Chapter 0711

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Chapter 0711 – The Lively Covered Snow City

Named Descendant Celestial River’s Second Revenant Star!

Wasn’t this where he first went looking for Ruolan? He had also visited Second Revenant Star while exploring the trail of the metal origin. But back then, he never expected the Mysterious Yellow Aura to leak out during secluded cultivation, which resulted in him almost dying at the hands of Guo Sangan. It had forced him to flee to the Ancient Desolace Abandoned Land and enter Eternal Night Domain.

After learning that the Ancient Shadow Temple had appeared in Second Revenant Star, Ning Cheng decided to go visit the Ancient Shadow Temple. Since this mystic realm appeared on Second Revenant Star, maybe he might cross paths with someone familiar. If a cultivator from Graceful Star Mainland did come to the Ancient Shadow Temple, he could then at least ask them for information about Ruolan.


The Starry Sky Wheel flew at a much higher speed compared to average flying weapons. But after the Starry Sky Wheel entered Named Descendant Celestial River, Ning Cheng quickly understood the attraction of the Ancient Shadow Temple and put it away. Most of the flight-type weapons he saw along the way were heading to one place, Named Descendant Celestial River’s Second Revenant Star.

Just as Ning Cheng heard, Second Revenant Star looked quite lively right now. As for Covered Snow City, the closest location to the Ancient Shadow Temple, it was already bursting to the brim with people. The formerly desolate Covered Snow City now seemed filled with beautiful skyscrapers. Starry sky chambers of commerce from different regions rushed up like cats smelling fish to set up shops and stores.

Land prices in Covered Snow City skyrocketed in just a day and now even a small store in Grand Culmination Starry Sky’s Eternal Heaven Starry Sky City did not cost as much as it did in the Covered Snow City.

Initially, no one earned much money; including people who took possession of the more favourably positioned properties in this area. Of course, only those who had the strength could occupy these locations; otherwise, even if one held the spot, other people would rob it from the weaker ones and might even eliminate them to remove competition.


“There are too many people here.” Chasing Bull, who walked behind Ning Cheng, felt excited. It liked being around such lively places.

Chasing Bull was right; there really were too many people here. But Ning Cheng and Chasing Bull had still not yet entered the Covered Snow City; in fact, they were still some ways from the actual Covered Snow City. However, even this area brimmed with people and activity. Makeshift markets and trading venues could be found almost everywhere outside of the Covered Snow City, attracting hordes of cultivators and crowds from all over the place.

Coming to this place, Ning Cheng did not see any signs of the Ancient Shadow Temple; instead, he only saw a sea of people. This reminded him of the days when he was on Earth when all the major tourist attractions would attract hordes of crowds during the holiday season.

“Master, there are too many people outside the Covered Snow City. But it might not be as bad as inside the city.” Chasing Bull whispered on the side.

Ning Cheng understood Chasing Bull’s meaning. Since there were already so many people outside the Covered Snow City, wanting to enter the city, then there must be more people inside. Chasing Bull’s words did not mean that it feared crowds; it implied that they would have to squeeze through the crowds.

But Ning Cheng planned first to explore Covered Snow City. Besides, even if he wanted to enter the Ancient Shadow Temple, he would have to exit through Covered Snow City’s east gate. Since he was coming from the west side of the Covered Snow City, it meant that he would have to cross through the entire city and exit from the opposite side to reach the Ancient Shadow Temple.

“If you want to take your companion beast into the city, pay up 20,000 green coins for two.” The guard at the city gate stopped Ning Cheng and spoke.

20,000 green coins was not a small amount for an ordinary cultivator, but Ning Cheng couldn’t care about it. Since he spent 10 Perpetual Moon Pills as a reward before coming here, why would he care about 20,000 green coins? He grabbed a thousand purple coins and put them in the guard’s hand and casually spoke up, “Keep the change.”

For any cultivator at Ning Cheng’s level, they exclusively used Perpetual Moon Pills and Permanent Essence Pills, sometimes even Starry Sky Essence Qi Veins. Celestial coins, however, were just optional, almost marginalised, objects for them. Even Celestial Essence Stones had a much greater use to him than celestial coins.

By this time, Ning Cheng and Chasing Bull had already moved quite far. Only then did the guard realise that he had made a fortune and quickly ran up and thanked them, “Many thanks for the reward, Senior.”

Celestial coins practically had little to no use for Ning Cheng, but for ordinary cultivators, this was a valuable cultivation resource. With this in hand, one could buy medicinal pills, weapons and practically anything else they currently needed…

Although Chasing Bull didn’t make a wrong estimation, the inside of the Covered Snow City did not look as crowded as the outside.

Ning Cheng quickly understood why. It should be because of the 20,000 green coins as the entry fees for the Covered Snow City. For an ordinary cultivator, it was a very high price.

Ning Cheng naturally did not come here to buy weapons or medicinal pills, he just came here to explore the Covered Snow City and reach the other end. At the same time, his spiritual consciousness continually swept out in waves. The shielding restrictions could not stop Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness as it passed by. Fortunately, Ning Cheng only had the intent of locating someone he might know. Although his spiritual consciousness penetrated into the restrictions, it did not damage or destroy it; as such, no one dared to come out to say anything. Besides, how could it simple to use spiritual consciousness to break shielding restrictions?

As time passed, Ning Cheng finally made his way to the bridge connecting the east and west part of Covered Snow City but did not find even a single acquaintance.

Although the words ‘East Gate Grand Bridge’ felt impressive, the imposing aura from the bridge felt even more impressive. Apparently, someone rebuilt this East Gate Grand Bridge not too long ago. Passing the East Gate Grand Bridge, everyone could see the newly built luxurious-looking merchant houses and various pavilions.

