Chapter 0722

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Chapter 0722: The Crazed Covered Snow City

Ning Cheng smiled and patted Helian Dai’s head, “Little Sister Dai, as I said, the Perpetual Moon Pills you and Ruolan gave me are my treasured pills from now. Thank you.”

Ning Ruolan took Helian Dai’s hands and said, “Little Dai, my brother is right. Even my most precious gift is an ordinary pearl hair clip that big brother bought for me.”

Ning Cheng smiled softly at Helian Dai again, before turning towards the Gongxiu Zhu duo and spoke with cupped fists, “Thank you both for helping Ruolan and Little Dai. If you are willing to stay at Jiangzhou Star, you can stay here and help me. But if you don’t want to stay here, I Ning Cheng will definitely help with anything and at any time in the future as long as it is within reason.”

Having said that, Ning Cheng took out two small jade bottles and sent them to Gongxiu Zhu and Bei Junyi, “Please accept this little gift from me as a show of gratitude for helping the two.”

Seeing that Ning Cheng did not take out Dao Artefacts or any high-grade treasures, the Gongxiu Zhu duo felt a little disappointed. However, when the two people’s spiritual consciousness swept into the jade bottle, they felt so surprised that they almost dropped the jade bottle.

They even thought that they had seen it wrong and scanned the jade bottle repeatedly, only to find that they were not wrong. Both jade bottles contained the same medicinal pills, Accordance Heavenly Pills.

Accordance Heavenly Pills, pills that could help Heaven’s Mandate cultivators advance to the Heaven Seated Realm. Even if they struggled for another thousand years, they might never gather enough treasures or money to afford even a single Accordance Heavenly Pill. Not to mention being able to afford one, even if they had the capital to purchase these pills, where could they even buy it?

For Heaven’s Mandate cultivators, no matter how good a treasure, it couldn’t compare to an Accordance Heavenly Pill.

The two of them remained in a daze for a long time before coming to their senses and quickly bowed to Ning Cheng, “Many thanks, Senior. We are willing to stay here and do our best for you.”

Both have been fooling around in the starry sky for many years, so they naturally were not cultivators without experience. For Ning Cheng to take out Accordance Heavenly Pills as gratitude for helping them with such ease, it showed that following Ning Cheng would definitely bring in many advantages. At the very least, it would be much better than scrounging for resources as rogue cultivators.

“That’s good. If you don’t have any other matters to attend, go find a place for secluded cultivation. After advancing, you can return to help me with things. But I have to say the ugly words first. I will be making a new set of rules and regulations for Jiangzhou Star. If anyone violates these rules and regulations, even if it’s you guys, I won’t make any exceptions.” Ning Cheng said with a nod.

Gongxiu Zhu immediately spoke up, “Senior can rest assured. This Gongxiu Zhu will definitely comply with all the established rules and regulations.”

“This Bei Junyi will also abide by all the laws formulated by senior. If there is any violation, I will give up voluntarily and not wait for punishment.” Naturally, Bei Junyi did not want to fall behind and quickly spoke up.

Ning Ruolan asked from the side, “What about the other two elder brothers with you?”

Gongxiu Zhu’s gaze turned a bit gloomy, “Ban Kang and Huai Yushan got swept up by the poisonous mist. They were a step slower.”

Ning Cheng knew that there was no other way. Being a starry sky cultivator, one had to be prepared to die at any time. He turned his head and asked, “Lingfan, Zhang Qian, Ziyan; did you come here together? Were you also looking for Ruolan?”

Li Lingfan sighed, “Yup, have to say, cultivating within starry skies is not easy. We followed Uncle Master Zheng around initially, but couldn’t find any foothold for ourselves. Whether as rogue cultivators, or starry sky wanderers, we found it too difficult to improve. But unfortunately, Uncle Master Zheng passed away sometime later during our journeys. Since we anyway didn’t have a place to go, we decided to come here to look for Ruolan.”

