Chapter 0675

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Chapter 0675: Cooperating Again

Duan Gantai flew back ten feet before coming to a stop in the void while shooting a disbelieving look at Ning Cheng. He never imagined a cultivator at the same cultivation level as him to be able to counter his attacks. Strictly speaking, this was not a match at all. He had started first, forcing Ning Cheng into a defensive position. Yet despite taking the lead, it ended in a stalemate; no, he was the one pushed back.

Duan Gantai’s heart tightened. Where in the name of the heaven’s did this bastard come from? Duan Gantai understood his own strength very well. Although both of them had only exchanged a move, he found that Ning Cheng was no weaker than he was, even slightly stronger. If he truly wanted to take him down, he would have to use everything he got.

Since he had his trump cards, who could say the party lacked any?

If one talked about shrewdness, then Duan Gantai’s shrewdness surpassed 99% of the cultivators. He never fought a battle without full confidence of victory. In other words, if he decided to fight against someone, then he had to be fully assured of success before starting. Therefore, he would only break into an all-out fight if he had complete confidence in winning.

Since the start of his cultivation, the only time he had suffered a loss was when he decided to scheme against Ning Cheng that time. Even so, he still had a secret method to fall back on to save his life.

As for entering the interface and positional plane cracks scattered across the Eternal Night Domain, he did not think much about it. He was different from other people. The others mostly came here out of helplessness, but he came here intentionally. His only goal was to become a real powerhouse, and for that, he knew that he had to go through many hardships and dangers.

A few years ago, Ning Cheng was able to block his blow at the Eternal Night Public Square, even pushing him back to leave the Eternal Night Public Square and forcing him to use his secret method. Because of that, he had already regarded Ning Cheng as a powerful rival, which was why he wanted to get rid of Ning Cheng the instant they met.

But the facts shocked him once again. Ning Cheng not only advanced to the Heaven Seated Realm as him, but he also had the same strength as him. There were even indications that Ning Cheng might be slightly stronger of the two.

“Haha. Brother Ning really is powerful. That knife technique[1] was my most powerful method, yet Brother Ning managed to block it easily. This junior brother not only admires you but is even willing to bow down to you.” Duan Gantai did not hesitate to pick up the dark red knife and spoke to Ning Cheng with a free voice with cupped fists, after a short laugh.

Ning Cheng tapped the long spear Dao Artefact in his hand on the ground a few times and made a frightened expression, “Brother Duan, you just scared the living soul of me with your knife. Fortunately, I managed to burn a thousand years’ worth of longevity along with half my essence blood in time to defend against it. Since Brother Duan is so powerful, I would like to ask you for some more advice.”

Duan Gantai secretly cursed at Ning Cheng. You look healthier than anyone does; burning a thousand years’ worth of longevity, did you think everyone else is an idiot? However, he still said, “Brother Ning, we both have our own troubles. If you and I went all out and ended up injuring each other, it would not be good for either of us.”

Duan Gantai would never partake in an uncertain battle. Let this bastard keep pretending to be a grandson, I won’t fall into this meaningless and unknown battle. The more he valued Ning Cheng, the more casual he wanted to act in front of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng would invariantly expose his own cards. Only when he felt sure about killing Ning Cheng, would he strike and resolve things in one go.

“Brother Duan, forgive me for criticising you.” Ning Cheng looked serious, “But even if one were a heaven defying cultivator, if one feared a little danger and harm, one would then have to face many additional difficulties to make any progress in the future. For example, as you just said, you have too many Permanent Essence Pills on you, and you want to send some of it to me for cultivation. Although I really don’t have any more Permanent Essence Pills on me anymore, how could I take your Permanent Essence Pill for nothing? Let me give Brother Duan a hand in polishing your moves, that way it would weigh less on my conscience….”

While speaking, Ning Cheng slowly gathered Celestial Essence into the long spear in his hands, apparently wanting to start once again.

Duan Gantai heavily cursed at Ning Cheng in his heart. Not to say about him not having any surety about a victory against Ning Cheng, even if he was sure of it, he hoped that the fight between him and Ning Cheng would be pushed back for now. He came here for some essential things, not for an all-out battle with Ning Cheng.

“Brother Ning, let’s forget about it. I still have some …”

Ning Cheng directly interrupted Duan Gantai’s words, “I’m still missing a hundred thousand…..”