“Master, should we go in and look around. The merchant houses here look really beautiful.” Chasing Bull kept following Ning Cheng, but because it didn’t get to enter a restaurant, it started to feel a little bit envious of the people here.

Ning Cheng did not feel like going to a restaurant and spoke without much thought, “Once we get out of the east district, we’ll circle around to the Ancient Shadow Temple. If we don’t find anyone here, we’ll head back to Culmination Starland.”

Chasing Bull put its head down in dejection, and did not dare to say anything as it followed Ning Cheng past the East Gate Grand Bridge.

Ning Cheng had just passed the East Gate Grand Bridge when a Daoist shadow flew out of a building near the end of the bridge. The shadow flew directly towards Ning Cheng’s while spraying blood through the air. Apparently, someone had forcibly blasted this figure out of the building.

Ning Cheng didn’t even need to stretch out his hand, his domain managed to stop the Daoist shadow from hitting him.

The figure lightly landed on the ground before staggering a few steps back and stopping. It was a middle-aged man with some vicissitudes and undead cultivation. If it weren’t for Ning Cheng’s domain, he would probably have broken at least a few bones.

The man didn’t seem to realise that someone had helped him. After landing on the ground, he immediately rushed towards the pavilion with blood-shot eyes.

Ning Cheng shook his head. Looks like this fellow did not care about life or death. Beaten to almost an inch of his life and saved a few moments later, this fellow still rushed up without any care.

However, before this man could rush up, someone came out of the pavilion.

Ning Cheng did not bother with it much; such things happened almost everywhere and every day. Besides, he also had no idea about who was right and who was wrong.

“Lu Yu, Lu Yu……” The man didn’t care about the two cultivators rushing towards him, as he kept frantically yelling the words ‘Lu Yu’ while rushing towards this luxurious pavilion.

Ning Cheng stopped; he suddenly felt some familiarity with those words ‘Lu Yu’. A moment later, he recalled who Lu Yu was, the elder sister of Xuan Yu[1].

Orchid Borough Celestial River’s Orchid Borough Celestial River King had taken initially taken fancy to Xuan Yu’s elder sister Lu Yu. However, Lu Yu already had a person she loved, with whom she later escaped with from Orchid Borough Celestial River. As a result, Orchid Borough King shifted his anger towards Lu Yu’s family. Fortunately, Xuan Yu managed to replace her elder sister and married Orchid Borough King, calming his anger towards her family.

Later, once all of Xuan Yu’s relatives died, she then eloped with his friend Jing Wuming on the way to Striking Order Starland. At that time, Jing Wuming showed interest in entering the Time Wilderness. However, Ning Cheng did not see him inside the Time Wilderness and didn’t know if he actually went in.

Ning Cheng didn’t know if this Lu Yu was truly Xuan Yu’s elder sister, but if she were, then for Jing Wuming’s sake, he would help.

Personally, Ning Cheng didn’t have much of a favourable impression of Xuan Yu’s elder sister Lu Yu. To stay with her companion, this woman gave up her family. And from what he heard, there was a good chance that without her younger sister, her family would have definitely perished under Orchid Borough King’s anger.

“Let’s go and have a look.” Ning Cheng walked up.

Chasing Bull, who had shrunk away from the chaos around it, on hearing his master finally showing some interest in going to a restaurant, quickly led the way.

“The restaurant is busy right now, come back later.” The shop assistant stopped Chasing Bull but directed his words towards Ning Cheng behind Chasing Bull.

Chasing Bull opened his mouth wide and sneezed before speaking, “My master came here looking forward to checking out your restaurant, better you quickly open the door and welcome my master upstairs, and then take out the best wine for my master. This grandpa bull will take your second best wine.”

The shop assistant looked at Chasing Bull in shock. A talking demonic beast was already a surprising thing, but what felt even more outrageous was that this demonic pet actually dared to say such words in a restaurant belonging to the Ji Clan, was it tired of living?

The two cultivators who stopped the man rushing to the restaurant also felt stunned on hearing Chasing Bull’s words. Both of them thought of the same thing, where did such arrogant-sounding stupid bull come from.

Ning Cheng slapped Chasing Bull’s head and said, “Leave it. If you don’t know how to speak, then don’t speak. Don’t talk without a chin, or even open your mouth. Just how many people do you want to offend in one day?”

“Master, I have a chin.” Chasing Bull murmured with its head down and didn’t dare to talk.

“What a big face, what a big tongue. I’d like to see who wants my restaurant to open doors and greet them with its best wine?” A dismissive voice came over, followed by a male cultivator wearing a brocade-lined robe.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept into the pavilion and found the decorations inside even more luxurious and magnificent than the outside. His spiritual consciousness did not hesitate to break the restriction on the second floor and found a female cultivator in one of the rooms, with blood all over her body and in ragged clothes.

When Ning Cheng saw this female cultivator, he immediately knew that she was Lu Yu, who had eight points of similarity with Xuan Yu.

Knowing that it was indeed Lu Yu here, Ning Cheng ignored this man in a brocade-lined robe and instead walked to the front of the man who they had now restrained and asked, “What’s your name?”

The man had a face filled with resentment, but unfortunately, the people here had already restrained him, and he couldn’t resist at all. Now that Ning Cheng asked, he subconsciously replied, “I’m called Dong Li.”

Then he froze and stopped speaking. How could he suddenly reveal his name?

“So you’re Lu Yu’s Dao Companion, the one wanted by Orchid Borough King for escaping Orchid Borough Celestial River.” Said Ning Cheng with a flat voice.

Dong Li turned sluggish. He and Lu Yu had been hiding in this inconspicuous place for many years. How did this cultivator standing in front of him know about this matter?

[1] Xuan Yu = Revolving Jade

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