Chapter 0677

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Chapter 0677: In the Same Boat

“How do you know that there are three Perpetual Moon Time Keys?” Ning Cheng asked, wondering if this something intentionally passed down by the Perpetual Moon Holy Emperor.

Duan Gantai showed a smile, “It’s just luck that I managed to obtain something left behind by the Perpetual Moon Holy Emperor. From that, I understood that the Perpetual Moon Holy Emperor kept his most precious treasures in the Temple of Time, and it also included several spirit techniques related to the Laws of Time. However, to open the Temple of Time, the three Perpetual Moon Time Keys must appear at the same time. These three keys are black, grey and white in colour, respectively.”

Ning Cheng could help but think that this person enjoyed some exceptional luck. Since Duan Gantai said that he obtained this information from something, then it most probably was a part of the Perpetual Moon Holy Emperor’s inheritance.

“I wonder if Brother Duan can tell me the location of the Temple of Time?” Ning Cheng asked with a polite voice and cupped fists. Since he had to ask Duan Gantai for this information, then he had to use a respectful tone.

Duan Gantai’s expressions immediately turned serious as he spoke, “Brother Ning, we are still missing the last Perpetual Moon Time Key. I believe that you and I are both very concerned about the Temple of Time. In that case, we should sincerely cooperate with each other. This cooperation is totally different from when we worked together in the Su Clan. It is a cooperation without any prejudice.”

Ning Cheng couldn’t help but curse within his heart, it would be strange if he believed Duan Gantai’s ‘sincerity’. However, just like Duan Gantai, he also put up a serious expression and said, “What Brother Duan said is correct, this time we should cooperate sincerely. Previously, when I severed the Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein, I accidentally cut off a bit more. Therefore, I would like to immediately return this extra portion of the Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein to Brother Duan.”

Although Ning Cheng did not believe that Duan Gantai would sincerely cooperate with him, he was sure that Duan Gantai, just like him, was also very concerned about the Temple of Time. Since he had a Perpetual Moon Time Key, then Duan Gantai had no choice but to work with him. Conversely, even if he wanted to enter the Temple of Time, he would also have to work together with Duan Gantai.

Duan Gantai laughed, “That’s not necessary. Since we would be cooperating with each other, it means that we are friends. What’s the need to talk about an extra portion of the Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein? Brother Ning, although we had some minor misunderstandings in the past, I would like to make a proposal to make our cooperation sincerer.”

“Brother Duan, please speak.” Ning Cheng responded with a solemn tone.

“Brother Ning, I have a Connecting Spirit Silk. Does Brother Ning know about the uses of the Connecting Spirit Silk?” Duan Gantai spoke with a more relaxed tone.

Ning Cheng shook his head and spoke, “I’ve never heard of it. What is this Connecting Spirit Silk?”

Although he said that, Ning Cheng felt shocked in his heart. This person was so wealthy that he even had a Connecting Spirit Silk. As a Celestial River King who could refine high-grade Dao Artefacts, how could Ning Cheng not know about Connecting Spirit Silk? Connecting Spirit Silk was something extremely challenging to create; at the very least, he could not create it with his current capabilities.

The Connecting Spirit Silk was invisible and formless, something that ordinary Spiritual Consciousnesses cannot detect. To make this object, one not only needed a robust Spiritual Consciousness and high-level Artefact-crafting Skills but also extremely precious Artefact-crafting raw materials.

Connecting Spirit Silk only had one effect. That is, it would tie two people together invisibly. Once one of the two went beyond a certain distance, the other person would immediately know about it. At the same time, the Connecting Spirit Silk also produces a strong pulling force, and would always pull the two people towards each other if they were within a certain distance. Moreover, only if the two parties involved mutually agreed to remove it would the Connecting Spirit Silk come off.

Duan Gantai explained, “Connecting Spirit Silk would help us not wander away from each other easily. There are two tokens for this thing, and we each would have to refine one. When we find the Temple of Time, we can then remove the Connecting Spirit Silk. Brother Ning, what do you think about such an arrangement?”

