Chapter 0695

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Chapter 0695: Forefather’s Library

“Since the defensive light shield would last us for a while, Senior Apprentice Sister Ye, you and Muwan should wait here for me. I’ll go alone.” After Ning Cheng finished, he took out an array disc and threw it on the ground before quickly rushing out.

Tian Muwan stared at Ning Cheng; she only heard a single word ‘Muwan’. Once upon a time, didn’t this same small form of address excite her?

The blue-robed female cultivator glanced at the array disc thrown out by Ning Cheng and smiled, “So it’s a Transfer Array Disc. No wonder he could achieve so much by this day. He really has a good head over his shoulders.”

As to supplement the blue-robed female cultivator’s words, Tian Muwan muttered, “He must have gone through a lot to get where he is today.”

The blue-robed female cultivator gave out a sigh, “Muwan, although he might have low cultivation, it’s still quite impressive. Unfortunately, you missed the chance with him…..”

“Ah…..” Tian Muwan looked at the blue-robed female cultivator in confusion.

The blue-robed female cultivator kept looking at Ning Cheng’s back and suddenly started feeling lonely.

“Big Sister…..” Tian Muwan also felt a little uncomfortable in her heart and spoke up with a slightly sad tone.

“Muwan, when you put me on his back, he took out a chain-type True Artefact. That chain had no effect other than to help lessen the load of carrying people. He should have crafted it himself. Why do you think he would keep such a chain-type True Artefact on him?”

Tian Muwan remained silent, she vaguely understood why. The blue-robed female cultivator also turned silent, it was the first time for her to feel this kindly towards a male cultivator.


Moving around by himself, Ning Cheng found it a lot easier. However, as soon as he reached the blood-filled lake, the loud thumping sound once again shattered the Blue Thunder Fort’s shadow.

Recondensing the Everlasting Blue Thunder’s shadow, Ning Cheng did not hesitate to rush forward with the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds at full speed. Just when he reached the heart of the lake, another thumping sound passed over.

The huge pressure that accompanied it crashed into Ning Cheng, forcing him to fall down immediately.

The two women kept their gazes trained at Ning Cheng with nervousness; therefore, when Ning Cheng suddenly fell down, both of them cried out in a frightened voice. They had no idea what was under the blood-filled lake. But because of that giant heart, it definitely did not feel like a comfortable place to fall in. They didn’t know what would happen if one fell into it.

Ning Cheng naturally didn’t want to fall into this blood-filled lake. No matter what would happen if one fell into the lake, he did not want to experience falling into this lake filled with blood.

Whether a blood lake or a blood river, Ning Cheng already had some experiences with such occurrences. When still in the True Cultivation World, Cang Wei had his Essence Blood transform into a blood river to absorb Spiritual Qi. In the end, he used the Essence Blood from the blood river to rebuild his body.

Although that blood river had made Ning Cheng a little uncomfortable, it did not make him feel this uncomfortable. As just nearing the blood lake made him this queasy, it made him even more unwilling to touch the blood lake.

Just when he was about to fall into the blood lake, Ning Cheng’s raised his hand and took out an airship-type Dao Artefact. Although he lacked a lot of such artefacts, he definitely had a lot of Dao Artefacts.

The moment the airship-type Dao Artefact feel into the blood lake, it gave out a loud ‘snap’ sound. Countless blood flowers started to bloom over it. When Ning Cheng’s foot touched the airship-type Dao Artefact, he used that momentary pause to stimulate the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds once again. The following instant, Ning Cheng landed safely on the opposite side of the lake.

Tian Muwan and the blue-robed female cultivator, on seeing Ning Cheng reach the opposite side of the lake safely, felt immensely relieved.

Ning Cheng also breathed in a sigh of relief. He didn’t turn around but quickened his pace to reach the area with the several strains of the Sifting Ferry Grass.

“Something’s happening!” Tian Muwan pointed to the blood lake and cried out.

In fact, without Tian Muwan’s scream, the blue-robed female cultivator had also seen it. The previously calm blood lake seemed to have now turned agitated after Ning Cheng dropped a flight-type Dao Artefact in it. At this moment, the entire blood lake started to bubble.

“Gululu…..” More and more blood bubbles started to form as if someone had started to boil the blood lake.

Ning Cheng also felt alarmed when he heard those gurgling-like sounds. He turned his head back at the blood lake and immediately felt a sense of crisis. He quickly grabbed a strain of Sifting Ferry Grass and threw it into the other Transfer Array Disc with him.

With that strain of Sifting Ferry Grass transferred away, Ning Cheng immediately began to collect the rest of the strands of the Sifting Ferry Grasses. He knew the sooner he left the place, the better.

When the blue-robed female cultivator saw Ning Cheng sending over the strand of Sifting Ferry Grass through the Transfer Array Disc, she immediately grabbed it out of excitement. In just a short time, the strand of Sifting Ferry Grass in her hands withered into a dried husk.

The blue-robed female cultivator then closed her eyes, and her face started to quickly turn from pale to rosy. At the same time, her imposing aura also started to rise.

After Ning Cheng collected three strains of Sifting Ferry Grasses, he no longer wanted to gather the rest. He was just about to activate the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds to rush across the blood lake when a huge pressure suddenly descended. Under this horrifying pressure, Ning Cheng could not move at all. Even though he could still utilise his celestial essence and spiritual consciousness, it couldn’t help him mitigate even the slightest bit of this terrifying pressure.

“Thump….” The giant heart pulsed again, and the shadow of Ning Cheng’s Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort turned into nothingness in just an instant.

“Gululu…..” The blood bubbles in the blood lake started to burst one after another, and a seemingly endless swarm of dark red insects flew out from the blood lake in droves. The moment these insects came out, they immediately shot towards the edges of the blood lake with unmatched speed.