Ning Cheng wanted to say a hundred thousand Permanent Essence Pills, but he knew that even if he told that, Duan Gantai would not take it out. He just wanted to play a few tricks with Duan Gantai to test the waters. In any case, Ning Cheng knew that despite having the capability of suppressing Duan Gantai, this fellow still could escape from him. Since he couldn’t kill Duan Gantai immediately, he decided to extort him a little.

But he had not even finished his words when Duan Gantai interrupted him, “Yes, yes. I just happen to have exactly a hundred thousand Perpetual Moon Pills. By the way, I still have around 5000 Permanent Essence Pills on me. Let me help you by giving it to you. Since Brother Ning and I came here for the same thing, then let’s not bicker about some measly cultivation resources.”

During the conversation, Duan Gantai took out two storage bags filled with pills.

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but curse at this fellow. This kid talked quite the talk but didn’t even take out a storage ring. Moreover, this fellow only talked about pills, which meant that he probably would not get anything else even if he pushed for it.

‘Something was at least better than nothing’. Ning Cheng thought as he waved his hand and put away Duan Gantai’s pills. He smiled and asked, “Brother Duan, I have really missed you too much over the past few years, and I wanted to find you. It’s just that I didn’t know if I would have ever found you, much less see you here.”

Duan Gantai clapped his hands and spoke up with a tone tinged with surprise, “I’ve just been wondering why I was in such a good mood these days. I always had an inkling that Brother Ning would eventually appear in the Eternal Night Domain, and lo-and-behold, you’re here Brother Ning. By the way, Brother Ning, the Eternal Night Domain still has the Su Clan. Back then, they tried to scheme against the two of us. Why don’t we two brothers join hands once again and pay a visit to the Su Clan? What do you think, Brother Ning?”[2]

“This ah….” Ning Cheng showed a frown as if pondering over it. This Duan Gantai really had the same idea as him, to take advantage of this opportunity to plunder. Although Ning Cheng didn’t know about how many good things Su Clan had, Duan Gantai definitely would know about it. Duan Gantai, a sly bastard like him, would never tie himself up as the Su Clan’s son-in-law for no reason. Maybe Duan Gantai had already planned to not just go to the Su Clan but also take the initiative to reveal some information and divert Su Clan’s attention towards him.

After hesitating for a long time, Ning Cheng spoke up, “I’m afraid that we’re not strong enough; besides, the Su Clan is a little too strong. If anything happens, I wouldn’t be able to escape. I don’t even have any talismans….”

Duan Gantai’s heart had nothing but contempt for Ning Cheng right now. Not able to escape? Last time, this father almost did not get to survive because of you. See me? You just want me to die early.

Although he despised Ning Cheng, he could only follow Ning Cheng’s words and say, “Let’s arrange for an exit route beforehand this time. I’m a little proficient with array formations and can arrange a few Delaying Array Formations. Once activated, it can delay the Eternal Night Public Square’s Aura Locking Grand Array for three to five breaths before it fully closes. Three to five breaths would be more than enough for us to make our escape.”

Duan Gantai had already seen Ning Cheng’s level of array formation and concluded that it was far inferior to him, which was quite reasonable. He had reached the level of a Tier 7 Array Emperor through a lucky encounter. Such a thing was not something that everyone could obtain.

“Then let’s do it, Brother Duan. But in case we can’t escape, you don’t have to worry, I will give my life to help Brother Duan escape.” Ning Cheng clenched his teeth and spoke.

Duan Gantai simply ignored Ning Cheng gnashing his teeth and said, “Brother Ning, since I started this thing and I’ll be the one to put up the Delaying Array Formation, what about dividing the loot? I mean 20% of it is…..”

Ning Cheng obviously wanted to make a small fortune when he came here to target the Su Clan, but he simply had no idea what the Su Clan actually had. Now, Duan Gantai clearly wanted to obtain more of the loot; therefore, he did not hesitate to interrupt Duan Gantai, “Brother Duan, whatever Su Clan has, you and I already have a rough estimate of it. The reason why I want to go to the Su Clan is the same as yours. But I underestimated Su Clan’s strength.”

“I agree with your distribution plan. Apart from the 20% put aside, the rest would be divided equally between us. Since I know about the relationship between Su Baijiao and Brother Duan; therefore, 20% …”

This time Duan Gantai interrupted Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning. When the two of us met previously, we managed to cooperate quite well with each other. Let’s just divide the loot equally and not put aside 20% of it. That way, we won’t have to take the trouble of splitting it three ways.”

