Chapter 0687

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Chapter 0687: Extracting The Essence Qi Vein

The only reason Interdependence Chamber of Commerce could become one of the ‘three unions’ of Moyi City was all due to the None To Depend On Wine. Because of this most of the merchant houses in Moyi City had a significant connection with the Interdependence Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, the Interdependence Chamber of Commerce also had its own rest stops, restaurants, pill pavilions and weapon pavilions throughout the city.

Countless cultivators moved in and out of Interdependence Chamber of Commerce’s establishments. Therefore, when Ning Cheng, with his changed appearance as a starry sky wanderer, and Mo Wang entered one of Interdependence’s merchant houses, no one paid any attention to the two of them, who looked unremarkable. In any case, there were too many starry sky wanderers who frequented such merchant houses.

“Shop assistant, we’ll take booth 19.” Ning Cheng went to the counter and spoke up in a rough tone.

The shop assistant behind the counter glanced at Ning Cheng and Mo Wang and whispered, “I’m sorry, but booth 19….”

Ning Cheng didn’t wait for the shop assistant to finish the words before throwing out a jade bottle to him, “Keep the tip.”

The shop assistant reflexively grabbed the jade bottle and swept inside with his spiritual consciousness. When he discovered that the bottle contained 100 Perpetual Moon Pills, his face immediately flashed with surprise. A hundred Perpetual Moon Pills as a tip. These two starry sky wanderers sure had money.

“The two gentlemen, please wait. I’ll arrange things for you.” The shop assistant waved his hand, and the jade bottle disappeared; at the same time, his tone also turned polite.

Ning Cheng and Mo Wang did not have to wait for long when the shop assistant left and returned with a smile over his face, “Two guests, booth 19 is empty now. The two of you can come in now.”

Ning Cheng nodded to the shop assistant and threw out a storage bag, “Two pots of ordinary None To Depend On Wine and count the rest as charges for your service. My friend and I have important things to discuss, don’t bother us.”

“Yes, yes….” the shop assistant quickly replied. He could not contain the surprise on his face. When these guests first came, they gave him a hundred Perpetual Moon Pills as a tip, and now they took out even more Perpetual Moon Pills. They sure knew how to spend money.


Entering booth 19, Ning Cheng immediately activated the restrictions. Mo Wang breathed in a sigh of relief and spoke up with admiration, “Senior truly is amazing. Junior had come here a thousand times before but only obtained this booth five times.”

Ning Cheng ignored Mo Wang’s words. His spiritual consciousness had already swept through the booth before he spoke up in doubt, “There’s nothing special about this booth. Even the restrictions here are ordinary isolations restrictions.”

Mo Wang quickly spoke up, “Senior, please wait.”

Saying that Mo Wang took out a jade card with a deep red colour before moving to the bottom left corner of the booth and inlaid it on a barely noticeable groove.

A moment later, a faint light flashed, and with a barely audible bang, an entrance suddenly appeared in front of Ning Cheng and Mo Wang.

Ning Cheng had to admire this in his heart. This array formation was truly well hidden. Even with his current attainments in array formations, Ning Cheng could not detect it.

“Senior, there is a stone door behind this entrance. This junior can’t open that stone door, and even after gaining entry a few times, I could not find any way to open it.” Mo Wang explained from the side.

“You come in with me.” Ning Cheng flashed through the entrance.

Mo Wang quickly followed Ning Cheng through the entrance. When Mo Wang put away the jade card while entering, the opening in booth 19 also disappeared, returning things to the previous state. One had to say, whoever designed this array entrance concealed it exceptionally well.

Just as Mo Wang said, there really was a huge stone door. From the looks of it, one can’t use brute force to open this stone door, at least not with their current cultivation. Moreover, once someone used brute force in this place, it would immediately alert everyone.

Ning Cheng took out a few array flags and began arranging an array formation. After an incense stick worth of time, Ning Cheng finished setting up the array formation, and then pressed both his hands over the stone door before pushing hard on it.

“Rumble….” The stone door slowly moved, and a dark passage appeared in front of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng, however, secretly screamed in his heart. Although the rumble sounded muffled, the sound would eventually spread out. Once it got out, someone was bound to investigate it.

Seeing Ning Cheng checking for any movement on the other side, Mo Wang immediately spoke up, “Senior, you don’t have to worry about the sound. This area had already muffled the rumble and would not be out of ordinary even if it spread out. Moreover, because of the matter relating to Shui Clan, none of the cultivators in the Eternal Realm belonging to Interdependence Chamber of Commerce would willingly stay here.”

Mo Wang was right, even after Ning Cheng waited for a while, he did not hear any noise. He then spoke to Mo Wang, “You stay behind me.”

After walking a hundred meters down the passageway, Ning Cheng saw another stone door. But it was an ordinary stone door. Ning Cheng did not have to arrange an array formation to open it. With just a gentle push, the stone door quietly opened.

A circular space about a few tens of meters in diameter appeared in front of Ning Cheng, filled with vibrant Starry Sky Essence Qi. Ning Cheng immediately understood from experience that there was a Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein concealed here.

There were two blue coloured jade barrels suspended in the air within the chamber. The barrels each had an inscription ‘Best-quality None To Depend On’ but had no fragrance of wine leaking out from it.

Besides the barrels, there was also a white jade platform just underneath it, with an isolation restriction covering it. However, one could still make out three objects placed over it through the restriction. In the middle was a crystal ball, the one on the left of it was a ring and a jade strip lay on the right.

“Senior, that isolation restriction requires a drop of junior’s blood to open. If someone tries to force it open, it will self-destruct.” Mo Wang suppressed the surprise and desire in his eyes and said respectfully to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng nodded, “Go ahead and open it.”

