Chapter 0689

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Chapter 0689: Moved Away

It was a pity that no matter how much Ning Cheng grew angry, he couldn’t stop the golden hand that had invaded his Sea of Consciousness,

Till this moment, Ning Cheng felt the most pride in his Sea of Consciousness. He had a Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness, which was several times more powerful compared to cultivators at the same level. Even if a cultivator specialising in body possession dared to enter his Sea of Consciousness, it would only result in its death.

But today, someone successfully invaded and suppressed his Sea of Consciousness. Even the Everlasting Blue Thunder City couldn’t stop it at all. As for the Celestial River Flame, Ning Cheng didn’t even think of calling it out. The Celestial River Flame has not undergone nirvana; as such, its grade was still not high enough to be of any use at this moment.

The projections of the Everlasting Blue Thunder City kept shattering despite Ning Cheng condensing them continuously. Even so, it could only stop the golden hand for a few moments. Was there any other method to block the golden hand? Ning Cheng looked at the big hand’s grasp getting tighter and tighter on the Mysterious Yellow Bead, and couldn’t help but grow even more anxious.

Once he lost the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it would also mean his death. In fact, he knew it very clear that once someone successfully managed to wrest away the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he would turn into powder the next moment. Someone taking away his Mysterious Yellow Bead and still letting him live, even Ning Cheng wouldn’t believe it. So far, the other party only dared to invade his Sea of Consciousness. This indicated that the owner of this golden hand most likely did not have a corporeal body and was most likely a Life Essence.

Was there any way to block this damn golden hand? Could he use something to stop this horrifyingly powerful Life Essence?

He did not have any idea of controlling the Power of Hope. He only knew that it was a type of power formed from belief. So how could one resist it? Wait, the Imperial Jade Seal, it stored the Power of Hope. Could he use the Imperial Jade Seal to block the large hand formed from the Power of Hope that had invaded his Sea of Consciousness?

Whether it could or not, Ning Cheng had no other choice. The only thing that he had with any relationship to the Power of Hope was the Imperial Jade Seal. Although the True Brahma Buddha Flame Wheel also had some relations to the Power of Hope, it only consumed the Power of Hope. Moreover, it was also of a shallow grade.

Ning Cheng immediately grabbed the Imperial Jade Seal before opening his mouth and spraying it with a mouthful of Essence Blood. Only in this way could he refine the Imperial Jade Seal quickly. Even if the Imperial Jade Seal had a relationship with the Power of Hope, he had to first refine it. Otherwise, it would be of no use.

In the beginning, no matter how hard Ning Cheng tried, he could not refine the Imperial Jade Seal, forcing him to give up on it back then. But now it started to loosen a little. However, looking at the refinement progress, Ning Cheng felt disappointed. Most likely he wouldn’t be able to refine even a single layer of restriction covering the Imperial Jade Seal before the giant hand shattered his Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness to pieces.

The more anxious he felt, the more Ning Cheng reminded himself to stay calm. As he decided to burn his celestial essence at an accelerated rate, the refining speed of the Imperial Jade Seal started to improve.

“Katcha….” Hearing the slight crackle, Ning Cheng immediately felt happy. He finally managed to refine the first layer of restrictions over the Imperial Jade Seal.

Suddenly a Primal Chaos-filled fuzzy space appeared within the range of Ning Cheng’s Spirit Sense, who was still desperately trying to establish a communication link with the Imperial Jade Seal to deal with the giant hand made from the Power of Hope in his Sea of Consciousness. The next moment, the Imperial Jade Seal disappeared from his hand and appeared in the middle of his Sea of Consciousness.

Any item that could take the initiative to enter one’s Sea of Consciousness would not be simple at all. Moreover, these items would also be able to play a role of defending one’s Sea of Consciousness as a weapon, which meant that it was not something ordinary.

But at this time, Ning Cheng had no time to feel surprised about what kind of treasure was the Imperial Jade Seal, because the Imperial Jade Seal had already begun to crazily absorb the Power of Hope from the giant hand within his Sea of Consciousness by itself.

The suction force generated by the Imperial Jade Seal was so strong that the giant hand formed from the Power of Hope immediately stopped; however, even larger quantities of Power of Hope poured in from the outside, and the giant hand manifested from the Power of Hope started to pull itself out, albeit slowly.