He did not doubt Ning Cheng’s words, with Ning Cheng’s cunning mind, he would never ‘accidentally’ go to the Su Clan and deliberately expose the treasures on him. Therefore, Ning Cheng and his purpose were the same.

Ning Cheng nodded, “That’s good.”

In his heart, however, Duan Gantai cursed at him for not speaking about this earlier.


Duan Gantai did not brag, his attainments in array formation were not necessarily higher compared to Ning Cheng, but he still managed to arrange the Delaying Array Formation without any flaws. Seeing this, even Ning Cheng had to admire Duan Gantai’s skills. Moreover, as Ning Cheng saw it, Duan Gantai did not play any tricks in arranging the Delaying Array Formation. The array flag could truly be commanded by either of the two.

After entering the Eternal Night City, Duan Gantai whispered to Ning Cheng, “The most powerful cultivator within the Su Clan right now is only in the Heaven Seated Realm. Brother Ning, should we first kill everyone in the Su Clan and then proceed with looting, or do we first loot them and then kill?”

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but despise this fellow in his heart. This fellow really was cruel and merciless. He had only come to the Su Clan to snatch Su Clan’s cultivation resources. Moreover, this Duan Gantai was even the son-in-law of the Su Clan for some time, yet he still wanted to kill them all.

“Since the Su Clan is so cruel and merciless, and thinking back to how we almost got caught and killed by the Su Clan, it’s only natural to want to kill them all. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. How about we grab things first, then destroy the Su Clan later?” Ning Cheng showed a smile as he looked at Duan Gantai.

Once he obtained what he wanted, Ning Cheng anyway did not plan to stick around to kill cultivators from the Su Clan needlessly and would quickly walk away. As for Duan Gantai, let him keep thinking that it was better to kill all of them. Ning Cheng didn’t believe that the Su Clan’s Eternal-level experts would leave without leaving behind a Transfer Talisman or something similar for emergencies. With the Transfer Talisman, one could return to the clan in just an instant. At that time, it would not end well for either of them.

Moreover, according to what Duan Gantai said, the Su Clan controlled the Eternal Night City’s Aura Locking Grand Array. If he got caught in the Eternal Night City, who knows what would happen?

“Ok, then we’ll do it that way. As for those bastards from Su Clan, I can’t wait to swallow their flesh and blood. If it weren’t for Brother Ning wanting to take things first, I would have definitely killed my way in through the front door.” Duan Gantai spoke with a harsh tone. His tone indicated that he wanted nothing more than to immediately kill all the people from Su Clan, but because of Ning Cheng’s ‘persuasion’, he barely managed to suppress his killing intent.

Without any cultivators in the Eternal Realm watching over the Eternal Night City, Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai quickly managed to gain entry through the Su Clan’s Defensive Array Formations.

“Brother Ning, how was your previous investigation? According to what I found, Su Clan’s Eternal Pill Pond is not situated in the backyard but in the front yard.” After entering Su Clan’s Defensive Array, Duan Gantai continued to transmit information to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng felt surprised, did the Su Clan really have an Eternal Pill Pond? No wonder Duan Gantai was in such a hurry to return after all the Eternal-level Cultivators from the Su Clan departed. Although he accurately judged that Duan Gantai wanted to get rich while also wanting to retaliate for past grievances, it now looked like Duan Gantai’s original purpose was not only the same as his but actually much more on-point than him. In other words, it was mainly for the Permanent Essence Pill Pond.

Duan Gantai had acute senses; therefore, when he noticed the slight change in Ning Cheng’s behaviour, he instantly realised that he had been fooled again. Ning Cheng had no idea that the Su Clan had a Permanent Essence Pill Pond. This made him gnash his teeth in anger.

[1] It’s actually confusing as the author continuously interchanges the characters for skill and technique making it hard to discern. In addition, this character interchange gets really confusing and annoying when it comes to Ning Cheng’s spear skills/techniques. I’ll keep the translations close to the raws, so please take it that the two mean the same thing unless explicitly stated.

[2] Yes, Duan Gantai truly uses the words ‘Brother Ning’ a lot, probably a quirk the author wanted to put in.

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