Chapter 0702

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Chapter 0702: The Black Arrow’s Killing Intent

“Ou Hongxin died at Ma Ximen’s hands. I already killed Ma Ximen and avenged him. This has nothing to do with Warren.” Ning Cheng said with a calm voice.

Ou Zhentian, who stood directly opposite him, had just advanced to Heaven Seated Realm. As such, Ning Cheng simply did not take him seriously. However, considering Ou Hongxin’s death, he did not take offence towards Ou Zhentian’s attitude.

Back then, Warren was the leader of the team; therefore, when Ou Hongxin died, he naturally had some of the responsibility. But slapped around by the people from Ou Clan, it seems like he had quite the bad luck.

“So you are the cultivator who went under the alias Cheng Nianqiong, right? Did you think you are someone famous? The responsibility of Hongxin’s death also falls on your shoulders. Ou Quan, go slap him a few times and bring both of them back.” Ou Zhentian spoke without emotions. He had come here mainly to find Cheng Nianqiong. Unexpectedly, this fellow brought himself to their doors.

Ou Quan’s neck shrank, not wanting to get involved. How could he dare to go up and hit Ning Cheng?

Seeing Ou Quan not even daring to go forward, Ou Zhentian showed a frown. However, before he could speak, Ning Cheng smiled, “Looks like everyone from Ou Clan should take a nanny with them when out adventuring. Oh, yeah, they also need a butler to help dress and bathe. Haha, you people from Ou Clan sure have some expensive tastes. Why come out for trails and just stay hiding in the safety of your home? ”

After that, Ning Cheng didn’t even bother to deal with this Ou Zhentian and directly spoke to Warren, “Warren, come with me.”

Ning Cheng knew that once he said this, Ou Zhentian would definitely initiate a fight. However, for the sake of Ou Hongxin, Ning Cheng did not intend to teach this Ou Zhentian a lesson.

“Brother Ning, I can’t go. Ou Clan has taken Yue Wanxue, I, I….” Warren hesitated for a moment before whispering. He didn’t know that Ou Hongxin had such a powerful family. He had thought that Ou Hongxin, like them, was just a rogue cultivator that no one knew. Who knew that Ou Hongxin’s death would blow up into such a huge thing?

Ning Cheng’s expressions darkened as he frowned. This time, his tone no longer contained the previous calm, “Ou Zhentian, did your Ou Clan also capture Yue Wanxue?”

Ou Zhentian stepped forward and raised his hand to grab Ning Cheng before saying, “You’re right. Since you also share responsibility, let’s go and bury you with Hongxin…..”

Mighty waves of imposing aura rushed over. However, this imposing aura disappeared without a trace with just a wave from Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng took a step forward and reached out.

Ou Zhentian, as a Heaven Seated Cultivator, naturally was not an idiot. When Ning Cheng stepped forward, his domain collapsed, and his imposing aura instantly disappeared, replaced by a powerful killing force that bore down over his head.

Feeling such an aura crashing down, which made him unable to move, Ou Zhentian’s face turned pale. At this moment, he understood that Ning Cheng did not have Heaven’s Mandate cultivation at all, but was an Eternal Starry Sky Emperor. Apart from an Eternal-level expert, who could suppress him with just the imposing aura to the point that he couldn’t even move?

Without waiting for Ou Zhentian to put up a resistance, Ning Cheng’s hand grabbed Ou Zhentian’s neck and lifted the relatively shorter Ou Zhentian into the air.

Ou Zhentian was a genuine Heaven Seated Cultivator, yet Ning Cheng picked him up and held him in the air like a chicken up for slaughter. His feet swayed violently as his face started to turn into the colour of pigs’ liver. As a Heaven Seated Cultivator, even if he could not breathe, he would never suffer suffocation. Yet, on this merchant ship, someone had picked him up like a chicken. Did he, Ou Zhentian, still have a face anymore?

“Are you saying that your Ou Clan has also taken away Yue Wanxue?” Ning Cheng’s voice no longer held the same relatively genial tone from before; it had already turned cold to the point of freezing.

When Warren and Ou Quan saw Ning Cheng picking up Ou Zhentian, a genuine Heaven Seated Powerhouse, like a chicken and holding him up in the air, they couldn’t help but speculate Ning Cheng’s cultivation. Warren knew that Ning Cheng had deep cultivation, but even he could not imagine that Ning Cheng would turn out this strong.

At this time, many cultivators had already surrounded the deck of the merchant ship. However, they also felt shocked to see such actions from Ning Cheng. Where did this powerhouse come from?

Ou Zhentian had come here to investigate the death of Ou Hongxin; as such, everyone here knew him. They all knew that he was a real Heaven Seated expert. Yet, someone had picked up this Heaven Seated expert without even facing the slightest resistance.

“If Yue Wanxue lost even half a hair, I will make sure to make a trip to Ou Clan.” Ning Cheng brought Ou Zhentian closer to him and spoke with a cold tone to his face.

Ou Zhentian felt like someone had suddenly plunged him headfirst into ice-cold water. The previous feeling of humiliation had already disappeared and instead replaced with fear and panic.

Ou Clan did not even have a single Eternal-level cultivator. Since this powerhouse can easily pick him up and put him in such a state, then this expert could definitely eradicate his Ou Clan. Killing an Ou Zhentian was just like killing an ant.

Just when Ou Zhentian felt fear and panic taking over his mind, something suddenly appeared in his Dantian. Before he could understand what had happened, Ning Cheng threw him on to the deck of the merchant ship, “Ou Zhentian, I placed a restriction in your Dantian. I have nothing to talk with you right now, but once I finish a few things here, I will take a trip to your Ou Clan. If this restriction doesn’t come undone in a year, do you understand what would happen to you?”