However, Ning Cheng felt even more happy on witnessing this. No matter what, at least he found a treasure that could contain the golden hand for some time. At this time, he only had a single thought running through his head, and that was to devote everything he had to refine the Imperial Jade Seal.

The Imperial Jade Seal, suspended in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness and under the massive influx of the Power of Hope, started to get refined faster and faster by Ning Cheng.

In just half the time it took to refine the first layer, Ning Cheng managed to refine the second layer of restrictions over the Imperial Jade Seal. After Ning Cheng refined the second layer of restrictions, the Imperial Jade Seal started to absorb the Power of Hope even faster. In the meantime, the golden hand in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness slowed down even more.

The third layer of restrictions…. 

The fourth layer of restrictions….


When Ning Cheng refined the 16th layer of restrictions, the golden hand in his Sea of Consciousness made from the Power of Hope disappeared. At this moment, the Imperial Jade Seal had absorbed every scrap of the Power of Hope that had invaded his Sea of Consciousness.

A heavenly treasure. Ning Cheng thought as he gradually stood up after experiencing such horrifying pressure. As for the Imperial Jade Seal under his control, it transformed into a huge cube about dozens of square feet in size and suspended itself above the Mysterious Yellow Temple. After Ning Cheng refined it, it continued to absorb the Power of Hope from the temple and its surroundings without any guidance.

The yellow sands surrounding the Sacred Light Mountain Range for hundreds of miles started to quickly fade from yellow to grey at speed visible to the naked eye. Then it changed from grey to black……

In just an incense stick worth of time, the yellow colour completely disappeared from the area. Instead, black replaced everything in and around the Sacred Light Mountain Range’s Mysterious Yellow Temple.

The Imperial Jade Seal made a buzzing sound, indicating the euphoria it felt after eating a delicious meal.

Just then, a loud bang exploded over the Sacred Light Mountain Range. The next moment, Ning Cheng felt the Imperial Jade Seal, who kept absorbing the Power of Hope, suddenly stop sucking away the Power of Hope.

While Ning Cheng felt confused about such a reaction, a cold voice resounded, “I will come back and take the Mysterious Yellow Bead. An ant doesn’t deserve such a treasure….”

“Bang.” The Imperial Jade Seal fell into Ning Cheng’s hand, and the crushing pressure surrounding him suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng opened his eyes and found himself still in front of the shrine. The shrine still contained the same clay statue. Nothing seemed to have changed, but Ning Cheng felt sure that everything had changed.

However, he was utterly wet all over, drenched in sweat, with a salty and metallic taste of blood in his mouth. The only indication that something had happened to him before.

His broken legs had still not completely recovered, proving that his legs had indeed broken but had not kowtowed.

Ning Cheng looked at the Imperial Jade Seal in his hand. It seemed that the Imperial Jade Seal contained even more vitality now. The birds carved over it, the ones he couldn’t recognise at all, seemed to have turned a little more energetic.

As his spiritual consciousness penetrated it, he could feel the seemingly boundless power contained inside of it. This kind of power carried with it a pious chant and an unspeakable whisper, something he still couldn’t hear clearly. Was this the Power of Hope?

Previously, Ning Cheng only knew about the existence of the Power of Hope, and he could, in some respects, use this Power of Hope. However, he knew clearly that he could never contain or store this Power of Hope. But today, the Imperial Jade Seal achieved it right in front of his eyes. Although he still did not understand the nature of the Power of Hope, he at least understood a slight portion of it.

In any case, Ning Cheng now understood that this Imperial Jade Seal was not a simple item at all. Just like his Starry Sky Wheel had 108 layers of restrictions covering it, this Imperial Jade Seal also had 108 layers of restrictions covering it. But even after he refined the 21st layer of restrictions, he could not find the original name of if this Imperial Jade Seal.

Putting away the Imperial Jade Seal, Ning Cheng felt slightly relieved. This time, the only gain he obtained from entering the Mysterious Yellow Temple was that his Imperial Jade Seal got to absorb a lot of Power of Hope. But he also almost died because of it.

