Chapter 0673

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Chapter 0673: From where to leave

Bian Shiyan felt worried that Ning Cheng would suddenly escape; therefore, he put away his flight weapon in preparation to prevent Ning Cheng from escaping.

Ning Cheng’s flight weapon could overtake his and Song Chengbo’s flight weapons, which meant that Ning Cheng had a much higher quality weapon compared to them. Moreover, although he could not recognise the Starry Sky Wheel due to Ning Cheng’s continual refinement, he could still tell that the Starry Sky Wheel was an unusual weapon.

Now that Ning Cheng actually put away his flight weapon, it almost felt like a heaven-sent opportunity for him.

Seeing Ning Cheng put away his flight-type weapon, Song Chengbo felt shocked. But then he gave out a sigh and said, “Brother Ning, you truly are one of the few good friends I ever had the privilege to meet with, and even fight alongside each other. Song Chengbo still enjoys some good luck, I guess.”

Although he oozed with imposing aura, his tone and words already indicated that he and Ning Cheng were not Bian Shiyan’s opponents even if they joined forces.

Ning Cheng didn’t care about Song Chengbo’s pessimistic tone. Instead, he gradually walked forward in the void while grasping tightly on to the spear that he had just brought out.

Bian Shiyan had only recently advanced to the Life and Death Realm and had not even stabilised it; therefore, even if Ning Cheng did not fully deploy his Domain, Bian Shiyan’s Domain could not suppress Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain.

Instead, as Ning Cheng moved forward step by step, the aura from his Celestial River Domain started to overwhelm Bian Shiyan.

At this moment, Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain not only contained the scorching aura of fire but also gave off a mysterious aura that resembled Time, and an even subtler yet definite aura of thunderbolts.

“Boom…..” Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain and Bian Shiyan’s Domain finally made contact, causing the violent Starry Sky Essence Qi between the two people to explode. It immediately transformed into a Celestial Essence Vortex in the void.

Song Chengbo, who originally had prepared himself to do everything he could to fight alongside Ning Cheng, couldn’t help but look at Ning Cheng in a daze. From what he saw, Ning Cheng’s strength appeared to be on the same level as Bian Shiyan. In fact, after the two Domains collided, the shockwave couldn’t even force Ning Cheng back by a step, or even ruffle his robes.

Powerful. Ning Cheng definitely had stepped into the Heaven Seated Realm. Otherwise, Heaven’s Mandate Cultivators would never be able to contend against Life and Death Cultivators.

Bian Shiyan also felt shocked. This person was only an ant in the Heaven’s Mandate Realm in his eyes, yet this fellow’s Domain could still contend against his Domain; moreover, it even had a slight upper hand.

“You’re not in the Heaven’s Mandate Realm; you’re at least at the peak of the Heaven Seated…..” Bian Shiyan stared at Ning Cheng in shock, even forgetting about the giant streamer that he had bought out.

“Less nonsense. Have a taste of my spear first….” As Ning Cheng spoke, the spear-type Dao Artefact in his hands shot out.

As that single spear shot out into the giant vortex formed by the collision between Domains, it suddenly paused as fierce spear momentums filled it up one after another.

Even if Bian Shiyan had advanced to the Life and Death Realm, he could not catch even the slightest trace of Ning Cheng’s spear within it. It seemed that every point in the vortices could transform into Ning Cheng’s Spear Shadow. Moreover, it felt as if these vortices had nothing to do with the power contained in Ning Cheng’s spear.

This was the true Traceless, utterly different from the previous Traceless Spear Skill that Ning Cheng used, which were just traceless Spear Shadows.

This was a Spear Intent Spirit Technique…..

Bian Shiyan immediately understood that Ning Cheng had managed to integrate his Spear Intent into his Spirit Technique fully. At this moment, he could no longer hesitate and quickly unfurled the huge banner in his hands.

“Die for me…..” Everything around the two froze to a standstill at this moment, even the vortex filled with Ning Cheng’s Spear Intent slowed down to a pause.

“Time Spirit Technique…..” Song Chengbo shouted in horror, completely forgetting about his decision to help. He never thought that Bian Shiyan had access to Time-related Spirit Techniques.

When the huge banner had unfolded, everything had come to a standstill. If this was not the result of Time-related Spirit Technique, then what else could cause this?

