Chapter 0655

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Chapter 0655: Purple Yin Spirit Spring Pearl

With Meng Yangze’s example, the later cultivators started to bring out their gifts one after another. Most of the gifts comprised of Immortal Crystals, high-grade starry sky Spiritual Grasses, Dao Artefacts, starry sky battleships, and the like. However, no one brought out any Perpetual Moon Pills anymore, which Ning Cheng felt a bit hilarious.

This Duan Gantai truly was quite the idiotic fellow, his stupid actions invariantly forced the guests to hold back on the most precious of gifts. What was the most important thing for a cultivator? It naturally was any form of cultivation resource. Moreover, Perpetual Moon Pills were undoubtedly a much better cultivation resource for Heaven’s Mandate Cultivators compared to the high-grade Immortal Crystals.

Ning Cheng knew that he would have to change his gifts once again. Previously, he had prepared a bottle of Grade 4 Celestial River Medicinal Pills, the Harmonising Celestial Pills. However, with the example set by Meng Yangze, if he gave medicinal pills, which weren’t even Perpetual Moon Pills, it would be akin to asking for trouble.

Sure enough, just as Ning Cheng speculated, the female cultivator receiving the gifts would only invite people to the inner residence if they provided gifts of relatively high value.

This was akin to a competition of reputation. Many cultivators in this place knew about each other. Therefore, if everyone else around them ended up invited to the inner residence as a guest, while they could not get inside, they would cause them to lose a lot of face.

But despite this, the cultivators who managed to enter the inner residence were not many. Not all the cultivators who came here were as wealthy as Meng Yangze was. Therefore, although most of the cultivators did not feel willing enough to lose face, they still could not bring out many precious things.

However, Ning Cheng didn’t care about any of it. He didn’t know anybody here. The only reason why Ning Cheng came here to give gifts was that Ji Min had helped him with a few things. He couldn’t just tell Ji Min that he purposefully came here to attend Su Baijiao’s wedding only to disappear into the Eternal Night Domain.

Ning Cheng prepared his own gift, a medium-grade Celestial River-class Battleship. It was a spoil of war that he had acquired sometime back, and just right as a gift for such an occasion. After giving this gift, Ning Cheng would immediately leave. As for trying to go into the inner residence as a guest, he simply had no interest in it.

Just then, the voice of the female cultivator announcing the received gifts almost caused Ning Cheng to jump up in surprise. Ning Cheng couldn’t help but think that he might have heard it wrong. Listening to the words more carefully, he heard that female cultivator repeating that sentence for the second time. “Disciple Gongye Zhuo of the Eternal Night Domain’s Weapon Pavilion sends ten drops of Purple Yin Spring Water. Please proceed to the inner residence…..”

Ning Cheng has been searching for the Purple Yin Spirit Spring, which many people didn’t even know. Yet, today he actually heard about the Purple Yin Spring Water. It’s just that he didn’t know if this Purple Yin Spring Water was the same Purple Yin Spirit Spring that he was looking for. But whether or not it was the same thing, Ning Cheng would not miss the opportunity to meet this Gongye Zhuo and try to find more about it.

He really had no idea if anyone in the Grand Culmination Starry Skies knew about the Purple Yin Spring Water, but even a server here knew that it was a good thing.

Gongye Zhuo followed another female cultivator into the inner residence. At this moment, only a few cultivators in the hall had not yet presented their gifts. In any case, when Ning Cheng saw the female cultivator walking towards him, he took out a storage ring and placed it on the white jade tray along with the list of gifts.

When the female cultivator saw Ning Cheng’s list of gifts, her eyes immediately lit up and announced, “Eternal Night Domain’s Ning Cheng sends one tail feather from the Starry Sky Grade 9 Flame Wind Crow, one middle-grade defensive-type Dao Artefact, and one intermediate-level Celestial River-class Battleship……”

Almost all the eyes within the hall swept towards Ning Cheng. A rogue cultivator with modest cultivation actually brought out so many good things. Needless to say, the tail feathers of a Starry Sky Grade 9 Demonic Beast like the Flame Wind Crow was worth a lot more than almost all the gifts presented by the cultivators previously.