This time, Ning Cheng couldn’t understand what Duan Gantai meant. From the looks of it, Duan Gantai was playing with fire. This person most likely had also realised that he wouldn’t be able to grab his Perpetual Moon Time Key from him, so he wanted to use this method to tie both together. There were potentially two purposes for this. One was to find an opportunity to kill him, which would give all the things he owned to Duan Gantai by default. The other purpose was to continue working together till they reached the Temple of Time; in that case, he wouldn’t immediately make a move to kill Ning Cheng but would allow him to spy on his movements.

In fact, Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai both felt the same way. Ning Cheng was also afraid that he would lose track of Duan Gantai. Once Duan Gantai left, where would he go to search for the Perpetual Moon Time Key with Duan Gantai?

Duan Gantai wanted to kill him, but he also wanted to kill Duan Gantai for the same reason. Moreover, Ning Cheng was sure that Duan Gantai had a way to remove the Connecting Spirit Silk without his consent.

However, Ning Cheng did not feel afraid because of it. He could easily cast the Sunset’s Twilight within his Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness. Since Duan Gantai could remove the Connecting Spirit Silk without his consent, he could also remove the Connecting Spirit Silk without Duan Gantai’s permission.

If he could cast Sunset’s Twilight in his Sea of Consciousness, he could use that momentary pause to sever his connection with the Connecting Spirit Silk.

Ning Cheng hesitated for a while before he spoke, “I don’t have any problems with it. But I’m afraid that if Brother Duan met an unexpected demise, would I be able to ever untie the Connecting Spirit Silk?”

Although these words might sound like a cheap jab, the fact was that Ning Cheng wanted Duan Gantai to know that without Duan Gantai, Ning Cheng wouldn’t be able to untie the Connecting Spirit Silk.

Duan Gantai cursed at him within his heart. You should go meet an ‘unexpected demise’. However, the smile over his face grew more complacent, “How would it be possible? If I were in any danger, I’m sure Brother Ning would not sit by and do nothing. Brother Ning can rest assured that even if you die, I will help you unlock the Connecting Spirit Silk.”

“In that case, so be it. Also, Brother Duan, where should we go from here?” Ning Cheng smiled and did not continue that topic. He had already expressed what he wanted to convey.

“I know of a place called Mysterious Yellow Starland. This starland is quite far from the Perpetual Moon Holy Emperor’s Temple of Time. However, with our speed, we could reach it in at most twenty years from there.” Duan Gantai replied.

“How do we get to this Mysterious Yellow Starland?” Ning Cheng asked with a calm voice. However, he couldn’t help but feel something strange about it in his heart. This name sounded pretty much the same as his Mysterious Yellow Bead.

“Does Brother Ning know about the Eternal Night Single File Gorge? If we go through the Eternal Night Single File Gorge, we can then reach the Mysterious Yellow Starland.”

Eternal Night Single File Gorge? Ning Cheng didn’t expect that he would have to go through the Eternal Night Single File Gorge this early.

“Ok, let’s head to the Eternal Night Single File Gorge. Brother Duan, give me a Connecting Spirit Silk token, I’ll bind it now.” Whether or not he went to the Eternal Night Single File Gorge, Ning Cheng immediately agreed to Duan Gantai’s proposal.

“It’s really a pleasure working with you. I knew it was for the best to seek out Brother Ning for cooperation.” Duan Gantai took out what seemed to resemble a formless ring and passed it to Ning Cheng, “This is one of the tokens of the Connecting Spirit Silk. Brother Ning, as long as you just looped the ring around your wrist and injected it with a little bit of spirit sense, the Connecting Spirit Silk would automatically attach itself to you.”

As soon as Ning Cheng obtained the Connecting Spirit Silk, his spiritual consciousness immediately swept towards it. This Connecting Spirit Silk looked and felt like air, and did not seem to have any weight as it rested over his palm.

Ning Cheng knew that he had not guessed wrong at least one thing. With his Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness, coupled with the Spiritual Consciousness Blades, if he wanted to sever the connection with the Connecting Spirit Silk, he would not have to go through Duan Gantai.

Knowing that the Connecting Spirit Silk would not have any effect on him, Ning Cheng did not hesitate to put the Connecting Spirit Silk over his wrist and injected a trace of his spirit sense into it.