Although that voice had disappeared without a trace, Ning Cheng remembered it clearly. It contained a high level of disdain and contempt towards him, implying that the owner of this voice had not given up on it. That person would return to seize the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Perhaps it was not a coincidence that the Mysterious Yellow Temple and the Mysterious Yellow Bead had the words ‘Mysterious Yellow’ in them. From what he experienced just a few moments ago, Ning Cheng was sure that this Mysterious Yellow Temple had a substantial connection with the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Whether a coincidence or not, Ning Cheng grew more anxious to obtain the Wood Origin Bead. In any case, only by getting the Wood Origin Bead would the Mysterious Yellow Bead belong entirely to him. Even if someone managed to snatch it from him, he could rely on a trace of his Life Essence to stay within the Mysterious Yellow Bead and escape.

The Wood Origin Bead was what he wanted the most. If there were any news of the Wood Origin Bead, even if he had all the three Time Keys with him, Ning Cheng would not hesitate to postpone that trip.

Sweeping every inch of the Mysterious Yellow Temple with his spiritual consciousness, he made sure that this place did not contain anything else concealed. Making sure that there was nothing left in this place, Ning Cheng then came out of the temple.

As soon as he stepped out of the temple’s entrance, Ning Cheng saw black everywhere. Previously, when he had come inside, one could only see a golden yellow colour everywhere, but it had turned entirely into black now.

Ning Cheng speculated that it had something to do with the absorption of the Power of Hope and the disappearance of the mysterious voice. He felt no longer in the mood to stay here. Directly bringing out his Starry Sky Wheel, he disappeared from the spot in a flash.

In the Mysterious Yellow Starland, he only had one more thing left to do, that was to find Tian Muwan. Only by finding Tian Muwan would he find that blue-robed female cultivator and get back the Perpetual Moon Time Key from her.

The Temple of Time contained a lot of good things, but whether he went there or not, it was always good to keep the Perpetual Moon Time Keys on him.

However, Ning Cheng also knew that even if he pushed the speed of his Starry Sky Wheel to its current limits, wanting to find someone hiding in the boundless Mysterious Yellow Starland in just a short while would prove impossible. Perhaps even if given one or two years, he might not be able to find the people he wanted to look for within the Mysterious Yellow Starland.

Moreover, if Tian Muwan and the blue-robed female cultivator decided to change their appearance and aura, it would become even harder to search for them.

Ning Cheng didn’t plan to waste a year or two in the Mysterious Yellow Starland. If he could not find them in a month, he decided to immediately leave the Mysterious Yellow Starland.

Just like the preciousness of the Temple of Time, his time was also just as precious.


At this moment, two middle-aged women rested at the edge of a forest, in a place where others could not see them. These two were the ones Ning Cheng was searching for, Tian Muwan and the blue-robed female cultivator.

“Big Sister, do you think the information we got is fake? If the Thousand Mound Forest really contained the Sifting Ferry Grass, how can we wait for someone to dig it up?” Tian Muwan looked at the gloomy-looking forest before her. For some reason, she held a bit of guilty conscience in her heart.

The blue-robed female cultivator gave out a sigh, “It’s not a matter of if the Thousand Mound Forest contains the Sifting Ferry Grass, it’s about whether we can find the Sifting Ferry Grass, and if we found the Sifting Ferry Grass, can we dig it out? Why don’t you wait for me on the outside the makeshift market, Muwan? I’ll go in alone. The Thousand Mound Forest contains many powerful Starry Sky Demonic Beasts. If we encounter them, escaping would be an issue considering our current situation.”

Tian Muwan shook her head, “Big Sister, I want to be with you. I don’t have any relatives or friends here, only Big Sister. If Big Sister is gone, whether I die or live by myself, it would be the same.”

Having said that, Tian Muwan gave out a sigh.

“You are still thinking about that man surnamed Ning, aren’t you? To be honest, if I knew it would have turned out like this, I wouldn’t have taken his things.” The blue-robed female cultivator spoke with a smile over her face.

Tian Muwan remained silent for a moment, then holding the pearl hairclip hanging by her chest again, she spoke in a whisper-like voice, “Big Sister, I have a feeling that when I met him the last time, although he showed a calm expression on the surface, his heart still couldn’t calm down after seeing me. However, when I met him at Moyi City this time, his heart seemed to be a lot calmer. Maybe had had already forgotten about me a long time ago. I think we have already moved away from each other.”

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