Ning Cheng sighed. He knew that Li Lingfan had excellent qualifications, yet he was still only a late-stage Celestial Novice cultivator. Most likely, they couldn’t obtain anything good during their journey. If they had found anything suitable, others would have most likely killed them for it.

Zhang Qian also spoke up, “That’s right. Sect Master, we were going to visit other places to see if we could find some old friends, but Senior Apprentice Sister Ziyan …..”

Zhan Qian subconsciously stopped. He felt it a bit inappropriate to speak about this matter. Luo Ziyan also bowed her head, feeling a little embarrassed.

However, Li Lingfan didn’t feel any embarrassment. In any case, he was an informal person and had become friends with Ning Cheng when Ning Cheng had much lower cultivation compared to him. Therefore, he spoke without any embarrassment, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ziyan’s beauty stands out a bit too much, causing us to encounter dangerous situations many times while roaming the starry skies. We felt that, like Junior Apprentice Sister Ruolan, it would be more appropriate to stay hidden in one place and not run around.”

Ning Cheng then glanced at the embarrassed Luo Ziyan and instantly understood what was going on. Although Luo Ziyan was not a troublemaker, she was quite a beautiful woman. In fact, Ziyan looked no worse than Luofei. Back then, people considered her as the premier beauty of the Rainbow Fall Sword Sect. Such a beautiful woman, coupled with low cultivation, would definitely attract attention, especially those who would want to use her as a cultivation furnace.

“Don’t worry about it from now on. Everyone can stay at Jiangzhou Star. In any case, I plan to make Jiangzhou Star my base from this day forward. Once I put everything in place for Jiangzhou Star, you will not have to worry too much about cultivation matters.” Ning Cheng comforted the trio.

Luo Ziyan then raised her head and asked in confusion, “Sect Master, are we going to establish Rainbow Fall Sword Sect here?”

Ning Cheng hesitated for a moment, “If I’m not wrong, Grand Culmination Starry Sky should already have a sect named Rainbow Fall Sword Sect, even a Heavenly Dao Sect. It’s just that they haven’t grown yet and not known widely. Therefore, I plan to establish a new sect named ‘Mysterious Yellow’.”

“The ‘Mysterious Yellow Sect’ sounds like a good name.” Li Lingfan was the first to praise it.

Ning Cheng was about to speak when several Daoist shadows rushed out of Covered Snow City. A moment later, more people rushed out of Covered Snow City, some of them injured.

At this time, the cultivators at the periphery of the Ancient Shadow Temple had already left. So when these people rushed out from Covered Snow City, it seemed very abrupt.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept out immediately. When he saw the chaos within the Covered Snow City, he suddenly became furious. Obviously, cultivators here knew that Jiangzhou Star was about to change, so they started looting and burning things before leaving.

“Chasing Bull, take Ruolan and others to wait inside the defensive formation. I’m going to Covered Snow City to settle a few things. Once things settle down, you can then enter the city with them. Lu Yu, if anything unexpected happens, immediately crush the jade talisman I gave you.” After Ning Cheng gave instructions, he quickly rushed towards Covered Snow City.

At this time, he acutely felt that there were too few people around him to use. Although he did have a few people around him, they would find it challenging to go head-on against others with their current cultivations.

Seeing Ning Cheng rush into Covered Snow City, Gongxiu Zhu said to Bei Junyi, “We need to advance quickly. Only then can we help build our Mysterious Yellow Sect.”

By this time, they whole-heartedly considered themselves as members of Mysterious Yellow Sect.

Ning Ruolan watched her big brother leave, and could immediately guess what might have happened. She quickly spoke up, “Big Brother is about to set up a sect, but he can only do some rough work. Setting up a sect requires attention to all sorts of details. He also mentioned setting up new rules and regulations. Elder Brother Gongxiu and Elder Brother Bei, you two can focus on cultivation; since our cultivations are not too high, we can take care of building upon those details.”

Ning Ruolan had experience in setting up her own company; as such, she was much better suited at managing such matters compared to most cultivators.