Seeing Ning Cheng not hesitate to wear the Connecting Spirit Silk, Duan Gantai couldn’t help but have some admiration towards Ning Cheng in his heart. This fellow surnamed Ning might have a shrewd mind, but he also had courage. Seeing that, Duan Gantai naturally could not fall behind. He took out another Connecting Spirit Silk token and put it on.

When Duan Gantai wore the Connecting Spirit Silk, Ning Cheng immediately felt Duan Gantai’s distance from his position. Moreover, every movement of Duan Gantai appeared within his range of perception. From this, Ning Cheng also realised that all his actions were also under Duan Gantai’s surveillance.

“Brother Ning, from now on, we would have to work together as we both are now in the same boat and strive to get to the Temple of Time as soon as possible.” Duan Gantai smiled and spoke to Ning Cheng with cupped fists.

Ning Cheng also smiled and spoke, “Brother Duan said it right. Let’s head to the Eternal Night Single File Gorge now.”

Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai both spoke with sincerity and with cupped fists. Then, both brought out their flight-type weapons and flew towards the Eternal Night Single File Gorge.

Although Ning Cheng and Duan Gantai reached an agreement, the Su Clan within the Eternal Night City had turned upside down. Just as Ning Cheng guessed, the moment that he and Duan Gantai walked out of the front yard and left, Su Clan’s Eternal-level powerhouses immediately teleported into the Eternal Night City. However, all they saw was a Su Clan drained of its Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein.


A few months later, Ning Cheng stood before the Eternal Night Single File Gorge, finally understanding why it had such a name.

The Eternal Night Single File Gorge was truly like its name, with towering cliffs on both sides facing each other. As one’s spiritual consciousness swept out, one would only find chaotic space everywhere. But in the middle of the two cliffs was a narrow path about three inches in width. The oppression one felt within this confined space was enough to oppress people to death, let alone allow them to pass through this seemingly endless path.

“Brother Ning, this place is a little narrow, making me a bit unsure about it. If Brother Ning also does not feel sure about it, we’ll have to find another way through it.” Duan Gantai spoke with sincerity.

Ning Cheng spoke up, “To tell the truth, I do not have much confidence either. How about Brother Duan leading the way? When we reach the Temple of Time, I promise to work harder. Moreover, I also have an appointment with a friend, but it’s not time yet. Let me send my friend a message.”

Duan Gantai quickly replied, “Brother Ning, since we are in this together, I naturally would not hurry without you.”

Ning Cheng affirmed that Duan Gantai had a way to get through the Eternal Night Single File Gorge. Since Duan Gantai could go through the Eternal Night Single File Gorge, then it also meant that Duan Gantai could use his spiritual consciousness in this place. Ning Cheng prepared himself for this; moreover, since Duan Gantai can pass through the Wood Transformation Forest, his spiritual consciousness could extend at least a few feet around him in that place.

Song Chengbo’s reply arrived quickly. He said that he can’t reach the Eternal Night Single File Gorge within a year and let Ning Cheng go in first.

“My friend can’t come for the time being. Brother Duan, please lead the way.” Ning Cheng waved a polite hand and wanted to see how Duan Gantai would pass through the Eternal Night Single File Gorge.

“Ok, I’ll go in first. If Brother Ning needs help, just shout.” Duan Gantai finished, and seemingly not afraid of Ning Cheng coming up behind him, directly rushed into the Eternal Night Single File Gorge.

Ning Cheng clearly saw Duan Gantai’s body becoming as flat as a hair in just an instant, allowing him to quickly pass through the gap between the two cliffs and disappear from his vision. If it weren’t for the Connecting Spirit Silk, Ning Cheng couldn’t have felt Duan Gantai’s location.

As expected, this fellow really could use his spiritual consciousness and celestial essence. Moreover, not only could he use then, he could even take a leisurely stroll in this place.

Seeing this, Ning Cheng became even warier of Duan Gantai. However, he still decided to rush into the Eternal Night Single File Gorge. As soon as he entered the Eternal Night Single File Gorge, Ning Cheng’s body turned soft, and in just a few breaths, it disappeared from the entrance of the Single File Gorge.

As Duan Gantai felt Ning Cheng’s location and the distance from him, he couldn’t help but curse at this bastard within his heart. He understood that this bastard surnamed Ning, not only could use his spiritual consciousness and celestial essence in this place, he was also no weaker than him.

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