“Aah….” Tian Muwan screamed. These insects looked utterly disgusting. She had never seen such disgusting insects despite experiencing the insect tide on Earth. Moreover, the largest among these insects was only the size of a bean but had a layer of dark red mucous covering it. These insects kept scrambling over each other to create a dense and seemingly inexhaustible wall.

That swarm of insects issued screeching-like noises, which made it sound like the approach of a hoard of demons. 

Ning Cheng’s scalp turned numb. The pressure had utterly suppressed him to the point that he could not even struggle. The insects would reach him in less than half-an-incense stick worth of time. At that point, he wouldn’t even need to imagine what would happen to him.

“Xiaocheng, run away aah….” Tian Muwan screamed. Ning Cheng no longer had the protection of the blue thunder fort’s shadow. If he just stood there without even moving, wasn’t it equivalent to looking for death?

“Bong….” The huge heart, already covered with layers upon layers of those dark red mucus-lines insects, pulsed once again.

“Poof…..” Ning Cheng, now without any kind of defence, immediately spurted out a mouthful of blood.

“Big Sister…” Tian Muwan cried out anxiously. She wanted to help Ning Cheng, but she could not do anything. By this time, those dark red insects had already reached the periphery of their light shield. Seeing those insects swarming to cover the membrane, she instinctively understood that those insects could bite through the shield.

The blue-robed female cultivator suddenly stood up. Although she hadn’t recovered her full cultivation, she would not have any problems in activating the Opening Heaven Talisman’s child talisman.

She took out a talisman and called out to Ning Cheng, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng, what’s wrong with you?”

“I’m being suppressed. I can’t break free for now. Hurry up and get out.” Ning Cheng immediately recognised the Opening Heaven Talisman’s child talisman in the hands of the blue-robed female cultivator. He really felt surprised seeing the blue-robed female cultivator holding such a talisman. He knew that a child talisman could only be used once. Since the blue-robed female cultivator and Tian Muwan reached this place from Earth, then they should have already used it up. How come she had one? Did she have more than one?

“Let’s go together….” The blue-robed female cultivator finished and directly manifested a sword light, “It should be the spirit of this heart that has suppressed you. I’ll attack the heart. As soon as the suppression loosens, immediately come over.”

This place still suppressed the blue-robed female cultivator’s spiritual consciousness, and her cultivation had also not recovered fully.

Before Ning Cheng had the time to speak, the sword light from the blue-robed female cultivator struck the giant heart.

“Bang…..” Just like a balloon filled with gas exploding, the giant heart suddenly burst open, and the endless mucus-lined insects rushed out, giving out terror-inducing screeching sounds.

It’s over….. Ning Cheng screamed within his heart. He had wanted to say to her that the heart cannot be attacked.

It’s over….” The blue-robed female cultivator also regretted her actions. If she had known that she shouldn’t attack the heart, she would have never done such a thing.

“Boom…..” Another burst of roaring sound erupted. Ning Cheng who had just fled from the canyon to reach here naturally knew what this sound meant.

The blue-robed female cultivator and Tian Muwan also knew this sound, which caused their faces to turn ugly.

“That’s the sound of devouring spaces opening up. Hurry up and get out, I have a way for myself.” Ning Cheng roared out.

“Katcha…..” The light shield around Tian Muwan and the blue-robed female cultivator finally started to crack apart as those dark red insects chewed through it. A fishy aura rushed inside, causing Tian Muwan to almost faint.

Seeing the insects about to engulf the two of them, the blue-robed female cultivator gave out a sigh before grabbing Tian Muwan. She then raised the child talisman in her hands and activated it. It was not that she did not want to help Ning Cheng, rather she really couldn’t help Ning Cheng even if she wanted to in such a situation.

“Ning Cheng, I owe you…..” The blue-robed female cultivator uttered those words with difficulty.

“Xiaocheng….” Tian Muwan shrieked. She could only call out those two characters when the blue-robed female cultivator disappeared with her from that place without even a trace left behind.

The two of them had just disappeared when that seemingly endless swarm of insects drowned that location with their bodies.

However, as that swarm of insects had realised that the blue-robed female cultivator and Tian Muwan had both disappeared, they almost in an instant shifted their target to Ning Cheng.

After Ning Cheng realised that devouring spaces had started opening up randomly in this place, he wanted to wait till the moment just before a devouring space opened up near him. As long as he entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead, even if the devouring spaces engulfed him, he could still survive. However, that endless swarm of insects had immediately shifted their target to him.

At this time, Ning Cheng no longer cared about the repercussions and crazily shot out one spiritual consciousness blade after another.

However, the more spiritual consciousness blade he shot out, the more chaos erupted in his Sea of Consciousness. Fortunately, his almost insane efforts finally started to bear fruit. He immediately felt the shackles around his body loosen a bit. Ning Cheng did not overthink, desperately stimulating the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds, he quickly moved away from his current location.

“Thump-thump-thump….” Another sound erupted like a beat of the drum. Ning Cheng had already readied his spirit sense to send the signal to the Mysterious Yellow Bead. As soon as a devouring space reached him, he would immediately enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

However, Ning Cheng suddenly felt something wrong, the rumbling sound came to a screeching halt the moment Ning Cheng gained his freedom. At the same time, the area around Ning Cheng suddenly opened up, and the light turned much brighter. The oppressive darkness that had shrouded him previously seemed to have completely melted away at this moment.

Maybe because of the sudden appearance of the light, but that swarm of insects that had locked on to Ning Cheng retreated and surrounded the punctured heart.

A huge black-coloured altar suddenly solidified in the direction from where that light originated, with two words suspended over it, ‘Forefather’s Library’. This altar looked as if it was far away from the heart of the blood lake, making Ning Cheng standing in the middle feel really uneasy.

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