Mo Wang walked up to the isolation restriction and cut his finger. When the drop of blood fell on the restriction, the isolation restriction disappeared immediately.

Mo Wang did not move anything on the white jade platform before stepping aside and saying, “Senior, it’s open.”

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept through the three things. Seeing that Mo Wang had not touched these three things, he nodded and said, “That ring is the inheritance of Mo Clan, which should contain many cultivation resources……”

“This junior does not want cultivation resources.” Mo Wang quickly replied in unease.

Ning Cheng waved his hand and said, “You definitely stay true to your words. Just take the ring, I don’t want the things inside anyway. I won’t rob you of your Mo Clan’s inheritance. That jade strip should contain the brewing method of the None To Depend On Wine. As for the crystal ball, it should contain the None To Depend On Spirit Technique. That isn’t something that I can copy. You can take it if you want.”

“Senior….” Mo Wang quickly fell to his knees and said, “This junior does not dare.”

He thought that Ning Cheng was deliberately tempting him; once he really acted on the temptation, this senior would immediately kill him.

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile, “Did you think I’m lying? Don’t worry, although the things from your Mo Clan are good, it’s still not enough to go against my bottom line and steal from you.”

Mo Wang finally felt a trace of truth from Ning Cheng’s words. He felt so excited that he couldn’t keep straight at all. For him bringing an outsider here turned into a great blessing. He had initially come here with the thought of dying; if he had brought in a greedy senior, that fellow would have already killed Mo Wang.

“Senior, this junior only needs the ring. As for the None To Depend On Spirit Technique, it is too far away from me. As for the jade strip containing the brewing method, Senior can just make a copy of this junior and keep the original.” Mo Wang thanked Ning Cheng sincerely before took the ring.

Seeing Mo Wang not daring to take the other two things, Ning Cheng understood that Mo Wang spoke from his heart. The None To Depend On Spirit Technique would have no use to Mo Wang; at the very least, Mo Wang would not be able to use it with his cultivation. Therefore, Ning Cheng picked up the crystal ball and said, “In that case, I’ll borrow the None To Depend On Spirit Technique for a while and give it back to you in the future. As for the wine brewing method, I’ll make a copy for you.”

Seeing Ning Cheng make a copy of the jade strip containing the brewing method, Mo Wang turned even more grateful, “Senior, these two barrels of None To Depend On are my Mo Clan’s best batch of None To Depend On Wine. Senior can take it away.”

Ning Cheng picked up one of the barrels and said to Mo Wang, “Since it’s your Mo Clan’s last two barrels of None To Depend One, let’s each take a barrel and be done with it. Take the other barrel and immediately leave this place.”

“Senior….” Mo Wang looked at Ning Cheng in confusion. He didn’t know what Ning Cheng meant when told to leave immediately.

Ning Cheng pointed to one of the corners of the room and said, “This place contains the complete Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein of the Interdependence Chamber of Commerce. I want to pull it out. Since this Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein is something that I need, I will not share it with you.”

Mo Wang’s mouth remained open. This senior’s courage knew no bounds. Pulling out the Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein, could he get out of Moyi City alive?

“Senior, Mutual Dependence Winery has connections to many powerhouses. If you want to take away the Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein, I’m afraid, afraid….” Mo Wang now truly admired Ning Cheng’s expert-like antics. But he also felt afraid that Ning Cheng would get into an accident for underestimating the risks involved.

Ning Cheng smiled, “You don’t have to worry about me. I’ll start in an hour. You need to hurry up and leave this place. Otherwise, once I finish, you will have a difficult time escaping.”

During the conversation, Ning Cheng sent the other barrel of None To Depend On to Mo Wang.

Mo Wang knelt to the ground again and bowed, “Senior, this Mo Wang will never forget this kindness.”

Having said that, he no longer remained polite. He put away the barrel of None To Depend On and offered another bow to Ning Cheng before quickly leaving.

After Mo Wang left, Ning Cheng began arranging an array formation. As he dropped one array flag after another, the Starry Sky Spiritual Qi around him turned even denser. After half an incense stick worth of time, a Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein suddenly materialised in front of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng then placed several Transfer Array Formations around the Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein and closed his eyes to wait. As an hour was about to finish, he opened his eyes and threw the last few array flags. Celestial Essence quickly rushed out and wrapped around the Essence Qi Vein. Then with the help of the array formations, he promptly pulled it out.

“Boom-Boom-Boom….” Dull thunder-like sounds rang out beneath Mutual Dependence Winery. Just when Ning Cheng pulled out the Starry Sly Essence Qi, the numerous array formations in and around the Mutual Dependence Winery successively lost their effects, and the beautiful-looking Mutual Dependence Winery started to collapse. The winery, constructed initially with various array formations as its foundation, could no longer support itself once Ning Cheng pulled out the Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein.

“Someone pulled the Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein….” A sharp roar echoed as powerhouses from Interdependence Chamber of Commerce rushed towards Mutual Dependence Winery.


At the same time, Duan Gantai, who was hiding in one of the corners of Shui Clan’s territory and arranging array formations, changed expressions drastically. He could clearly feel the fluctuations created by the extraction of the Essence Qi Vein, even when hiding in Shui Clan’s territory.

At this moment, his face had turned completely livid. If he had two more hours, he could have taken away Shui Clan’s Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein. However, someone had done the same thing that he wanted to do, which was equivalent to alerting the snakes in the lair. With Interdependence Chamber of Commerce’s Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein gone, it would be strange for other forces to not check and even increase focus on protecting their own Starry Sky Essence Qi Veins.

“If this father finds out who you are, this father will swallow you whole….” Duan Gantai roared while throwing out an Escape Talisman. Although the Starry Sky Essence Qi Vein tempted him, staying alive held a higher priority.

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