However, Ning Cheng knew it very well that it was not a Time-related Spirit Technique. Looking at the understandings of the Laws of Time, he was far stronger than Bian Shiyan was. Yet, even Ning Cheng’s Sunset’s Twilight was not a real Time-related Spirit Technique., which meant that Bian Shiyan’s giant streamer was also not. The effect from before was just a defensive measure of that giant banner. Unfortunately, Bian Shiyan never imagined that Ning Cheng’s Spear Intent Killing Move was not the vortex at all.

After gaining epiphany at the Temple of Fallen Stars, Ning Cheng’s Spear Dao Spirit Technique was no longer limited to just one spear skill. Traceless was no longer the same traceless on the surface, it had already transformed into pure killing intent without any trace.

In the moment that the Spear Intent within the whirlpool paused, concealed and barely discernible Spear Shadows pierced through the void between Ning Cheng and Bian Shiyan. In just the twinkling of an eye, they emerged before Bian Shiyan’s glabella. This was Ning Cheng’s real Traceless Spear Intent.

As the aura of death washed over him, Bian Shiyan’s soul almost flew out. He immediately sprayed out a mouthful of blood, which then turned into a blood-red shield in front of him.

“Boom…. Katcha….” An explosive sound emerged as Bian Shiyan’s blood shield, and Ning Cheng’s Spear Intent collided followed by a crisp katcha sound.

Bian Shiyan shot back tumbling within the void before he finally managed to find some footing while he looked at Ning Cheng in horror. He even forgot to wipe away the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth. The exchange between the two had happened too fast. Although he had taken up a defensive position, he still was at a considerable disadvantage in that encounter.

Song Chengbo also sobered up and looked at Ning Cheng in surprise before speaking up, “Brother Ning, you reached the Heaven Seated Realm, ha-ha….”

He had already prepared his heart for death, but he didn’t expect Ning Cheng to be so powerful. Not only could Bian Shiyan not push Ning Cheng back, the later even occupied a significant advantage over the former.

Ning Cheng showed only a faint smile. He had only used just 50% of his current strength. Not even fully deploying his Celestial River Domain or integrating it into his attack. He just wanted to test how different was his newfound power compared to cultivators who had just advanced to the Life and Death Realm. And now, Ning Cheng clearly obtained the answer. This Bian Shiyan simply wasn’t his opponent, if he used his full strength.

Sure enough, hard work always begets results. Moreover, Ning Cheng had spent an enormous amount of cultivation resources to reach this level, and it definitely showed.

“Brother Song, I’m going to kill this fellow today. Please keep a watch and don’t let him get away.” Ning Cheng said and took a step forward. The void around him seemed to have gone still when he made this step.

Ning Cheng had full confidence in defeating Bian Shiyan and even killing Bian Shiyan. But as a Life and Death Expert, he definitely would have a few means to escape. Therefore, he asked Song Chengbo to help keep watch and not let Bian Shiyan escape.

Bian Shiyan, who felt surprised on hearing Ning Cheng’s remarks, suddenly shot a cold look at Ning Cheng out of the corners of his eyes. From the looks of it, Ning Cheng truly was an expert, but his cultivation was yet to reach the Life and Death Realm. As a cultivator in the Heaven Seated Realm, this fellow wanted to kill a powerhouse in the Life and Death Realm; is he not afraid of cutting his tongue in this wind.

“Ant not knowing the immensity of the heavens and depths of the earth…..” Bian Shiyan had just spoken a few words when he swallowed the latter part of the sentence. He felt an oppressive force twice as strong crushing down on him.

“Kaka….” His Domain immediately started giving out crackling sounds.

Shit, that bastard had not used his full strength.

Just when Bian Shiyan thought of this, he immediately felt multiple blades rushing towards his Sea of Consciousness.

Spiritual Consciousness attacks, at this moment where would Bian Shiyan find the time or energy to speak. The giant banner in his hand completely unfolded, and the gap between him and Ning Cheng filled with endless streamer shadows.

Each streamer shadow contained a mind-shaking aura, which rushed forward in waves. These streamer shadows, like billowing waves, immediately clashed with Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness Blades, trying to suppress it.