“Ruolan, we’ll listen to you. We’ll do whatever you say.” Luo Ziyan came from Rainbow Fall Sword Sect and was very clear about Ning Ruolan’s talent for such matters.


When Ning Cheng arrived at Covered Snow City, all he saw were people smashing and looting. With rows of shops smashed to pieces, many cultivators kept scrambling over each other for scraps. One could see all the dark facets of human nature in just a glance.

An Undead cultivator killed a Celestial Bridge cultivator, and after taking something from the dead body, another undead cultivator attacked him.

Ning Cheng stood in the sky above Covered Snow City and shouted, “All cultivators not belonging to Covered Snow City should immediately leave. If anyone dares to smash and snatch again, there will be no pardon.”

Although Ning Cheng’s voice spread throughout the Covered Snow City in just a few breaths, the robbing cultivators paid no heed to it. With Spiritual Consciousness Isolation Restrictions everywhere within the city, and combined with the size of Covered Snow City, everyone had the same thoughts in their minds. How could a single person see everything? How much could one person manage?

Unfortunately, these cultivators were too arrogant. Ning Cheng was not only a Life and Death cultivator but also not an ordinary cultivator in the Life and Death Realm. Despite the warning, he saw those cultivators continue with looting and pillaging. The anger in Ning Cheng’s heart instantly erupted, and invisible spiritual consciousness blade lights shot out from his Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness.

All isolation restrictions within Covered Snow City broke apart under Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness blades. The next moment, countless lightning arcs mixed with invisible blade lights came crashing down.

Ning Cheng did not specifically cultivate any thunder-based spirit techniques or cultivation methods. Therefore, his lightning arcs would not pose much threat to cultivators at or above Heaven Seated Realm. But for these ordinary cultivators, these lightning arcs posed a deadly threat. With his mighty Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness, as long as he didn’t intentionally weaken the intensity of the lightning arcs, his lightning arcs could cover the entire Covered Snow City.

“Boom-Boom-Boom…..” Explosion and flashes ripped through the air, while lightning arcs and invisible blade lights fell like raindrops.

“Puff-Puff-Puff-Puff…..” Blood splashed all over the Covered Snow City, while screams mixed with sounds of gushing blood. At this moment, lightning arcs overwhelmed the entire Covered Snow City, while blade lights cut through every looter that got in their way.

“Heaven’s wrath…..” All the cultivators froze. The looters and the victims, at this moment, everyone seemed to have turned stupid. None of them knew what to do. These large-scale lightning arcs directly killed every cultivator it touched. If this wasn’t the wrath of heavens, then what was?

Lightning arcs continued to fall from the sky, killing every single looter.

What was even more shocking to all cultivators was that Covered Snow City no longer had any restriction covering any area. In fact, their spiritual consciousness could now sweep across Covered Snow City unhindered. Their spiritual consciousness let them see that these lightning arcs were not concentrated in a single area, but covered the whole Covered Snow City. Under these lightning arcs, cultivators kept dropping dead in every corner.

The panicked cultivators started to kneel to the ground. Under the threat of death, no one dared to rob, and no one even thought to kill others.

Ning Cheng took a deep breath and stopped the bombardment. Standing over Covered Snow City, he reiterated once again, “From now on, Second Revenant Star will be renamed to Jiangzhou Star, and will be this Ning Cheng’s base. All cultivators who do not belong to Covered Snow City should immediately leave; any who stayed back will die without any mercy. As for those cultivators who originally belonged to Covered Snow City, stay in your own residences and wait to re-apply for identity jade cards. If I find anyone continuing with looting, you will be put to death without any chance of pardon.”

All cultivators in Covered Snow City immediately understood the intent and meaning of those words. Besides, most of the cultivators had already left Covered Snow City. Now that Ning Cheng said those words once again, most of the remaining cultivators quickly started flocking out of Covered Snow City. Even some who originally belonged to Covered Snow City did not dare to stay.

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