, only wanting to look at the big screen, trying to find places or tasks that could provide her with better cultivation resources. However, she quickly honed in on a nearby discussion, “Ice Immortal Ridge suddenly opened up. I heard that Heaven Seated Cultivators from all over are coming here because of it.”

Ji Luofei felt surprised on hearing this information. She had lived in the Radial Immortal Star for quite a few years, and naturally was not a stranger to the Ice Immortal Ridge. The Ice Immortal Ridge, though called a ridge, was surrounded and sealed in ice and snow all year round. This kind of sealing was not something even a top-grade powerhouse could break undo. If someone forcibly tried to open it, it will immediately cause the Radial Immortal Star to collapse. The Radial Immortal Star was a planet under the rule of the Grand Culmination Starry Skies and inhabited by hundreds of billions of people. As such, no single cultivator dared to initiate the collapse of the Radial Immortal Star, without having the strength to go against the entire Grand Culmination Starry Sky. Besides, ordinary cultivators simply wouldn’t be able to destroy the Radial Immortal Star by themselves.

No one knows how or when the Ice Immortal Ridge had formed or even when the seal appeared. Ji Luofei only knew that the Ice Immortal Ridge had mysteriously cracked open once a hundred thousand years ago, causing countless cultivators to rush inside to look for opportunities. However, the Ice Immortal Ridge quickly closed up again and none of the cultivators who stepped inside at that time came out. It even included many Heaven Seated Powerhouses.

This time, since the Ice Immortal Ridge had cracked open again, she immediately felt an impulse to check it out.

Ji Luofei knew very well that although she had excellent qualifications, she would have never advanced from the Celestial Novice Realm to all the way up to the Celestial Bridge Realm in just five years without the cultivation resources given to her by Ning Cheng. She planned to reach the Heaven Seated Realm as soon as possible; whether to find Ning Cheng or to provide Ning Cheng with some help, she had to get strong herself, which meant having to take risks.

The starry skies were boundless and contained countless starry sky cultivators. So many cultivators wanted to search for cultivation resources, and if she weren’t willing to take the risk, where would she get the good stuff for cultivation? When with Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng would have taken care of such things even if she did not want it. Now that she was not around Ning Cheng anymore, she would have to depend only on herself to obtain such resources. Since Ning Cheng could venture out by himself to search for cultivation resources, then she, Ji Luofei, could also do the same.

Thinking of this, Ji Luofei made up her mind, whether it meant life or death, she would take the risk and check out the Ice Immortal Ridge.

Ji Luofei looked up to see the big screen and immediately saw the information about the Ice Immortal Ridge cracking open, followed by requests from many cultivators looking to form or join a team to go explore the Ice Immortal Ridge together.

Ji Luofei did not intend to team up with others. She only stayed for a little while in the trade union before quickly turning around and leaving.

After half-an-incense stick worth of time, Ji Luofei left the Penannular Jade City, brought out a flight-type weapon, and directly flew towards the Ice Immortal Ridge.


“Bang” Ning Cheng shattered apart another huge meteorite with a single blow. Ning Cheng stood over the debris of the shattered meteorite, after finally coming out of seclusion after five years.

The violent Celestial Essence condensed into a powerful punch, which then immediately intercepted a rapidly approaching meteorite. When Ning Cheng’s punch stuck it, it quickly slowed down and by the time Ning Cheng’s fist dispersed, the meteorite burst with a loud bang and split apart into rubble.

Ning Cheng retracted his fist and gave out a sigh. During the five years he had cultivated in seclusion, he used up almost all the medicinal pills in his possession along with a significant chunk of the ten plus million Perpetual Moon Pills. This only brought his cultivation to the late-stage of the Heaven’s Mandate Realm, still a long way from the full-circle of the Heaven’s Mandate Realm. Despite that, his strength had grown by leaps and bounds compared to the past. However, he still felt that he was not qualified to speak with Heaven Seated Cultivators on the same level in his heart.

Without enough cultivation resources, it would be impossible for him to continue with secluded cultivation. Although he didn’t want to go to the Eternal Night Domain before advancing to the Heaven Seated Realm, this time, he had no choice but to go to the Eternal Night Domain.

For Ning Cheng, his cultivation not moving forward was the most terrible thing. As long as his cultivation could keep moving forward, he would have continued with secluded cultivation. In any case, he can’t let his cultivation to stagnate.

Taking out the Directional Jade Strip given by that female cultivator, Ning Cheng quickly found the location of the Eternal Night Domain.

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