“I know. I know…..” At this time, Ou Zhentian no longer cared about his reputation.

“Warren, I have something to do here. I will return in a year. If you have any news, send me a message. My communication pearl is still active since back then.” After Ning Cheng threatened Ou Zhentian into submission, he then spoke to Warren.

He currently wanted to refine the Foreign Heaven’s Arrow and had no time to go to Ou Clan. He believed that Ou Clan would not act in foolishness, and would not kill Warren and Yue Wanxue because of such things.

“Senior, Yue Wanxue has been taken away to the Culmination Starland. Within a year, this junior would not be able to bring her here….” Ou Zhentian’s tone almost felt like he was crying. In fact, he initially wanted to take away Yue Wanxue and Warren and completely vent his anger on them to restore some semblance of his prestige. Naturally, he also coveted the good things Warren and Yue Wanxue obtained from the Crow Star.

Moreover, even if one were an idiot, people knew that he coming here had nothing to do with Yue Wanxue or Warren. After just advancing to Heaven Seated Realm, Ou Zhentian learned that Ou Hongxin had fallen while gaining experience in the Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land. As such, it was only natural for him to come here to seek revenge. However, when he came here, he found that the person who killed Ou Hongxin had already died, which meant that he could no longer get revenge. But after investigating things even more in-depth, he then learnt that a few good things had appeared in Crow Star and that a person named Cheng Nianqiong had taken away. Cheng Nianqiong was in the same team as Warren, Yue Wanxue and Ou Hongxin. Although most of the harvest went to Cheng Nianqiong, Warren and others definitely obtained some and wanted to get his hands on it.

“Then wait for me in Culmination Starland for a year. If I come to Culmination Starland and don’t see you, you know the consequences.” Ning Cheng’s tone did not even contain a shred of politeness.

Ou Zhentian quickly spoke up, “Yes, senior. But where is this junior supposed to wait for senior in the Culmination Starland?”

“Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City’s Baichi Artefact Crafting Store.” Ning Cheng gave a casual reply. Once he returned to the Culmination Starland, it was necessary to go to the Baichi Artefact-crafting Store to look for Jian Jiao.

“Ning… Senior, I’ll go with them. Yue Wanxue had joined the team on my invitation. Since she got involved in this mess, I have to take responsibility for it.” Warren quickly spoke up. He did not dare to continue to address Ning Cheng as Brother Ning after witnessing Ning Cheng’s horrifying cultivation.

Ning Cheng did not feel any objection to it and turned to Ou Zhentian, “Bring Warren to Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City. I will come there in a year.”

“Yes.” How could Ou Zhentian dare to say even half a word of contradiction?

Ning Cheng estimated that Ou Clan would not get into a feud with him over Warren and Yue Wanxue. After obtaining the oath from Ou Zhentian, he spoke a few words to Warren and left.

If he could refine the Foreign Heaven’s Arrow, then it wouldn’t take more than a year. If he can’t refine it, then it would be useless even if he spent a few more years. Therefore, Ning Cheng decided to make a one-year agreement.


After Ning Cheng advanced to the Life and Death Realm, both his cultivation and physical body reached a very high level of strength. Therefore, although the periphery of Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land still contained many dangers everywhere, these dangers could no longer threaten Ning Cheng.

In just half a day, Ning Cheng reached the periphery of the Foreign Heaven’s Arrow once again.

Unlike the previous time when he had swept out with his spiritual consciousness from afar, this time, Ning Cheng stood at the outer edge of the broken star. This broken star had a large black arrow embedded in it at an oblique angle that gave off an oppressive death aura that suppressed everything around it. Even Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain gave out creaking-like noises under this suppression.

Back then, just an unintentional sweep with his spiritual consciousness had resulted in Ning Cheng spitting out a mouthful of blood. But today, even when Ning Cheng stood right in front of this giant arrow, it could not affect him at all.

Glancing at the top of the huge arrow, Ning Cheng only felt strands of powerful killing intent whistling through the sky above it. If it were a cultivator with a weak mind, these strands of killing intent would have forced them onto the ground by now.

Ning Cheng took in a deep breath and slowly approached the giant arrow. Even Eternal Cultivators cannot refine this object, but he wanted to try it. However, he also knew that he couldn’t act out of recklessness.

When Ning Cheng came about a hundred miles away from this huge black arrow, the black arrow suddenly started vibrating and gave out high-frequency shooting-like sounds. Strands of invisible killing intent emerged from the black arrow before quickly forming into what seemed like a solid arrow shadow before it shot out towards him. Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Domain could not stop it all, allowing this killing intent arrow to rush into Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness.

Ning Cheng’s expressions quickly changed, and he finally understood why no one had managed to refine this black arrow yet. Right now, he stood about a hundred miles from the black arrow, yet the killing intent arrow still managed to bypass everything and enter his Sea of Consciousness. If he came any closer, the killing intent shooting out from it would only increase in power. At that point, it would be a miracle if one could remain alive.

But Ning Cheng did not expect that the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort, which always needed his activation to resist attacks, would also tremble and give out high-frequency sounds just like the black arrow. The moment the black array shot into Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness, his Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort also lit up.

A long line of lightning arcs suddenly burst out of the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort and collided with the black arrow formed from killing intent. Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness, in just an instant, transformed into a battlefield. Yet, Ning Cheng had not even taken any conscious action.

Ning Cheng took in a deep breath. He understood the restlessness exhibited by the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort. Although Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort’s weapon spirit had gone missing, this black arrow had forced the Everlasting Blue Thunder Fort into the void. Moreover, this black arrow was also the main reason for its weapon spirit going missing. Meeting again at this moment was akin to meeting each other’s mortal enemy. If the weapon spirit still existed, Ning Cheng feared that this hatred would have been a lot more intense.

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