Even Su Baijiao’s gaze fell onto Ning Cheng, secretly marvelling at Ning Cheng’s generosity and richness. She decided to talk to Ning Cheng later and try to rope Ning Cheng into the Su Clan. Although Ning Cheng was indeed a cultivator within the Celestial River’s Three Realms, this cultivator definitely showed great potential. Evidenced by the fact that he could freely take out so many good things. It also indicated that this fellow definitely had more good stuff on him.

The only one with a hostile gaze was Duan Gantai. He had previously seen Ning Cheng greeting Su Baijiao before, and now Ning Cheng had even given such a significant gift. This made feel extremely uncomfortable. However, since Ning Cheng didn’t give any medicinal pills, he also couldn’t find any excuses to deal with him.

“Congratulations to Ning Cheng. Please take a seat in the inner residence….”

Ning Cheng felt a little relieved after hearing those words from the female cultivator. He had added a middle-grade Dao Artefact and a Celestial River-class Battleship on the last moment, afraid that the Flame Wind Crow’s tail feather might not be sufficient as a wedding gift for Duan Gantai. When it came to any information about the Purple Yin Spirit Spring, why would he care about a middle-grade Dao Artefact and an ordinary Celestial River-class Battleship?

Although other cultivators considered middle-grade Dao Artefacts as precious items, for him, he could make them a dime a dozen as long as he had the required materials. Even when it came to the Starry Sky Grade 9 Flame Wind Crow’s tail feathers, he had at least twenty to thirty of them in his storage ring.

Ning Cheng followed another female cultivator inside and walked into a hall that seemed to be made out of wood. Although the room did not look luxurious from the outside, as soon as Ning Cheng walked in, he immediately felt the difference. This difference was in the form of a gurgling vitality that oozed into the hall. Ning Cheng felt sure that although this hall looked like it was made out of pure wood, it definitely was a treasure. Since the Su Clan could construct such a room with this kind of vitality-oozing timber, then it definitely indicated that the Su Clan had a lot of money.

The hall had a few dozen cultivators sitting inside, and Ning Cheng saw several Heaven Seated Powerhouses among the crowd. Seeing no powerhouses in the Life and Death or the Eternal Realm, Ning Cheng finally felt a little relieved. He naturally didn’t think that the Su Clan did not have any experts in the Life and Death or the Eternal Realm as guests. Most likely, these experts would have sent someone else to give their gifts, while the Su Clan hosted them separately.

The female cultivator leading Ning Cheng took him to one of the seats. But instead of sitting in the chair she indicated, Ning Cheng nodded to her and took the initiative to sit next to Gongye Zhuo. The female cultivator, the one who led the way, on seeing Ning Cheng finding his own seat did not say anything. She just offered some Spiritual Tea before voluntarily withdrawing.

The guests sitting in this hall most likely were the VIPs of the Su Clan. Apart from the seven or eight Heaven Seated Cultivators and some of the other cultivators with certain statuses, the rest were like Ning Cheng, who had come in through the gift-giving ceremony.

The cultivators in the Heaven Seated Realm naturally sat at the front and chatted amongst themselves. As for Ning Cheng and the others, who had not yet stepped into the Heaven Seated Realm, they only chatted amongst themselves through quiet voices.

Gongye Zhuo could see that Ning Cheng had deliberately come to sit down beside him; so, he just gave a nod to Ning Cheng in acknowledgement. Ning Cheng then cupped his fists towards Gongye Zhuo and spoke, “Rogue Cultivator Ning Cheng greets Brother Gongye.”

Ning Cheng’s courtesy immediately gained Gongye Zhuo’s favour, and he also returned the greetings, “I dare not, it’s a great honour for this Gongye Zhuo to get to know Brother Ning.”

Ning Cheng certainly understood why Gongye Zhuo returned such polite greetings. However, he did not care about it. Instead, he whispered, “Brother Gongye, I just saw you come up with Purple Yin Spring Water. What is that, if I may ask? It seems that others know about it, yet I’m the only one who seems ignorant about it.”

Gongye Zhuo on seeing Ning Cheng’s sincere attitude, also spoke up in a frank manner, “Looks like Brother Ning has been gaining experience on the outside for a long time and has only recently returned to the Eternal Night Domain. A hundred years ago, two powerful Dao Confirming Cultivators fought with each other right outside the Eternal Night Domain. Of the two, one was a man and the other a woman, each of them with amazing cultivation. I’m afraid that even those Eternal Starry Sky Emperors would not dare to treat these two powerhouses on the same level as them. Back then, outside the Eternal Night Domain, the female cultivator had asked the man to surrender the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead. However, the man refused, resulting in the two people fighting it out outside the Eternal Night Domain.”