Sure enough, a good weapon could actually help one in suppressing the Spiritual Consciousness of the opponent. Ning Cheng himself was an Artefact-crafting Master, so he understood that Bian Shiyan’s giant banner did not only have a shielding effect, but it also had the effect of suppressing the opponent’s Spiritual Consciousness. Once it successfully managed to contain the opponent’s Spiritual Consciousness, even if the opponent had formidable strength, they would only taste defeat. Moreover, Bian Shiyan hadn’t brought out any attack-type weapon yet; therefore, this giant banner presumably also had an attacking effect.

Unfortunately, this thing had little use for Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng immediately unleashed his Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness without any reserve, Spiritual Consciousness Blades burst out one after another. These Spiritual Consciousness Blades instantly shattered Bian Shiyan’s streamer shadows. But even so, these Spiritual Consciousness Blades still lacked the power to reach Bian Shiyan’s Sea of Consciousness.

“Boom-Boom” Celestial Essence explosions erupted, bursting at the seams between the Domains of Ning Cheng and Bian Shiyan. Although Bian Shiyan’s Domain was slightly weaker than Ning Cheng was, it could still block against Ning Cheng’s Domain a few moments ago. However, at this moment, with Ning Cheng unleashing the full might of his Domain and with the added support from the Spiritual Consciousness Blades, Bian Shiyan’s Domain quickly broke down, exposing Bian Shiyan to the full force of Ning Cheng’s killing intent.

Bian Shiyan’s eyes flashed with a little panic, and he fully understood that Ning Cheng truly had not tried his best before.

Just as Ning Cheng suspected, Bian Shiyan’s giant streamer shadows immediately converged and folded themselves into an iron halberd.

This iron halberd took shape the moment Bian Shiyan’s Domain broke apart, which helped him block Ning Cheng’s Long Spear Dao Artefact.

“Boom” As the explosion weakened, Bian Shiyan’s body gradually started fading away.

This fellow wanted to escape. Ning Cheng immediately rushed into the whirlpool formed by the broken Domain and punched with full force.

“Puff…..” With flesh and blood flying, Bian Shiyan’s lower half turned into blood mist on connecting with Ning Cheng’s punch before he disappeared completely.

Ning Cheng gave out a sigh. He knew that Bian Shiyan had successfully managed to escape. However, as Bian Shiyan lost half of his body, his cultivation would definitely fall down to the Heaven Seated Realm. But he managed to escape with his life.

Song Chengbo quickly flew over and spoke with some shame, “Brother Ning, I really am useless. I could not stop him.”

Ning Cheng smiled, “It’s not your fault. He had a high-grade Escape Talisman. We wouldn’t have been able to stop him even if we wanted.”

But these words were just to comfort Song Chengbo. Ning Cheng knew that if he actually used his full power from the start then even if Bian Shiyan had a stronger Escape Talisman, he wouldn’t have managed to escape.

Nevertheless, knowing one’s face was not equivalent to understanding one’s heart. Although Ning Cheng and Song Chengbo had somewhat similar personalities, they had only met each other by pure chance and did not have a deep friendship. Moreover, Sunset’s Twilight was his killer ace, and he didn’t want to use it in front of Song Chengbo.

“Brother Ning, if not for your help, I’m sure that this Song Chengbo would have already ceased to exist. You saved me once again.” Song Chengbo sincerely thanked Ning Cheng with cupped fists.

Ning Cheng simply waved his hand and spoke, “Brother Song, these are not worth mentioning. You don’t have to care too deeply about it. But I do want to ask Brother Song about a matter. Does Brother Song know about a way to leave the Eternal Night Domain?”

Song Chengbo also did not hesitate and immediately spoke up, “There is a place I heard a long time ago from where one can leave the Eternal Night Domain, but ordinary cultivators simply would not be able to go through that place.”

“Which place?” Ning Cheng asked.

“The Eternal Night Single File Gorge. Truth be told, there are many other places to leave the Eternal Night Domain, such as the Temple of Fallen Stars. But for ordinary cultivators, only the Eternal Night Single File Gorge would provide a slightly higher chance of a successful passage. Anywhere else, like the Temple of Fallen Stars, one would only meet a dead end, unless one possessed some heaven-defying luck apart from having extremely high cultivation.” Song Chengbo gave out a sigh after he replied.

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