At this point, Gongye Zhuo’s tone turned even lower, “You know what? It turns out there are two broken planets somewhere outside but in the range of the Eternal Night Domain, but the two broken planets have their two array formations within the Eternal Night Domain. Between those two broken planets, people say that one would find a beautiful spiritual spring pool. But this starry sky spiritual spring pool is not something used purely for cultivation; instead, it’s used for setting up Eternal Night Domain’s imposing aura and spirituality.”

“When those two powerhouses battled it out, even though far away from the Eternal Night Domain, the two broken planets’ array entrances turned to dust from the shockwaves. If not for that, the Eternal Night Domain would be much more powerful than it is now. Fortunately, the two cultivators realised in time that there were many cultivators still living in the Eternal Night Domain. Therefore, after destroying the two broken planet’s array formations in the Eternal Night Domain, they immediately departed.”

When Ning Cheng heard of the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead, he grew more suspicious of the relationship between this Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead and Purple Yin Spirit Spring. Because of this, he asked with even more anxiousness, “Brother Gongye, can I act out of line, and ask about where you obtained the Purple Yin Spirit Water?”

Gongye Zhu, who also seemed quite interested in talking, replied, “The Purple Yin Spirit Water is related to those two powerful cultivators who ended up in a fight outside. That senior with the powerful cultivation, the female cultivator, seemed to be called as Ji Xi. At that time, that man had taken out a bead and spoke with a sneer, ‘If you have the ability, then take it from me.’ Unexpectedly, the man held and shown so much pride that the female cultivator called Ji Xi directly attacked him without another word. In the end, the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead fell into the starry sky spiritual spring pool outside the Eternal Night Domain.”

“But the female cultivator was so fast that she managed to grab the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead from inside the spring and fled quickly. That man then became so angry that he immediately gave chase. From then on, no one heard any news about those two characters. The Purple Yin Spring Water is the water from the spiritual spring pool that soaked the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead.”

“So much?” Ning Cheng’s spoke up in a little louder voice in surprise, which immediately attracted a lot of attention. However, Ning Cheng’s didn’t care much about it at this time.

Gongye Zhuo continued with an even lower voice, “That’s right, that starry sky spiritual spring pool became even more special because of the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead that fell into it. The water from the Spiritual Spring Pool could help people gain a deeper understanding of their spirit techniques, and could even help Body Forging Cultivators to strengthen their meridians. Thus, this spring water naturally is a very precious commodity. However, I only managed to obtain ten drops accidentally. So today, I took the opportunity to give it away as a gift to Fairy Baijiao.”

Ning Cheng took in a breath of cold air. No wonder everyone here knows about the Purple Yin Spirit Water. Ning Cheng truly had never expected that he would hear about the Purple Yin Spirit Water in this place.

Back then, when the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead only dipped into the spring water, it ended up creating such a substantial effect. Didn’t this mean that the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead was just too powerful?

Nevertheless, Ning Cheng felt sure that even if the Purple Yin Spirit Spring bead was not the Purple Yin Spirit Spring he was looking for, the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead was definitely the one that he was searching. Not only was the name similar, but it was even a bead. Moreover, both of them also seemed to have the same function. Strengthening one’s spirit techniques and reshaping the meridians.

However, the Purple Yin Spring Water cannot help much in reshaping the meridians, because the Purple Yin Spring Water had only formed in an instantaneous moment when the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead had only dipped into it.

In any case, where would he find Ji Xi? Besides, even if he found Ji Xi, how could he retrieve the Purple Yin Spirit Spring Bead from her? Ji Xi and that other male cultivator fought outside the Eternal Night Domain, and their fight even destroyed the array entrances within the Eternal Night Domain. Moreover, no Eternal-level Starry Sky Emperors came out to stop them, which indicated that their cultivations were far stronger than even Eternal-level Starry Sky Emperors.

Even facing an Eternal-level Holy Emperor, he would have no choice but to escape with all his might. If he encountered Ji Xi, who was a cultivator much stronger than Eternal-level Starry Sky Emperors, he most likely wouldn’t even have the chance to escape.

Ning Cheng’s eyes darkened at the thought. To put it more bluntly, his strength was simply too bad.

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